tagNonHumanWolf Man Ch. 04

Wolf Man Ch. 04


(Hey people, thank you for your comments and feedback, they are really egging me on and I hope this new chapter will be something that you will enjoy. Thanx ;)Alicexxx)


The storm had lost most of it's intensity and now snow felt softly to the earth. Hannah sat on her bed, packets of sleeping pills strewn all over the floor. She sniffed and rubbed the back of her hand against her eyes. This was so not a good situation. Her skin was still on fire and after he'd locked himself away in her bathroom the painful arousal had just become even worse. Her hands squeezed the edge of the mattress and she gritted her teeth against another violent wave.

Right now she hated him more then she had ever hated anyone in her life. He knew what was wrong with her and it was his fault that she was in this mess. Her cheeks became even more flushed as anger surged through her. And now she was here, suffering like hell, needing sex so badly that she had practically begged him for it. Humiliation slashed through her. Well, she wasn't going to do what he told her, there was no way she would be able to survive three days like this.

Making up her mind, she got up and went to her closet once again, not even bothering to change the torn t-shirt. She pulled out her parka and her boots, fished out her keys and then slammed out of the house, heading straight for the car. She was even past the point where she cared if there was any other freaky dog people outside, as far as she was concerned if she saw anyone else form that man's species she'd run them over.

She unlocked the door and jerked it open. A male hand came out of nowhere and slammed it closed again.

Hannah spun around, hair flying out around her as she turned to face black eyes burning with evil intention.

"A human? Kai never ceases to surprise me." And then everything went black.


She jerked into consciousness as a foul smell hit her. Her eyes flew open and she registered the dark a minute after she registered the cold... and then that unbearable itch on her skin returned and she felt like screaming.

"So she awakens."

She turned her aching head with a groan and found herself staring at a glowing fire... and a man sitting cross legged in front of it. His features were perfection and his skin... she had only seen that same shade on someone else. Kai. But that was where all similarity stopped. This man's face was as cruel as it was beautiful and his hair, the same black shade as Kai's fell just an inch short of falling onto his shoulders.

"Who are you?" She asked, and was shocked by how weak her voice sounded and watched in horrified fascination as the man's lips curved into a harsh smile as he continued to watch her, his black gaze not wavering.

"I am of the Wolf people."

Despite herself a sneer escaped before she could help it and she immediately felt her heart thud harder against her ribcage as the smile fell quickly from his face. "Watch yourself human. If it wasn't for the fact that I have need of you, I would tear out your throat right now." The smile returned. "And believe me when I say there is nothing I would not enjoy more." His eyes fell to the tear on her shoulder and the smile widened. "If you want I could take care of that for you." His eyes ran down her reclining form and a disturbing light came into them. "Then you wouldn't have to die when this is over."

Hannah gulped down and tried pull her hands under her in order to sit up. Only to realise that her hands...and her feet were bound. Honestly, if she had known that this is what would've happened just for helping someone else, she would have fled the country. She turned her head away from him and screwed her eyes shut, fighting to keep panic at bay.

"What do you say human?" His voice had changed to a disgustingly lusty rasp and she felt her skin go up in goose bumps even despite the fact that her body ached in a mixture of pain and arousal. He really was repellent, no matter how amazing in looks he happened to be.

"No thank you." She managed to force out, her voice subdued.

He gave a disgusted sneer. "Suit yourself, it's your discomfort."

Hannah bit her lip to keep the stinging retort from escaping her lips and just kept her eyes closed. The guy was a psychopath, she didn't think that it was safe to say anything around a psychopath, they weren't exactly balanced were they? Anything could just set them off. She sucked in a deep breath and focused on ignoring the wolf man just a few feet away from her and stupidly...amazingly, as the day's events took toll, she fell asleep...

Hands spanned her waist and Hannah sighed, that felt good and her skin seemed to blush with arousal. That felt really good. The hands slid higher and she arched. "Kai.." She moaned.

A harsh laugh cut into her dream like state and her eyes fluttered open. And as gleeful black eyes bored into hers, her body stiffened and she let out a mind blowing scream, her knees jerkin up to try and dislodge those disgusting hands from her body.

