tagNovels and NovellasWolf Creek Ch. 17

Wolf Creek Ch. 17


"I never want to move from here," Ada whispered dreamily, as she gazed at the paddle fan slowly revolving in the painted rafters over her head and listened to the songs of the jungle birds and clicking of the geckos out in the lush green vegetation beyond the pavilion. She moved her hips, seeking the assurance that Sun Li was still deep inside her.

"Hmmmm," Sun Li murmured. He enclosed one hand over one of Ada's breasts and held the other on her belly, pulling her ever closer into his lap as he lay stretched out behind her on the silk-sheeted platform bed in the middle of the open pavilion. "But even this is transitory, dear love. All is just a passing shadow."

"I've had enough the world," Ada persisted stubbornly. "I've lost three husbands to the plagues, hardships, and wars of the world. I want to spend the rest of eternity in anonymity, here in your arms."

"That would hardly be fair to your family, Mrs. Walker," Sun Li responded. Ada had moved a hand back between their pelvises and had a thumb positioned at the underside of his cock, right at the base, putting pressure on a thick vein there. The cock came to attention and Sun Li began to groan. His hips went into motion, and he was moving deeply and strongly within her for the second time since they had awakened that morning.

"Ahh, you are so naughty and s-o-o amazing," he murmured in a husky voice. "A devil of a woman. Letting you go will be the greatest challenge of my life."

"Ohhhh, yes. Like that. Again. Ohhh," Ada was once again transported in the taking by a young, virile, strong body, and there was no more discussion for a while, as they moved in consort to the rotation of the overhead fan and to the rhythms and music of the jungle just beyond the pillars of the pavilion.

"What do you mean give me up and being fair to my family?" Ada asked an hour later, abruptly picking up on the exchange between them right before she had been transported back into the dream world that she wanted just to swallow her up and hide her from the real world forever. She was sitting at a table with a mirror on it and stroking a brush through her long lightly gray-streaked raven-black hair. Sun Li was standing behind her, naked save a silk robe open at the front, his own straight black hair cascading to his shoulders, his big, strong hands cupping her breasts and his cock running up the small of her back, ever reminding Ada of what was and what was to come.

"I haven't been idle these last weeks, Ada. You must return to your own country. Thus far the Japanese haven't dared venture too far into the highlands. They've just bypassed us here. But that won't last forever. As they consolidate their power here, they will come for us, and this won't be a safe haven anymore. This will be a battleground. I will have to fight. You must go, both for your own safety and for the safety of those of us who must stay and fight."

"But how I can leave here? And where can I go? Oh, Sun Li, I want to stay here and face whatever comes," Ada said in an exasperated tone and dropped her brush on the tabletop and looked up into his eyes.

"As you wanted to stay in your garden down in Kuala Lumpur, beside your dead husband, and await the Japanese invaders?"

"Yes," Ada said in a whisper. "Oh, Sun Li, I'm so tired of all of this. I would gladly stand by you to the last here?"

"I see. And would you force the same fate on my wives and children?"

"Excuse me? What do you mean?" This response had brought Ada up short. Her attention was focused now. She rose from the table and away from Sun Li's encased hands and wrapped a silk robe tightly around her voluptuous body and turned to face him. One chieftain to another.

"I want you in safety regardless. But I've struck a deal with friends in Thailand. They are sending an airplane for you, to take you to Bangkok. And if the plane comes for you, they will take my wife and children to safety as well. You will be saving them, not just yourself."

"An Airplane? Bangkok? For me?" Ada couldn't quite grasp all that he was saying.

"Yes, it seems you still have friends and family. Powerful friends and family. They want you back in safety, and they are putting elaborate and dangerous plans in motion to make that happen."

"Oh." Ada was overwhelmed. To her mind nearly all of her friends and family—at least those she hadn't alienated—were already gone. It seemed she wasn't going to be able to shrink for a connection with the world after all. She looked at Sun Li again as she crossed her arms tightly under her breasts. "But Bangkok? Thailand is under Japanese control too."

