tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 06

Wolf's Pet Ch. 06



She felt so cold! Even her wolf couldn't keep her warm. She huddled next to him but couldn't stop shivering. And every part of her body ached. There wasn't a muscle or joint that didn't feel like she had just run a marathon. And why all of a sudden did her vision seem so blurred? And the numbness, where did it come from? There were times when she had her face buried in her wolf's fur but could barely feel him there with her. It was like she wasn't really there. What was happening to her?


"What's wrong? She's in pain! Give her something Jeff, don't just stand there! What kind of a Doctor are you?" Cole stood there with Karen's hand in his, watching her body shake as the drugs wore off that were keeping her in the coma. He glared at Jeff. He should be making her feel better, not letting her suffer like this. His eyes were swirling green and amber. His wolf paced in his mind, ready to take over if need be. He'd do whatever he had to do to protect his mate!

Jeff ran a hand through his hair and hoped he could explain this without setting Cole's wolf off. God he wished Carr was here, but he had left the compound an hour ago. He'd sent someone to look for Brett but he hadn't shown up yet. "Cole, I induced coma so her brain could heal from the injury she sustained hitting the wall. The CT scan showed the swelling is down, it's time to let her come out of it. Once she's awake I can assess her condition and treat her for the pain, but I can't just keep her drugged til she's healed. It doesn't work that way. All I'm thinking about is what's best for her condition, and I know you are too. So let's work together on this and not against each other, OK?" Jeff hoped Cole was in control enough to think things through, otherwise he might have a wolf at his throat any minute.

Cole stared at the doctor, the color in his eyes swirling faster. His wolf was going to act soon. Jeff was glad he had sent most of his staff out of the room. If anyone was going to get hurt, he wanted it to be as few as possible. If it was going to be him, so be it. He could see every muscle in Cole's body was tense, ready to fight, ready to protect his mate.

"Ohhhhhh, it hurts, it hurts." Karen started to cry, the pain in her back unbearable as she awoke from her long sleep. She was having a hard time comprehending where she was. She felt like a child, just wanting to cry and have someone hold her and make her feel better. "Wh-wh-what happened? Where am I? Who are you people?" Karen was wide eyed and frightened, looking at unfamiliar faces in this strange room that looked like a hospital, but didn't. Someone was holding her hand. She looked up and saw green eyes with flecks of amber swirling in them. The strangest green eyes, but familiar to her. Looking at them seemed to calm her down a little, but she couldn't figure out why. Her head was swimming and she felt nauseous. "What's happening to me?" She started hyperventilating and gasping to try to breath.

Cole was immediately bending over her, whispering to her, stroking her hair, trying to calm her. She looked up at him and was startled to see her wolf, but he wasn't her wolf. But she knew in her heart he was, he was who she had been dreaming about. Cole, that was his name, Cole. He made her feel safe. She stared into his beautiful green eyes and concentrated on breathing. "That's it, just relax Karen. I'm sorry, we didn't mean to scare you. Breath!"

She leaned into him, needing to feel close to him, somehow knowing he would keep her safe. He was her anchor. She needed him. She couldn't take her eyes off him. Her breathing was becoming more regular. She saw the doctor cautiously approaching, syringe in hand. She wondered why he looked so apprehensive. Then she heard the growl coming from deep in Cole's chest. Her wolf was still here. She smiled at him, resting her head on his arm. He smiled down at her and his wolf calmed. The doctor breathed a sigh of relief and attended to his patient, giving her some Morphine for the pain.

When the Morphine hit her bloodstream she felt immediately drunk. She looked up at Cole and smiled. She didn't know what had happened to her or where she was, but she was glad he was here with her. She remembered the night in the park and wondered how long ago that had been. She wondered why in her dreams he was a wolf? He did kind of remind her of a wolf, especially when he growled. It was kind of cute. She giggled to herself and then winced when she realized that made her broken ribs hurt. She wondered what else was hurt. Felt like it was everything.

The door opened and Brett walked in, in full uniform. He'd been at work when the doctor sent for him. Luckily for him, his beat included the pack lands. 'Hey kiddo, you're awake! About time." Brett was grinning ear to ear, glad to see his friend conscious, finally. And things must have calmed down since Jeff seemed relaxed and Cole's wolf was at bay for the moment. "People at work are asking about ya, I told them you had an accident but you were getting better."

