tagNonHumanWolf Man Ch. 02

Wolf Man Ch. 02


(Sorry it took so long, hope it doesn't disappoint. Please keep on commenting and sending feedback, it's very appreciated. Thanx Alice xxx)


Hannah sighed as she emerged from the sleep of the dead, her head turning with her as she snuck her arms around her pillow and hugged it to her, bringing her legs up under the covers. Now that had been an interesting dream, she thought, her eyes in no hurry to glimpse the light of day. A wolf-man of all things, well, her mother had always said she had a nice imagination...

Her drowsy thoughts slowed to a stop when she felt something shift in the bed beside her. Hannah went stiff with tension and held her breath, her ears straining for any other noise... and there was breathing...

Taking a deep breath she allowed her eyelids to lift and when her darkened hazel eyes found themselves staring into the eyes of a wolf she did the most sensible thing she could. She screamed. Even as the scream ripped out of her lips the wolf changed into a man and she noted the wince on the guy's face seconds before she tumbled out of bed to land on her ass on the hard wooden floor.

"Woman what is wrong with you!" He hissed, rolling onto his back and flinging one of those incredible arms – which she now knew were not a dream – over his eyes. As she took in the picture he made on her bed her eyes widened. The sheets were up to just below his hips, making her mouth go instantly dry and from the way the sheets moulded his strong legs, she knew that he was as bare below as he was on top... that was apart from the bandage that he had wrapped around his upper chest. His incredible hair was spilled all over her pillows, the blackness of it contrasting sharply with the whiteness of the sheets.

Hannah shook her head to rid herself of the effect that he lying on her bed produced in her and stood up... brushing curls of sleep crazed chestnut hair back from her face...only to realise that she wore nothing but her underwear. But she hadn't changed...she remembered clearly flinging herself fully dressed onto her bed. She hadn't even drawn the covers up!

Her mouth gaped open and she turned angry hazel slits on his reclining form. "You pervert! I can't believe you undressed me! You have absolutely no principles what so ever!" She shouted yanking the sheet away from him to wrap around her body. And wished she hadn't when she saw that she had been right...he had been wearing NOTHING underneath that sheet. "Oh god!" She choked, feeling her cheeks burn up as her gaze focused on the most amazing part of him. Lord he was big!

"Now who's the pervert?" He asked in a mocking tone.

Hannah jerked her eyes up to his in horror then her lips flattened themselves into an angry line. "You're despicable." She snarled then turned smartly on her heel and slammed into the bathroom. Slamming the door shut too. Pig!

* * *

Half an hour later she emerged from a very foggy bathroom to find her room empty. Was he gone? As she reached up to pull her hair into a pony tail she eyed the room for signs of the wolf-man and she was about to conclude that he had gone when she heard the sound of her refrigerator slam. No. He wasn't gone; he was just attempting to break her fridge.

Giving an annoyed sigh she walked across the room into the other room and found him looking into her cupboard now...wearing only jeans.

"I thought you'd gone." She said, forcing her eyes to stick to his face. Not that his face was any safer.

He spared her a glance before going back to rummaging in her cupboard. "The snow storm is still raging woman, obviously I'm not going to go out into it."

"My name is not woman." She hissed, walking over to where he stood. "And what the hell are you doing?"

"You have no food, no wonder you're so bony." He murmured, eyes still searching for the food.

"Bony?" She gasped. Bastard! "I am not bony!"

He shrugged. "What's your name?"

"Huh?!?" The man was insane...well he wasn't a man but anyway.

"You told me not to call you woman, but how can I call you anything else when I don't know what your name is?"

"It's Hannah." She snapped. She'd done him the courtesy of helping him and what did he do? He made smart remarks about her sexual state, undressed her, called her BONY and then complained about her kitchen stock. Asshole.

He closed the cupboard and stepped towards her, those disturbing eyes focused on her irritated face. His eyes swept her body in the clean jeans and plain white t-shirt. "Well Hannah," he murmured, leaning close, "I never said I disliked 'bony'. Us wolves have a fascination with getting to the bone."

