tagNonHumanWolf Lake Ch. 09

Wolf Lake Ch. 09


It was late, well after one o'clock in the morning if she had to guess, and the alcove dark. Sam lay on her back, one arm across the pillow above her head, the other idly playing with the blanket while she watched her mate pace back and forth. His long legs took him four steps across the room before he turned with a little jiggle and retraced his steps. There was something incredibly sexy about such a powerful male doing something as domestic as walking the room with his young. Of course, after weeks of no sex just about anything Nafarius did caused her body to tighen and warm with desire.

Bare chested, a pair of low slung jeans hanging off his hips, Nafarius cooed quietly to his infant daughter. The small young wiggled in his arms, staring up into his face and knawing on a fist. If he didn't know any better Nafarius would have sworn that there was a look of accusation in those too knowing eyes.

"I'm well aware that I don't have what you want," he whispered, a touch of humor edging his voice. "But I think we both agree it's best to let mommy sleep, unlike you she's not much of a morning person." A sqwack followed by more furious sucking was the only indication he got that his daughter disagreed.

Sam chuckled and pushed herself up. "I'm awake." A quick peak into the bassinet beside their bed confirmed that Zane slept peacefully, dead to the world while his sister shifted restlessly in their father's arms.

"She's hungry," Nafarius said, coming to stand beside the bed.

"What's new?" Sam asked with a smile and reached for her daughter.

"I thought to let you sleep," Nafarius said, "but it's not me she wants."

Sam laughed softly as Nafarius handed the young to her. Sensing her mother, Kaysen grew eager, rooting around until she found what she was looking for.

Sam's labor had been fast and furious with Kaysen arriving several minutes before her brother. The running joke was that Kaysen had grown impatient, pushed her brother aside and forced her way into the world with Zane following only to stave off loneliness.

The two couldn't be more different. Kaysen was constantly in motion, rarely slept and ate like a piglet while Zane seemed content to watch the world go by. Opposite even in coloring, Zane had his mother's black hair while Kaysen was all red fire like her father. The only thing they shared was their mother's green eyes.

In the weeks since the twins were born life had taken on a dream like quality, the days and nights moving with the flow and needs of the new babies. Sam had easily adjusted to the twins' schedule, sleeping when they slept and catching meals between their feedings. Nafarius was shouldering most of the responsibilities as leader, allowing Sam to spend her days with the twins and the other mothers within the pack. Eventually she would start to hand off some of the duties for the twins' care to one or two carefully chosen pack members and return to Nafarius' side as leader. But until then she was content to spend her days driven by the needs of her young.

"Nervous?" Nafarius asked. He stood leaning against the wall, arms crossed over his chest and his bare feet crossed at the ankles.

"No," Sam said. Looking up from where Kaysen nursed, she couldn't help but admire her mate. He was all tall, long and lethal grace. Just looking at him made her pulse race and her mouth water.

Nafarius caught his mate watching him, saw the want and the invitation in her eyes and felt his body harden in response. Flush from sleep, her skin pink and hair mussed, Sam looked warm and inviting. She had always been beautiful but her recent pregnancy seemed to have added a lushness to her curves that made her down right edible.

"Sam," Nafarius growled warningly.

"What?" she purred, not even bothering to try for innocent.

"Stop looking at me like that before I toss you on your back and part your pretty thighs," he said, his voice low with the onset of desire. His body was hard and tense, every instinct in him urging him to lunge, to take down his mate and remind her who she belonged to.

"Promises, promises," she asked, feeling her body warm and start to go soft.

Nafarius bit back a reply. She was baiting him and they both knew it. Sam had tried to entice him back into their bed and into her body for the past few weeks. Only his committment to see her fully healed had prevented him from taking what she so readily offered. Pushing images of his mate spread out naked and open before him aside, he said, "You'll have to wait. I want to talk about tomorrow."

Sam frowned. "I don't."

"Too bad," Nafarius said and sighed. "Tomorrow is a big day and we need to talk about it."

"You're right," Sam said. "It is a big day but I don't want to talk about it - not tonight. I want to enjoy one last carefree night with my mate and our young before tomorrow changes everything."

