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Wolf Knottings


This is a short work of erotic fiction containing furry, or anthropomorphic, characters, which are animals that either demonstrate human intelligence or walk on two legs, for the purposes of these tales. It is a thriving and growing fandom in which creators are prevalent in art and writing especially.


The Twelve Kinks of Christmas


Ithilwen giggled as her partner rolled her over on her back, the red and white picnic blanket bunching up beneath her shoulders. Her wolf, Marama, nuzzled and nipped playfully at her neck, shrugging his long, green jacket from his shoulders, clasps already undone to reveal his bare, blue chest, framed by white fur that coated the majority of his body bar his front and paws.

The wolfess laughed as his lips tickled her throat, clad in similar colouration to her sweetheart with a light blue back that stretched round her hips, thighs and upper side of her tail. She supposed she should have expected as much when her mate had invited her out into the forest, a romantic picnic unfolding under the light of the stars as leafy trees whispered around them. The scene had been set and the night could not have been sweeter, a fine wine slipping down her throat until she found herself drunk on the experience alone.

There was only delight left to come.

Yet, as he loosened the tie on her forest green leggings, something shifted between the trees and Ithilwen's head shot up, her black-tipped ears twitching. What was that? Her eyes roamed back and forth, blinking as she strove to pick out shapes through the gloom as Marama pressed his muzzle between her breasts, murring softly at their warmth and softness.

And Ithilwen's heart leapt into her throat, mouth suddenly dry and yawning for moisture as a pair of eyes stared right back at her from between the gnarled trunks. That wasn't a furry. Her breath quickened, blood roaring in her ears until all she could hear was the dull pounding of her heart.

Wolves. There were wolves between the trees. Great, hulking feral monsters with jaws that could crunch through bone, splintering it as easily as if it was a twig beneath her paw.

"Marama!" She hissed, hunching in close to his side as if he would protect her from the wolves, moving too quickly amongst one another for her to count the whole pack. "Marama, we have to move - now!"

He lifted his head, arm around her waist as he cast a shockingly unconcerned eye over the pack slinking from the trees, their coats ranging from black, through grey, to the purest white. The pack leader - for what else could such the massive brown and white furred beast, rippling with muscle be? - lifted his head, tail pointed and stiff.

Marama squeezed her shoulder, seemingly more interested in Ithilwen than their sudden company.

"We're wolves, sweetie, they're not going to hurt us."

She shook her head, eyes sharp and narrowing at the corners. He had to be mad - he just had to be! She shuddered from the pack, huddling down on the blanket as if she could hide from them if only she made herself small enough.

"They're wild animals!" She shrieked, voice rising in pitch even as she tried to keep it calm and level, heart pounding viciously in her chest.

"And enough to make sure you are pleased for the rest of the night?"

She started, barely reacting with a flick of her ears as Marama untied her tunic at the back, letting it fall and reveal her full breasts. She jerked back to life as cold air caressed her nipples, a black wolf stalking her with his head lowered and a hungry gleam in his eyes.

"What are you doing?" She yelped, voice echoing through the trees as she scrambled, thrusting him away. "We can't do that now - we've got to get the hell out of here!"

Marama rolled his eyes.

"Sweetie, they're here for you."

Ithilwen scoffed, already up on her hind paws and looking for an escape. She panted, black and blue strands of hair clinging to her damp neck as she tried to brush it off - a nervous twitch that would not help her against the pack.

"You're telling me you brought a pack of wolves here for me?" She spread her paws wide. "What possible reason could you have for doing that if they're not going to jump up and eat me?"

His eyes glinted and he licked his lips.

"Oh, I had a little something else in mind."

Lunging for her legs, he toppled Ithilwen to the blanket with a wicked chuckle, letting her fall over his body onto her paws and knees. He murred in appreciation, eyes roaming her rear as the pack approached, tongues lolling happily from their muzzles. No, they were no threat to them, not by far. He had, after all, called them there for his and his mate's pleasure. But perhaps Ithilwen would have to see for herself exactly what he had planned.

He grinned. One day she would get used to his evil streak and it wouldn't be as fun anymore, but for now...

He yanked her trousers down, the tie already loosened, baring her rump to the wolves. The lead wolf - for there was a clear hierarchy within the pack - approached with a growl, a pink shaft slipping from his sheath. Squealing, Ithilwen kicked out, but there was no throwing off the male wolf as he let the cool night air wash over her pink sex, lips quickly flushing with blood as if to warm her body from the inside out.


She let out a strangled yell as he laid his arm over her back, stroking her tumbled mess of hair, as the brown-furred wolf snuffled her rump, showing apparently no fear of the two anthros. He smiled. They had learned well through their interaction with the two-legged kind, it had to be said. Now they could have a little fun too.

