tagErotic HorrorWolf Ch. 03

Wolf Ch. 03


He pulled her ass off of the edge of the seat, and pushed his cock inside, he moaned, and flexed again, pushing more monster size cock into her, he stretched her and rotated, pushing and hitting bottom, as of yet, he didn't think he had buried himself fully in her, he would have to try harder. He pulled out, stepped back and set her on the ground, turning her toward the truck he pulled her hips back to him and shoved back into her, yes he liked this position better, doggy style. Bending over her back, he began to slam into her, cockmeat striking deep each time, balls smacking her clit, she spread her thighs, and arched her back, driving her ass back to him, he stood upright, flexing his hips, holding her with one hand, and the truck door with the other. He fed her inches. She began to fidget, looking over her shoulder and pulling at her own breasts, she stiffened and whaled, pushing back onto his cock, both hands took her hips now, and he pushed into her harder, faster and his base swelled, he dug into her hips holding her still, keeping her impaled as he locked in her, in a sudo doggy mating. He nibbled her back and neck, caressed her sides and pulled her back against him, holding and massaging both her breasts, he held her until he softened and slipped out of her. "Mmmm, that was good, I think you're a keeper"

He had been, quiet and reserved, worrying her since they had just been so intimate. He walked the shore and skipped rocks across the water, she watched his every move, looking for signs of restlessness. He hadn't said he loved her, hadn't mentioned where he was the passed couple of weeks. Insecurity, raged a battle in her young mind. He strolled back to where she still leaned nude against the truck drinking a beer, he took the beer from her and finished it tossing the bottle away. His eyes roamed over her body, lust glazed his eyes again, he pulled her to him and kissed her long and slow, tasting beer and sex on her lips. He pulled back and slapped her ass, and pushed her away.

"Nearly perfect, gorgeous body, beautiful breasts, pert ass, soft skin." He praised her .

"Nearly perfect?" she teased back. "Not totally perfect?"

"Wouldn't want you to get a swelled ego, would we?" he smiled down at her. "Even the most beautiful diamonds, often have a flaw, get dressed, I'll take you back."

He pulled his t-shirt over his head, and tugged his moccasin boots back up tightening the laces. Returning to the driver's seat, he waited for her to finish dressing and get in, turning on the truck he put it in gear, and drove sedately back toward town, and her family home. He parked half a block away, and when she went to get out he stopped her. He took her hand in his and flipped it over to kiss her palm, looking into her eyes, he searched her face then sighed.

"How about we do something together this weekend?"

"I don't know the folks don't know you, Auntie Eva sure don't like you, they could disapprove for sure, kinda blows the whole innocent act."

"Do you & Theresa, get along Jen?" He asked then rephrased the question. "Would she do you a favor?"

"Maybe she would, why?"

"I was thinking, you need to visit your cousin, spend the weekend with her, say go camping? I want to be with you, more than a few hours, maybe more than a few days."

"I'll call her and see, she owes me a couple." She closed her fingers, and held the thumb, that was rubbing her palm. "Abner, where have you been, I went out to see Eva more than a few times and looked for you, but your truck was always gone."

"What did you plan on doing if you found me, little white girl?" He grinned at her. "I went wild, I had to think, and that meant staying away. I camped, a lot of the time I spent in spirit wolf, so I didn't have to think, remember, and ache for you with longing." He kissed her. "I can't avoid you any longer, and I can't stay away, there's a wound here that's not healing." He placed a hand over his heart. "I am not whole without you."

"Oh Abner, I feel the same, I feel drawn to you to, I shouldn't, sometimes you're a pain in the ass, and you've been mean to me, that first time I was so scared, after you took me, I thought you would kill me, for knowing about the wolf."

"People aren't afraid of the supernatural much anymore, too many movies, and you can't catch what I have, I got the spirit wolf in a ceremony, Indian Juju, Red Magic, he is my guide, my totem animal."

"That first day at the LJ store, why did you, threaten me?" She swallowed. "Why did you come so close to hitting us?"

"It shocked me, the way I wanted you, when I watched you walk by the project, it rocked me to the core, there you were running that bottle over your heated skin, I was wishing it was my mouth, my hands caressing there." He shook his head. "I denied my feelings, I denied what the wolf wanted, and it made me angry, made me act out, don't forgive me for hurting you, I was wrong,"

"Can I call you? How will I reach you?"

"Take my cell phone, I'll get a throw away from Wal-mart, no texting, watch your minutes, keep the bill down." He pressed a phone into her hand. "Oh hell, call all you want, as long as it's me, day and night."

"Phone sex?"

"Tease, better go in, I don't think the neighbors would like my baser instinct." He kissed her again and leaned across her to open the door.

She got out and slammed the door closed, clutching the phone in her hand she ran for the porch steps, turning only when she reached the bottom step, hearing him switch the truck on, she waved and he drove away. She let out a long sigh, it was a bitter pain, being part of a whole, and being apart. She longed to be with him, not just for sex, sex was great, but deeper her feelings for him were growing in leaps and bounds, she just wanted to be held by him, as he touched her soul. She went to the phone to call Theresa.

