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Woman from the Pit

byDoc Redfield©

Disclaimer: This story contains SEX and ADULT SITUATIONS of a nature that may be offensive to some and titillating to others, all within the context of DR. WHO; a decidedly sexless series that is copyright 1963, BBC. No infringement is intended as the work presented here is SATIRICAL and of a completely fan-based nature. In any of the above cases, please don't sue me. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Note: Special thanks go to Lalla Ward, Myra Francis & David Fisher (for the original episodes.)

Woman from the Pit (*being a missing scene for "The Creature from the Pit"*)

By Doc Redfield & Hansome Alvin

"Leave us," Lady Adrasta said in that infuriatingly calm, commanding tone of hers. The guards and the Huntsman all exited the room, leaving only K-9, Romana, and her female captor. She watched the evil woman saunter around where Romana was tied to her chair. She finally got a good look at her; dressed head to foot in tight leathers and leggings, with a metal bodice around her slim waist. Her breasts were full and firm, accented by the deep red leather that confined them. Her face was beautiful but her features were hard and cruel, framed by silver makeup around her jaw and forehead and capped by a large black turban.

Romana was being studied in return, she knew, and the look that fired behind Adrasta's cool eyes made the Time Lady feel decidedly naked. She looked away, staring down at her own lap. Her legs were also in thin tights, lightly silver beneath the veils of her long, white slit gown. A tiny pink bodice pushed her own small breasts up slightly, further showing off the plunging v-neck of her dress and the wisps of long, blonde hair that completed it all. Her hands were bound tightly, for the second time today, behind the chair she had been forced to sit in by the woman's gruff guards.

"Well, my dear," Adrasta began, letting the words roll off of her tongue like candy. "The tin animal calls you 'mistress.' I doubt very much you know the true meaning of the word. Indeed, you seem quite... innocent." She ran a single finger down Romana's cheek, which the Time Lady tried to flinch away from. "You've had quite an exciting day already, having been captured by a group of desperate men only to escape and come to that fool the Doctor's aid. So I know not to underestimate you. But I intend to make certain you bend to my will to make the metal dog give me the information I desire. You cannot stay silent forever. And I believe I know the one fault you have." She took Romana's chin in her hand and brought her turban-framed face very close to her own. "There may be a thousand threats and tortures you could easily outwit, but you've no idea how to escape me, my dear."

Romana's nerves were already frayed by the day's events, most notably by the Doctor's jump. She could only hope that her traveling companion through time and space was OK, and that he might come soon to rescue her. But the situation seemed hopeless, especially as K-9 was damaged and pointed against a wall, immobile and defenseless. "I'm sure I don't know what you mean." She tried to sound as defiant and sure of herself as she could, but she could hear the quaver in her own voice.

"By the Pit, you are beautiful," Lady Adrasta said.

"Oh," Romana said, trying to be defiant, "do you like it? I got it off a princess." Lady Adrasta extended her arm, ignoring the Time Lady's flippant remark and caressed her cheek again. Romana turned her head away, embarrassed. "Oh, such an innocent," Adrasta said, pulling her hand away, disgusted. "Look at you. Such a succulent creature. Are you a virgin, my dear?"

Romana still had her head turned to one side, but her eyes fixed upon Adrasta for a split second before darting away. "You are!" Adrasta said, delighted. "Amazing. How did someone like you keep her virginity for so long?"

"Quite longer than you think," Romana muttered under her breath.

Adrasta's voice became cool and calculating again. "My dear, do look at me while I'm talking to you." Romana reluctantly did so just as Adrasta grasped both of the Time Lady's breasts.

"What are you doing?" Romana exclaimed, shocked.

"Small," Lady Adrasta mused. "Small, but perfect." Her hands groped and caressed, slipping under the edge of Romana's plunging neckline. She pinched here and there, extricating little yelps from her. Smiling ruthlessly, Adrasta began to undue the Time Lady's bodice.

