tagNovels and NovellasWolf Creek Ch. 03

Wolf Creek Ch. 03


Ada was in ecstasy. Just by going down the Pike, pulling an amused Charles Raven behind her, she was transported to Rome, Jerusalem, Paris, the Tyrolean Alps, Siberia, an Eskimo village, Japan, and a floating trip through the whole Creation. Her world was limitless now, just as she had known it would be if only she could get to the St. Louis World's Fair. The Pike was to the 1904 St. Louis Fair what the Midway had been to the 1893 Chicago World's Fair—the entertainment sector of the exposition. This was worth everything she had done to get here, even though she had to admit that she had enjoyed what she had done. That was all part of the greater world she wanted to grasp. It was the twentieth century and she wanted to be a twentieth-century woman.

Charles hadn't been able to fully understand this. He had understood only that she wanted to get to the St. Louis Fair and that she was willing to lay with him, to let him make love to her, to get there. But Ada fully realized that the fair was only a symbol. It was a symbol of all she wanted out of life. It represented sophistication and wonder and the greater world. And Ada wanted all of that. She wasn't selling herself to get it. She was opening herself to new pleasures and understandings. And she was doing so on her own terms. On her own terms, no matter what a conniving Hiram, or a sour-dispositioned father, or a pursed-lipped Aunt Martha, or a crestfallen William Hagen, or even, yes, even an amused Charles Raven thought.

But she loved how Charles Raven made love to her too. He was teaching her so much, giving her so much pleasure. Their first night in St. Louis he had shown how she could heat and melt to him even without him forcing that thing deep inside her and wiggling it about and stroking it in and out. That had brought her pleasure, certainly. But that first night in St. Louis, when he had sat her on the bed and pushed her back onto the satin spread and held her wrists in his hands and used his tongue and only his tongue to bring her to flow and a shooting off of electricity within her, she had reached heights of pleasure and fulfillment that she had never imagined possible.

And then he had taught her how she could excite him with her tongue and lips as well, how she could make that thing of his, what he called his cock, expand and throb and then enter her and make her groan with pleasure pain and moan all over again. She had had no idea. She had had no idea what wonders there were. It all made Natoma, Kansas, and her father's sterile world look all the more dreary.

Ada did fleetingly wonder why Charles seemed to be pressing to teach her the ways of love in such depth so quickly. It gave her the sense that he was fleeting himself. She did surmise briefly, but only briefly, that he may be so taken with her that he couldn't help himself. But the realist inside her told her that Charles was only really totally taken with himself.

Only when Charles had suggested that they might just stay in the hotel room and make love and learn new aspects of making love forever did Ada snap out of her new, opulent world. No, she had come here for the fair. They must go to the fair.

And here she was in the very center of the Pike, gazing in fascination at the Magic Whirlpool and its sixty-foot circular waterfall. And looking to the top of that, she saw in the near distance the 265-foot Ferris wheel that had been brought here from the Chicago fair of 1893. They simply must go on that. She must be on the top of the world. But she was on the top of the world already without the Ferris wheel. And they said there would be a full-scale naval battle at two that afternoon they could not miss and there would be snowfall at the ice skating rink after that even now in the dead of summer, and then they must try that ice cream in a cone she'd heard about, and . . .

It was hours before Charles was able to bring Ada back to earth and get through to her that he wasn't there only for pleasure—that he was here to work—and that, since she was here with him, she wasn't here fully for her own pleasure either nor could she expect him to spend every moment they weren't making love here at the attractions of the Pike.

And even then it took some time for his entire meaning to sink in. They were eating lunch beside a make-believe Venetian canal and he was telling her that they'd have to put in an appearance soon at the Palace of Varied Industries outside of the Pike, where his boss and benefactor, the Chicago department store mogul George Vaughn, was snapping up orders for the household appliances of the future that no one would understand how they existed without ten years from now. And Charles also wanted her to meet his younger brother, John, who was temporarily working for Vaughn's close friend, the automobile manufacturer James Shaffer, who had an exhibit at the Palace of Transportation.

Charles was sitting at the café table stroking Ada's forearm and sending chills of pleasure through her when he carefully moved into talking about just how far what she could be doing to aid his work here at the fair extended.

"You are actually particularly blessed that you will be meeting Vaughn and Shaffer," he was saying. "They are tremendously powerful men."

"Umm, yes, and you are a tremendously powerful man," Ada said, as she brushed her hand unobtrusively over Charles's groin under the table.