"Hola, it's your peso!" T answered.

"Hey, T what's shakin' bacon?"

"Don't know, what's lickin' chicken?"

"Got a big favor to ask cuz, could I pretend to stay with you for a few days, pretend were camping maybe?" Jen inquired.

"Keg Party somewhere, your not telling me about." T replied. "Cause if there was a big party, you'd wanna invite your favorite Cuz."

"No party, I want to spend the weekend with someone special,you kjnow go away for the weekend, and the folks might not like it that their little girl is growing up, I'll be nineteen in a couple of months, but I think I've fallen for this one, hard. Please cover for me, I'll give you that Linkin Park concert shirt you like so much." Jen pleaded.

"Okay deal, were off to go camping, be back to my house by Sunday night, I think I might get, Eugene to take me somewhere, that way, I get some fun and it looks like I went with you, oh and don't forget my shirt." She reminded.

Jen hung up the phone, going down to her room she flung herself down on her bed to await her mom's arrival, she would get home in a few more hours. She rolled over on her back, splayed her legs slightly, and reached down to rub herself, she ached, and not, just from soreness. She rubbed herself again and arched, pulling her jeans up tight, making her sex weep. "Abner," she whispered. "God I wish you were here."

She heard music coming from her pocket, quickly she reached in and pulled his phone from her pocket, flipped it open and answered it.

"Hello" Jen said lightly.

"Mmmm, baby, you sound lonely, home alone, what are you up to?" he growled from the receiver.

"Just waiting for my mom to get home, I talked to Theresa, and she'll go along with the camping story, as long as she can get an alibi for the weekend too, she wants to catch a concert."

"Here's my new number, 355-2526, write it down, now. I'll wait." When she returned to the phone he asked her. "So what have you been doing?"

"I—um—I" She shyly stuttered.

"Have you been touching yourself?" He questioned. "Because that's my job, nobody pleasures that sweet puss but me, do I have to come over there and school you?"

"Abner, I don't even have my clothes off, how could you think that I'd masturbate, do you think I'm a stink finger, we did have sex today, how much action do you think I need?"

"Heh, Heh, Heh, every day, morning, noon, and night." He paused. "Twice as much on Sundays, Mmmm, baby I'm so hard just thinking about thrusting every inch into your tight puss."

"Abner, are you touching yourself, cause that's my job, how hard is it."

"Like steel, covered in velvet, baby."

"Would you say it was mouth watering, and big enough for a girl to wrap her lips around, swallow till she gagged, kind of hard?"

"Jen, you witch, you fucking tease, I'm close enough to town to turn around and head back, I could be at your door in fifteen, but I don't know how your mother would take it, she may be shocked."

"Ha, Ha, Ha, Love you, with every part of me."

"So tell me, were you touching yourself, was it as soft as I remember?"

"I told you I didn't put my hands inside my pants, god will you stop it."

"Take your zipper down for me, push your pants down, slip inside and rub your clit. Tell me how it feels." He whispered.

She did as he asked, "Oh Yeah, so soft, so wet, it feels so good, I wish you could touch me now."

"Taste your finger, tell me how you taste, wet it, touch your nipple, is it puckering for me, squeeze it, pull it." He ordered.

"Oh Abner, what are you doing to me now, turning me into a ravenous slut, a wanton woman?"

"Yeah, be my wanton woman, my slut."

"That feels so good, so incredible."

"Don't play with it so much, you'll wear it out, I'm not going to be able to sleep tonight, talk to you later sweetness."

After hanging up, Jen put the phone aside, she slipped her hand under her waist band, sliding down between curls, stroking soft lips, rubbing herself up and down back and forth, she imagined it was Abner touching her, her jaw clenched, and she gasped crying out, as she came shuddering, she rolled over onto her side and fell asleep.

Later she awoke from sounds in the house, her mom must have gotten home. She went into the bathroom, and took a shower, changing into a pair of shorts and a 'hello kitty' tank. She ran upstairs, and joined her mom in the kitchen, and began helping peel potatoes for dinner.

"Mom, I talked to Theresa today and she invited me to go camping with some of her friends, from Friday afternoon to some time Sunday. I already pulled out my duffle bag and my sleeping bag, and got my short pole, and the tackle box from the boat. T said Eugene would borrow a truck, from a friend and some tents."

"Jen, it's very dangerous out in that forest, last year that woman went missing on the loop road, all they found was her car, and a running shoe, they don't know what got her, a cougar, or a wolf that wandered down from Yellowstone."

"Mom, Eugene will bring some rifles along and the Ranger Station is right there at Dinwoody, if we have any trouble we can go get help, mom it's the end of the summer, soon, we'll all be getting jobs, or going off to college."

"As long as your safety is taken care of, I can't see that he would object, no booze, no drugs, deal."

"I promise, mom."

She set the table, finished helping with dinner, and awaited the decision to come. She didn't have to wait long, because her stepfather came in smiling as usual, excited to be home, happy to return to that someone who waited just for him, grinning from ear to ear. John was very positive most of the time.

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