tagNonHumanWolf Moon

Wolf Moon


Russ stood in the center of pack's grove with the pale light of the full moon shining down on him. He stood under its radiance while the rest of the pack stood back in shadow forming a loose circle. The moon light seemed to lighten his short cut hair, turning it from a dark blonde to a liquid silver. He took in a deep breath through his nostrils to steady himself. He could smell the forest and the combined scent of all the other werewolves gathered around him. His face was set like stone as he renewed his determination.

"I have chosen a mate," he said in a loud, strong voice to the others circled around him, "I call to Brittany to come and join with me." His finger rose to point to her in the crowd. This was the moment of truth. He had taken the risk of rejection, now he waited to see the result of his action.

Brittany stepped out from the shadows so that moonlight could cast its glow on her. Long, sable hair hung loosely over her shoulders. It seemed silk smooth in the silvery light. The light blue of her eyes seemed to take on a slight glow. All of this stood out against pale skin that seemed to be cast from the very light of the moon. To Russ's relief she smiled and announced, "I accept."

That was only the first step though. Russ bellowed loudly his challenge, "Does anyone challenge my claim to this bitch?"

"I do!" roared Trevor as he stepped out into the light while tugging off his shirt. He was tall and burly compared to Russ. He snarled at Russ. Trevor had long held a grudge against Russ, and he had also hoped to take Brittany as his. He was not going to waste time on ceremony and began to transform. He was going straight for the warform, the most beastly aspect. He wanted blood, there would be no restraint.

Russ had expected this and snarled in turn. "Then face me dog," he growled the insult as his own transformation started. His body grew rapidly, increasing in both height and muscle mass. Clothing ripped and burst apart as he outgrew it or he reached down and pulled it apart to free himself of any impediment in the coming battle. His legs twisted and reshaped with sickening cracks and pops to digitigrade, canine legs. He stretched till he would have stood near seven feet tall if he were not crouched forward while his already wide shoulders spread more as muscle mass bulked up to give him inhuman strength. His face elongated into a muzzle while his teeth shifted to become long, razor sharp fangs. Hands became rending claws while dark gray fur spread to cover his body. Ears moved up his head to become longer and stand out straight while his eyes took on a yellow cast. His genitals grew and reshaped towards a more hybrid quality, and pulled back into his body for safety from the coming conflict.

In a matter of heartbeats the two men were now giant, bipedal wolves. The two werewolves faced each other with blood lust in their eyes. Trevor in his black furred warform still towered over Russ, but Russ did not back down. Neither was about to wait on the other to move and launched forward to go on the offensive.

While Trevor leapt to come down from on high, Russ stepped to the side. Trevor's vicious slash caught only air, but left him open to Russ's claws. Russ raked his clawed hands over Trevor's chest leaving bloody gouges. The wounds were deep, but nothing that a werewolf could not heal. In theory the fight was not suppose to be lethal in any event, but the rage had been boiling in both for a long time.

Trevor came around fast, intent on grappling Russ. Russ knew this to be to Trevor's advantage with his greater size and strength, but still met the attack head on. The two fell into a clawing, biting embrace. Trevor landed a hard punch across Russ's muzzle. Russ in turn brought up a leg for a powerful kick into Trevor's abdomen. Trevor tried to pin down Russ's arms, wanting to strike at the smaller werewolf's throat with his fangs. Russ may have lacked Trevor's bulk but was not an unskilled combatant. Dropping low, Russ was able to grab hold of Trevor's waist and lift him, then slam him down onto the ground.

The hard slam knocked the air out of Trevor's lungs which was all that Russ required. He moved to pin down his enemy's chest then proceeded to claw and punch at his face. Trevor was forced to throw his arms up to shield himself now that Russ was inside of his guard. Russ tore blood gashes along Trevor's arms before leaning down to bite at his shoulder. Trevor howled in pain as Russ tore free a chunk of flesh.