Romana's look was one of utmost horror; cheeks red, mouth slightly open. "You can't do this to me," she said, the words coming out in between troubled, quick breaths.

"My lovely girl," Lady Adrasta said, "you are my prisoner, I may do whatever I like to you."

Romana kept quiet as the powerful, sensuous woman who - at the moment - was undeniably her mistress, pulled the pink bodice away from the Time Lady's body. Discarding it to the ground, Adrasta untied the straps at the front of Romana's dress, her fingers brushing that sensitive place between her breasts. Despite herself, Romana was getting excited, her hips undulating slightly like the waves of some exotic ocean. Her breathing was now audible, almost too loud in the throne room. Rassilon, what was wrong with her? What was this woman doing to her? Having finished undoing the thin, cloth straps, Lady Adrasta parted the dress, revealing the Time Lady's small, perfect breasts. The cold air washed over the sweat forming on Romana's chest, causing her nipples to harden of their own volition.

"My," Adrasta said, clearly pleased, "quite succulent." The dress parted down the middle, affording Lady Adrasta a view of Romana's small, white panties. They were so thin, they hardly covered the immaculate treasure underneath. Lady Adrasta pulled off the diaphanous, silver tights Romana was wearing, quickly working them free with a hungry determination and then got onto her knees. Romana felt the wooden chair beneath her bare bottom and could not help either the rush of color to her face nor the tightening of her abdomen caused by being so exposed. She only hoped none of the guards walked in to see her so base and wanton.

Adrasta slowly, as if she had no other plans for the day, leaned in and flicked a nipple with the tip of her tongue. Romana visibly jumped, the ropes that bound her digging into her flesh. That wicked, unpleasant smile erupted from Adrasta again as she opened her mouth and nearly swallowed the whole of the Time Lady's right breast. She sucked hard, determined to leave a mark, her mark, on this child/woman's body. Biting down slightly, she played Romana like a piano, each little key she hit eliciting a sound from the Time Lady.

"What is this?" Adrasta said with keen interest. Her right hand had found a small device tucked into the folds of Romana's parted dress. She pulled out the silver object and held it up to the Time Lady. "Well?" she said.

"What?" Romana asked, still high from Adrasta's ministrations to her body. Her breaths came in laborious gasps and her hands clenched and pulled at her bonds. Horrified, she realized that she did not want her mistress to stop. Finally, she saw what Adrasta was referring to. "Oh," she said, "that's my sonic screwdriver."

"It is a tool," Lady Adrasta said. "Is it metal?"

"Yes," Romana said, becoming frustrated. She began to flex her hips, trying to convey her longing to Adrasta.

"It is worth something, then," Lady Adrasta said.

"Yes, I imagine it is!" Romana shouted. Then she got an idea. "It's got three settings, you know."

Adrasta looked at her, that beautiful, hard face framed in that silver pattern. Another of those horrifying smiles surfaced on her face as she examined the sonic screwdriver and turned it on. The device started to hum and Adrasta passed her hand in front of it, feeling the pressure on her palm as she did so. Ever so slowly, she passed it over the front of Romana's panties. The Time Lady nearly went into hysterics, her whole body tensing and shaking slightly. A moan escaped her pert mouth. The hard, stiff, black feather that adorned Lady Adrasta's turban was passing back and forth around those pouty, succulent lips. It bobbed in front of her as the other woman's downcast head watched the wondrous tortures she was bestowing upon her body. Unable to resist, Romana stuck out her tongue, eyes closed, and licked the feather. So stiff it nearly cut open the Time Lady's tongue, the feather began to get very wet. This, of course, made it remarkably similar to that special place between the Time Lady's legs.

The sonic screwdriver continued to send wave after wave of pressure crashing against Romana's inner thighs. It caused ripples to form along the surface of her soaked, barely-there panties. She could feel those ripples skirt across her skin, bury themselves between the folds of her pussy and just scarcely kiss the bud nestled beneath. It was driving Romana mad. Her eyes stared at her captor with lust through tears and sweat. The woman caught her watching her and smiled knowingly, running her tongue over her own lips.