Hannah stared at him, her mouth once again gaping. He seemed to be able to do that to her a lot. As she felt a blush stealing over her cheeks, she turned her face away and pretended a fascination with her kitchen counter as she stuffed her hands inside her back pockets. "Ugh... you were talking about food...well, yesterday I went into town, and I was on my way back from the supermarket when I uh...saw you. Everything's still in the car."

From the corner of her eye she saw a smile curl his lips as he stepped away and she felt her heart beat a little faster. Really Hannah, the guy isn't normal, don't even think of going there, she berated herself. "Shall we go and get the food then?" He asked and with a deep breath to cool her cheeks she nodded and moved back into her room to pull on a parka and her boots.

"Let's go."

* * *

It was a long while later that they finally settled down in front of the fire, bread set out in little plates and bowls of beef stew. For a little while they ate in silence, appreciating the warm food and the fire.

"So what's your name?" She murmured into the silence, spooning another spoonful of stew into her mouth. She looked at him sitting there cross legged, his chest now covered as well, even though his t-shirt had the two holes on them from yesterday.

He paused in his eating and glanced up at her from beneath dark curling lashes, his gaze more then a little wary. A few seconds passed and he didn't answer and Hannah felt her mood go down a bit.

She shrugged. "Well, if you don't want to tell me that's fine too. You don't have to." She took a sip of water before resuming her meal.


Hannah arched a brow at the name that seemed to have been forced from his lips. "Well, don't choke on it. I told you you didn't have to tell me it. Besides, with the look you gave me I'd be surprised if that was even your real name."

He glared at her. "If I say it's Kai then it's because it's Kai."

"Fine, fine." She mumbled, reaching to the small plate where the bread rested in between them to break off a piece. "So...Kai... how'd you get shot?" She asked and this time, it was like a cold draft slammed out of him and hit her.


"Well...because I'm curious about what happened." She murmured with a shrug, dipped a bit of the bread in the stew before directing it to her mouth.

"Curiosity killed the cat." Something about the tone of his voice had the hairs on her arms going up on end. Despite the softness of his words, they sounded like a threat.

Hannah straightened as she lowered her bowl and looked him in the eye. "I helped you and right now you're in my house and eating my food, I don't think it's asking a lot to know what happen. You could be on the run from killers for all I know. So avoid the threats please. If you don't want to tell me, don't." She picked up her bowl and water and then headed back into the kitchen, her appetite effectively ruined.

As she was dumping the rest of her stew in the bin, she tried to calm herself down. It seemed that he had a great talent for winding her up, and she didn't much care for it. She sighed as she turned the tap on and started washing the small bowl, spoon and glass. When a dark smooth arm entered her line of vision and placed a bowl in the sink she felt herself tense involuntarily because she could feel his chest pressing into her side as he stood there looking down at her.

"Do you mind?" She asked. "You're invading my personal space." She muttered, not looking at him.

Beside her he remained where he was and she felt as well as heard his snicker. "I slept in your bed and undressed you in case you didn't notice." His voice was teasing now, probably to soften her up.

"Yeah well, it's not like I knew, is it?" She snapped, and elbowed him away, carefully aiming for his midriff. He shifted away with a slight grunt and then leaned against the counter, arms crossed over his chest as he watched her finish the washing up.

It wasn't until she'd dried and put everything away that he talked again. "I'm sorry that I upset you...and I understand why you might need to know, but – if I tell you then...let's just say trouble might find you." He said quietly.

Hannah looked at him, his head cast down as he studied his arms in front of him. "What kind of trouble?" She demanded, if he didn't want to tell her why he had been shot that was fine, but if trouble was going to come knocking on her door then she needed to know.

"My people."

Hannah's eyes widened. "There are more of you? I mean, more people like you?"

Kai looked at her, his eyes watching her closely as he nodded.

"Wow..." she allowed her eyes to look over him, unaware that he was watching her every movement, "are they built like you too?" She asked in awe.

At that question, a smile broke out on his face, making him look even more stunning. "Some of the men yes... though not exactly like me."

