tagNonHumanWolf Ch. 2

Wolf Ch. 2


Marked, as Master’s property, i lie there waiting, not knowing what to expect next. Looking at me, Master tells me to clean up the place and get dressed. Getting up, i clean the urine off of the floor, make the bed, and then get in the shower. Slowly i wash myself, making double sure that i’m clean. As i’m drying myself i notice marks on my chest; they appear to be made by something very sharp. i also notice that my muscles are very sore; like i’ve been on a great journey. Confused i begin to wonder…. was that really a dream and if not; what was it?

“Hurry up little one, we have things to do,” calls Master.

Finishing up i get dressed and go downstairs. We get in the van and drive off to do errands, but my mind wonders. i can’t help but think of the Wolf, wondering how he would feel fucking me. Dreaming, i picture him in front of me smiling; his large red cock hard and ready for me. Kneeling in front of him i can see it clearly; precum already dripping, his shaft glistening and the veins in his hard red cock throbbing. His scent is heavy, beckoning me to him. my hand caresses him, exploring his body. I trace my finger down his shaft gently stroking it then reaching behind to tease his ass. Pressing gently, my finger enters; the wolf growling his approval. Slowly my finger fucks him, sliding in and out…in and out. Watching His cock grow, i lean forward and teasingly lick the tip. All of a sudden, the wolf grabs the back of my head, pulling me away from him and pushing me stomach first to the ground. Climbing on top, the wolf forces my legs apart, his cock taking me. i can feel his breath on my neck, his hands on my shoulders pushing himself deeper inside me.

Suddenly I wake up. Confused, i look around. Everything is unfamiliar and Master is nowhere in sight. Sitting in the van i try to get my bearings, but am unable to. “Where is Master?” i say to myself. Thinking that He could not have gone too far, i get out and begin looking around. The place looks familiar, but i am unable to place it. Looking around i notice i’m in a large meadow surrounded by trees with a small road through it, the van stopped at the end of the road. A light breeze is blowing, moving the grasses and flowers with it. Still no sign of Master; i sit on the ground and wait.

“What are you doing, little one?”

Startled, i look behind me. Master is standing behind me, smiling. “i was just wondering where You went to, Sir,” i replied.

“I was just looking for the perfect spot,” Master answers.

“Perfect spot for what, Sir?” i ask.

“you’ll see, little one.” Master holds His hand out for me. Standing up, i take it. Master guides me towards the woods.

“Master,” i begin; but He motions me to be quiet. Complying immediately, i follow Him, my hand in His. We enter the woods.

The further we went into the forest, the more i remembered. Suddenly, i realized where i’ve seen this.

“This was in my dream,” i said.

Stopping, Master turns around, looks at me and smiles.

“Really? I thought you said it was only a dream, little one.”

“i don’t know anymore Sir.” i replied, barely speaking above a whisper.

We continue walking deeper into the woods. Finally we stop.

“Sit down and relax little one. I’ll be back in a minute.” With that, Master walks away. Sighing, i sit down to wait for Master’s return.

Looking around i notice a small creek. “It would feel so nice to take a short swim,” i say to myself. i take my clothes off and step into the creek. Sitting down the water reaches my shoulders. i close my eyes, feeling the water flow around my body. Leaning back, my hair spreads behind me, the water moving it with its current.

Lying in the water, i lose track of time. Suddenly, i feel a hand on my throat, pulling me under the water. i try to push it away with no luck. Finally, someone grabs my hair and pulls me up. Still holding my hair, they drag me out of the water, covering me with mud, releasing me at Master’s feet. Trying to catch my breath i look up at Master; He’s looking elsewhere and talking to someone.

“I told her to rest; not take a swim.” Master replies to the stranger.

“Well, that wasn’t what she was doing.” the stranger answers.

“Master,” i begin but was immediately told to be quiet. They continue to discuss my transgression. Finally, they agree with the day being so hot the swim was necessary.

“Clean yourself off little one,” Master instructs me. Stepping back into the creek i wash the mud off of my body. Returning to Master, i pick up my clothes and begin to put them on. Master stops me.

“Just carry them.” Master states. “you took your clothes off, so you must not have wanted to wear them.”

