tagNonHumanWolf's Kiss Ch. 06

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 06


Jake awakened, instantly on alert. Something wasn't right and whatever it was jolted him out of a deep slumber. Shayna shifted position beside him, momentarily distracting him as he caught a glimpse of her bare breasts before she turned onto her side away from him. He reached out to pull her to him then froze as it hit him: there was another male shifter nearby...very near.

Carefully easing off the bed, he looked around the room but saw no one there. The window was open to catch the late spring breezes but a quick check confirmed the window screen was intact. Still naked, Jake left the room to check the rest of the apartment for any signs of an intruder. Although he saw no one, the scent of the unknown shifter was pretty strong which meant he had been inside Shayna's home very recently.

Pissed off and spurred into action, Jake hurriedly dressed and locked Shayna's bedroom window. She was still soundly sleeping, curled onto her side, with her hair all over the pillow. He gently brushed her hair aside and placed a soft kiss on her lips then went about checking all the window locks in the apartment. When he walked into the living room, a slight movement on the balcony caught his attention. Just as he slid the door open, a large man moved out of the shadows and jumped over the railing, adeptly landing on his feet, and took off running.

Jake immediately followed suit but the man hopped onto a waiting motorcycle and sped away. Jake gave chase for several blocks and would have caught him if he'd been able to shift, but that wouldn't have been a good idea on the busy streets of D.C. Besides, he'd left Shayna alone in the apartment and he couldn't risk anything happening to her.

Jake abandoned his pursuit of the shifter and backtracked to Shayna's praying she was okay. He hoped the shifter hadn't created a diversion for him in order for someone to cause her harm. He couldn't imagine why another shifter would be interested in her but he was determined to find out. For now though, he needed to get back to her to make sure she was safe.

When he reached her building, he realized he didn't have a door key. The only way in was the way he left. After looking around to be sure no one was watching, he quickly scaled the balconies below Shayna's until he reached her fourth floor apartment. He berated himself for leaving the sliding door open and his heart pounded in his chest as he rushed to her bedroom. Shayna was still sound asleep in the exact same position as when he left. He breathed a sigh of relief and went back into the living room. Nothing seemed out of place but the shifter's scent still lingered in the apartment. It angered him to no end to know that someone had gotten this close before he sensed them.

Stepping onto the balcony, he looked around for signs of anyone watching the apartment. He didn't sense any other shifters nearby and figured the guy must have come alone. As far as he knew, D.C. was neutral territory just like every other major city. All kinds of beings blended in undetected by the human population but they were all pretty much aware of each other and respected each other's space. That said, he couldn't figure out why someone would bother with them.

Jake looked at the time. It was almost 8 o'clock in the evening so he guessed Sebastian would be home by now. Digging his cell phone out of his pocket, he pressed the speed dial number to call his brother. When Sebastian answered, Jake asked him to fill him in on anything important. Sebastian didn't really have anything of interest to relay other than their father was pissed that Jake took off the way he did. And the St. Simon thing was stalled at the moment. Their father had asked Gerard St. Simon to meet with him this coming Friday but had yet to receive a response to the invitation.

Jake took all this in, his mind turning a mile a minute. He was quiet while Sebastian spoke as was usual, but his brother could tell something was up.

"What's going on?" Sebastian asked. "I can tell something's wrong so spill it."

"Someone was in Shayna's apartment a little while ago," Jake answered, not bothering to beat around the bush. "A wolf. No one I know."

"What happened? Did he try to attack you or Shayna?" Sebastian sounded just as angry as Jake felt and he most likely was.

"No, no. He came into the apartment while we were asleep but I don't think he was in here long before I sensed him." Jake sounded much calmer than he felt. "I chased him but I didn't catch him. I wanted to beat the daylights out of him but that left Shayna alone in here. I couldn't be sure there wasn't someone else lurking, waiting for a chance to get to her."

"Why would anyone come after Shayna? Or do you think you were the intended target and maybe he wanted to lure you to a more secluded area?" Sebastian asked the very questions that were running through Jake's mind.