He winced and pressed on. "No, I mean, you say you want the whole world, that you want to live large and broadly. These men can do that for you, Ada. And in the process you could be helping me tremendously."

Ada was perhaps a little innocent, but she was no dummy. The chills from Charles's stroking hand were augmented by chills from the stroking of his tongue.

"You mean you want me to be nice to these men, Charles. Especially nice."

"Yes, I do mean something of that sort, Darling. I mean if they are taken with you—and I can't imagine they wouldn't be taken with you. Anyone would be taken with you. I mean it's something you might enjoy as well."

And it had better be something I would enjoy, Ada was thinking darkly even while trying to keep the smile plastered on her face. Otherwise she had no intention of being nice in that way. She hadn't grasped control of her world just to lose it as quickly as all that.

"We'll see, Charles," she said in a prissy little voice and removed his stroking hand from her forearm. "We'll just have to see." At least she now knew what Charles had been giving her such a complete and hurried course in lovemaking. And there was a glimmer now of leverage she could have over Charles. Yes, she'd try—but she'd just have to see about what he was suggesting.

They met Charles's brother John at a restaurant in a pavilion at the Palace of Fine Arts for lunch. John was little like his brother. He was as handsome and finely constructed as Charles, but he was more like William Hagen in disposition than he was like Charles. He was very shy and quiet. But he was Charles's brother, so Ada turned her full charm on him—and John was mesmerized by her. Before lunch was over, Ada was convinced that John would follow her anywhere or do anything for her that she asked him to do. She learned that John lived in the lake district of north-central Indiana, where he would be opening an insurance business of his own after the fair was closed. Both his employer, James Shaffer, whose automobile manufacturing plant was near Detroit, Michigan, and Shaffer's friend George Vaughn, whose department store was in Chicago, Illinois, were helping John get his firm established—so John was setting it up between those two cities.

After lunch, the three of them visited Charles's and John's employers at the Transportation and Industrial palaces. While the two brothers reported on their professional activities, both Shaffer and Vaughn, in turn, ogled Ada. Neither Charles nor Ada were surprised that the two of them were invited for dinner that evening at the home on Lindell Avenue in the nearby fashionable district that Shaffer and Vaughn had rented together for the duration of the fair.

That evening Charles spent as much time and energy on what Ada was wearing to dinner as he did on his own attire. And Charles was such a dandy about his own appearance that Ada had no illusions concerning how important this evening and her participation in it would be.

Both of the industrial giants were charming and full of intelligent conversation at dinner, conversation that treated Ada as an equal and as a worthy dinner companion. She was charmed and formed an instant liking for both of the men. They were both bigger than life, in stature as well as in intellect. And the two were ruggedly handsome. Both were from sturdy northern stock, Shaffer descending from Norwegian immigrants and Vaughn from French Canadians dating back to the pre-Lewis and Clark expedition fur trapping days around the Great Lakes. They could both be described as robust—not exactly rotund, but well fed. They carried their weight well, though, and both obviously believed in exercising the body as well as the mind.

And the men were very comfortable with each other. Ada knew that they must be very powerful men separately, but their power must expand exponentially when they went into projects together. Their deep and close friendship one for the other was evident if only from their decision to share a house during the fair. There was no evidence of a Mrs. Shaffer or Mrs. Vaughn anywhere in the house, but Ada was too polite to follow that line of questioning.

Ada was sitting beside Vaughn, who was at the head of the table, during dinner, and like many of the French Canadian stock, he was quite expressive with his hands. Expressive and free with his hands. Off and on during the meal, he had placed a warm, dry hand on her arm in expressing a point to her, and toward dessert, she found him stroking her forearm with his fingers as Charles had done earlier in the café. It all happened so naturally, and Ada enjoyed it, so she made no effort to withdraw. Thus welcomed, he had a strong grip under the table on her knee while they were finishing the meal with coffee.

From the other end of the table, James Shaffer announced that he was going into the parlor for a brandy and a cigar and anyone who cared too was welcome to join him. Charles quickly accepted the invitation, but George Vaughn said he wanted to tarry for a while and get better acquainted with Ada.

Ada thought that George was already becoming very well acquainted with her—his hand under the table had now moved a lot closer to her mound of Venus. He was soon to discover, she thought, with some sense of excited anticipation, that Charles's choice of her clothing for the evening did not include undergarments. She was past any qualms about this assignation, however. She found George Vaughn fascinating, with or without his department store. If she had any qualms, it was that James Shaffer had left, because she found him equally desirable.