Using all of his strength, Trevor grabbed onto Russ's body and flung him to the side. Both were quick to regain their feet and start circling. Russ knew that he had Trevor on the ropes and was not about to let his advantage slip away. He darted in for one quick after another, wearing down his dark furred opponent. Finally, Russ saw the opening he needed and went low. His claws bit into Trevor's hamstring and sheared through it. Trevor went down hard and Russ was over him in an instant.

Russ was now the one towering over Trevor with his fangs and claws ready to strike the savage final blow. Trevor was left with no other recourse, but to tilt his head back and expose his throat, the ultimate sign of his submission. Russ was coming in fast for the kill, vision read with blood lust, but at the last moment he came up short, accepting the surrender.

Russ stood up tall and let out a howl of victory. He forced himself to focus for a moment, to bring about the partial change inside of his body necessary for him to speak. In a loud, guttural voice he spoke to everyone as Trevor crawled away to heal and lick his wounds, "Does anyone else challenge me for this bitch?!"

The crowd stood silent. No other male would challenge Russ tonight. That meant it was now Brittany's turn. She looked around the crowd and asked loudly, "And does anyone challenge me for this male?" She looked hard at the crowd and bared her teeth, threatening any female that might. Several looked like they were considering it, but decided against. With the challenges finished, the only thing left for the new couple was to seal their commitment.

"Come," Russ ordered in guttural, commanding voice. Brittany obeyed without hesitation, strolling towards him so that they stood together in the center of the grove with the moonlight illuminating them. She reached out to stroke his fur then leaned forward to lick him with her soft human tongue. Her tongue traced over slowly closing battle wounds. She stood on the tips of her toes to lick his muzzle. He in turned licked her face with his large, canine tongue.

They looked at each other and let out growls, baring their respective teeth. Russ slid his huge hands over her body as he started to slash apart her cloths. Brittany did not resist, nor did she flinch when his razor claws left small scratches in her flesh. She knew things would become far rougher than this, but with her own regenerative abilities, there was no need to fear the wounds she would suffer. In less than minute Brittany's cloths had been destroyed and lay in tatters.

Russ placed a strong hand on her head and gripped her hair tight. He forced her to look up into his hungry eyes. Brittany smiled, her teeth bared and growled at him to show her eagerness. He gave a sharp tug to her hair. She moaned in a mix of pleasure and pain. Her eyes turned to the ground in submission. As soon as Russ started to push down, Brittany dropped to her knees in eager obedience.

This put her at eye level with his cock. It was already slipping out of his body, hard with arousal. While his cock had slid into a sheath like a wolf's, it appeared mostly human as it slid out. However, it was an angry red and seemed to glow as the moonlight washed over its wet coating. Brittany did not require any prodding to lean in and lick up the shaft. Her tongue slide up its whole length in a single, slow lap. She let out a pleased moan as she licked her lips, enjoying his masculine taste. Brittany's own inner beast was growing hungry as well with the need to please her new mate. She placed her lips over the swollen head, taking what she could fit into her mouth. Her hand stroked along the length of his shaft, the other clawing at his thigh with her nails.

Russ growled with pleasure as he felt Brittany's tongue swirl over his throbbing member. He looked up to the moon and let out a resounding howl. His blood was on fire with desire. Even as his won cock throbbed, he could smell her aroused scent waft up through the air. The feel of her soft lips and tongue on his monstrous cock was filling his mind with a feral lust. His hips started to push forward, needing more.

Russ pulled Brittany's wonderful mouth off of his cock then pushed her to turn around. She took the hint with a smile and as soon as she had pivoted, she felt forward on to her hands. She raised her ass up into the air as she spread her legs. As she waited for what she knew would come, she glanced around the grove. Hidden in the shadows she could see the others watching raptly. Judging by the movement, some were masturbating or at least touching themselves. She could smell the scents of the others arousal. All of the other bitches were in heat, wishing that they were the ones about to receive a mate.

Russ gripped Brittany's hips in his clawed hands. The sharp points bit in, but the man deep inside forced restraint. It would be all to easy to loose control and destroy her while she wore her human form. Instead, his claws only lightly broke the flesh for a small trickle of blood. Brittany was tough though, he would not have chosen otherwise. She gave a slight whimper of pain and clawed at the soil, but as he body relaxed it turned int a low moan.