He frowned and watched as Sam slipped Kaysen back into the bassinet beside her brother. Zane instantly shifted until he was snuggled up close to his sister. Nafarius had never thought about it like that, never once thought that Sam might have doubts or fears. She was always so strong, so certain of herself and everyone around her that it was hard to believe she might be worried. "It doesn't have to change anything," he said.

"No," Sam agreed, "but we both know that it will."

"Nothing important," he said. "Besides, you might not be able to shift."

Sam gave him a look, it was the same look she gave him when there were others around and she wanted him to stop being an ass.

Sam had decided to wait after the twins' birth before attempting to shift for the first time. Most werewolves changed within hours of giving birth. After months in human form it was necessary, it also helped in the healing process. But Sam had healed well on her own and decided that she didn't want to try changing until she was ready to try shifting into a new form for the first time.

Over the past several weeks they had talked, often times late into the night, with the sound of the twins sleeping softly beside them. Sam was certain she could shift. It was a certainty she hadn't shared yet with Nafarius. Not because she didn't trust him but because she knew that once she shifted, once it was a certainty, things would change.

"Will it matter to you?" she asked quietly. "Will it matter to you if I'm not a werewolf? If I'm something...else?"

Nafarius heard the worry in Sam's voice and felt his heart clench. "If there is one thing you never have to worry about it's how I feel about you. Nothing can change my love for you."

Pushing away from the wall Nafarius pealed off his jeans and slipped back into bed. She came willingly into his arms, the heat of her pressed up against his side as they lay quietly in the dark. After a while he said, "The only thing that matters to me is that you're safe and happy. I don't care about the rest."

"But what if...?" she started.

Nafarius cut her off. "It doesn't matter, no matter what happens we'll deal with it."

Sam sighed; she knew it wasn't that simple but let the matter drop. She had meant it when she said that she didn't want to spend this last night talking about tomorrow.

Turning towards Nafarius, Sam slid her thigh up his leg until she was able to press herself against his hip. At the same time she brushed her fingertips across the hard planes of his abdomen. "I spoke with Lillian yesterday."

Nafarius growled low in his throat as the heat of her seared his skin. "And?"

Sam nuzzled her nose under the curve of Nafarius' jaw, nudging him slightly. "She said I've had plenty of time to heal."

Nafarius tipped his head to the side giving his mate access to his neck. It was a position he offered no others. "Is that the official 'all clear' from a Healer?" Nafarius hadn't made love to his mate in so long that the need to do so was quickly becoming a living, breathing being beneath his skin.

Sam licked at the pulse point in Nafarius' neck before sinking her teeth into his skin. It was all the confirmation Nafarius needed. Rolling quickly, he pinned her beneath him. Using his knees he spread her thighs wide and positioned himself at her entrance.

"This time is for me," he said. Panting, he struggled to hold himself still. "Next time will be for you," he promised and thrust home.

Nafarius threw his head back and howled as tight, wet heat surrounded him. Somewhere in the back of his mind he recognized that she was wet and ready for him and silently thanked the gods. He didn't think he could stop himself from thrusting again and again had her body not been ready.

Sam arched her back; pressing her heels into the blankets she lifted her hips and welcomed Nafarius home. She felt herself stretch, working to accommodate his cock and thrilled at the feeling of being full for the first time in weeks.

It was hard and fast, the slap of flesh against flesh echoing wet and loud throughout their alcove. With their faces close their breath mingled as they panted their way towards climax.

Nafarius stared down into the face of his mate, watching her as pleasure softened her features and brought a flush to her skin. "Kiss me," he said and bent his head.

Sam met him halfway. Slanting her mouth across his lips, she sealed their lips together and plunged into his mouth. Like their love making, the kiss was hard and desperate, as if they would devour each other rather than part.

Breaking the kiss, Nafarius pushed his upper body away from Sam and stared down to where they were joined. He watched as his cock slammed into her again and again, the sight bringing him close to completion. Wanting her to join him, Nafarius reached between their bodies and rubbed at her clit.

Sam withered beneath her mate. Pressing her pussy more firmly into his hand she met each of his thrust and encouraged him to work her clit harder. "Oh, god, don't stop."