Lady Adrasta tugged at her leather bodice with one hand, unclasping it, tearing it away, while her other hand kept the sonic screwdriver pointed at Romana's mound, setting the level higher. Ripping away her shirt, Adrasta exposed her large, round breasts. Romana, feather taken away from her when her mistress moved her head, and stared at those large lumps of milky flesh.

"Please," she begged Adrasta. The Lady slowly obliged, wiggling her way up Romana's body, making sure to keep the sonic screwdriver in place, until her breasts were level with the Time Lady's luscious lips. Romana leaned forward, closing her eyes once again, and missed the nipple she was aiming for. Her eyes opened, looking up at Lady Adrasta. Her mistress had moved away, just enough so that the Time Lady could not taste her breasts. Her mouth hung open mockingly, as though a question or a command were perched upon them, ready to scold if necessary. "Please," Romana repeated, her voice harsh, filled with need.

Lady Adrasta stood up, turning off the sonic screwdriver and backing away from Romana, who was audibly disappointed. "Please," she said once again, almost a mantra now. Adrasta was naked from the waist up, leaving only her black leggings. As she sat on the ground spreading her legs, it became apparent that she wasn't wearing any panties under them. Adrasta began to use the sonic screwdriver on herself, her eyes locking with Romana's. Her face contorted with pleasure.

"You're right, Romana," she said huskily, "this device is worth something." She rolled over, sticking her gorgeous, round ass in the air and pulled the leggings down around her knees. Her white, smooth skin shimmered in the atmospheric light. Adrasta grasped roughly at her sex and looked over her shoulder at the Time Lady. Romana's look, for her part, was one of pure lust.

"All right," Romana said pleadingly after a moment, "all right, I'll do it."

"Do what, my dear?" Adrasta said.

"I'll make K-9 tell you everything you want," Romana was almost babbling. "Just untie me. Let me touch you." She was pleading, every word dripping with lust and desire. Adrasta couldn't have been more pleased. She stood up, pushing off the black leggings entirely with her feet, and walked over to Romana, the sonic screwdriver forgotten on the ground. The Time Lady was struggling against her bonds, wanting to get at Adrasta's body. Her mistress untied the ropes presently. Romana was instantly all over her. She kissed her, rather awkwardly, since she had never done it before. Her tongue snaked out to tangle with her tormentor's and was met by an equally hungry mouth.

Lady Adrasta pushed off the remainder of Romana's dress and pulled her panties down to her knees, grabbing her ass. All the while she kissed the pliant, unblemished skin of the woman who ravenously kissed, licked and sucked at Adrasta's body. Her fingers found their way between the Time Lady's cheeks and encircled her asshole. Romana's mouth opened in shock and ecstasy and Lady Adrasta's tongue chose that instant to find it's way into the Time Lady's orifice. At the same moment, she stuck two of her fingers into Romana's ass while her other hand wandered around to the front, fondling her sex. The digits slipped easily into the slick mound, bringing an instant reaction from the inexperienced girl. The muscles tightened, clenched, pulled at Adrasta's fingers and washed them in warm juices. Romana gasped aloud, the sound nearly a scream of complete ecstasy.

Not able to handle the multiple orgasms now flowing through her whole being, Romana collapsed to her knees, her face and hands dropping to the ground, ass in the air. Adrasta went down with her, her left hand still pounding Romana's ass, her right pulling off her own turban, letting her hair spill out. It was long and black with streaks of dyed silver. She flung it over Romana's back, letting it drift along her whole body.

Sliding under the Time Lady's body, Adrasta pushed her head between Romana's legs and began to munch on the light, downy hair-covered flesh there. She maneuvered her legs on either side of the Time Lady's head. Romana seemed to instinctively know what to do and began to lap at her mistress's pussy. She was a creature of pure desire now, commanded by the sensations overflowing her system to continue to please and be pleased.