Ithilwen's breath caught as the wolf's tongue lashed out, swiping over her sex from the bottom of her lips to the top. Rubbing over her clit, the flexible appendage pressed between her lips, seeking the source of the scent flooding the wolf's nostrils, and he growled, cock throbbing. He only wanted to mount, to breed and, most importantly, to knot, and instinct raged through his mind as he took in the needy female's scent. For, as much as she huffed and flung her hind paws back, there was no denying the swell of her body and the want his touch raised in her.

"Marama..." Ithilwen's resolve wavered, voice softening to a throaty whisper. "Are you...ah...sure this is safe?"

He grinned.

"My, my, my... Aren't you an easy one to persuade? All it took was a few swipes of his tongue and you're wanting that thick knot in you already, aren't you?"

She blushed, the insides of her pale ears turning pink as the wolf pushed over her back, paws clinging around her hips.

"I'm not that... Hey!" His eyes widened sharply, chest heaving, as something hard prodded her backside, sliding up beneath her tail. "Wait - I'm not ready yet! Stop him! Not yet!"

Marama hushed her and dropped a kiss on her nose, slipping around to the wolf's side.

"I'll make sure he doesn't hurt you."

Spreading her lips with his fingers, Marama growled lustily as he swirled his thumb around her clit, lips gleaming with ever increasing drops of moisture. Maybe his lover was more turned on by the feral wolves than he'd anticipated, for her claims about not being ready to take him fell on ears that knew better. Winking to his feral companion, he grabbed the tapered cock jabbing against Ithilwen's rump and helped him aim, sinking halfway into her cunny in a quick, needy thrust.

The wolf howled and ducked her head down between her arms, shoulders juddering as her trousers tangled around her knees, preventing her from getting away even if she'd wanted to. Thrusting in deep, the brown fur panted, warm breath washing over her neck as he hunched in and thrust rapidly, making short, sharp strokes with nearly the full length of his cock buried in her tight snatch.

Moaning, Ithilwen trembled, tail wagging faintly. It was as if she didn't want to vocalise how his cock felt, fingers curling into a tight fist as she ground her teeth together and swallowed a howl. Her 'friend' had no such qualms, however, slamming into her with the force of an animalistic brute, driving in with little to no regard for her pleasure as drool splattered from his maw onto the back of her neck, a warm wet reminder of the animal about to knot her and fill her with cum.

"Ah..." Ithilwen rolled her head, eyes lidded. "He's...ah! He's breeding me!"

With his own cock out of his leggings, Marama smirked and blew her a kiss as she peered back, hair tousled and hanging around her muzzle. She braced herself, rocking back into the feral animal's thrusts the best she could, his knot slowly starting to swell as the four-legged creature quickly worked himself to the point of climax.

"And he's going to knot you too," he growled, kneeling before her muzzle and sliding his shaft between her parted lips. "Nice and hard... It's going to swell and lock every drop of cum into you."

Groaning, she stretched out her arm on the blanket, submitting to sensation as if she ever had any chance of evading it as she sucked on her partner's length, grasping his base as the half-formed knot swelled beneath her paw, so eager. The wolf slammed into her with a sharp bark and she yelped as his knot swelled, locking them together as he rumbled, tail wagging to and fro as if to convey his pleasure to the whole pack. She shrieked, her cry muffled around Marama's thick length, and shuddered back into him, pleasure spiking all of a sudden as he ground in deeper than before, closer and closer to that point of no return.

With a groan, Marama drove into the back of her throat, tip pressing deep, as the feral howled and trembled in orgasm, hind legs scooting in as if to get every scrap of pleasure he could from the encounter. His knot pulsed, throbbing larger as he shot spurt after spurt of cream into her, splashing up to her cervix where it could not escape around his knot. Shivering, Ithilwen moaned around her lover's length, eyes closed as a sweet orgasm washed over her, setting the hairs down her back tingling as her pussy strained to contain the fully inflated knot.

She tried to relax, stars dancing behind her dropped eyelids, caught up in the sensation of his cock throbbing with every spurt he delivered to her clenching, rippling pussy, muscles beyond her control as her legs shook. Fatigue claimed her and she slumped to the blanket, rump pulled into the air by her feral partner as Marama stroked her ears soothingly, allowing his cock to slip, still hard, from her muzzle.

"Well, that's one knot stretching you out so far, my sweet," he murmured in her ear as the feral wolf turned tail to tail with her, panting contentedly. "Are you ready to take the rest of them?"

Gasping, the wolf's eyes swept her audience, seeing each and every wolf with the pink of his shaft hanging out - all male. Her mate held the final, swollen knot in his paw, a grin stretching his lips wide as he offered it to her lips, another wolf already leaping onto her back, cock jabbing in search of her sweetness.

"You'll have to take all of their knots before the night is out."

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