"Never," Nafarius assured her before shifting the angle of his hips. Wrapping his hand around her leg, he pulled her knee up passed his hip and held it to his chest. The new position granted him greater access to her pussy, driving the head of his cock up against her cervix. Nafarius groaned and slowed the thrust of his strokes letting them both feel every inch of his cock as he pressed between the swollen walls of her pussy. Beneath him Sam shifted, rolling her pelvis up to meet each of his downward strokes.

The walls of her pussy continued to swell, gripping him tighter as she drew closer to completion. Gritting his teeth, Nafarius struggled to hold on to his climax, to give them a few more delicious strokes of his cock before emptying himself deep within her body.

"Nafarius," Sam whimpered, release no more then a single stroke away. "Please."

"You're mine," Nafarius growled. "No matter what happens."


"Let me hear you say it," he demanded. "Tell me you're mine."

"I'm yours!" Sam cried.

Nafarius roared in triumph. Gone were the long, controlled strokes replaced by a furious pounding designed to send them both over the edge.

Sam lasted mere moments under the onslaught of pleasure, her body tightening almost painfully before shattering. Wave after wave of pleasure rippled from her womb, contracting the walls of her pussy and clamping down as Nafarius continued to drive himself into her body.

Nafarius watched Sam shatter beneath him. Head thrown back, she cried out her release. "So beautiful," he whispered as her lips parted on a moan. Dipping his head he licked at her lips and let himself go.

Sam groaned at the sensation of Nafarius' hot seed spurting up against her cervix. That combined with his final, desperate thrust was enough to send her head first into a second orgasm. Locked together, their bodies suspended, they rode out the last waves of pleasure.

Moments later Nafarius' arms gave way and he collapsed onto his mate. He knew that she could take his weight but still made the effort to roll off and onto his side, tucking her up beside him. "I may have overestimated my abilities," he said, his breath still coming in uneven pants.

"Oh, I don't know," Sam said, "I think you performed quite well."

Nafarius snorted. "I had intended that 'next time' would still be sometime tonight. However...I don't think I can feel my legs."

Sam laughed. Leaning up she gave him a quick kiss on the chin. "I would say that this time was for us," she said reassuringly.

"We didn't wake the babies, did we?" Nafarius asked.

Sam looked over to where the twins slept tucked in together. "They're both dead to the world -- for now."

"Kaysen will be up again in a few hours for another feeding," Nafarius said. Unfortunately, the fact that Sam was nursing meant that she bore the brunt of getting up with the twins. Thankfully, Zane rarely woke more then once a night, which made up for Kaysen's need to nurse every few hours. "Besides, tomorrow will be a long day -- for all of us. I suggest we get some sleep."

Sam yawned and snuggled down next to Nafarius, her head on his chest. "I love you," she mutter as sleep claimed her.

Nafarius lay quietly, despite being tired he found himself unable to sleep. Tomorrow would reveal Sam's true nature -- whatever it was -- and while the Council continued to reassure him he still worried that tomorrow's events would set into motion some unstoppable force. He could only hope that Sam was that force and not what was coming for her.

Sam rolled over and woke alone. The light in the alcove told her that it was late morning. She vaguely remembered Nafarius getting up with the twins after Kaysen's early morning feeding and telling her to sleep. She hadn't argued.

Slipping into a summer dress, Sam brushed her hair and teeth and went in search of her mate.

Nafarius was sprawled out in the common area, his body acting as a barrier between the twins and the entrance to the cave. Other pack members moved around them, some stopping to touch a child gently on the head before going on with their chores.

Sam let the familiarity of pack life wash over her paving the way to calmness. Kneeling behind him, Sam leaned over Nafarius and watched her young. Kaysen lay on her stomach already trying to push herself up onto all fours while Zane lay on his back sucking quietly on a fist. "Where are the others?" she asked.

Nafarius looked up over his shoulder. Sam looked rested and ready -- something he almost hated to admit. Had she looked worn or tired he would have been able to make excuses and put this whole thing off. "They've gathered outside waiting for you. I asked Glenis to stay with the twins."

Sam nodded and smiled as Glenis came to sit with the twins. Nafarius stood and taking her hand walked with her out into the clearing.

