tagNonHumanWolf's Pet Ch. 08

Wolf's Pet Ch. 08


Karen opened her eyes and for just a moment didn't know where she was. She felt strong arms around her and rhythmic breathing. She glanced around the room and saw the wolf statue and smiled. She was with her wolf, she was safe. She burrowed her face into his shoulder and felt his arm move a little.

"Welcome back pet, I was wondering when you'd wake up. Trying to cheat me out of my fun?" His green eyes looked down at her smiling face. Having her here in his bed was exactly where she belonged. He pictured her on hands and knees with his wolf taking her hard from behind. His arms around her tightened. She would be his for eternity, no doubts about that. And for the moment, he would help her forget Gary and the horrors he had brought to her.

"I'm sorry I fell asleep. I just felt so snug and warm, that was the best sleep I've had lately." He stroked her soft hair and gazed into her beautiful dark brown eyes. He started to undo her hospital gown and helped her take off the gown and pajama bottoms she had been wearing. His eyes traveled over her body, noting the many bandaged areas and bruises. He growled, thinking of how she had gotten them. He couldn't wait to mate with her so she would heal completely and not have the scars to remind her of Gary.

"Well now it's my turn to explore." Cole gently rolled her to her back and laid over her, careful not to hurt her. He looked down into his mate's face and held his breath for a moment. He still couldn't believe she was here. Finally, after all these years, she was here. He leaned down and gently kissed her on the forehead, the cheeks, on the nose. She giggled. He loved hearing her laugh. He moved her hair off her shoulder and brought his nose down to take in her scent, always the strongest at the neck, lavender and licorice. Amazing. He inhaled deeply, and his wolf howled in his head. He felt his wolf so close, needing to have her for himself.

"Karen, I don't know how long I can keep my wolf from touching you. He understands he can't mate with you yet. But would you let him touch you?" He looked down at her, his eyes green mixed with amber. His face looked almost feral.

"I want him to." Karen looked into his eyes and knew she would trust him and his wolf with her life. She already had.

He smiled and seconds later, the wolf Cole was standing over her, watching her with the same eyes. Her hand stroked his muzzle. He leaned down and brought his nose to her neck. She tilted her head back, allowing him to do as he pleased. His tongue flicked out and lapped at her neck. The wolf wanted to bite his mate, take her, and keep her forever, but he understood. She needed to heal first. He would just taste her today. There would be time in the future.

He dropped his head and continued licking her neck, and down her chest to her breasts. He lapped at her nipples which immediately hardened. He heard Karen moan and looked up and saw her mouth open, breathing deeply. She was letting herself enjoy this and wasn't scared of him. He was pleased. He loved her large breasts. He licked all around them, moving them with his nose and licking underneath. She lifted her chest up to him. He gently closed his teeth over a hard nipple and pulled back, her nipple popping back as it slipped out of his grasp. Karen let out a loud gasp and he looked up, afraid he had hurt her.

"Don't stop Cole, please, don't stop, it feels wonderful." She spoke in a breathy voice. Her heart was pounding in her chest. He could hear it. He could see her pulse jumping in her throat and saw the lust in her eyes. He dropped his head and went back to learning his mate's body. The scent from her pussy was getting stronger, but he forced himself to take his time. Wolf instinct told him to take his mate now, but he would not hurt her. He would protect her, and to do that, he knew he had to wait.

He continued investigating his mate's body. But he couldn't get to all of her. He kept running into bandages. A low growl started as he looked at them and gently licked her skin around the bandage on her stomach.

She heard the growl and looked down at him. She could tell he was upset about the bandages and stroked the top of his head. "Cole, I'll heal. The bandages will be gone soon. I heal really fast."

His green and amber eyes looked up at her. He seemed to nod, but there was still a very quiet rumble coming from the wolf. Gary would be punished. For a second, Cole's wolf thought about going to the holding cell and taking care of it now, but his mate was here. She was here for him. She wanted him, and he wanted her.

Her scent permeated the room. He needed to taste her now! He went back to his licking below her belly and found her slit. His nose pushed inside, and he inhaled deeply. He felt his cock hardening. She jumped a little when his nose bumped against her engorged clit. He looked up for a second to be sure she was OK.

