tagNonHumanWolf's Kiss Ch. 08

Wolf's Kiss Ch. 08


[Author's Note: I apologize for the extra-long delay. After a bad case of writer's block and several rewrites I finally finished Chapter 8. I hope you all enjoy this installment of Shayna and Jake's romance. - Angel]


Shayna stood in the middle of Jake's en suite bathroom and marveled at the opulent décor. The ultra-modern fixtures, granite-topped vanity, large spa bathtub, and huge shower belied the home's rustic exterior. In fact, the whole interior of the house looked like the setting of a home design magazine spread.

When she first walked up to the one-story log cabin she had horrible memories of camping in the woods with her uncle and cousins. She even doubted there was indoor plumbing because it looked so basic from the outside, as did all of the homes she saw in this part of the compound. Although she tried to hide it, she knew Jake was aware of her initial impression by the smirk he wore as he led her up the walkway. But when he opened the door, Shayna's eyes nearly popped out of her head as she took in the elegance that awaited her. Much to her surprise, Jake's home was luxurious and immaculate yet warm and inviting.

Since Jake had to go back to the community building to talk with his parents about helping Marisa, he gave her free rein to make herself comfortable however she liked. He promised to be back as soon as he could then left her alone in his home. Once she got over her initial surprise, she took a few minutes to inspect his well-designed and well stocked kitchen as well as explore the rest of his home. The floor plan was open with only the two bedrooms and bathrooms closed off from the main living space.

The first bedroom was obviously Jake's home office as it contained a large desk, computer, and two floor-to-ceiling bookshelves. Across the hall from the office was a full bathroom which meant the last door in the hall led to Jake's bedroom. She was inexplicably nervous about entering his private domain yet she was curious to see if his personality was stamped on his bedroom.

Realizing she was being silly about it, she opened his bedroom door and stepped inside. His bedroom, actually a suite, was in keeping with the rest of the home with its elegant décor and comfortable furnishings. Of course he had a huge bed that dominated one side of the room. It looked larger than a regular king-size bed and she guessed it must have been custom made. The colors were decidedly masculine; rich tones of burgundy, gray, and black adorned the bed and coordinating window treatments as well as other accessories in the room.

The last stop was his bathroom and although she admired the room's amenities, her eyes kept wandering to the huge bathtub. A nice relaxing bath was indeed in order since she'd been in a constant state of tension for more than a few hours now. Although she had a short nap on the drive to New York, her sleep was anything but restful and the muscles in her back and neck were in knots.

Having made up her mind, Shayna turned on the faucet and let the tub fill with warm water while she rummaged through her backpack for a hairclip. After finding a towel and washcloth in one of the cabinets, Shayna stripped off her clothes and piled her hair on top of her head securing it with the clip. Stepping into the water, a satisfied sigh escaped her lips as she sank into its inviting heat, instantly feeling her muscles begin to loosen. Resting her head on the back of the tub, she closed her eyes and thought about her first meeting with Jake's parents.

As they'd walked up to the community building, Shayna was as nervous as she'd been when the big red wolf jumped in front of them at the gate. She had no idea what to expect from Jake's parents or from anyone else at the compound. And as far as she knew, she was the only human among them. It didn't matter that Marisa was there because, well, she was a Werewolf just like everyone else here.

As for Marisa, she seemed pretty nervous as well which kind of surprised Shayna. She'd only known her great-grandmother a very short while but until now, she'd seemed confident and capable of dealing with any situation. But at that moment, she wore a tortured expression on her face as if she was walking to her doom. Presumably seeing Gerard St. Simon again, especially in wolf form, had rattled her and now she had to resolve her situation with him.

As soon as they entered the building, a tall dark-skinned woman crossed the room and wrapped Jake in a fierce hug. Then she stepped slightly back from him and examined him with deep brown eyes.

"Are you okay, Jacques?" she asked in French, her husky voice laced with concern. "Sebastian told us what's going on. Oh, son, I'm so glad you're home!" she cried as she hugged him again. Jake's hold on Shayna loosened as he hugged his mother with his free arm.

