Wolf's Pet Ch. 19


Rhys stopped within inches of Niklas Metzger and stared into the eyes of the smaller Were. The Archivist's expression was chilling to all in the room. And from the look on Niklas' face he was petrified. Rhys' arm shot out and grabbed the Council member's throat tightly.

Niklas struggled to breath and yell. "How dare you touch me. This is an outrage!"

Rhys picked him up, held him in the air and spoke relatively calmly for all the rage that was boiling up in his body. "You told the Beta to kill my mate. You will pay for that."

"I demand that you show proof. I had nothing to do with your little human's accident." Niklas knew his only hope was the Head of the Council. "Alistair, please, stop him. I demand a trial!"

"The Beta said you told her to do it. Carr confirmed she was telling the truth. You've had your trial. I was the judge and jury, and now I'll be the executioner." Rhys's face showed no emotion. "Your death will be far too easy considering your crime Niklas, but so be it." Rhys gripped his neck with one hand and turned the startled Were's head with the other, swiftly breaking his neck and severing his spinal cord in one motion. He dropped the lifeless body to the floor and left the room. He needed to return to Katy.

Carr stared at the body laying at his feet. He looked up at Alistair who had a disgusted look on his face, turned, and walked out of the room, the remainder of the Council with him.

Alistair turned at the last minute and faced Carr. "There will be no cremation Carr. Please have him buried quickly."

Carr's face blanched. Burying a Were was the worst end any of their kind could imagine. They believed in reincarnation but felt the soul didn't leave the body unless it was burned. This way his soul would be trapped inside his body for eternity, and he wouldn't have another chance at life.

Carr called James and Bryant over. "You heard him. Take him as far out as you can and don't leave any evidence of a burial site."

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