"Keep going, please." Karen was almost begging. She didn't want the big wolf to stop.

She gasped and lifted her hips as his tongue started lapping at her pussy. He had never tasted anything so wonderful before. He couldn't get his fill, and he would take all of the juices she could give him. His tongue entered her swollen pussy and pushed as deeply as he could. Her moans increased as well as the pitch of her voice. Her juices flowed freely into his mouth, and he couldn't stop himself from drinking from her. He would never get his fill of her nectar, as long as they lived.

His tongue felt amazing plunging into her depths. She couldn't believe it. She couldn't stop herself from lifting her hips and bucking against his tongue. She wanted to feel his tongue as deep as it could go. She was on fire, and only his tongue could put it out. She felt his tongue hitting her cervix and she started to cum. Some of her injuries still hurt but she didn't care. She didn't feel them anymore, only his tongue and the pleasure. Oh God, the pleasure.

He could hear her voice changing. She was moaning and her whole body was jerking and spasming. Her fluids ran freely into his mouth and he gulped them down. He felt her starting to relax, and he took a few slow, long licks from her ass to her clit and then laid down next to her, resting his large head on her chest. His green and amber eyes looking into her brown ones.

She looked at him and smiled lovingly at him, stroking his face slowly. "Thank you Cole, that was the most amazing orgasm of my life. I can't wait to be your mate." She saw his tail thumping on the bed. And then he was gone, replaced by the human Cole in just a few moments. He stroked her breasts slowly, still resting his head on her chest and looking at her.

They stayed like that for several minutes, stroking each other's skin. The knock at the door interrupted them, and Cole turned to the door and growled loudly.

"Cole, I need you downstairs." Carr's voice came through loud and clear. It wasn't a request, it was an order.

"Stay here, I'll send up one of the Omegas with some food for you." Cole kissed her on the forehead and gave her face one last loving stroke, and got up to dress.

"What's an Omega?" Karen had a confused look on her face as she watched his gorgeous body disappearing from view as he covered himself.

"Sorry bout that. Omegas are just a lower rank. They do all the menial type of labor around here, cleaning, cooking. I'll explain later pet, OK? As much as I hate it, I have to go though. And believe me, if I had my way, I would never leave."

Karen smiled and waved as he walked out the door. She looked around and realized all she had to wear was the hospital gown and pajama pants. She really needed something else. She put them back on and waited for the Omega to come with food. She'd ask them about a way to get some clothes. Maybe she could get Cole to take her to her house to pick up some of her things. She hadn't seen anyone here so far that was her size. The women she'd seen were like Lila and Trina, statuesque was a good term. They were tall with muscular builds but still lean. She was short, and by no means lean. She had lost some weight in the last week though. Well, she'd been wanting to go on a diet.


"So we need to talk about Gary and his followers." Carr sat calmly in his chair as he gazed around the room at his Betas. Trey was missing of course, and so was Troy who understandably didn't want to leave his brother. "Jeff, first can we get a report on Trey's condition?" He looked over to the doctor sitting across from him.

"Trey had serious lacerations to his throat. His trachea was punctured, he lost a lot of blood. But luckily, his healing is coming along nicely. We got him stabilized, and now he just needs to lay quietly and let his body do it's work. Troy's job for now his keeping his brother in bed. Trey wants to get up and go kick Gary's ass."

Some of the Betas chuckled at the remark. They all knew Trey, and he was not one to lay around. The nurses were going to have their hands full trying to keep him in line.

Carr nodded to Jeff and turned to his brother. "And what does Karen know so far?"

Cole cleared his throat. "She knows what we are now. She's met my wolf. He doesn't scare her. She's actually pretty accepting of everything so far. We didn't talk about Gary, so I don't know if she knows he's a wolf too."

"I think before we do anything with Gary, we need to bring in his followers. We need to find out what they know about him, and how much they agree with him. Are they actual rogues? Or just dumb kids that got suckered into leaving their packs? Brett, are we close to being able to coordinate picking them all up at once? I don't want any of them to be able to alert the others."

