tagNonHumanWolf Man Ch. 09

Wolf Man Ch. 09


(Hey guys, a thousand apologies for the delays but I've been really busy. Howevre, I am near the end of this story so bear with me a little longer. I know this chp. is a little short but it was hard to get back into the rhythm. Hope this doesn't dissappoint. Once again, sorry. Alice xXxx)

Hannah couldn't move. She stayed still, the danger of standing out there completely having escaped her mind as her overly bright hazel eyes remained glued to the sight inside the domelike room.

On a stiff wooden chair was Kai. The perfect skin of his arms was filmed with sweat, adding an almost hypnotic quality to it's texture which was only topped by thin cuts that were now criss-crossing the strained muscles. His arms were tied behind the back of the chair.

From what she could see, his legs were tied to the chair as well. His head was hanging low, making the fall of black hair fall against his chest and in the process, shielded his face from her. But worse then that was the other person in the room.

The woman was an amazon.

Tall, all toned body, with wavy black hair that was even longer then Kai's. Her skin was just as beautiful. She wore a tight black mini and a long sleeved tight fitting black top, which was quite surprising considering the weather. Her hair was loose down her back and she was walking around Kai in circles, the heels of her short black boots clicking on the hard floor.

Her features were almost regal, with high cheekbones and slashing grey eyes... there were three dark blue marks on her cheek that looked like paint but Hannah couldn't be sure, nor did she care, because everything in her was focused on the small vicious knife that the woman held and kept on fencing around Kai's body as she let out another laugh.

Fighting to keep calm whilst trying to think of what to do now, she felt her heart slam against her chest as she watched the woman stop in front of Kai and lean forward, placing her hands on the back of the chair.

The woman leaned her head close to Kai's and a hand tucked his hair behind an ear. Incidentally, she did this on the side that Hannah could see... and as his face was revealed she felt something squeeze in her chest.

She was going to kill that bitch.

His gorgeous face... there was a big blue black shiny bruise, smack on the curve of his jaw and another just catching his cheekbone.

"Must be pretty annoying for you, hmm Kai?" The woman purred into his ear, before flicking out her tongue against his lobe.

Hannah clenched her teeth and her fingers dug into the stone, not even registering the rough edges of it cutting into her skin.

"You could've had me... and eventually you would've become the alpha you know... and look at you now." She laughed mockingly, making her face even more beautiful than before, in a really twisted evil-witch sort of way.

Wrapping her arms around his neck, she swung a leg over his denim clad thighs and settled on his lap, scooted up a little until her body was pressed flush against his. The woman gave a small appreciative moan and shifted suggestively against him.

"You can still have me..." she murmured persuasively, "I suppose now you know your place... don't you Kai?" She placed a chaste kiss on the bruise on his jaw. "I bet becoming my mate now, doesn't sound like such a bad idea does it?"

A soft rusty laugh escaped Kai, the first sound he had made since Hannah had arrived at that window. "I already have one thanks." He rasped.

Hannah felt warmth fill her at his words, but she couldn't continue to stand out here and watch this but - what to do?

The woman leaned back, a mocking smile curving her lips. "Oh please... the human? She could never be enough for you. We have extreme...animalistic urges, Kai," she continued in that grating purring tone, "she could never satisfy you, wolf man."

Hannah just caught a glimpse of the curve of that delicious mouth. "Believe me when I tell you Savannah - that you would never be able to match up." He sneered. "And she, satisfy's my... animalistic urges just fine."

Hannah dropped her forehead on her hands and took a deep breath. She was definitely going to show him how true that comment was when this thing was all over. In fact, she'd make sure that both of them wouldn't be able to walk for weeks.

A loud crack and her head snapping back up to see Kai's face turned to the other side. Savannah's hand was still poised in the air. And for the second time that day - the new presence inside her body just took over, because when she came to she was sitting with her legs stretched full length in front of her and her eyes fixed on her hands...

She gulped at the crimson she saw there before lifting cautious eyes to take in the sprawled body of the amazon, who amazingly enough didn't seem to have a scratch on her. Apart from the large five deep cuts on the side of her neck and a similar wound on one of her perfect thighs.


She jumped violently at the soft sound of her name and she twisted her neck around to find blue eyes that she had only not seen for a short while.

Now that she was in front of him like this, still slightly dazed and feeling a little queasy, the constricting feeling in her chest only worsened.

There was a long thin cut on the right side of his face and nicks and scratches here and there on his chest.

Watching her stare dumbly at him he arched his brow in that infuriating way.

"Did you completely ignore what I told you, to just sit there and stare at me?" He asked dryly.

Hannah just remained where she was, looking at him over her shoulder, mouth gaping slightly as her wide hazel eyes continued to run over and over his long frame.

Kai let his eyes drift away from her to take in the unconscious woman in front of her. He gave a sigh. "At least you didn't kill her."