Behind me i hear a chuckle. i gather my clothes and put my glasses on. Master walks away, motioning me to follow. Turning around i see who was laughing. Two men whom i’ve never seen before are walking with Master. One stops and looks at me. i notice he is soaking wet. i cast my eyes down towards the ground knowing he was the one in the water with me. Growling, he turns back around and catches up with the others.

Walking behind the two strangers, i begin to study them. One of them is the same size as Master while the other is much taller; probably about 6’6. The shorter one’s hair is about shoulder length and an ash brown while the taller has hair down to his waist and is almost a charcoal gray and wet from struggling with me in the water. Both are thin, but i know that looks can be deceiving. i’m sure they are a lot stronger than they look and i have a feeling i will find out if i’m right soon enough.

Finally, we reach a small cottage. The door opens, and the men go inside. Master turns around, and motions me to stay and then closes the door. Frustrated, i wait outside the cottage…naked. The sun is beginning to set, and there is a chill beginning to set in. i don’t dare put my clothes back on without permission. i can barely hear the discussion inside the house; all i can distinguish is the words “wolf” and “rape”. The sun finally sets and i am engulfed in darkness.

Sitting by the door i nervously wait to be allowed entrance. Suddenly i hear a howl near me. Standing up i look into the window. Through the break in the curtain i can see Master but He is unable to see me. Sighing, i sit down and wait. By now the only light is from the inside of the house and the stars from the moonless sky.

The howls are getting closer, and i notice a rustling. Something is very close and coming closer. All of a sudden, i see three figures coming towards me out of the darkness. They appear to be men, but there is something most definitely unhuman about them. Crouching in the dark, i hope they are unable to see me.

Reaching the cottage they knock on the door. The door opens and they go inside with the rest. These weren’t men…they were a wolf-like creatures standing as a man would. Terrified, i wait, not knowing what Master has planned for me.

Finally the door opens and Master steps outside. Looking around He sees me and walks towards me. Crouching down next to me He takes my hand.

“Do you trust Me, little one?” Master asks.

“Yes Sir,” i reply. “i trust You with my life.”

“Good.” Master responds. “Then follow me.”

Attaching a leash to my collar Master leads me into the home. The bright lights blind me and before i can adjust, my leash pulls me towards the floor.

Scared i don’t dare raise my eyes. i don’t want to anger or embarrass Master. i can feel all eyes on me, but i have no idea how many people are there. Hands begin to check my body; i feel them everywhere…checking my stance and then my sex. Fingers probe every orifice.

“Is she always this wet?” One of the men asks.

“My slave is always ready for anything I ask of her,” replies Master proudly.

Pulling my leash, i look into the eyes of one of the wolf creatures.

“Is this true, slave?” Questions the wolf-creature.

Meekly i reply “Yes Sir.”

“And what has your Master told you about us?” The creature continues.

“Nothing at all, Sir,” i respond. “All Master has asked is if i trust Him.”

“Do you?” He asks.

“Yes Sir. i do.” i answer.

The creature walks to the corner of the room with the leash in hand, dragging me with him. Motioning me to stay i sit down.

The creature attaches the leash to an eyebolt in the corner and then blindfolds me. i hear the men go into another room, leaving me alone. The dream that i had no longer feels like a dream. i realize that somehow it was very real.

i hear movement in the room, but with the blindfold on i am unable to see who or what is with me. Occasionally i feel a hand probing me… readying me. Knowing what Master expects of me, i start to relax. “Master must be quite proud of me to bring me here,” i say to myself.

All of a sudden i feel a hand grab my hair, pulling me to my knees.

“Open your mouth, slut.” and unfamiliar voice commands me. i begin to open my mouth but wasn’t fast enough for the stranger. Slapping my face, he growls “I said, open your mouth!”

i open it quickly as he shoves his cock inside. Roughly he fucks my mouth, pushing his cock farther down my throat almost to the point of gagging. Someone else grabs my hands, pulling them above my head and ties them with rope, attaching them to something above me. i am completely helpless; i have no idea where Master is, or who is violating me.

i can feel the cock growing harder inside my mouth. Is it human cock or a cock like the Wolf’s? i can’t help but think of His cock… the redness sharply contrasted by the blue throbbing veins; the musty smell inviting me to hungrily suck hoping i can make it release its gift. The more i think of the Wolf, the more my pussy aches to feel Him, the deeper this creature’s cock fucks my mouth. Moaning he tenses up, ready to release his cum deep inside my mouth. One last deep thrust, his cock throbs; his seed hitting the back of my mouth and down my throat. By now my pussy is soaked, waiting for someone to fuck it.