"Don't touch me!" She shouted after getting her breath back. But the bastard only laughed and went for her again.

"Scream and shout all you like honey, that's only bring your lover to me faster."

At that comment she stilled and her eyes narrowed on the mean bastard's face... and then it dawned on her. She was bait, he'd taken her thinking that Kai would come after her.

"You -" she began but then his mouth was smothering the rest of her words and his body was pressing her knees down and making room for him to lie on her. Her hands trapped between their bodies, attempted to shove him off but it was as if he didn't even feel her struggles.

"Yes," he hissed as he bit her throat painfully, slobbering his way up to her ear, "I can understand why Kai went to you. You have a very distinct taste human, the taste of a fighting spirit."

"Get off me you pervert!" She gasped, disgust, discomfort and panic combining together to form a desperate aggression.

He laughed again, his hair brushing her face as he continued his painful ministrations on her neck, his hands groping her breasts and squeezing them hard, ripping a scream from her.

"Why don't I show you how much of a pervert I can be human? Hmm?"

A haze of fear clouded her mind blocking out even the painful sensations on her skin as his hands went to her jeans and began sliding a hand in. She felt his fingers brush against the small patch of curls protecting the place between her thighs and felt like throwing up, but the more she tried to buck him off the more he became aroused. But then just as she felt with horror a finger insinuating itself inside her - he was gone.

With a cry that was mixture of relief and confusion she rolled onto her side and just caught sight of that bastard flying head first into a tree. Her hazel eyes darted to a tall body that seemed to exude fury in great waves.

"Fucking coward." Kai hissed, advancing towards the other man of his species that was already on his feet, although he did have a hand braced on a tree to keep him from stumbling. The dazed black eyes narrowed with venom on Kai's threatening advance.

"She's a nice peace of meant Kai." The bastard leered. "And tight." A disgusting smile spread over his face. "Very tight."

Kai caught him around the throat and as he slammed the other man against the tree, the flames of the fire soared up and spat. Hannah struggled to work herself over to a sitting position even as she refused to take her eyes from the scene being played out before her. Kai looked absolutely magnificent in his fury, his black hair wild, the gorgeous mocha skin that stretched over those high cheekbones flushed, his beautiful hands pinning the other man who was probably just as strong as him, off his feet against the darkened tree. A flood of intense need flooded her and she twitched.

She watched as he leaned close to the man. "I'll kill you for that." He snarled, hands tightening, but her mouth fell open in shock when the other just laughed.

"Take your time brother."

Kai stiffened and she saw his glowing blue eyes narrow. In one swift movement he slammed his fist in a powerful uppercut and knocked him out. He flung the seemingly lifeless body aside and stood for a few seconds, hands clenching and unclenching, his breathing harsh. He turned, his eyes focusing on her and Hannah inexplicably felt more threatened by him then she had felt with the psychopath.

Not saying a word he scooped her up and not even pausing he began striding away.

Annoyed and fed up with everything, she looked up at him. "Can't you at least untie me?" She demanded.

"No." That was it, no explanation, no apologies no 'are you okay?' just one syllable.

"No?" She looked at him in disbelief. "No? What the hell do you mean NO?" She was practically shouting again even as she valiantly fought down the growing arousal that was spreading throughout her body as with every stride her body came into fuller contact with his warmth.

"Shut up." He snarled - and then as she opened her mouth to yell at him, he put on a burst of speed so extraordinary that all she could do was curl her fingers into the t-shirt visible through the open parka and gasp.


She almost felt sick from the ungodly speed he had used as they finally re-entered her home. Kai placed her non too gently on the floor after closing the door and strode off quickly leaving her staring after him in shock. What the hell...? But then he came back, a knife gleaming in his hand and he knelt beside her, efficiently cutting through the ropes and once again, without a word to her he stood and begun walking away, shrugging off the parka as he went.

"Where the hell are you going.?" She demanded feeling angry and bewildered at his treatment of her. A wave of hurt coursed through her once again as it occurred to her that he might be disgusted with her for having been touched by that other thing.

