tagNonHumanWolf Man Ch. 06

Wolf Man Ch. 06


(As always hope this new installment doesn't disappoint and remember to let me know what you think. Alicexxx)


Hannah groaned as she slid against the thing supporting her and her shoulder hit something.

"Hannah? Are you awake?"

The voice broke into her fuzzy mind and Hannah groaned again as she tried to straighten in the awkward position she was in. Then a hand was closing around her arm and pulling her easily back into an upright sitting position.

"Hannah, come on."

"What?" With a lot of effort she opened her eyes and blinked in confusion at the moving scenery in front of her. Hoards of snow and a long stretch of grey concrete. "I don't..." she began, a frown sliding over her lips even as she placed her hands beside her to lift her upper body.

"You fainted."

"I fainted." She repeated. That was unusual, she didn't think she'd ever fainted before. Wait. Who was she even talking to?

With hazel eyes wide open in alarm now, she turned and glanced at the person that sat beside her in the driver's seat... in her car. But one look was all it took and then her mind was being flooded with hot feelings and the most erotic images... they included her and... Kai.

Relief coursed through her as the temporary memory loss that had coursed through her disappeared. What the hell had happened for her to be in this kind of state? Kai had said she fainted.

"How long did it take you to remember?"

At the low voiced question, Hannah threw him a sharp glance and encountered luminous blue eyes. Had his eyes been that blue before? She frowned; something was definitely wrong here.

"To remember what?"

"Me, and what had happened before you fainted." He answered.

She stared blankly at him for a few seconds. He was really gorgeous. Had he always been that gorgeous? Hmm, she would have remembered that wouldn't she? "Uh... something weird's going on." She said carefully, reaching up to run a hand through her hair only to freeze when she found it wet. "Why is my hair wet?"

His lips tightened and she glanced at him again.

A wave of apprehension travelled up her spine. Something wasn't right here. "Kai - what's going on?"

"Your mind and body aren't taking the change the way they should."

Hannah gave a nervous laugh and looked at him again, reaching out unconsciously to brush a blue black strand of hair from his face. "What change? Are you attempting to make some kind of joke? You don't seem to be very good at them you know." Actually... she couldn't remember if he was good at them or not. After all the time they'd been together, one would've thought that one would remember things like that... but... just how long had they been together?

This was starting to get scary. "I don't understand what's going on Kai. Has something happened to me? I can't seem to remember basic things about you - or about us." She gave a nervous laugh and she shook her head as if the laughter was at herself. "I can't even seem to remember how long we've been together." She smiled at him only to have her expression freeze in place when she saw his face.

Everything about his face was taut, his full lips, those amazing cheekbones more pronounced then usual as he seemed to be clenching his jaw.

"Okay. You're making me really nervous here. What's going on?" There was no trace of humour in her voice now. "And where are we going?"

"We had to leave. Don't you remember?"

"Remember what?" Her temper was starting to work itself up. And under the circumstances who wouldn't get pissed? "Kai, what the hell is going on?" Her hazel eyes narrowed when all he did was focus on the road and tighten his hands around the steering wheel. God, that was something about him that always annoyed her. Why couldn't he answer her when she asked him something. It was like pulling a tooth with him.

Wait - yes, she'd just remembered something hadn't she? The noose of fear that had been tightening around her neck loosened slightly. There was nothing wrong with her - maybe she'd hit her head when she'd fainted.

"Hello? Earth to Kai. Am I talking to myself here?" She groaned in frustration when again he stayed silent. "For god's sake, why can't you ever just give me a straight answer - it was the same when that creep got a hold of me and you-" she skidded to a halt in her speech as she. Oh. My. God.

Out of its own volition one of her hands snapped out and her fingers curled tight around his arm, despite the puffy material of the parka he wore. "Kai." Her voice was a taught string as everything came rushing back.

Even though he remained quiet, he slid his arm across her shoulders and pulled her as close as was possible in the car.

"I'm not taking the change well, isn't that what you said?"

Kai gave a grave nod before bending his head to her and pressing a soft kiss to her head.

"So... what's likely to happen if I don't start... taking it well?"