"I had an accident? What kind of accident?" Everyone in the room stared at her, then all eyes turned to Jeff. Karen looked confused. She had wondered what had happened to her. She thought maybe a car accident on her way home from the park. That must have been it.

"We'll talk about it later, it isn't important now. What's important now is that you rest." Jeff patted her hand, checked her vital signs, and walked away, motioning Cole and Brett to come with him.

"I'll be right back pet, I promise." Cole smiled at Karen who had an anxious expression on her face as he stood. "I'll just be a minute." She gave him a weak smile and tried to relax.

The three men walked out the door into the hallway, Karen's eyes on Cole's back the entire time. "She doesn't remember. Maybe that's a good thing." Cole wasn't sure if he should be upset she couldn't remember, or glad.

"Just because she doesn't remember now doesn't mean she won't remember later. We won't know til it happens. It could be a few days, weeks, even years. And there's no way to know if it's from the shock of what happened, or the head injury. For now, it'd probably be best not to talk about it. Brett, what did you tell her supervisor?"

"I said she'd had a car accident out of town and that she was recovering with family. Said she didn't want calls or visits, the usual for the Police Department. People tend to stay out of other people's business there. And to be honest, most of Karen's friends are pack even though she doesn't know it. So there isn't anyone pressing for more info."

Cole had only been half listening. He kept looking through the window, locking eyes with Karen and trying to reassure her through a glass barrier and 25 feet. But that last remark got his attention.

It got Jeff's attention too. "Most of her friends are pack? You hadn't mentioned that before. Doesn't that seem kind of strange?" Jeff looked to Cole and Brett with his last question. "She's definitely not Were, but why would she have such an affinity for our kind?"

"Does it matter?" Cole glared at Jeff and went back to his mate.

Brett looked at Jeff. "Does it?"

Jeff shrugged his shoulders and walked to his office down the hall. Brett wondered. It did seem kind of weird. Out of 163 employees at the Police Department, Karen had five good friends. They were all pack. He'd have to think on that. Maybe when Carr got back he'd talk to him about it.

"Sleep pet, I'll be here when you wake up. You need your rest." Cole smiled down at his mate. She smiled weakly back at him and drifted off to sleep. He glimpsed Lee out of the corner of his eye. "Hi Lee, guess I've been kind of anti-social lately huh?" He gazed lovingly at Karen as he stroked her cheek.

"That's kind of an understatement. Luckily, everyone here loves you and understands your wolf is on the edge. If not, I know there would be complaints coming in left and right, headed up by Trina and Lila."

Cole winced at the mention of his two friends and former lovers. He had physically attacked Trina and came close to it with Lila. He hadn't had a chance yet to apologize and really wasn't sure what to say. "I know, I screwed up." He felt Lee's arms close around him and sighed with relief. His family would always understand.

"They love you Cole, we all do. But please try to be a little more careful in the future, OK? Your wolf needs to understand she's safe here." Cole nodded, his eyes never leaving Karen's sleeping face.


Karen snuggled close to her wolf. He was always there for her, always making her feel good. He was laying on his side breathing in an even rhythm with hers. Her head was on his chest. She reached a hand to stroke his soft fur. She could hear a pleasurable grumble from him and grinned to herself. She kept petting him slowly, and turned over, facing his stomach now. She could see the pink tip of his cock poking out as it hardened. She wondered. She leaned forward and flicked out her tongue at the tip. Her wolf gave a short growl. She gently took his prepuce in her hand and pulled it back, showing more of his cock, hard, throbbing in her hand. She lowered her mouth to it and sucked it slowly into her mouth. It was slippery and so hard. She moved her tongue all around it, hearing the growls from her beautiful green eyed wolf.

Unexpectedly he jumped up and moved a way from her. "What's wrong? I want to make you feel good like you make me." He looked at her and cocked his head. And before her eyes he morphed into his human self. She gasped as she saw him standing there, his cock hard and throbbing.

"You do make me feel good Karen, every time I look at you." He walked to her and knelt down at her side, taking her face in his hands. He kissed her gently and laid her on the ground and laid next to her. "Are you sure you want this Karen? Are you sure you want to be what I am?" He stroked his hand down her side as they laid there looking at each other.