"You need to pack, we're leaving." He said shortly, as if he couldn't care less if she had an opinion on the matter or not.

"I'm not going anywhere, this is my place!"

He just kept on going and energized by the fury burning deep inside her she pushed herself onto her feet and grimaced as aches from being tied up filled her legs. Straightening determinedly she strode after him into the walk in closet.

"Don't walk away from me you arrogant prick!" She levelled at his head even as he yanked open a door and started tearing random clothes from hangers and throwing them into a pile on the floor.

Her anger was mixing dangerously with arousal as she reached out and grabbed his arm. "Are you even listening to -" she never finished what she was going to say as he turned with frightening speed and pinned her to the wall before she knew what was happening.

His face was inches from her own and he was breathing hard, neon blue narrowed into pin points as she felt his chest move rhythmically against her own as he dragged in heavy breaths. "I'm not sure you want to push me right now Hannah." He pushed out through gritted teeth.

"I can push you anytime I want Kai - because of you I was -"

"I know what happened, you don't have to tell me." He snarled right back.

His attitude was really the last straw and as tears filled her eyes she shoved at him. "You bastard, get off me." She choked out, her hands slamming hard against his shoulders... the ache was becoming even more intense with him pressed against her and now she was the one who didn't want him to do anything to her. But his hands were cupping her face now, turning it up for his and his eyes were staring intently into hers.

"That's not what you were saying earlier." He murmured.

"You're unbelievable." She muttered, attempting to turn her face away.

"Aren't I just?" He asked cockily and then his hand was spanning her jaw, turning her face up and then bliss filled her as his mouth locked on hers and she went limp.

His arms slid around her waist and pulled her pliant body against his, his tall form bending over her smaller one as his other hand slid beneath her ass and lifted her against him. Hannah moaned as she quickly felt her unstable hormones surge and leave her helpless against his sensual assault. Her hands slid up his broad shoulders and caught fists full of silky black hair as he devoured her mouth, his hips pressing insistently into the V of her legs as they lifted to wrap tight around him.

Kai left her mouth to trace open mouthed kisses across her cheek, down to her jaw line, his tongue soothing the aching bite that the other wolf man had made. Hannah groaned at the intensity of the sensations and her hands released his hair to slip between them and impatiently jerk up his t-shirt. Everything in her body was screaming for what he could give her and Hannah was too spent from the recent events to try and control that impulse. Her hands drifted down the tight planes of his stomach and hit denim. Hissing with impatience she fumbled until the button was undone and then jerked down the zip. His mouth was down to her collarbone now and going lower as his hands on her butt moved her lower half against his straining hard on.

"Shit I can't believe how much I -" his impassioned speech was cut mid way and morphed into a loud growl as her hands slid inside and curled themselves around his long hard length. Hannah bit her lip to keep from crying out at the incredible feel of him in her hands, the contrast between the soft skin and the steel it covered had her hands moving on him. Kai leaned his head against her shoulder and the fist he slammed into the wall put a hole in the plaster work. He pulled them away from the wall and they both fell onto the pile of clothes he had thrown on the floor. Untangling himself from her, he removed her hands from his extremely stiff cock, his hands closing over the edge of his t-shirt and pulling it over his head, tossing it over his shoulders before catching hold of the collar of hers and tearing it right down the middle. A groan rumbled in his throat as his eyes took in her breasts encased in the simple black bra., not feeling at all patient he yanked the straps down and slid his palms into the cups.

Hannah arched off the floor with a wanton cry, her hands roaming feverishly over his chest, her nails scraping at his nipples. Her mouth went dry as she felt his nipples grow as hard as his cock and before he could say anything she hooked her hands around his neck and hoisted herself up. Her lips went for his chest and the second she drew one stiff nipple into her mouth, he was like a mad man. He pressed her thighs open and over his and pulled her further into him, leaning forward to brace himself with his free hand to grind himself harder against her. "Harder baby," he murmured, letting out a harsh breath, he thrust his hips harder against her as she obliged him, his hair flew as he tossed his head back, "just like that. Yeah." His voice was barely above a whisper now. The sounds of their heavy breathing filled the room and it only served to turn them on even more. He turned his head into the side of her face and nibbled her ear. "Do you want me inside you?" He asked and felt her thighs tighten around him in response. "Do you want me to slide myself inside you... to feel my hard cock gliding into your slick warmth? Hmm Hannah?"