Kai gave a heavy sigh. "When a person doesn't take the change well, it can result in unstable hormones and memory loss - the person can even become - unbalanced." As he said the last he threw her a look from the corner of his eye and then he winced when she jerked away from him, her hazel eyes wide open in horror.

"And you didn't think to tell me this!!!" Her voice was a shrill sound that had him wincing again.

"I didn't think the change would have that effect on you - I mean - after we had sex the first time you seemed fine... you even went for round two in the..." his words trailed off and he narrowed his eyes.

As she wondered why he had stopped in his explanation her mind drifted to what had happened. They'd had sex - correction, they'd had mind blowing sex - in the shower. She frowned. She couldn't see anything wrong with that... Her eyes cleared as understanding dawned. She'd been rather assertive, something she wasn't usually when it came to sex... and she'd bitten him. Slowly she touched her fingers to her mouth. Her hormones had been out of sync then already. It had changed her demeanour instantly.

"Oh for Christ's sake!" She exclaimed, burying her face in her hands. "Why didn't I just leave you on the side of the road? Why couldn't I just let it go?"

Beside her Kai stiffened. "Is that really how you feel?" He asked quietly.

Great! Now she'd hurt his feelings. Hannah sighed. "Kai - I'm turning into a dog person, my hormones are unstable and now it seems that my mind isn't going to be that reliable from now on either so I don't think I should be feeling positive, do you?"

"We're not dog people." He said tightly.

"No. Just their ancestors - what a step up the ladder."

This time he looked briefly out the window in what she could tell as an effort to bring himself under control. Her sarcasm was obviously starting to grate. "I think we should talk about this when we stop for the night."

"Fine." She bit out. She crossed her arms over her chest and then turned her eyes to her window.


She sat on the bed as she looked around the room. It was okay... if you overlooked the bright red wallpaper with some kind of flower pattern. The carpet wasn't bad, although the green colour of it did clash with the wall.

Hannah groaned and fell back on the bed. What was all this leading to?

The door opened. Hannah turned her head and watched as Kai came in and unzipped his parka. He threw it over on the single armchair in the room. He stooped there, his eyes were bright lights in the darkening room.

He really was magnificent, Hannah thought as her eyes traced the long strands of his hair all the way down to his hip. His smooth skin was flushed from the cold outside and his arms were mostly bare, showing her those toned muscles which had held her as he'd driven her to ecstasy she hadn't known before.

"How come you always look so perfect?" She asked before she could stop herself, and saw the corner of his mouth twitch.

His eyes tracked her body as it lay spread out on the bed, her hair was strewn all over the duvet, her hair still slightly damp. Slowly, like the predator he was, he moved closer to the bed and then climbed on, crawling over her in all fours until he was braced over her.

His hair fell down either side of her face, curtaining them and adding a certain intimacy. He leaned in close until his lips were brushing her ear. Hannah shivered. "How come you always look so edible?" He whispered into her ear.

Really the guy was irresistible. Giving in she wrapped her arms around his waist and drew him down until his weight settled on her. Lifting her head from the bed she nipped his lip. "Don't try and distract me, wolf man. Tell me what's going on."

He took a deep breath, and then rested his head on her shoulder. "Hannah..." he trailed off, turning his head into her neck and placing a small kiss there, "I'm afraid this isn't going all that well for us."

"No shit." She said with a humourless laugh. Absently she stroked his hair as her eyes fixed on the equally charming ceiling that matched the carpet.

"I think we should get someone to suppress the spirit wolf presence in you." He murmured against her.

Her fingers stilled. "Kai... try telling me this in human speak." She said dryly.

A hand slid up her body and cupped her breast. She took a deep breath and then copied his actions, slipping her hand up underneath his shirt and tracing the line of his spine. His back felt smooth that she couldn't help images of making her mark on him there.

"Okay," he said in an exasperated tone, "the abilities that you will gain aren't the problem... it's the wolf spirit that will try to fuse with yours that will be." Pushing himself away from her, he sat - his thighs straddling her's as he looked down at her.

Watching her, he reached for the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it off, making her eyes glaze over.