"I have no idea. I just hope I don't have to wait too long to find out." Jake paused then said through gritted teeth, "And when I do, I just might do some major damage."

The brothers spoke a few minutes more about taking some necessary precautions then Jake clicked the phone off. He stood on the balcony looking in the direction the intruder took off, wondering who he was and what he wanted. He doubted his intention was to attack because he ran away instead of confronting Jake. But then he could have been trying to lure him into a trap somewhere. There were too many unknowns for his liking and he couldn't risk anything happening to Shayna. He was going to have to wake her and convince her to go back to New York with him. That was his home base and he could protect her better on his own turf.

Jake went back into the bedroom and watched her for a few moments as she slept. She was so beautiful and so pure that his beast raged in his chest, impatient to truly mate with her and claim her as his own. The thought of anyone coming near her, harming her, made him see red for a moment before he came back to his senses.

Kneeling beside her, he ran his hand along her neck and shoulder as reassurance that she was okay and made a silent vow that he would keep her safe no matter what happened. He wondered how he was going to explain everything to her as he traced random patterns on her arm down to her fingertips. Although it wasn't his intention when he initially touched her, his manhood began to stir as he slid his fingers over her smooth skin. Running his hand along her hip and down her thigh, Jake watched her face for any signs of awakening. She continued to breathe evenly and deeply, not stirring the slightest bit. However, even in sleep she responded to his touch as evidenced by the warm, sweet scent of her arousal emanating from within the curly thatch of hair before him.

Easing her onto her back, Jake hooked his hands behind her knees and opened her to his hungry gaze. Already her juices were coating the pouty inner lips of her sex compelling him to sample her flavor once more. Shayna's delicate aroma drew him in as he lowered his outstretched tongue to capture the dew escaping her opening. She moaned in her sleep as he worked his tongue in slow circles along her lips up to her swollen clit where he licked the sensitive flesh before drawing it into his mouth. Shayna moaned louder, slowly coming awake, as Jake alternately nipped and sucked her lips and clit. His cock strained against his jeans, aching to plunge into her body, but he wanted to take his time. Forking his tongue, he licked back down to the source of all that sweetness and proceeded to lap up every drop.

Shayna woke up from an intensely erotic dream to find she wasn't dreaming at all. Her bedroom was dark but there was enough moonlight peeking through the curtains for her to see Jake between her thighs feasting on her body. He looked up at her and held her stare as he continued to give her such divine pleasure that several moans and gasps escaped her lips. It didn't take much longer for the look in his eyes coupled with the fire he stoked in her loins to make her body begin to shake uncontrollably as she came closer and closer to the peak. Jake growled and slid his rigid tongue into her pussy and she rasped urgently, "Oh God, Jake, I'm coming!"

Jake nearly lost his load in his pants but he held on to his control just as he held on to Shayna's bucking hips. He continued to stroke inside her pussy, sliding his tongue against her walls as he pressed his nose into her clit. He wanted her to come on his tongue, to flood his mouth with her sweet, sticky essence. And when she did, he wasn't disappointed. Holding on to his broad shoulders, she yelled as heat rushed through her body and erupted in a tidal wave so powerful, her body tensed for long moments until the last shockwave flowed out of her.

She finally collapsed on the bed and let her hands fall beside her. She'd held on to him for dear life in the throes of her orgasm but it didn't matter. Jake's face was still buried in her mound as he had no intention of coming up for air until he'd taken all the sweetness she had to give. Shayna sighed in contentment as Jake eased away from her, licking up the last traces of her juice. He flicked his tongue over her clit sending new waves of pleasure over her, making sure she stayed wet for him.

When he finally moved away from the bed, he treated Shayna to a mini striptease as he removed his clothes then stood proudly before her, his massive manhood fully erect. Shayna marveled again at his size but felt no fear. Instead, she smiled coyly at him and parted her legs, inviting him inside her body.

