tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 02

Wolf's Pet Ch. 02


She looked around at the grove of trees, the hills, meadows, and wolves. Everywhere she looked were wolves. Where was she? How did she get here? She tried to hold still as the wolves walked up to her one at a time to sniff her and walk away. She felt rooted in place, her body shivering in fear, her mind in a jumble, not understanding what was happening. Then she saw him, a large dark brown wolf with the most beautiful green eyes. They almost looked human. He sauntered up and stood in front of her, seeming to warn the other wolves away. She stared in awe at the gorgeous animal. This was all so surreal. The wolf looked up into her eyes and then morphed into the naked form of the tall man she had seen yesterday. She fainted in front of him.

Karen jumped up in bed and looked around, her heart pounding in her chest. She was at home in her own room. It had been a dream. Maybe it had been the howling she heard last night as she fell asleep. That must have started the dream. And she was thinking about the green eyed stud she wished had been following her yesterday. As her thoughts went to him, her hand strayed to her pussy. She slowly dipped a finger and gasped when she realized how wet and ready she was. Her clit was hard as a rock and so sensitive! She couldn't resist. She closed her eyes and thought of him again, his wide muscled chest, his stunning eyes, and the bulge she imagined she had glimpsed in his pants. She smiled as she gently rubbed her clit and then slid her finger so easily into her swollen cunt. That dream had been enough to get her this hot? What would happen if she ever met him again? Would she just drop to her knees at his feet and offer herself to him? She giggled at the image and then gasped when she started to feel the warmth flow through her body. And quickly she was soaring over the edge, cumming hard and long, her finger being joined by a second as she thought of him standing over her. Her fingers fucked her pussy hard until her body stopped it's spasming. She lay there panting, her heart pounding.

Blue eyes watched from the window. He always watched over her as she slept. It was the only way to be sure that no one would touch her. She never knew that he stayed in his wolf form at night and slept outside her door, on the alert for anything. The slightest sounds from her would wake him, and he would walk outside and look through the window. He saw her jump up and then start to play with her pussy. She had never done this in the six months he had lived here, and now twice in less than 24 hours! All because of that damn pack dog! He'd have to find a way to protect her from him. Gary knew he'd be back. He'd seen the look on his face. He wanted her! Well she belonged to him and no other.

As second to the Pack Alpha, Cole had access to all security records for the pack, including lists of any Weres in the area who were not pack affiliated. No one was on the list that fit the description of the male with his mate. He had slipped through the cracks. Pack law forbade a lone Were to be in another pack's territory without permission. In some territories that could mean death. Lucky for this male that Cole's older brother, and Alpha, didn't believe in killing over a breach in etiquette.

"Cole Did you sleep at all last night?" Cole looked up at Carr as he walked into the room and sat down at his desk. His mate, Lee, walked in behind him.

Carr looked so much like his younger brother that some of the pack females had to explain their behavior to the Alpha bitch, Carr's mate. There had been several incidents of mistaken identity that were a bit embarrassing for Carr, but infuriating for Lee. She hated having to discipline the little bitches, but who did they think they were? They knew they should be careful of whose lap they sat on!

"Not much, but I could hear you two last night. So guess you didn't get much either huh? How long does a heat cycle take? I think I'll move my room farther away from yours." Cole gave them a leering look.

Carr laughed and grabbed Lee around the waist, pulling her into his lap and nuzzling her neck. "Well if we want pups, we have to strike while the iron is hot dude. You'll know what it's like someday, maybe". Lee was giggling as Carr nipped her neck, just at the mating bite mark he had left a year before. She looked up at Cole in time to see the change in expression after that remark.

"Um, Cole, is there something you want to tell us?" Lee slid off Carr's lap and walked over to her brother in law, noticing the papers scattered all over the desk top. "What are you looking for?" She picked up a list and showed it to her mate.

Carr stood behind his brother, best friend, and second in command. "What's going on? Why do you need to know what non pack Weres are living in our territory? What happened yesterday? When you got back to the compound you didn't say a word to anyone, just came in here and started doing whatever it is you're doing. Want to explain?"

Cole put down the papers in his hand, sighed, and ran his hand through his hair. "I've found her, my mate I mean. I walked by her yesterday and almost gave myself whiplash. I followed her to her home. I didn't want to scare her. She's human." He looked up at his brother who still had a questioning look on his face. "She was with a Were, one I've never met before, or even recognize. I was hoping to find out who he was, thought maybe I had just missed a report somewhere along the way. But there is no report. I have no idea who he is, or why he's with her. He was obviously possessive of her, but they haven't mated. I guess this gives me an excuse to go find out what he's doing in our pack territory, huh?"