Brett sat in his usual chair in a fresh set of clothes. He'd had a chance to clean up and calm down. He hated when one of his men was injured and was feeling some guilt about what happened to Trey. But he had to let it go to get his job done. "We have teams at each house. When they've all returned home for the evening, the teams will go in at the same time. They have tranquilizer guns and they'll dart them. They were all told about what happened to Trey and are aware of how long the tranquilizers could take if they're like Gary. If they aren't actual rogues, the darts could take effect almost immediately. And all three women work nights, so we're hopeful they won't even be there."

"Great, let me know when they're in the holding cells. Anyone have anything else?" Carr scanned the room but didn't see anyone that looked like they had anything to add. "OK then, thanks. Hopefully we can get this all under control quickly without any more casualties. Cole, I do need to talk with you though so stick around."

Cole nodded his head and remained in his chair as everyone left the room. He had a feeling he knew what was coming. He sat quietly, waiting for his brother to return alone.

"So, Karen knows what we are, what you are. Does she know what you want from her? What it'll mean for her?"

"She knows. She's fine with it Carr." Cole felt a little nervous as his brother looked at him as they talked. "What? What's on your mind? I can tell that isn't all. She's not the first human to be taken as a mate in this pack you know. So what else do you have to say?" Cole was getting upset, and his wolf was at the fore, ready to defend his mate if need be if his brother had objections.

"I heard about the fact of her friends at the Police Department all being pack. Don't you find that odd? Has she said anything else that might answer the question of why that is? I'm not saying anything about you not taking her as your mate Cole, just wondering what's up with her. That's all. The pack deserves to know all about her if she's going to join us."

Cole ran a hand through his hair, a little unsure of what he was going to tell his brother next, or rather what it meant. "She made a comment that she'd been dreaming about me, but that it wasn't the first time she'd dreamt of wolves. At the time I didn't think about it. I guess I need to ask her about it." He let out a long sigh.

Carr walked over and grasped his brother's shoulder. "I know you'll let me know what you find out. She seems like a wonderful woman Cole, we just need to know, OK?"

Cole nodded and got up to walk out. "I'm going to talk to her, I promise. But let me do this in my own time, OK? I don't want to just walk in the door and start hammering her with questions."

"I trust your judgement Bro. Take it as slow as you need." He watched his brother go out the door. Damn it! Why couldn't he have found someone from another pack to take as his mate instead of a human? They were always such a pain. Of course their grandmother had been human, so guess he'd have to rethink that thought.


The Omega knocked on the door ten minutes after Cole had left. Karen slowly opened the door, not sure what she would find. What did an Omega look like. She looked down at a shy girl, maybe 20 years old. She was probably an inch shorter than Karen, by far the smallest person she had seen since she'd been here. She had thought all the people, or rather Werewolves, here were tall and muscular. But this girl definitely was not.

The girl was holding a tray and stood at the open door for a minute before she quietly asked if she could come in. "I'm sorry I was so long Ma'am. We had to find some appropriate food for you. We checked with your nurse to be sure of what you could eat."

Karen opened the door wider and stepped aside. "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to leave you in the hallway. Please, come in. And don't call me Ma'am. My name's Karen, and yours is?" Karen smiled at the girl and held out her hand.

The girl stared at her hand for a few seconds, then took it in hers and shook it. "My name is Gina Ma'am, um, I mean Karen." She smiled back. She set the tray down and started setting the table so she could eat.

"Gina, do you know if there's anyone close to my size that I could borrow some clothes from? I don't have any here."

The shy girl looked Karen up and down. She was almost her height, but curvy. When Cole mated with her would her wolf be an Omega? The Betas were all tall and muscular, made for battle. Omegas were smaller, bred more to be laborers. But Karen was different. She shook her head. "I'm sorry Ma--- I mean Karen. I don't think anyone here is your size. You could ask the Alpha Bitch to help you find some clothes. Maybe one of the Omegas could make you some. I can let her know for you if you like."

Karen smiled warmly at her. "That would be wonderful Gina, thank you so much. Is the Alpha Bitch Lee?" Gina nodded. "I think I met Lee once, but I was still pretty drugged up."

"I'll do that then. It was nice to meet you Karen." Gina slipped out the door quickly.