Instead, my hands are released from above as the creature releases my hair; my hands catching my body before i hit the floor. i can hear him walking off to the other room. i lay on the bare floor, waiting… waiting for someone, anyone to take me.

i wait… and wait… and wait. Seeing my wait as fruitless, i feel around and find a pillow and blanket. Lying down, i doze off.

i am awaken by someone grabbing the blanket off of me. Still groggy, i try to retreat to the corner but someone jerks on my leash, pulling me forward.

“Stand up slave, and follow me.” It’s Master’s voice. i try not to smile, but i am so happy to hear it. Still blindfolded, i follow His lead. Suddenly, He orders me to stop. my hand are again raised above my head and attached to the ceiling. Someone orders me to open my mouth. When i do, a foam ball gag is immediately placed inside. Plugs are placed in my ears, cutting me off completely from all reality.

Blind, deaf, and mute, i stand and wait. i have no concept of time; i have no idea how long i’ve been at this place nor do i know how long i have been standing. Occasionally, someone will run their claws down my back or tease my pussy and ass, but that is so few and far between that i jump with each touch. Each time i am ordered to stay still, which i try to do. i know if i continue to jump i will be punished for my transgression.

The next touch i feel is on my throat. It feels like a knife, a very sharp and very cold knife. i take in a sharp breath, but stay perfectly still. The knife travels down from my neck to each breast; circling around each nipple and momentarily pressing the tip into the center of each one. From there, it traces down my belly to my labia. The point caresses it, trailing down one side and then the other, and then it was gone. Before i could relax the knifepoint hits my clit. Gasping, i stand very still knowing that a wrong move could slice me from pussy to ass. i now feel someone behind me, their fur tickling my back. Suddenly, a hand grabs my throat, steadying me for his bite; his teeth clamping down on the back of my neck. All of the sensations, the knife of my clit and the teeth on my neck… i cum instantly. But i didn’t move.

Both men move away, but i’m not alone for long. The knife is replaced with a vibe. my already sensitive clit aches even more, bringing me to one orgasm after another. i try to move away, but someone behind me holds me still. i can hear muffled laughter through the ear plugs, but i am unable to distinguish anything else. By now my body is on fire; wanting them to stop but not wanting them to stop. i continue to cum; my body can’t help itself. Suddenly, everything fades away.

The next thing i notice is that i am no longer standing. i am on the floor, blindfold still on but the gag and ear plugs are gone and my hands are untied. A blanket is covering me, but is taken off after i awaken. my body is sore; sore from standing and the orgasms, but i know they aren’t yet through with me.

“Master?” i call out, barely above a whisper. i feel a hand clasping mine.

“Yes, little one.” Master replies. “Are you ready to continue?”

“Yes Sir, i am.” i answer.

Master releases my hand. my ears are plugged again but the gag is not replaced. The leash tightens, and i start to stand but i’m immediately pulled down. i then realize that i am not to walk… i am to crawl on all fours like a dog.

i am guided to a table. Instinctively i know what they require of me. i kneel in front of the table, laying my upper body on top while presenting my pussy and ass to whoever desires it. They do not tie me down; instead i grasp the legs with my hands and wait.

The tongue touches my pussy, making me shiver. i know this isn’t a man’s tongue; it’s too thin and long for that. It couldn’t be one of the creature’s either since they’re as much man as they are beast. This must be an animal’s tongue; i would guess a wolf. He licks all over me reaching from my pussy to my ass and everything in between. i can feel it flicking my clit, making it harder and hotter readying me. The long tongue laps at me as if i’m his sustenance, his nourishment being me. my body is ablaze with his attention to me and getting hotter than i thought possible. Trying not to cum i concentrate; i want the sensations to last forever. Suddenly without warning i cum; screaming loudly my release. He continues lapping my essence; drinking it like water. Finally he stops only to mount me; his hard cock sliding in to my pussy effortlessly. His large cock stretches my pussy wide filling me completely.

i have no idea how many people are watching me. The animal continues to fuck me, its knot very prominent and stretching me even further. my pussy is full; his cum dripping between my legs and his cock pounding me. Suddenly, i feel his cock throbbing; his cum shooting deep inside me. A few minutes later he dismounts only to be replaced by another.