After Shaffer and Charles had left the room, Vaughn turned to her and in a low, tremulous voice propositioned her. "Would you mind terribly, my dear, rising and coming here and sitting in my lap a bit. I must admit that I find you irresistible."

He stood and pulled his chair, which had arms on it, out away from the table after Ada had left her chair, and then he pulled her armless chair a bit away from the table as well. He sat in the chair she had vacated and then, when she came over and started to sit down in his lap with her back to his chest, he turned her. And as he pulled her down into his lap, facing him, he lifted her skirts.

Vaughn gasped, with a deep intake of breath, when his hands under her skirt discovered that she was naked of foundation garments. As he pulled her down into his lap and started rocking her pelvis back and forth on his groin on the now-stretching material of his trousers, he was panting and groaning. She looked into his eyes and they already seemed to be filled with semen. She knew in an instant that he would be strong and virile, and he didn't disappoint.

He pulled her bodice off her breasts and tried valiantly to swallow her nipples whole while he continued to rock her private parts on his engorging manhood. She loved what he was doing to her there and felt herself beginning to flow for him. She arched her back and lifted her chin and let her hair cascade about her bare shoulders.

Ada felt the store magnet fumbling around with the buttons on his trouser and then his prodigious member was free and he was rubbing it against her clitoris, getting it slathered with her flow and making her moan and sigh for him. Then he was entering her and plowing her at great length and rocking her back and forth now on a fat, throbbing spike.

She didn't know how long Shaffer had been standing in the room, watching them in their possessed lust, before she noticed him. But when she did, he was standing there, near the table, a sloppy grin on his face, his eyes hooded in arousal. He held both the brandy snifter and a smoking cigar in one hand, and he had his trousers fly open and his penis out and was stroking himself with the other hand. His member wasn't as big as Ada thought Vaughn's must be, but it was a large one.

At length, he came over behind Vaughn and leaned down, put his head on Vaughn's shoulder, and took Ada's lips in his. He was a fine, sensual kisser. Then he put his lips to Ada's ear, told her she was beautiful and then spoke. "Charles tells me of your lovemaking with your Kansas beau. I want you now too. May I have permission to join you two, Mam? May I mount?"

Ada was gasping, lost in the plowing that Vaughn was giving her. And she wanted Shaffer too. She simply rolled her eyes and smiled wanly in assent. Shaffer was behind her now, lifting her skirt and hunching his strong thighs over those of Vaughn. Vaughn reached under Ada's skirt and took one buttock in each hand and tilted her up as he spread them. Ada heard Shaffer spit into his hand and also rub his hand around in the flow that was being created in Vaughn's lap by their lovemaking. And then Shaffer slowly entered her ass with his engorged cock. She was being possessed by both powerful men now, powerful in position and powerful in lovemaking. They were sharing her deeply, rocking her back and forth. Vaughn was kissing her lips and her nipples. Shaffer was kissing the back of her neck and fondling her breasts in his strong, auto mechanics hands.

And then Vaughn and Shaffer with kissing each other on the lips too, across Ada's shoulder. And their hands were roaming among each other's clothing, and all three were groaning and moaning and sighing and fucking.

After both men had released themselves inside Ada, they continued rocking her on the chair in syncopated rhythm for several minutes. And then they unentangled themselves from her. Shaffer lifted Ada up in his arms and Vaughn led the way to what appeared to be their shared bedroom, with only a single gigantic bed in the center of it. Vaughn undressed Ada and Shaffer together and then Shaffer bent Ada over the bed and fucked her in the ass again while Vaughn undressed and watched. Ada was then handed over to Vaughn, who turned her on the bed and plowed her vagina, while Shaffer plowed Vaughn's ass.

When Charles tiptoed into the room and pulled Ada away from the ménage à trois and they quietly left, Shaffer had Vaughn on his belly in the center of the bed, and he was closing covering his colleague from behind and stroking his cock down between Vaughn's raised butt cheeks.

Ada had no way of knowing it then, but this was how a life-long three-way friendship was struck.

Later Charles told Ada how grateful he was that she had helped him with his career in this way and tried to give her cash. She didn't tell him that she had only done what she had enjoyed doing and would not have done it otherwise. But she did refuse the cash. She wasn't stupid, however. When his gratitude extended to wanting to buy her a new dress, she agreed readily. She refused his favorite, though, and picked a smart walking suit in sage accented in white linen. The dress Charles had picked had been very pretty too. But it had been cornflower blue—Hiram's favorite color. Ada would never again wear that color.

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