"If you're sure she's your mate, then yes, you need to do that. Are you sure bro? I seem to recall a few times in the past that you were just sure some female was THE ONE. Are you absolutely sure?" Carr was holding his brother's shoulders, looking into his eyes for the truth.

"Carr, did you know the second you caught Lee's scent that she was meant for you? I know you did 'cuz you told me. And that's what i felt, what i KNOW. She is mine. This was an overpowering feeling Carr, one I've never felt before. My wolf never cared about any of those other females, but he knows this is our mate! I knew with the others that it was just lust and wanting to get them in my bed. This is different. All I can think of is her face, her body, her smell. It's the most amazing scent, lavender and licorice and..." He looked up in time to see his Alphas grinning ear to ear.

"I guess I don't have to tell you not to go alone. Because I'm sure you wouldn't be so reckless as to try to contact a lone Were alone. Right?" Carr stared authoritatively at his second in command.

"Yes dad, I promise." The brothers laughed and Cole left to find some back up.

Lee was like a high school girl, clapping her hands and giggling. "I can't wait to meet her. If Cole has a mate I can be sure none of those little bitches will be sitting on your lap anymore and begging forgiveness because they thought it was Cole."

Carr grabbed her by the arm and pulled her into his lap. He gently pushed her hair out of her face and traced a finger down her face and across her jaw. "This lap belongs to you and you alone my love." He pulled her close and breathed deep, catching her scent of cedar and lilac, still the most amazing scent ever as far as he was concerned. He also caught a whiff of the proof of her heat. She snuggled in closer to him, her arms around his neck, her body pressed into his. Carr's leg reached out and caught the door, slamming it shut. "I think we have some unfinished business."

She giggled while he started unbuttoning her pants, and she took the opportunity to undo his belt. They fumbled around in the chair before he stood and easily picked her up by the waist and sat her on the desk. He pulled off her shoes and pants, pulled her top over her head and then just looked at her in bra and panties. He still couldn't believe this beautiful woman was his. He quickly shed his clothing and stood between her legs, his hands sliding across her soft shoulders. In seconds the bra was off and tossed over a chair. The panties followed closely behind.

They stared lovingly into each other's eyes, but lust and the mating drive overtook them quickly. He had to be inside her, now! She knew the look on his face and immediately turned to lean over the desk. She looked over her shoulder at her mate, wanting to feel him take her hard. This was her second heat since they had mated, and she so badly wanted to be pregnant with his children. She braced herself and felt him behind her, his hard cock sliding easily into her soaking wet pussy. She couldn't believe how wet and ready she was at all times right now. Carr wanted to take his time and make love to her but the instinct to mate was too strong and he started pounding into her, his cock hitting her cervix and causing her to gasp with each powerful thrust.

A few of the younger pack females were passing by the Alpha's office and could hear the unmistakable sounds of sex. They started giggling until one of the Betas shooed them away from the door. He smiled as he walked away, hoping his Alpha was successful this cycle.

Lee heard the young voices outside the door and smiled, thinking back to when she was their age. When a mated female is in heat, passersby beware. She moaned loudly when she felt his knot seating itself inside her. She loved the feel of it stretching her, and she immediately began shuddering, her internal muscles clamping onto his cock. His thrusts were shorter now, constrained by the knot locked inside his mate.

Carr was leaning over her and felt his wolf take complete control and shift quickly. The thrusts became more urgent as he felt his cock close to bursting. His claws raked at her sides, and he leaned forward, grasping her neck with his mouth, biting down as he began shooting jets of sperm into his love, his mate, and hopefully the mother of his children. His cock continued thrusting, spending every bit of his seed deep inside her womb. He let out a loud howl as her body spasmed beneath him.

He shifted back to his human form and gently took his mate in his arms, pulling her to his chest and sitting back into his chair. Their hearts pounded in unison, their breathing deep. He loved this time, holding his mate in his arms, his cock buried in her hot, tight, wet pussy. His wolf was happy. He knew his mate was pregnant.

She leaned back into his chest and reveled in the feel of him tied to her. Her wolf knew she was pregnant.

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