Sebastian walked over to Shayna and swept her up in a bear hug, effectively removing Jake's arm from around her. Smiling broadly, he said, "Hey little sis," and gave her a loud smooch on her cheek.

Jake immediately growled and stepped away from his mother's embrace, heading for Sebastian with murder in his eyes. His brother chuckled and set Shayna down between him and his brother. Neatly sidestepping Jake and moving out of harm's way, Sebastian turned his attention to another man seated at a table across the room.

"See, Dad? I told you," he said, addressing his father in French. "He's done." Sebastian smiled, obviously enjoying seeing Jake so far gone over his mate. He genuinely liked Shayna and it amused him that she didn't seem to realize how she had his brother going off the deep end for her.

Jake stood with his arms possessively around Shayna's waist, growling at his brother until his mother laid a hand on his arm. Giving both brothers warning looks, she stepped around Jake until she faced Shayna. Extending her hand, she smiled warmly and spoke in English, "You must be Shayna. It is such a pleasure to meet you."

She tugged Shayna forward ever so slightly and Jake reluctantly released his hold on her. "I'm Isabelle, Jacques' and Sebastian's mother." Folding Shayna's arm around hers, she led Shayna across the room to her husband.

"Shayna, I'd like you to meet my husband, Claude," Isabelle said.

Shayna extended her free hand to the big man as he pushed his chair from the table but her eyes widened as he stood to his full height. He was a little taller than Jake and just as solidly built with straight black hair and striking features that reminded her of the portraits of Native Americans she'd seen in history books. His face was set in a harsh frown as he glared at Sebastian but it was replaced by a disarming smile as he took Shayna's hand in both of his much larger ones.

"It is my pleasure to meet you Shayna. Please forgive my sons for their rude behavior," he said eyeing them sternly again before returning his attention to her. "I promise they were not brought up to be that way."

Shayna found herself flanked by Jake's parents but their kindness put her at ease. "It's so nice to meet you both. I apologize for coming at such short notice and under these circumstances," she stammered.

"Nonsense," Isabelle said. "You are welcome any time under any circumstances. Jacques should have brought you to meet us sooner." She gave Jake a pointed look then turned back to Shayna. "But you are here now and that's all that matters. Come, you must be tired. I have a room waiting for you in our guest house. You can rest while we discuss this business of Gerard St. Simon."

At that, Jake finally spoke. "She's staying with me, Mother. If you two would kindly release your hostage, I'll take her to my cabin so she can get some rest." He sounded a bit irritated that his mother assumed his mate would be sleeping anywhere but with him. But his parents were amused by his tone as they hadn't expected anything less from him. Of course he wouldn't want to be separated from Shayna, especially since they were not yet truly mated and there were plenty of unattached males in the pack who might be interested in her.

Claude Montrose laughed and patted Shayna's hand before releasing her. Of all his children, Jake was perhaps the most determined and persistent, finding and executing the most direct path to acquiring what he wanted. And when he decided he wanted something it was pretty much a done deal. He almost felt sorry for the young lady...almost.

"I hate to tell you, but you have your hands full with that one," he told her, nodding in Jake's direction.

Shayna was inclined to agree but remained silent. He had already proven how persuasive he could be without really trying. For some reason her brain just didn't function rationally around him. Her heart and body responded so strongly to him that she feared he could manipulate her into doing whatever he wanted. Her only hope was that he wouldn't ruthlessly exploit that fact to his advantage.

Isabelle Montrose turned, still holding Shayna's arm and led her back to her son. "We'll talk later, once we get this mess all sorted out. I'll expect you and Jacques for lunch this afternoon." She smiled and gave her a big hug. "Welcome to our home."

Shayna returned her smile. "Thank you both very much," she said to his parents.

Jake then silently walked with her to his cabin. He held her loosely by the waist as they walked out of the building, past several houses until they came to his. All the homes looked the same in the dim lighting that lined the walkway. The only distinction Shayna could make out in the semi-darkness that surrounded them was the number 16 carved into the front door.

He didn't linger when he led her into the house. He seemed suddenly in a hurry as she moved beyond the foyer into the living room and barely brushed her lips with his before he told her to make herself at home then left. It was then that she realized she hadn't said goodnight to Marisa before leaving with Jake. Trusting that Marisa was in good hands, she occupied herself exploring Jake's private domain.

