tagNonHumanWolf Girl Ch. 04

Wolf Girl Ch. 04


Tree hit the wall, tears in her eyes, crying out. He was behind her then, pressing against her, his voice in her ear, and then his hand held out just below her nose. "Baby needs candy?"

She saw the little vials and viciously grabbed for them.

He drew them away quickly and she angrily leaped at him. He caught her by the neck and she choked as he squeezed. He enjoyed toying with her, it was part of the price he demanded.

"Please, Bear," She worked her fingers into his hand around her neck, loosening the griop enough to choke out some words. "Please, I'm hurting."

He dropped her, and she landed on her knees in the alleyway. Her skirt was barely more than a cloth. He'd bought it for her. He'd bought her everything with the money she earned him. But he could see the junk was taking its toll He tossed the vials on the ground and kicked them to her.

Tree grabbed the vials up and with a grin on her face, rattled off "thank yous" as she backed away from the wide eyed pimp and pusher and into something larger. She turned and looked up at the large hairy creature, leering down at her with violent glowing yellow eyes. She screamed and ran only a few paces before she felt it grab her and her scream was muffled by a hand-like paw over her mouth.

She watched as another creature, loped into the alley on all fours and then rose up on its hind legs. The pusher, Bear, was dwarfed in size, and though he was terrified he couldn't move, or even scream. The creature bore it's teeth and lept upon the helpless man and Tree watched in horror as a sudden sharp scream of pan was snapped off with the breaking of the man's neck and then she had to close her eyes and listen to the sounds of the bones snapping and the flesh being stripped by powerful jaws and the blood being lapped up greedily.

Then the noise was done and she felt herself let go. She collapsed on the asphalt, her eyes squeezed shut as she felt a sudden hot breath against her neck. And then she heard the soft inhalation, the sniffing of large nostrils, and she whimpered in fear, knowing it was supposed to be her next. But then the breathing was gone, no noise, no sound, and when she opened her eyes, she was alone in the alley with a pile of torn and bloody clothes.

She stood on shaky feet and looked only a moment at the mess that had dominated her life for six years, and then she went over to a dumpster and vomited before running down the alleyway screaming.


He followed her lead as they skittered up fire escapes and across rooftops until they reached an edge and looked down at a heavy thru fare of traffic. She paused only a few moments before leaping and landing on the roof of a passing bus, he following her almost in tandem.

They kept low lest the be seen and took the line for only a few blocks before leaping again and landing in a bed of grass, rolling together, until they landed against a block of stone.

He felt himself change and watched as she did so to. They were in a graveyard by a church; both of them naked in the moonlight.

Kyle felt sick. "Did I--" his knees weakened and he collapsed at the foot of a crumbling tombstone, pressing his hand against the faded carved words as he heaved softly. He felt his stomach lurch but nothing came, her rolled over lay down on the grass, felling the prickle of it against his bare skin. She was by him in a moment nuzzling his ear.

When she talked it wasn't words but he understood her.

"I killed someone?"

Bad one. No guilt.

"I feel awful."

You ate too fast.

He felt her warmth against him and then a tongue along his collarbone. He looked up at the moon, seeing its burning radiance as he reached a hand over and gripped her thighs. She parted them for him as he climbed on top of her. Kyle thrust inside her and she gripped his shoulders and burred her face in his chest, letting out a low moaning scream of pleasure.

You feel different now, don't you?

He thrust again, the heat of her around him practically milking him of every bit of his staying power. He was getting there quick. The boiling up of, and then the release of his seed with a low howl only they and the dogs of the neighborhood could hear had him suddenly calm again.

She stroked his hair and then put her forehead to his. The sun would be up soon. They needed to get back.

Teach me something to say before we go.

Pushing himself up, Kyle picked a word from the gravestone. He pointed to it and read it aloud to her. "Beloved"

She mouthed it and then said it, a perfect mimic. "Beloved." What does it mean?

He took her hand and pulled it to his chest. She looked at himquizzically and then she realized she could feel his heart beating. She moved in close to listen with her ear pressed against his chest.

His hands were slow to hold her, his fingers softly tracing along her line of her back. "We have to go now, don't we?"

She sighed and then pushed away morphing and running. He changed and bounded after her. It was a game now, a chase. And when they'd made it across the city back through the open window of his apartment, they collapsed together in his bed, her curled up with him beside her, watching himself and her slowly change with the end of the three day lunar cycle.

"Where did you come from?" he asked aloud.

She didn't hear him, she was asleep.

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