Taking several deep breaths to calm his beast, Jake moved slowly toward the bed. When he reached her, he grabbed her legs and pulled her to the edge of the bed and surprised her by flipping her over onto her stomach. Grabbing her hips, he lifted her to her knees and pulled her buttocks to his groin. Shayna tried to turn her head to see what he was doing, but one hand shot out to the base of her neck effectively holding her still. She did feel a sliver of fear then as she heard low growls rumbling in his chest. But the head of his cock rubbing against her wet slit soon replaced her fear with anticipation.

When he was confident she'd gotten the hint to remain still, Jake grabbed her hips again and slid the tip of his cock into her wetness. He had to move slowly because he was already losing control and he didn't want to hurt or scare her. If she'd turned around she would have seen not only his golden gaze but also his enormous fangs and dark hair sprouting over his torso. He was fighting against his own nature but he couldn't resist the lure of his mate. Her taste, her smell, her passion were making it harder and harder for him to maintain his composure.

Jake slowly thrust in and out of Shayna, easing deeper into her with each movement until he was fully encased inside her snug walls. Shayna threw her head back and moaned, feeling completely filled. Her muscles were already contracting around him and she instinctively pressed her buttocks against him, creating the sweetest friction. Jake groaned and tightened his grip on her hips lest he lose all control and fully shift. But Shayna, not knowing what danger she could be in, would not be denied and moved insistently against him. His only hope was to quickly bring them to completion to calm his wolf.

Since she was so hot for him to fuck her, Jake began to pound into her, holding her steady as he drilled his cock into her slickness. His deep, powerful thrusting made him crash into her cervix but she didn't care about the pain. Shayna panted and met his thrusts head on reveling in his domination of her. Jake was in heaven watching her enjoy being taken like this and leaned into her to slip one hand down to cup her mound. His hands had become rougher in his semi-transformation and the sensation against her already sensitive clit sent her over the edge. Jake stilled as she spasmed around him over and over, squeezing his cock and sending delicious shocks of pleasure through his body. In moments, he too felt his release upon him and pounded furiously into her until he was spent.

He carefully eased out of her before his knot could take shape and tried to quickly revert back to human form but his wolf was still enjoying his bit of freedom with his woman. Shayna, satisfied and sore, collapsed face first onto the pillow. After a few moments, she turned around to see what he was doing and was immobilized by what she saw. Her jaw went slack as the long hair on his body slowly receded and his snout and fangs gave way to a normal mouth and teeth. Only his eyes retained their golden hue as he stared down at her still breathing heavily from his recent exertions.

As Jake moved to lie beside her, Shayna scooted away from him and jumped off the bed. At the sound of a low growl at her back, she tried to run from the room but Jake wrapped his arm around her waist and pulled her close to him resting his chin on the top of her head. Still stunned into silence, Shayna tried to free herself from Jake's embrace but he wouldn't let her go. His breathing had almost returned to normal but she could feel the tension in his body as he held her to him. She stood perfectly still not knowing what to expect or what to do and prayed he wouldn't hurt her.

'Oh, my God! What the hell is he? What is he going to do to me?' she thought frantically to herself.

Never in her life had she felt so small and defenseless and she found that she didn't like it at all. Her mind was racing, trying to make sense of what she'd just seen, but she dismissed as ludicrous the only possibility that came to mind. Such things only existed in myths and fairy tales and she did not believe in them. Wound as tightly as she was, Shayna almost didn't feel him softly stroking her arm in an almost soothing caress. Realizing that he'd loosened his grip, she tried to move away only to be pulled right back against his chest. It was clear he had no intention of letting her go.

Jake held Shayna close, knowing she wanted to get away from him but he couldn't let that happen. At least not until she knew he would never harm her in any way. Then she would have to decide if she trusted him and he was willing to do whatever it took to prove that she had nothing to fear from him. He took several deep, calming breaths but his heart was still beating so rapidly that he was sure she could feel it against her back. Although she held herself very stiffly he knew her heart was beating as fast as his. He hated her fear of him and had to ease her mind if they stood a chance.

He didn't want to speak yet, not until he had full control of his wolf. Not only would Shayna not understand what he was saying but she would probably be even more freaked out by the sound of his voice in his hybrid state. It would come out as garbled guttural snarls and growls and he could imagine her either screaming her head off or passing out. As it was there could be any number of things running through her mind so he had to act fast.