Adrasta climaxed almost instantly, her blood boiling over and making her scream in pleasure. Romana's tongue seemed impossibly long and agile. Sensing that her mistress's pussy was too sensitive, Romana twisted around and worked her way up Adrasta's body, finally finding her ultimate destination; her large, succulent breasts. The Time Lady sucked on each breast for what seemed like hours. She grazed each nipple with her teeth, then pulled at them with tiny bites. Her hand slid down the flat, toned stomach of her captor. Her fingers wove through the dark curls between her legs and then traced the moist slit beneath, spreading, exploring, teasing the flesh there. Adrasta's body shuddered and she called out Romana's name against her ear as she came again.

Unwilling to be outdone, the dark haired woman attacked Romana's body with kisses and licks. Long fingers accented by metallic rings deftly squeezed the Time Lady's small breasts again, then cupped her mound and slid a finger each into both her pussy and her ass. Adrasta rolled Romana onto her back, letting her heavy, swinging breasts glide over the fairer woman's own, the nipples of each brushing against the other's torturously. She crushed the Time Lady's mouth with a searing kiss, exploring the confines of her mouth. Her fingers worked furiously at Romana's orifices as she ground her own sex against the smaller woman's hip. Tension mounted when Adrasta worked her way down to encircle Romana's velvety folds with her tongue. She slipped a second finger into the Time Lady's soaked pussy as her tongue found the erect clit and teased it mercilessly, all the while plunging the third digit deeper and deeper into her asshole. Meanwhile her free hand pumped away at her own mound between them. She worked them both to a frenzy, but it was Romana who came again, and for the final time. She screamed, squeezing her eyes shut and panting heavily as the waves crashed against her senses. The sensations took long to abate, as Adrasta lapped at each sweet drop of nectar from her lover's pussy. Romana cried out again.

"That's enough!" Adrasta finally said.

Romana looked up at the Lady Adrasta, her face wet with saliva and other, less distinctive, juices. Her mistress stood up, putting her turban back on and grabbing her clothes. When she was finished dressing, she threw the Time Lady's garments at her.

"Get dressed," she said, her voice cold. "You will now make the tin animal tell me all I want to know."

Romana suddenly felt ashamed. The passion fled, but the heat remained between her thighs. She tried desperately to compose herself again. "Will you give me a moment to get dressed?"

"My dear," Adrasta said, "I have just de-flowered you, why are you suddenly modest?"

Romana did not say anything.

"Very well," Adrasta said and left the room.

Romana looked down at her body. It was bruised in several places. What was wrong with her? What would the Doctor think? She should have stuck with Prime. She sensed movement elsewhere in the room. Whirling around, she spotted K-9 turned in her direction.

"K-9," she said, "have you been watching?"

"Affirmative, Mistress," K-9 replied.

"K-9, I want you to delete all memory of this incident."

"Deleting, Mistress."

Well, at least that was taken care of, she thought. Now, what to do about this constant feeling between her legs? It seemed now that her sex drive was turned on, she couldn't turn it off.

She wondered if the Doctor - if he had survived, that is - would be interested in a little experiment?

Hours later Romana stood next to the Doctor, watching as the Creature from the Pitt, now known to be the Tythonian ambassador Erato, condemned the Lady Adrasta to death for her crimes against them all. The woman screamed as both the Huntsman's wolf weeds and Erato's bulk converged on her slim body. The weeds scaled her figure like tangling vines as the giant green blob bared down. Romana cringed at the horrid site, even as she secretly squeezed her own thinly veiled thighs together, trying desperately to quench the wetness that threatened to begin there again. The Time Lady's breath caught in her throat, her legs becoming queasy as Adrasta was smothered by her attackers. Romana hoped no one noticed the way she had begun running her fingers down her stomach. But the moment was broken by the site left there soon afterwards; the Lady Adrasta was dead.

Romana almost smiled.

The End


(And, of course, the both of us are always looking for praise and constructive criticism, so email us your comments. Thanks for reading!)

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