At that comment, Hannah seemed to come back to herself and she glared. "She slapped you. I mean - normally that would be fine - but she also took the liberty of sitting on your lap, licking your ear and kissing your cheek. I think I was entitled to more then a small punch don't you?" She asked, hazel eyes daring him to mock her.

He grinned. "I wondered if you'd seen that."

Hazel eyes sharpened. "You knew I was outside?"

"Of course, as if I wouldn't sense my own mate's presence." He scoffed.

Suddenly, the praise she'd heard him spout off to the black haired bitch didn't sound as heart warming as before. Maybe she wouldn't screw him senseless after all. The jerk.

"You know Kai," she began as she pushed herself to her feet, "some things you should just keep to yourself." She advised, spotting the knife that had probably been knocked from the woman's hand as, Hannah assumed, she'd attacked her.

His grin just widened, which was an amazing feat considering the state of him. Hannah shook her head as she picked up the knife and then moved towards him.

She should have figured this was what was going to happen. She came here to save his ass from his idiot people and did he say thank you? Nooo, when it came to Kai, it seemed 'thank you' wasn't a necessary word in his vocabulary.

Feeling more then a little vicious as Hannah remembered the other woman plastered all over her mate and she cut the ropes at his ankles a little too angrily, causing the tip of the knife to brush a little too tightly against his trouser leg.

Kai threw her a questioning glance. "Feeling a little violent baby?"

Hannah gritted her teeth. "Shut up. Just shut up." She hissed before going around him to cut through the cords binding his wrists. "By the way," she said, tone still conveying her annoyance, "just to let you know that it was your friend the witch who turned you in."

She saw his back stiffen and couldn't help but smirk a little. Apparently, he didn't know everything.

"It was also your friend the witch who brought me here. So maybe after this is all done and over with, we can cut her some slack."

"Hn." Was his only response as his wrists came free.

Dropping the ropes, she came around to face him again as he started to rub feeling back into red marked skin.

She wet her lips nervously. "She also said that uh... you should kill the Alpha."

Blue eyes snapped up. "The Alpha." He repeated, slowly getting to his feet.

Hannah waved the knife a little as she started to elaborate. "Yeah, something about how if you kill him - then you become the Alpha and then they can't hunt you down because you're the Alpha and so on and so forth." Her eyes were now sliding down his body distractedly. Even with all those scratches and bruises, he still managed to be the most delectable piece of man she'd ever laid her eyes on.

For a few seconds, he just stood there looking back at her. Not commenting on anything that she'd said. Then he gave a slow nod. "But that wouldn't be easy."

Hannah snorted out a laugh. "You think?"

Kai shrugged before stepping forward, the look in his eyes shifting from considering to hunger in a heart beat.

She stepped back. "You know - we probably shouldn't stand here for too long." She said, trying to divert his attention. Because if they locked lips here - they might get too distracted... and in this situation that wasn't a very smart idea. "Seeing as I knocked Princess Bitch out -"

Too late.

She couldn't even bring herself to voice another protest. She just sighed into his mouth and melted into that iron hard frame as his arms closed around her and his warm tongue dipped into her mouth.

The man was truly crazy if he had thought that she would willingly leave this behind. Of course his annoying personality had something to do with it but sometimes it just wasn't his strongest point.

She pressed her self tightly against him and had to hold back a moan at how good it felt to have her breasts pressed against that chest as her tongue did a slow sweep up the centre of his. She could feel his heat even through their clothes and the violent beat of his heart against hers, assured her that he really was glad to see her.

If she could've she would have gone at him there and then, but as it was... another attack from some unexpected visitor trying to drag him or her off, would probably do her in.

Regretting it, she pulled back and their lips loosed each other with a small pop.

Panting, she laid her head on the warm skin of his chest, focusing on calming her breathing down.

"You were supposed to leave you know." His lips whispered against her hair.

Hannah let out a small dry laugh. "As if I'll ever do what you tell me to. If you thought I would, then you were obviously dreaming with your eyes open." She tipped her head up then, wanting to meet his eyes. "Besides, if I want a hero, I think I'd get one with a better temper."

A strong hand crawled into her hair and fisted there, holding her still as he pressed his forehead against hers, keeping their lips a small inch apart.

Hannah shivered as she felt his warm breath fan her still sensitive lips. "So... what now?" She whispered. She hadn't really thought out a real plan, and she was hoping to god that he already had something in mind. Otherwise this wouldn't be ending very well.

Heat curled itself in the pit of her stomach when he took advantage of their proximity and flicked his tongue across her bottom lip... laving it again and again before taking a small nip that had her eyes sliding shut.

Then he pulled reluctantly away and sighed. Hannah peeked at him from still lowered lashes and saw a resigned expression on his perfect, bruised face. Blue eyes began to harden into a glacial blue.

"I guess since we're here, we might as well get this over and done with."

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