Karen had the feeling Gina wasn't very comfortable around strangers, or maybe it was humans. But she was nice enough. The aroma of the food got Karen's attention, especially when she heard her stomach growling. She sat down and looked at the mouth watering food. She savored every bit of the sandwich. She loved tuna fish with lettuce. Did they read her mind or something? She stopped eating for a moment. Could they do that? She wondered. She and Cole were so much on the same page sometimes. She'd have to remember to ask him.

She put all the empty plates back on the tray, all ready for Gina to pick up, or whoever came for it. She heard a knock on the door and got up, tray in hand. When she opened the door, she was startled to see Carr's wife, Lee, the Alpha Bitch. "Oh, I'm sorry, I just assumed it was Gina coming back for the tray. I'm sorry. Please, come in. Lee, right?" Karen opened the door wide to let her in and placed the tray on the dresser.

Lee walked in carrying a suitcase and smiled at Karen. She looked so much better than she had just a few days ago. For a human she healed quickly. She had color in her face and was so much more animated. Of course she wasn't being medicated so much anymore. Jeff had said she was on oral pain medications now. She looked good. "Hi Karen. I'm sorry I've neglected you so much during your recovery. But Cole was selfish and keeping you to himself."

Lee smiled warmly and Karen immediately felt like she belonged here. She'd been worried she wouldn't feel accepted by the other women here. She was so different from all of them. Lee was so young. And it suddenly struck her that she hadn't seen anyone here so far that was much older than mid 30's. She had glimpsed a few children, teens, young adults, but not anyone any older looking than Carr. Not anyone her age!

"I hear you need some clothes. Guess you can't walk around in a hospital gown can you?" She smiled again, and Karen felt totally at ease. Age difference or not, she liked the people here, Werewolves, whatever. "Brett was at your house cleaning up earlier this week and had someone pack some clothes for you. Don't worry, it wasn't one of the men." She winked.

Karen laughed and took the suitcase. "Thanks Lee, I'll have to thank Brett later." She set the suitcase on the bed and opened it, finding her clothing neatly folded, definitely the work of a woman. "I haven't asked, but where am I going to stay if I'm not going back to the hospital? I mean, I haven't talked to Cole about it. He brought me here, but I don't want to make any assumptions."

Now it was Lee's turn to laugh. "So you don't want to stay with Cole?"

"Oh no, that's not what I meant." Karen looked flustered.

"If you would like a room of your own there's one right next door. You and Cole talk it over and just let me know, OK?" She patted Karen on the hand in a motherly gesture. It seemed strange coming from someone a good 15 to 20 years younger than her. "We originally thought you would have to be hospitalized longer, but you've healed much faster than anyone thought possible."

"She doesn't need another room, she's fine in this one." Cole walked through the door and put his arm possessively around Karen's waist.

Karen blushed, and Lee laughed again. "If you change your mind, let me know." Lee walked out and closed the door behind her.

"Do you want your own room?" Cole stroked her cheek and then held her face making her look up at him.

"No Cole, I want to stay here with you, I belong here with you." She hugged him as tight as she could. She never wanted to be apart from him.

He hugged her back, resting his chin on the top of her head as he stroked her hair. "Good, I would have hated to put a guard on your door so no other male could go near you."

She backed away from him and looked up at his face. "You're joking right?"

"No, my wolf, excuse me, YOUR wolf is very protective right now. He's tasted you, he wants you as much as I do, and we haven't mated yet. That makes for a very paranoid wolf. Until we've mated, he won't want any other males near you."

She looked at him for a moment and then returned to his arms. "I want the both of you too. I can't wait until we can mate."


Lee walked into Trey's room and quietly touched Troy's arm. "How is he doing?"

Troy looked over to his Alpha Bitch and smiled. "He's doing great. He should be out of here in a few days. Thanks for coming by Lee, Carr was just here and left with Jeff."

She moved to the side of the bed and looked down at Trey. "You sure scared all of us Trey. Don't do that again, OK? I don't want gray hair til I'm at least 300. OK?" He couldn't talk yet but looked up and smiled. She squeezed his hand and smiled back. "I'll be back to check on you tomorrow. Don't give the nurses any trouble now. In your condition they can kick your butt."

The twins watched her walk out of the room. Carr had done well in choosing a mate. They both hoped they would find a mate someday. Troy sat down next to Trey's bed and brought out a deck of cards. Trey smiled and waited to whip his brother at poker.

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