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This is my first time submitting a story. I hope at least a few of you enjoy it. There is no sex in this portion, as I am easing into the story, so be forewarned! I would appreciate any feedback given, and any votes!

Thank you,



Lisette looked again at the ad she was carrying and then back to the sign on the building. Faolchu. She couldn't believe that this place would need to advertise for employment. As she noted the sleek lines of the exterior of the building, that bespoke wealth and taste, she could imagine that the clientele would ensure a certain caliber of staff. Lisette did not think that she would measure up.

Lisette didn't want to go in, but she knew if she turned around and went home, her friend Chloe, would yell at her for chickening out. Lisette glanced down at her "interview" suit smoothing the wrinkles that had developed during her short subway ride over. The pencil skirt was modest, with only a slit up the back to allow for movement. Her soft white blouse was not new, but as she had not worn it often, it was in good enough shape. She decided that she looked presentable enough, if not quite the level of elegance that the building in front of her seemed to require.

Taking a deep breath to steady her nerves, Lisette squared her shoulders and opened the double doors to the sleek building. Lisette gasped when she looked inside. The lush opulence of the interior of the building contrasted the sleek minimalism of the outside. Deep garnet silk lined the walls, and sumptuous velvet settees and couches were grouped into small, intimate circles. The smooth marbled tile flowed from the door and surrounded a large inner area filled with pillows and low mahogany tables and deep, soft chocolate carpets. Lisette had not expected the decadence of the interior.

The interior light was dim in comparison to the daylight outside, so it took Lisette's eyes several minutes to adjust to the difference. She felt rather than saw the man approaching her from beyond the large chamber into which she had entered. He paused to give Lisette time to absorb her surroundings, then walked swiftly to her. Lisette turned to give him her full attention.

"What can I do for you?" the man asked stridently.

"Um, I saw the ad in the paper." She responded uncertainly.

The man wasn't very welcoming and his eyes registered no sign of awareness at Lisette's statement.

Lisette stepped forward once and cleared her throat, "The newspaper ad indicated that you wanted to hire wait staff."

Still the man appeared to have no idea what she was talking about.

"I don't have a lot of experience, but I am a fast learner and I would like the opportunity to show you that I could be an asset to your business," she drove on, a bit breathlessly. Lisette could not figure out what was going on, because the man was looking at her as though she was speaking a different language. Lisette desperately needed a job however, and the ad that had caught her eye immediately when she began her job search yesterday, seemed to pull her attention even now.

As the man had yet to respond, Lisette quickly crossed the remaining distance between herself and the man and shoved the scrap of paper at him.

The man took the ad from her scanning it with an incredulous look on his face, shaking his head slightly. He then cocked his head to the side as though listening for something, before he replied smoothly, "Well, then, let's see if you can handle this."

Oh, I can and will handle anything. I have no choice. Lisette thought grimly.

It was true that she didn't have any choice, really. Lisette's brother, Lucas, had gambled a huge sum of money that he didn't have, and lost the bet. Lisette promised to help him pay the money. Lisette was worried about him, it wasn't like Lucas to gamble. Chloe was worried, too. Chloe had been the one to suggest looking in the ads for a waitstaff at a upper-crust place to earn money fast.

It was either this, selling blood, or stripping, Lisette surmised, with a little frown.

The man led her back through the first large chamber down a hallway that had sliding doors on each side. They walked until the hallway dead ended. The man opened the door at the end and ushered her through. As Lisette walked into the room, she looked up to find six pairs of eyes assessing her. Lisette shivered, although she was not cold. In fact, Lisette began to feel a hot blush flushing down her body as she noted that the gazes belonged to six large, good-looking men, who all appeared to be undressing her as she stood before them. One of the men in particular, the largest, drew her eye. His blue gaze was intense, causing little licks of heat up her spine. Feeling too intimidated, Lisette broke the eye contact, turning to find the man who had escorted her back here.

He offered no support, but he did indicate that she could set her purse down behind the large desk at the rear of the room. After doing so, the man showed her the smaller entrance to the side of the desk and instructed her to go to the kitchen to retrieve the food and drinks for the men. As Lisette glanced back to the table of men, she saw that none had returned their attention back to the business occupying them before she had entered.