And now, as she relaxed in the bathtub, she also realized Marisa would likely be staying by herself in the guest house where Shayna wished she were at that moment. A sliver of apprehension coursed up her spine at the knowledge that she and Jake would be alone when he returned. Not that it would have mattered before, but now that the truth about him was starting to sink in...

Somehow back in her apartment it seemed incomprehensible that there was really such a thing as a werewolf. Since she'd seen him only partially changed, she could have easily allowed herself to believe it was the result of her overactive imagination. But seeing full-blown wolves definitely made it more real. The wolves outside the gate to the grounds were huge, much larger than she could have imagined, and she was both fascinated and frightened knowing that they actually existed. She couldn't determine which feeling was more prominent nor was she sure how she could live with this new knowledge.

Feeling the need to do something, Shayna stood and quickly soaped her body, pausing briefly at the junction of her thighs. Her flesh was so responsive there that she flushed as she remembered all the passionate loving they'd shared since he'd come into her life. She belatedly wondered at the wisdom of taking a man as large as he as her first lover. After that first night he wasn't always so gentle with her, nearly losing control several times. It was no wonder she felt so tender.

Not liking the direction her thoughts were taking, she focused on finishing her bath and stepped out of the tub. Just as she picked up her towel, Jake strode into the bathroom scaring her half to death.

"I didn't hear you come in," Shayna said breathlessly, heart pounding in her chest.

Turning her back to him, she tried to steady her nerves as she quickly toweled dry and secured it around her torso. But her heart was still racing and she knew it wasn't just because he'd startled her. She felt his heat at her back a moment before his strong arms wrapped around her holding her against his chest. He leaned down pressing his cheek to hers and inhaled deeply.

"Damn you smell so good," he whispered in her ear before planting a soft kiss on her cheek. She didn't know he could smell the faint trace of her arousal although she'd washed most of it away. As she tried to move away from him he let out a weary sigh but held on to her. "I missed you," he breathed silkily against her neck.

Shayna couldn't help snorting in disbelief. "You weren't gone that long," she said.

"It doesn't matter, I still missed you."

Jake wanted nothing more at that moment than to drown himself in his woman. He'd walked into the bathroom to see the most beautiful water nymph standing in the middle of the room, glistening from head to toe as water droplets lovingly clung to her skin. He'd wanted to lick away every drop and claim her, right there on the bathroom floor, before she had time to think about it. And he knew he could do it, take her to the point where all reason left her, and make her respond to him in the most elemental way, make her beg to be his forever.

The idea tantalized him as surely as her intoxicating scent was flooding his being. But no, he'd have to be patient and give her time to make the decision on her own. Meanwhile, he could introduce her to his way of life and show her how easy it would be for her to fit right in. Sound advice he'd just gotten from his mother before he left her a few minutes ago.

"Where's Marisa?" Shayna asked turning his attention to something he didn't want to think about at that moment.

He inhaled the clean scent of her hair before he answered. "She's staying in one of the guest houses. My father agreed to provide neutral ground for them to settle whatever issues they have. He's arranged a meeting with the St. Simons for tomorrow evening."

"What happens if they can't reach an agreement?" Shayna asked. "Will they demand some sort of punishment or something like that?"

Jake wasn't sure how to answer that. It depended on the seriousness of the St. Simon's grievances against Marisa. And if she admitted to any wrongdoing, it was up to Guillaume St. Simon to determine her punishment. He hoped Marisa had been honest with his parents about everything that happened while she was with the St. Simon pack. If so, then she probably didn't have to worry about much. They might demand some sort of restitution for the jewels Gerard had given her that she took with her when she faked her suicide. Other than that, the meeting should go smoothly.

To Shayna, he said, "Don't worry. Hopefully they will work everything out without too much hassle and our lives can get back to normal. If it doesn't work, the next step may be to involve the Alpha Council."

"Oh," was all Shayna said. While he spoke, Jake massaged her neck and shoulders, easing the tension in her muscles making her whole body feel like jelly.