"Cole I want to be with you forever. I want to be a wolf like you." She wrapped her arms around him and kissed his neck, feeling his pulse. She opened her mouth and bit down hard, drawing blood.


Cole wished he knew what she was dreaming. Again, he smelled her wet pussy. He hoped she was dreaming about him. That thought made him smile.

"Cole? Can I pull you away for a bit?" Cole turned to look at his brother standing a few feet away. Boy, he really must have been an asshole lately. No one was coming too near.

"Sure, news on Gary? Guess I need to get caught up on a lot, huh?"

Cole followed Carr into the office and saw Brett, Trey, Troy, and James sitting around the room waiting for them. Carr sat behind his desk and Cole took his usual position on Carr's right.

"So, obviously a lot has been going on lately. First let me just say I appreciate all the extra time you've put in trying to sort all this out. I know Cole appreciates it too. Brett, is there any fallout with the Police Department, or are we OK on that end?"

"They all accept the story I put out about an accident while visiting family. Karen doesn't really have any family, but they don't know that. I've told everyone I'll be the contact person for any messages and that I was watching her house for her. So we're OK there. I had a crew out to the house to clean up the mess in the living room and replace the window. We'll make sure lawn gets mowed, mail gets picked up. No one will suspect anything weird going on there."

Carr nodded and looked to James. "Any reports on the preserve? Any more hunting going on? And obviously you haven't spotted Gary there or we would have heard."

James was a little nervous. He'd always been a second on a detail, never a primary. He cleared his throat before starting his report. "We've seen three other wolves hunting in the preserve. They each came and went separately. When each one left I sent a two man team to tail him. The three of them are each renting rooms from single human females. They're working in town and don't seem to associate with each other at all, at least not in the last four days. We also made sure to clean up the kills." James looked at Carr. "That's it."

Carr smiled at the new Beta. "Good job James."

James looked relieved. He'd thought sure he left something out or forgot to do something. He looked around the room at the others who all gave him a grin. They'd all been there.

"OK, let me fill you in on what I learned from the northern pack Alphas. As you know, Lila had information about a rogue pack. Gary is the leader. I talked to the Alphas of the Crane and Torrance packs. They confirmed everything Lila had heard, and gave me possible ID's on Gary's other followers. Apparently, Gary was a Beta in the Crane pack. He had a relationship with the Alpha's sister. But then she found her mate. He didn't accept that. He insisted they were meant to be mates. He didn't take no for an answer. He was finally given an ultimatum. Leave the pack, or die. After that, there were reports of Gary finding others who were unhappy with pack life and joined him.

Carr looked around the room. "So for now, all we can do is continue the surveillance on the preserve and the three males, keep an eye out for Gary, and try to amass as much information as we can. James, is there any evidence they've mated with these women yet?"

"No Alpha, they're still human. They seem to have just platonic relationships wtih the males so far as we can tell."

"OK, as always, keep me apprised of any changes. Cole, I know you will continue to monitor Karen's progress." Carr gave Cole a leering grin. The others in the room laughed. "Brett, I assume you and the twins are doing all you can to look for Gary."

Brett nodded. It came in handy to have so many pack Betas also working as local Police Officers. The three of them had put out the word to the other Were in the Police Department to keep an eye open and contact them with any sightings. And by mentioning they were looking for a confidential informant they had lost track of, they had the human officers watching for him too.

"Then this meeting is over." Carr got up and walked out of the room, on his way to find Lee. He'd been so busy the last few days, he'd ignored her, He really needed to spend some quality time with her. He had his own leering grin right now.

Cole couldn't get back to Karen's room fast enough but when he walked through the door he stopped dead in his tracks. He looked at the women smiling at him. "Lila, uh, sorry about yesterday. Trina, I'm really sorry about two days ago." Cole really didn't know what to say and wanted to disappear but there was nowhere to hide. He couldn't believe how uncomfortable he felt right now. Lila and Trina were standing next to Karen's bed. What had they been telling her? Crap, who knows what kind of trouble he was in now.