Lisette scrambled out the door. Her heart was racing and the flush had not gone away yet.

What did I step into? I just want a job at a decent restaurant so that I can make enough money to pay the debt. Why do I feel like I've entered an alternate dimension?

Lisette wondered at the name of the restaurant, too. What does Faolchu mean anyway?

The kitchen staff eyed her with more than a bit of curiosity, but they wordlessly handed her the tray already prepared for the group of men when she requested the food and drinks. Once she retrieved the tray full of drinks and appetizers, Lisette walked back to the room. She was still nervous, however, the physical activity of walking to the kitchen had been enough to calm her a bit.

Lisette eased the door open and heard the room fall silent a second time, as she entered. Ignoring the feeling that she was intruding, Lisette walked towards the group of men prepared to charm them into offering her job. Lisette smiled tentatively as she raised one drink at a time. As each man claimed a drink, Lisette met their gazes directly. The men continued to appraise her openly. One of the men, the one she had been drawn to earlier, gestured Lisette over.

This man was the best looking of the bunch, with startling blue eyes and jet-black hair. Although sitting now, he would clearly reach six and a half feet when standing. He had broad shoulders and his tightly-muscled chest filled out his dark gray shirt nicely. He had an air of confidence about him that calmed and thrilled her at the same time.

Not that any of then had been hit with the ugly stick, she thought. She had never seen so many gorgeous men in one room at a time. She could just see Chloe salivating, when Lisette described them to her. Chloe, Lisette's only friend for the past several years, was beautiful, petite and curvy, with soft blonde hair and big cornflower blue eyes. Lisette often envied Chloe's looks, thinking that her own tall, slender form was less appealing.

The man introduced everyone to Lisette. "I'm Torrin MacDougall, the man to my left is Doyle, then Niall, Grady, Liam, Cian, and Seamus," he said indicating each man with a nod

Lisette smiled, "Nice to meet you."

When she turned to walk away though, Torrin cleared his throat. Startled Lisette turned back to the group. Torrin was looking at her with a black eyebrow arched.

When Lisette did not respond, Torrin murmured, "And you are?"

As Lisette felt herself blushing again, she replied, "Lisette Angele."

At his nod, Lisette turned again and made her way back to the kitchen.


"What the fuck are you up to, man?" Niall said, with a hard look at Torrin.

"Watch how you address your alpha, pup!" Torrin shot back. Feeling a little on edge after being near the beautiful Lisette.

"Sorry, my lord" Niall said softening his tone, "but I don't get why you would allow a human in here."

"Someone sent her here for some reason, and I want to find out why," Torrin answered calmly.

When he had seen the girl on the monitor show an advertisement to Keane, he was intrigued. He had instructed Keane to bring the girl back like he was giving her a trial run at the job, thinking to ferret out the girl's real reasons for being here. His initial intrigue had been blown out of the water though, when he saw her walk through the double doors. She was beautiful. Tall and willowy with huge eyes the most unusual shade of blue, nearly violet. Her hair, a rich mahogany, curled slightly around her face and down her back. The monitor did not convey this girl's beckoning beauty. Her scent was equally alluring, a warm spicy sweetness that reminded him of cinnamon vanilla. All of the men at the table had clearly found her attractive. Torrin could smell the lust from the others, as much as from himself.

"Why not just have someone follow her back to wherever she came from, after turning her away?" Doyle countered smoothly.

"I intend to, but I thought I might get more information by watching her here and following her home after."

"If you're looking for volunteers, I'll follow her home," Liam offered, turning to the door Lisette had just exited, the expression of lust easy to read in his face. Chuckling, the others seconded Liam's offer, the appreciation of Lisette clear.

Torrin did not like the idea of Liam, with his easy charm, being anywhere near Lisette. In fact, Torrin didn't want any of the males around Lisette. Despite his smooth answers, Torrin had no idea why he had let Lisette in, or why he felt so drawn to her. Torrin knew that he would be the one following her home tonight, though.

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