Jonas, Lillian, Dresden and Maddie waited with several others, talking quietly and milling about the clearing. Those closest to Sam had come to watch, to offer support and to hope. Whether they hoped she would be able to shift or not was unique to each individual.

For his part, Nafarius wasn't sure which he wanted more.

Sam walked towards the center of the clearing, slowly letting her hand slip from her mate's and leaving him to stand beside Roland, Tasha and Maddie. No one said anything, they just waited and watched as only Sam knew what she needed to do.

Taking a deep breath, Sam reached out with her senses, looking both inward and out. Inside she found her wolf while at the same time sensing the energy that gave each individual around her their animal. She let that energy flow over and around her, let it touch her wolf, enveloping her in a ball of light and energy until that was all she was. Until the soft murmer of conversation faded into the background and all that was left was the warmth of the sun on her face and the cool breeze in her hair.

Sam realized that she'd been moving in a circle letting her fingers trail over each of the men and women around her. Without thought, she'd been able to identify each one by the energy that was their animal - each force as unique as scent or a finger print. Coming to back to herself, Sam found herself standing in front of Dresden. Giving him a small smile, she shrugged and stepped into the center of the circle.

Pulling her dress over her head, Sam dropped to her hands and knees. Looking from Nafarius to Dresden she said, "I hope you don't mind," and shifted.

Most lycan took time to change, the process ungraceful and almost brutal. Sam shifted like flowing water, the process beginning at her shoulders and rolling over her in a wave.

"Holy mother..." Roland breathed on a sigh of awe. "I've never seen anything like that."

Sam stretched when always before she shook herself. Shaking was an instinctual motion that seemed to settle her into her wolf. Only today she wasn't a wolf.

Dresden stared, understanding the smile and the shrug. Sam had changed into a panther.

Sam wasn't finished. Nafarius felt something stir a second before she shifted again -- this time taking on the shape of a bear.

Jonas gave a startled gasp and barely resisted the urge to step forward. Bears were solidary creatures but they still felt the urge to mate. Given the high mortality rate of cubs and the rarity of female lycan with the bear as their animal it had been years since Jonas had seen another of his kind.

Sam seemed to sense his turmoil and shifted again, this time taking the form of Lillian's bird. After fluttering ungracefully, Sam shifted back into human form and stood panting. "Wow."

"Yeah, wow." Nafarius echoed, a touch of humor evident in his voice.

"Well," Jonas said. "I think that answers that question."

Everyone was silent letting the news settled. Sam slipped back into her dress and went to stand beside Nafarius. "So what happens now?" she asked. Already she could hear conversation starting around her, at first quiet whispers that turned into excited exclamations. It was only as one or two pack members broke off to "spread the good news" that Sam felt herself starting to relax. She hated to admit it but she'd feared their reaction, feared being labled different, dangerous and made an outcast. Their easy acceptence meant more to her then any one of them likely knew.

Jonas and Lillian looked at each other, a silent exchange taking place between two people that have known each other for a long time. "I think it's time we go home," Jonas said.

Nafarius nodded. "And once you get there?"

"We will add our findings to the file on Sam and leave them sealed in the Archives," Lillian said.

"Sealed?" Sam couldn't keep the surprise from her voice. "I thought you were going to release the files."

Jonas nodded. "We had planned to but we discussed the issue and came to an agreement."

"Thank you," Sam said though Nafarius remained quiet.

"Don't thank us yet," Jonas said. "We will leave the files sealed -- for now. However, should someone come looking and make a formal request we will release them. The Council serves all lycan -- not just werewolves. We agree that Sam is no danger to lycans but she is creating history and could signal a change."

"What kind of change?" Roland asked.

"It could be simple Darwanism," Lillian said with a shrug of uncertainty. "We have shapeshifters in our past, they are in our genes and Sam could be the first of others to come."

"The twins," Sam said quietly, grateful when Nafarius entwined his fingers with hers.

Lillian nodded. "They may carry the gene, they may not. There is no way to know if the gene is maternal or paternal and we would definitely like to know if one or both of them turns out to be able to shift."

Nafarius said nothing, made no commitment, just waited for the Council members to continue.

"Well," Lillian said. "We will be leaving first thing tomorrow. It is time we got back to our own business."

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