"Oh stop it. We're not mad. We've just been getting to know Karen. Trina and I were filling her in on all of your bad habits, right T?" Both women giggled and Karen just grinned. "Seriously Cole, I was visiting with Trina and Karen woke up and you weren't here so we were keeping her company. We told her all the good things about you too, honest. Karen, I'm sure we'll get more of a chance to talk later. I'm really glad I got to meet you but sorry it had to be this way." Lila walked up to Cole, gave him a brief hug and whispered in his ear. "I like her, take good care of her or I'll kick your ass."

Trina walked out with Lila, leaving Cole alone with Karen. "So, anything I need to beg forgiveness for?" Karen laughed. God he loved her laugh. He loved everything about her. Course he hardly knew her, but it didn't matter. They were mates, they were meant for each other. She couldn't be more perfect as far as he was concerned.

"Your friends are great. I woke up and kind of freaked out being alone. They came to my rescue, and we were just doing the usual girl talk thing. They loved telling me about all the stupid things you've done in your life. At first I thought I'd feel kind of weird with the whole age difference thing. They must think I'm a cougar or something. But they seemed to not care."

Cole cleared his throat. "Don't worry about the whole age thing. Trust me, soon enough, you'll see it doesn't matter at all." He gazed down into her dark brown eyes. It was so nice to see her sitting up and feeling a little better than earlier today. Her wounds were healing pretty quickly for a human. It was too bad this happened before they mated. She'd be completely healed by now if she was a Were. He couldn't keep his hands off her and started gently stroking her face.

She smiled, closed her eyes and gave a contented sigh. Her wolf was here and that was all she needed. She giggled, her wolf.

"What's so funny?" Cole couldn't figure out what had happened to make her laugh.

"Oh nothing, just my weird drug induced dreams is all. I'm not very good company though, I'm really sleepy." She could barely keep her eyes open. She'd rather just look at him. Well, maybe he would show up in more dreams. At least she got a good look at him then. She had the silliest grin on her face after that thought.

"Sleep pet, I'll watch over you. All I care about is that you get well. We have forever to talk and get to know each other."

She loved when he called her pet. She'd heard him call her that in her dreams too. She felt his hand stroking her face and wasn't sure if she was awake or asleep when she looked up into his eyes. "Am I still awake?"

He leaned down close, his lips so close to hers she could feel him breathing. "Yes, go to sleep." He whispered just before pressing his lips to hers. She moaned into his mouth, and he and his wolf had to force themselves to back away. He held her hand. He would never let go if he had the choice. He watched her close her eyes and stroked her hand until the cadence of her breathing changed and he could tell she was really sleeping this time.


He looked around the meadow for her but didn't see her right away. Had she left without him? And then he spotted her, running through the tall grass. She was spectacular! Her red fur was shining in the sun. Her eyes were bright as she ran to him, tail up, tongue lolling out of her mouth. She almost looked like she was smiling, if a wolf could smile. She ran up to him within a few feet and had her head and elbows to the ground, her tail in the air, wanting to play. She ran around him nipping at his haunches, barking at him. She would run a few feet, stop, and look over her shoulder at him. She wanted to play did she? He would play alright. If a wolf could leer, he was.

They ran for miles through the meadow and the nearby woods. She was fast, but he was much faster. He let her think she could get away from him, but every time she thought she had lost him, he was close on her heels. He could see she was tiring. He didn't want to wear her out. Not this way anyway. He decided it was time to end this and caught up with her quickly. They ran side by side for a few strides and then he started bumping her body, to slow her down. She finally slowed to a walk and he walked to her side and nipped her neck. She gave a yip and jumped away. He walked up to her again, this time grabbing her neck and growling. She rolled over onto her back and submitted to him.

He sniffed her, head to tail, stopping at her vulva. He flicked his tongue and tasted her. She laid there for a moment, as he licked her a few more times, but then instinct took over. She stood and pushed her hips into his body, her tail flagged behind her. His large body dwarfed hers as he mounted, his front legs grabbing her by the hips, his mouth closing over her neck, his cock probing, finding its mark, and plunging into his beautiful mate. He thrust into her hard and deep, holding her tight with his front legs. He felt his knot push into her flesh and heard her howl as it seated itself inside her. His thrusts became shallower and faster as he followed the mating instinct, filling her with his seed. He pulled her to the ground, still holding her in his grasp, panting, his cock continuing to pump his cum into her womb. He could feel her body clamping onto his cock, milking it.

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