Swallowing hard and taking a deep breath, Jake whispered, "Shayna, there's something I need to tell you. Why don't we sit down and talk about it?"

Shayna continued to stand stiff as a board in his embrace, feeling dwarfed by his large body against hers. His closeness reminded her just how intimate they had become and some part of her mind rationalized that if he'd wanted to hurt her he would have done so by now. Even now, as he held her close, her sense of safety and security began to return despite her fear of what she'd just witnessed. She wished she could just erase all the weird things she'd noticed about him from day one and go on as if nothing strange had ever happened. But she knew that was not possible. Especially since every horror movie she'd ever seen flashed through her mind.

It was at that moment that Jake realized he could read her thoughts. The images that flashed through her mind almost made him laugh but her fear was very real. Nuzzling her neck, Jake continued to speak to her in a soft whisper.

"Baby, please believe me when I say that I will never, ever hurt you."

She still didn't respond. He turned her around to face him and gently cupped her cheek in one large hand but she immediately closed her eyes.

"Shayna, please look at me. You don't have to be afraid of me."

Shayna reluctantly opened her eyes and looked at him, searching for signs of the being she'd just seen. All she saw was the same devastatingly handsome face that had become so familiar and she almost melted.

'Why shouldn't I be afraid?' she thought to herself. But she still wouldn't speak.

"Because I love you and I would never harm you in any way," Jake replied without hesitation.

Shayna's eyes widened with shock. Did she hear him correctly? Did he really just say he loved her? The intensity of his expression, the passion with which he'd just said it left no doubt that he meant every word he said. Lowering her gaze, Shayna was at a loss for words. She should be glad to know he felt that way because she'd definitely fallen for him. But it worried her that their relationship was moving so fast, and now it seemed she had even more to be concerned about.

Shayna looked up at him again, her brow furrowed. She was sure she hadn't said anything, so how did he know what she was thinking?

"Can you read my mind?" she asked, not sure she wanted to know the answer.

Jake didn't want to scare her any more than he already did but he couldn't lie to her either. He looked her in the eyes and projected his answer into her mind.


Shayna shivered at the strange sensation of him entering her thoughts. It wasn't an unpleasant feeling but knowing he could enter her head seemed eerie to say the least. She chewed on her bottom lip for a moment trying to figure out a tactful way to ask what she needed to know. Realizing there was no alternative to asking him directly, she just went ahead and asked.

"Jake, what are you?"

Jake's heart sank a little in his chest. He'd just inadvertently admitted his love for her and she seemed upset about it. He searched her face for any hint of tenderness toward him and he found none. She just seemed confused and still quite a bit afraid of him. The past couple of days with her had been incredible and he was beginning to believe she felt the same for him. He'd had no doubt that, with a little more time, she would love and trust him enough to be able to accept the truth about him. But his wolf's impatience may have cost him more than he could face losing. He decided to quell his disappointment and answer her question. Hopefully he could allay her fears enough for them to continue to move forward.

Taking a deep breath, Jake answered, "I'm a shape-shifter. More specifically, I'm a Werewolf."

Shayna closed her eyes and repeated, "A Werewolf."

It sounded so absurd when she said it aloud that she almost laughed. But there was nothing wrong with her vision and she distinctly remembered what she saw. She sobered as she said it again.

"You're a Werewolf. Werewolves actually exist," she said as if trying to convince herself.

"Yes, we do," was his quiet reply.

Thinking back to when they first met, Shayna replayed in her mind all the things about him that seemed strange. His eyes changing from mesmerizing bluish gray to equally mesmerizing gold, the way he growled sometimes when they made love, and just how huge he was...all over. None of it seemed natural, at least not by human standards. Now, in a totally bizarre way, it all made sense.

Another thought occurred to her -- their intense lovemaking earlier that day definitely was not normal. She had no idea what had come over her but she'd felt such an intense desire for him that she lost control. And then afterward, there was an excruciating pain that led to unbelievable pleasure and it seemed to go on forever and ever...

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