This animal is much bigger than the first; his forelegs draping over my shoulders. His fur tickles my back while his huge cock pummels my excited pussy. my pussy has never been stretched this far; it feels almost as if i have a fist inside. Faster this creature fucks me, filling me completely; his knot trapped inside. i have never been this full before. The sensations are almost unbearable, but i don’t want them to stop. my entire body is on the edge; i can feel myself ready to cum. The creature pounds harder, his cock feeling as if it will split me into. Pulsating, he cums; the sensations driving me over the edge, our cum dripping down my legs. The knot subsides and he pulls away. Again, i am left alone; not daring to move but not knowing what to expect next.

The next thing i feel is something warm and wet. i realize it is a cloth and they are cleaning me off. The cloth feels so good; the warmth relaxes me. my ravaged cunt responds favorable; my body reaching up to caress it’s heat.

And then it was gone.

Completely exposed, i continue to lie on the table. i feel someone brush their hand across my back; their claws scratching down towards my ass. Another hand fingers my ass, teasing the opening but not entering. Still another caresses my hair, moving it away from my ears. Delicious pain goes through my body; the bites on my ear making me cum immediately. Steadying my head, he bites harder; i scream in both the pain and the pleasure. Someone bites the other ear, but not as hard. The claws, the bites, the fingering…i need someone, anyone inside me. Finally i can’t take anymore.

“Master, please, can someone fuck me?” i call out into the silence. i get nothing in return; no answer or any indication that He has heard me. The creatures continue to play with me; one of the creatures leaving my ear and biting my neck and back. The one playing with my ass has one, then two fingers inserted inside me. i try to raise my ass to meet his fingers but i am unable to. Hands and mouths keep me still; the claws continue to rake my back, legs and ass while the mouths keep a grip on my ear and back. i no longer have any idea how many men/creatures are violating me. i beg again, “Master, please let someone fuck me.” again with no response. i have never been this violated and so excited at the same time.

As suddenly as it started, the mauling stopped. i lie there, alone again, not daring to move. Someone moves my hair away from my ears and takes out the plugs. There is a lot of commotion; voices talking and unknown things being moved. i can also hear the pants of at least two dogs. But i cannot hear Master at all.

“What do you want, whore?” an unfamiliar voice asks.

“i want Master to allow someone to fuck me.” i reply.

“And if your Master isn’t here, what would you want then?” he continues.

“Unless Master has loaned me out, i will wait for His return.” i answer.

The leash jerks up, bringing my head off of the table. i can feel someone’s hot breath inches from my face.

The man in front of me laughs. “We’ll just have to see about that.”

Without letting go, he drags me off of the table and onto the floor. Overpowering me, he flips me onto my stomach. i struggle to get away but i am held down. my legs are forced apart and held in place by another set of strong hands. Pushing me to my knees, he mounts me; his cock burying itself deep inside my pussy. i can’t move, my hands are held down along with my legs. The man on top of me fucks me without regard, slamming his cock deeper inside with each thrust.

i have no idea where Master is, but my already excited pussy is finding this invasion quite pleasurable. He pulls out of my pussy, placing his engorged cock at the entrance of my ass. i wait, wanting to feel his cock inside me.

“Beg for it, whore.” He demands.

“Never.” i reply. “Only Master has the right to take what is His.”

“Do you want my cock inside your ass?” The stranger continues.

“Yes Sir,” i answer, “But i can not ask without Master’s permission.

“Then you will go without it.” With that he slams his cock back into my pussy, pumping faster and faster; his balls slapping against my ass. Reaching under me, someone plays with my clit; tugging on my ring and rubbing my hard button.

Burning, my body edges to the brink. Suddenly, my orgasm overpowers me, my pussy contracts forcefully; milking his cock. Feeling my release, he also cums; his cock filling my cunt with his cum. Spent, he releases me and walks away; however i am still held down by unknown hands.

Another replaces him, but this time it is one of the wolf creatures. His fur slides sensuously against my back and legs; his cock effortlessly fucking my pussy. i can’t help but imagine his hard cock fucking me; the knot holding him inside me, growing larger with each thrust. i can feel his hot breath on my neck, his growling reverberates in my ears. i desperately want a cock in my ass. Growling one last time he cums, and then releases me, only to have another creature take his place.

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