"Not quite like Malaya and much of the rest of Southeast Asia are," Sun Li said. "The Thai are much more clever than the rest of us. While we were putting up hopeless and ineffective resistance, the Thai had a convenient supposedly pro-Japanese coup and welcomed the Japanese as allies. But then they have just continued to be independent and balancing act Thai just below the surface."

"This all seems somewhat far-fetched. I don't . . ."

"The Thai actually contacted me about you before I could set my own plan in motion for getting you to safety. Their agents knew that your husband had been found in the garden of the embassy, but no one knew anything about where you were. Your State Department, pushed by some very powerful connections of yours in the States, scoured all of the evacuation points, looking for you. And then they put their intelligence services, such as they are in this region, to work and determined that, if the Japanese were holding you, they were doing so in extreme secrecy. I was one of the contact points they tried in a second sweep. And as soon as they learned you were here, someone in the States put a rescue plan in action."

"Well. If they've gone that far . . ." Ada really didn't know what to say at this point. It seemed this was all out of her control. Perhaps if she wasn't the "freedom card" for Sun Li's own family. But she did owe him this much and much more. He had made her life bearable in terms of her sexual weaknesses for years—and thus had probably kept her marriage to Stanfield a happy one for both of them—and he had saved her life in Kuala Lumpur, although she was still uncertain whether that was a favor for her, in reality.

Ada's shoulders came down and her arms fell to her sides and she came as close to looking her full fifty-six years as she ever had. "So, when do I have to leave?" she asked at length, not being able to look into the handsome face of her lover, the man she never wanted to leave again. She almost laughed at the irony of that thought. She had had a progression of young and virile lovers she had never wanted to leave again. And yet, she had lost them all. She was feeling so defeated.

"In an hour or two, I'm afraid." Sun Li answered immediately. He respected Ada too much to play games with her. "The Japanese aren't far away and they will have airplanes up soon looking for pockets of resistance. There also are rumors that they have ack ack guns being brought up from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur. Each day we delay, the more likely an airplane can't safely fly in and out of here."

Even as he spoke, Ada could hear the droning of propellers growing louder, moving toward them. Coming to take her away. Away from Sun Li.

"Don't be so sad, my lotus," Sun Li said. He had brought her to him and had his arms around her and was stroking her hair. "I had been saving this, but, come, there's something I want you to see."

He took her by the hand and led her through the compound to a dining pavilion, which was dominated by a huge teak table with ornately carved legs. Curtains were drawn around the room. Sun Li moved Ada to stand next to the table in the center of the room, and he circled the pavilion, drawing open curtain after curtain and revealing a large collection of paintings Ada had rendered in her years in Malaya—six years of productivity, revealing the progression of her emotions from delight at the colors and wild life and floating architecture of the exotic country, to the monochromes of her gray period, to the sensual, lust-charged paintings of the period in which Sun Li had been her lover.

"How?" Ada burbled, almost overcome with joy and surprise.

"My men enjoyed the outing tremendously. They swiped these from the embassy compound right from underneath the eyes of the drunken Japanese. They have never been so proud of a raid as this one. I will try to keep these safe for you and send them back to you after the war. We have hiding places here the Japanese would be hard pressed to find. And when they come here, they won't be looking for museum-quality paintings. We must be optimistic and believe that there will be an end to the war and another beginning for us."

"Oh, Sun Li. I don't know how . . ." She opened her arms to him as he swiftly returned to her.

"Shush, my love. I know your painting is your soul. I could not let you lose such a vivid reflection of your life in my country. Shush now. One last time before you leave."

Sun Li was pulling at the sash to Ada's silken robe and drawing the sides apart. He wrapped his strong arms around her, between the silk and her warm flesh, and brought their bodies together. His lips to hers, her nipples to his, their heaving bellies smashing at each other. He pushed her back and sat her on the edge of the massive teak table, and Ada arched her back from him and opened her legs wide to him. He entered her swiftly and deeply, and she gyrated her hips against his pelvis, wildly and hungrily, pulling him deep inside her one last time. Hungrily. Sobbingly. Never wanting this coupling to end.

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