She jerked away from him as his words excited her beyond belief, making a gush of wetness rush to her swollen folds. Her hands went to her back and she practically ripped the clasp of her bra as she fought to get it off, then she scooted back from him and stood, tugging the jeans and underwear down her legs even as Kai stood and did the same. This made her pause in the act of pulling off the jeans from one leg as she caught a glimpse of a smooth hard ass... long muscular legs and his... her mouth gaped and she let out a yelp when he toppled her back to the floor again and finished pulling her jeans off for her. Those blue eyes of his speared her as he parted her legs and then dropped down to stare at the wetness that now glistened on her curls. As she watched, his tongue came out and flicked over his lips and Hannah nearly passed out from that sight alone.

Then he was lifting one of her legs and placing it over his shoulders as he leaned down with a lustful determined look on his gorgeous face.

"Kai," she groaned, "what are you doing?" She wanted him inside her!

"I said I was going to lick you remember?" He husked, and after flinging her one last hot look she felt his tongue spear into her and everything in her broke down as the orgasm was instantaneous, zapping all her body cells and leaving her gasping for breath. Her nails dug into the smooth skin of his shoulders as she arched into him when he caught her clit between his teeth and started a sensuous rhythm of suck and release...suck...and release...a scrape of teeth across the sensitive flesh and...

"Oh g-god K-Kai!"

He reared up over her as she said this, keeping her leg over his shoulder with one sure hand and with the other he grasped his erection firmly and brought it to her dripping cunt. "Be sure." He rasped. In answer to that she caught his face and dragged his mouth down to hers, sweeping her tongue inside and sucking on his, her hands once again clutching strands full of his beautiful hair.

At her consent he deepened the kiss and then swearing softly slammed his whole length into her.

"Oh!" She whimpered and he gritted his teeth as her walls contracted around him and she came again. "Kai." She sobbed and then hissed as he dragged his length out of her slowly, making her feel every inch, every ridge before driving back into her again. Her teeth scraped his lip and she arched her back, driving him even deeper. She could feel one powerful thigh against her ass, his hip bones against her inner thighs - the wet sound that he produced as he drew out of her only added to the overwhelming sensations that coursed through her.

"Open your eyes Hannah. Open them now." He demanded in voice that was barely recognisable. She had to force the lids open and unfocused hazel eyes opened to be penetrated by piercing blue ones. "That's it baby, I want you to see me take you. Watch me." And then he began moving for real, forging into her tight heat again and again, groaning and grunting as she picked up the pace. He dropped his head lower to rub his cheek against hers as he continued to move in and out, one of his arms sliding beneath her to arch her into him further. "Yesss, damn it - you're so tight...Hannah..." he groaned and his lips traced down the line of her throat... opened over the place where neck curved into shoulder - and sank elongated canines into her neck.

Her eyes flew open to their widest extent and her mouth opened in a silent scream as her body rippled underneath him in an orgasm so painfully intense that she truly believed deep down she would die from it. Kai roared as the combination of her taste, of her scent... the feel of her body, pushed him over the edge and in a final slam of his body into hers, he felt himself shoot wad after wad of hot come into her clinging sheathe. With a last wrenched groan, he slumped down on top of her, his arm still holding her sweat dampened body to him as he rested his head on her breasts.

"Hannah..." he whispered...brushed his lips across a pebbled nipple and felt her twitch, he dragged in another breath... "are you...okay?"

Hannah continued to stare at the ceiling, her hazel eyes stunned, her breathing pattern still erratic. Her neck throbbed where he had bitten her and there was an ache between her thighs that was as good as it was a discomfort. "What...was...that?" She breathed.

To be continued...

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