Feeling her relax under his ministrations, Jake scooped her up and carried her into the bedroom. Shayna loosely wrapped her arms around his neck, feeling a new tension coiling low in her belly as he laid her on his bed and followed her down. This was exactly what she was afraid of, knowing she was powerless to stop him if he wanted to make love. He wouldn't take her against her will; she simply wouldn't want him to stop.

Still, she had to try to remain rational at least a little longer.

"Jake, we need to talk about what's going on."

Jake nuzzled her cheek as he undid her towel and peeled it away from her body.

"I know, love, but can't we talk about it later? I just want to hold you right now," he said softly in her ear.

Shayna shivered as his tongue snaked out to lick the rim of her ear at the same time as his hand covered one of her breasts. The double assault left her speechless for several moments as he sucked on her earlobe and gently squeezed her breasts, making her nipples harden.

But again, Shayna tried to focus on their present situation, hoping he would relent at least until she had some reassurances.


But Jake had something else on his agenda and it didn't include talking. Unless they were love words, maybe even a few dirty words too.

Trailing his tongue down her neck to her collarbone, Jake eased himself slightly on top of Shayna until the breast closest to him was covered by his torso and his leg slid under hers, raising it to open her body to him. His tongue continued its journey until he reached the peak of her exposed nipple and greedily sucked it into his mouth.

Shayna's desire for conversation died as Jake expertly stoked a slow-burning fire within her. The sensation of his hot mouth on her breast rivaled the growing anticipation of his fingers softly stroking her thigh lying atop his. His other arm cradled her to him holding her in place as he ravaged her senses.

As his fingers slowly worked their way toward her center, he eased away from her to bestow the same loving attention on her other breast, circling her nipple with his tongue before engulfing the entire aureole in his hot mouth. Arrows of fire shot straight to her core as his fingers simultaneously found their way to her clit. Her breathing became ragged and shallow as he dipped two long fingers into her wet heat while keeping constant pressure on her clit with his thumb.

He broke away from her nipple long enough to roughly whisper, "Come for me baby!" Then he reattached to her breast as he stroked his fingers in and out of her channel.

Shayna's hips bucked in rhythm with his stroking, increasing the pressure on her little bundle of nerves. Her panting increased and as she neared completion, Jake suddenly moved down her body and replaced his thumb with his tongue, rapidly vibrating it against her nub until her hips froze mid-air. A high-pitched whine left her as her walls gripped his fingers and her body tensed until the last contractions began to subside.

Jake continued to lightly suck and nibble her nub as her body and breathing eventually returned to normal. When she relaxed on the bed once more, he slid his fingers from her and licked every drop of her essence from them before dipping his tongue into her to lap up more of her flavor. With his cock straining against his pants, he reluctantly moved from his feast to hurriedly undress.

Watching him from half-closed eyes, Shayna felt herself moistening again in preparation for his huge member standing so proud. She no longer feared his size though she marveled that she could take all of him into herself. Although it often hurt when he was fully encased in her body, in a strange way the pain complemented the incredible pleasure he gave her until it became almost unnoticeable. Without thinking, she removed the clip from her hair then rolled onto her stomach and came up on her hands and knees in anticipation of his possession.

Jake crawled up behind her, growling appreciatively as his tongue tasted the fresh moisture that gathered and oozed out of her cunt. She was ready for him and he sensed that she wanted him with no holds barred.

And he wasn't going to disappoint her. Without any more preliminaries, he rose up behind her, grabbed her hips and slammed into her in one fluid motion. Shayna raised her head and cried out at the impact but ground against him nevertheless. He held still for a moment thinking he'd hurt her but when she rolled her bottom against him he sent up a prayer of thanks then proceeded to drill into her heat mercilessly. Shayna's earthy grunts and pants egged him on and almost made him come sooner than he wanted. He pounded into her almost to the point of climax then held still, grinding against her until he regained control.

He did this several times until he could fight his release no more. Leaning down to part her lips, Jake strummed her clit in time with his thrusts until he felt her tight walls squeeze tighter around his throbbing shaft. And when she cried out in climax, he gripped her hips once more and drove into her until he exploded, filling her womb with his seed.

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