Hannah swallowed . "You said we were going to talk."

Kai grinned, fast and wicked. "We're talking aren't we?"

"Yes, but I want to be able to concentrate on the conversation wolf man."

He shrugged elegantly, distracting her with the way that smooth mocha skin shifted over the tight muscles that she could just imagine stretching over her... pressing into her.

"I'm serious Kai."

He nodded as his fingers went to her shirt. I'm serious too." His eyes were like the blue of a flame as he stared down at her. "The moment you let me touch you, I became addicted to you." He rasped.

His fingers brushed her stomach and she couldn't help but suck her breath in. "That's good," she said, already breathless, "that's great... but you were saying - saying something about dog spirit fusing and stuff."

"Wolf spirit." He corrected, his fingers continuing their climb up her chest. When all the buttons were undone, he slid in his hands. They spanned her ribcage and arched her up slightly and he leaned down to rub his cheek against her stomach. "Your skin is so smooth ." He murmured, his lips turning into her stomach and kissing her navel.

"Kai - I'm serious." She tried to keep her tone firm as she repeated this, but it was difficult when he was sliding his tongue inside the whirl of her belly button. Refusing to participate, she let her hands fall onto the mattress and clenched the duvets in her fists.

"Yes, I am too." He pulled slightly on the small dip and a gasp burst from her lips. His strong fingers unbuttoned her jeans and slid a hand in. Her hips jerked. "Like I was saying, we need to get someone to suppress that. As it tries to fuse with you - the spirit might try to take over... if your resistance is weak - it'll result in memory loss and your hormones will shift in order to come under the needs of the spirit itself."

Hannah reached down and stilled the hand that hadn't quite reached its target yet. She lifted a pleasure leaden head and looked at him with worried hazel eyes. "Is that what's happening?" She asked quietly.

Kai pressed a small kiss to her taut stomach before falling back over her, his hands releasing her body to frame her face.

As his eyes looked down into hers, she twined a hand around one strand of hair and slid a leg out from under him so that she could wrap it around his waist. "Yes." He said honestly.

At least he never lied to her, he might try and keep information from her but he'd never outright lied to her. She sighed again and brought him close.

"What about those bastards? How difficult are they going to make this?"

"Very." He confessed.

"What are we going to do about them?"

"What are 'we'?" He asked, raising an eyebrow in question.

"I'm with you aren't I?" She threw at him with slitted eyes.

For countless seconds he stared down at her and watched her as she lay there beneath him. Slowly his hips rocked against the juncture of her thighs and her breath caught in her throat. His blue eyes were staring at her with a feverish glint in them. "So you are."

Shaking her head as if to clear it. She tried to focus on the subject at hand even as he pressed against her harder. "Kai," she moaned, "where are we going to get the person to...to... hmmm," she couldn't help lifting to meet his dry thrusts, "find the person to suppress the whatever..."

"I already know where she is..."

Hannah snapped to attention as something primitive tore through her. She stilled against him as her hazel eyes narrowed and shone with something reminiscent of the way they had in their shower.


Something in her tone had him pausing in his ministrations and looking at her. He nodded carefully.

Her eyes arrowed further and she pulled herself out from under him, quickly sitting and pulling her knees up. She brushed her hair behind one ear and turned her face away. Kai knelt back and rested his hands on his thighs, his eyes also slightly narrowed as he watched her.

"She's a friend. She has helped me before, if it helps that's all it's been between us. She's the daughter of a healer - she can help you like no one else can."

Hannah didn't say anything. It was something she recognised as belonging to the new alien part within her. Something inside her was snarling at the thought of someone else touching him. Which was stupid, sure she knew that. But knowing didn't change the facts. She huddled into herself and shifted slightly away from him. It was best if he didn't touch her right now. She might do something she'd regret. She could feel it, the insane need to lash out. She really was going crazy.


"I heard." She snarled before getting up from the bed and walking away from it. "How long do you think it'll take your people to catch up with us."

"Not very long," he answered, obviously not taken in by the change in subject, "Hannah, you're not really angry with me over this. It's the spirit making you unbalanced."

"I'm not crazy." She snapped.