The head of Russ's cock pressed against the wet and waiting lips of Brittany's waiting pussy. He let out a pleased snarl as he rubbed it teasingly against her. Brittany gave her own growl of pleasure. She shuddered at his touch with a deep and longing need. There was a dread to her as well though. She could feel the gargantuan thing pressed to her and had to wounder how it could possibly enter her with out sundering her body.

Forward the beastly cock pressed. Russ lifted his head up in a long howl of pleasure as he slowly penetrated her. The massive girth filled her completely, to the point of breaking. This in turn caused her tightness to crush down on his steel shaft. She would have been frightfully tight even on his human cock, but like this it seemed nearly impossible that they could fit together. Brittany cried out in a mix of anguish and bliss for each inch that slid in. If not for Russ's claws she would have pulled away. Her jerking body did cause his claws to trail crimson lines over beautiful pale flesh. This all added to the mix of pain and pleasure. The fleshy spear pushed until it his the barrier of cervix, causing her to grunt loudly. He was as far as he could go, leaving some of his shaft unable to slide in.

Russ slid his paws over Brittany's body as he started to rock his hips. He pulled back then pushed in hard, causing her body to rock. He marred the delicate human skin with his claws as he thrust into her. Together they rutted like the animals that they were. Each powerful thrust shot lighting through Brittany's body. Each squeeze of Brittany's tight pussy fueled the lustful fury inside of Russ.

Brittany panted as Russ's thrusts became faster and more violent. Her head tilted back in a long moan at a particularly hard pump of his hips. For all that she felt like she could take no more, she wanted it even harder. Every inch of her body was on fire from his claws. They reached down to grasp her full breasts for a hard squeeze. The claws dug into the sensitive flesh for a crippling wave of pleasure. It was as he leaned forward to lick up over her back and shoulder then bit down that she was pushed over the edge. Her body began to shake uncontrollably as pleasure spasms wracked her whole form. It was like nothing she had ever experienced. Her arms collapsed under her, to weak from the mind numbing pleasure to do anything but take the savage fucking.

Russ would not have thought that she could become tighter. As her pussy clenched around him though, it was like she was working to milk out his life force. With a powerful roar he pushed in harder. He leaned forward for more leverage and worked his hips like lighting. Each brutal thrust seemed to rip more pleasure from Brittany's quivering body. He in turn was growing more aroused as her juices flooded over his cock.

Brittany was lost in the waves of pleasure. She could not focus or even control her body. His every thrust pressed her face to the ground. She was completely at his mercy, and that made it all the more sweeter. Then she felt it. The shaft that was nearly tearing her apart already had begun to swell. She had known to expect this, but nothing could have prepared her for it. The knot in his shaft had swollen till it felt like there was a fist inside of her, helping the head of his cock punch at her core. It was a brutal pleasure that could not be resisted. Her body launched into another orgasm, then another. Her juices slid down her thighs and his cock as she howled in pleasure.

Russ had reached his peak as Brittany crushed his cock inside of her pussy. His balls grew painfully tight as he humped against his mate with animal need. He was lost in the pleasure, his thrusts becoming erratic as instinct pushed him towards release. He threw his head back in a deafening howl as he started to cum. His balls squeezed tight and released a hot flood of cum. Spurt after spurt shot from his shuddering body. His claws sunk in deep into Brittany's flesh as he lost control. He panted from the exertion, pleasure still racing through his body. Brittany's pussy was still spasming around his hypersensitive cock, and he could not just pull out with the knot in place. He howled again as he rode out the pleasure.

Finally, with both of their primal lusts sated and all of their energy spent, the new mates collapsed together on the ground. Russ moved his weight to the side as he licked at Brittany. She turned her head back to lick and kiss his hairy muzzle. They lay there on the ground, held together until the knot deflated. Now was their time to bond. The rest of the pack melded into the darkness, heading off into the night to leave the new mates alone to hold each other and rest. This was only the first time the couple would mate tonight.

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