Hannah nodded in jerky movements. "That makes sense." She found it difficult to believe that there was another exactly like him in the world. God knew one was enough, at least for her. "And...why would they be trouble? You seem fine to me...apart from the part where you got shot that was...and sleeping in my bed, calling me bony complaining about my lack of..." she trailed off as he came closer to her, those eyes flaring like the blue of a flame, his long black hair all around him.

"Believe me...I'm trouble enough for you – you just don't know it yet," he murmured, slowly resting an arm either side of her, blocking her in so smoothly she only noticed when it was already done, "and I told you. Bony is just fine with me." He leaned a little closer.

Hannah's heart beat started beating a little faster. And she leaned back, away from the overwhelming heat that his amazing body radiated. "Ugh...well...okay, I believe you." She murmured. But he just continued to lean closer to her, their bodies not touching. Somehow it still felt disturbingly intimate as she became aware of their breaths mingling, of the electric heat between their bodies...a strand of his hair fell forward and brushed her sensitive skin so softly, almost like a feather and it only served to heighten her awareness of Kai and herself.


"Hmm..." he nuzzled her cheek softly and did that 'hmm' again right beside her ear and Hannah went from uncomfortably warm to incendiary in a heart beat.

"You're ugh...invading my ugh...personal space ag-again." She stuttered.

"Yeah?" He placed a warm hand on the curve of her waist and brought her into full contact with his body.

Hannah gasped and lifted her hands so that she could steady herself, unfortunately her hands landed on his chest and all it did was make her breathing heavier. Really, she was making a big mistake here. He had just let her know he was trouble and apparently his people were probably the ones gunning for him...besides – he wasn't even human!

"You think a lot don't you?" He murmured as he reached up with his other hand to lift her chin up and make her look up at him.

"I uh..." she trailed off as his lips slanted over hers and his hand slid round to her back to press her more firmly against him before he sent his hot tongue into her mouth. And that was it, that was all it took and all thoughts of him being trouble and not to mention non-human went straight out of her head.

Hannah moaned as she slid a hand underneath all that brilliant hair and cupped his nape, kissing him right back as she held his mouth to hers. My god the man could kiss! No, no, no not a man Hannah, her mind reproved her – but, between her logic and his kiss... there was really no contest.

He nipped her bottom lip as his kiss moved from her lips to the curve of her cheek...to the line of her throat, his hand on her back had begun to move her rhythmically against him and she began to feel heat pool steadily between her thighs. Especially when she became aware of the very hard male length that had grown very quickly from the moment he had sealed their lips together. Oh, but he was male perfection – he really was, his chest flattened her breasts as he held her to him, his thighs were hard columns against her softer ones...and when she slid her other hand round and cupped his ass through the denim she found that that part of his anatomy was just a good as everything else. Her groping served only to make him even more excited because he released her waist to pick her up and sit her on the counter, his mouth returning to hers and locking them both in another powerful kiss.

Her legs parted and welcomed him to rest between them and he wasted no time in rubbing himself against her core, his cock full and straining against the zipper of the jeans that moulded his lower half perfectly

"Does that feel good?" He rasped against her lips.

"Do you need to ask?" She groaned, arching against him.

He gave a sexy laugh and his hands found her skin beneath the t-shirt...and they started sliding up her arching back...up...round to her front – a gasp escaped her lips as he once again left her lips to nibble on her throat – her breasts heavy, nipples hardened, anticipating the touch of those beautiful hands cupping, kneading...they crept higher...


He jerked away from her and Hannah stared at him stricken, lips swollen eyes slightly dazed and chest heaving as she breathed heavily. His hands still rested inside her t-shirt, the curve from forefinger to thumb cushioning the curves of her breasts as he too fought for breath.

BANG!!! This time Hannah jumped, dislodging his hold on her even as his head snapped in the direction of the booming sound, aquamarine eyes narrowing.

Hannah stared wide eyed into the other room. "What the hell is that?" She asked on a shaky voice. It sounded like someone was trying to break down her door! But the snow storm was still raging; there was no way anyone could be outside!


Hannah swivelled her gaze back to Kai and saw his clenched jaw and the icy glint in his eyes.

Oh god what have I gotten myself into? She asked herself.

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