"I didn't say you were. Look at me."


"Hannah." That word was full of exasperation.

Slowly, arms still crossed over he chest she turned to face him. She had to acknowledge that he made an extraordinary sight as he knelt there on the bed, his chest bared and black hair everywhere. There was a very pronounced bulge that wasn't in the least hidden by his jeans.

His eyes captured hers and held them. He beckoned her with his hand and still she stood there.

When she did nothing he tilted his head, much like he did when in wolf form and the luminous blue became even brighter in the dark room.

Taking a deep breath she moved closer, arms still crossed over her chest. Her head bent low.

When she stopped, her legs against the edge of the bed she stood still. Strong hands were reached for her waist and lifted her onto his lap. Settling her on his thighs, he curled her legs around him and then carefully, almost as if he was expecting her to attack, he pulled her arms from their stiff fold and placed them on his shoulders.

"You know wolves mate for life don't you?" He murmured, dipping his head to catch her eyes again.

When she still refused to look at him, he nuzzled her cheek. His hands went to her hips and pressed her closer against him before sliding around her open shirt and sliding up her back. He felt her hands close over his shoulders and clamp down hard - felt nails that were sharper then normal almost break through his skin but he didn't say anything. Truth was that slight pain only increased the pleasure for a wolf man... and well, he didn't exactly want to panic her about this either. Until they suppressed the wolf spirit, she would be slightly emotionally unstable - which didn't bode well for them as they happened to be on the run.

Tipping her back on the duvet startled her into looking up at him and he took advantage of her momentary lapse in guard by catching hold of the jeans and dragging them off her body.

Hannah didn't say anything as he pulled her jeans from her, she just watched him - she could watch him for hours even when he had pleasure coursing through her. When he began to pull her panties from her, she helped him, raising her hips off the mattress and then gasping when he yanked her back to him - leaving her thighs split apart over him.

He buried his face in the hollow of her neck, his hands sliding around her to mould her breasts and lift them up in their lace, to his mouth.

"I can't seem to keep my hands off you." He murmured as his mouth latched onto a stiff nipple though the frail material and began to work it with his tongue.

The pleasure had her head rolling back and her hips shifting against his. Her nails which had been digging into him were now dragging their way down his back, tracing the line of his spine that seemed to fascinate her so much, until they encountered the denim that covered his lower half.

Her hands slid in to cup the tight muscles of his ass and he thrust against her with more aggression before reaching down between them to unzip his jeans. Then he reached behind him for one of her hands and pulled them round to the front. As his mouth came up and slammed onto hers, his hand curled her fingers around his burning erection, his hips instantly shifting against her grip on him.

Hannah caught his groan of pleasure as her tongue caressed his and they rocked. His hands were on her thighs... sliding down to her sensitive core and slipping a finger in.

Her hand tightened on him and she started stroking him with quick firm strokes - he just slid another finger inside her and his thumb found her pleasure spot. Their kiss became almost savage as they continued to tease each other with their arousal.

She nipped his mouth and felt him swell even more in her hand. And then he was shoving her hand away. He slid a hand beneath her ass and lifted her up.

"Look at this." He murmured before giving a sharp nip to her bottom lip. Then as she felt the blunt head of his cock at her entrance he was pressing her head down... and when she saw what he wanted her to see her breath caught in her throat.

She could see the thick head pushing into her... could see the way she was stretching in order for him to go in. When he rocked upward she gasped as the feeling of being filled was accompanied by the sight of another inch of him sliding into her. It was so damn erotic she felt herself tighten around him and heard his groan of pleasure.

"How does that feel?" He rasped, tracing his hands back to her hips and pushing her down on him - another inch of that bronzed cock slid inside her and she watched herself stretch in order to take it.

"Good." She choked, her hands which had moved to his chest clenched into tight fists as her eyes remained glued to their sex.

"Good." He said, not in agreement but in approval. Then before she could even get used to him, he thrust up into her - hard.

A small whimper escaped her as he went deeper then before. His hold on her hips was inescapable. Especially when he lifted one hand and wrapped an arm around her waist, arching her into him and forcing himself deeper into her contracting tightness.

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