tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWoman Gets Used by Son's Friend Ch. 02

Woman Gets Used by Son's Friend Ch. 02


With Andy away on a long term assignment and the kids out of the house I had plenty of time to consider what had happened to me. My reaction was to add a few extra exercises to my morning workout and to take a long hard look at my wardrobe.

I liked feeling young again and to get the attention of a good looking college freshman at my age was making me realize that with my 50th birthday only a few short months away that maybe I could fight father time, at least for a while.

I also found that my once or twice a month morning masturbation was not satisfying my need for an occasional release. In fact it was getting me more turned on by the day.

Just thinking about John and what he might do with my body on Friday kept my panties wet most of the week. Knowing that I would surrender myself to this young stud kept my nipples so hard that I had to buy new bra's with a bit more cushion to keep my nipples from showing thru.

By Thursday I was so worked up that I spent most of the day wearing nothing below my waist so that I could finger my aching pussy and play with my clit as I got the housework done.

Finally it was Friday afternoon. I was alive sexually for the first time in many years as I tried to hurry the clock along. I realized that I had not spent a single thought all week on my husband other than his daily phone call.

I made myself an early dinner but was only able to pick at it as my thoughts of John had my stomach in knots. By seven I had showered and had done my makeup and tied my long dark hair in a ponytail. I dressed in the tight skirt that reached less than half way to my knees that I had bought that week. Under it I wore thong panties that actually covered my pussy while doing nothing to hide the folds of my pussy lips. My matching halter exposed so much cleavage that I had to think twice before heading out the door wearing it. I wore 3 inch heels and a big smile as I headed off to find out what John had in store for me.

I had not spoken to John all week as I think he knew that I would need no encouragement to make the hour drive to his bed. I parked and headed up the three flights of stairs to his room. When I got to the third floor I noticed immediately that there were small groups gathering in many of the rooms and unlike last week when it had been rather quiet, the music was already getting loud.

As I got to John's room the door was open so I just walked in. Instead of finding John getting ready or half dressed like last week, I found John sitting on a recliner wearing jeans and an old t-shirt. The two beds were pushed against one wall and there was a big TV against the opposite wall.

Instead of being alone, there were 5 other guys and two girls in the room with us. A short blond guy turned to John and said your entertainment is here.

Frozen like a deer in headlights I started to panic. How could John have told all these young people about me? How could I be getting introduced as entertainment? I had this strong feeling that I should turn and run. Instead I stepped forward and stood in front of John who was still seated in his recliner and I asked what was going on.

John said his friends had come over to watch the game which would be over within the hour and then we can talk. He yelled over his shoulder hey Tom, can you grab a beer for Mrs. Johnson.

All of a sudden I felt very old. As Tom handed me a beer, I tried to correct the situation as I shook Tom's hand and said Hi, my name is Jean.

Tom smiled and said I thought John was kidding but you really are hot Jean. Why don't we blow this joint and get to know each other.

I just smiled meekly and said thank you for the compliment but I think I'll stay here with John.

Suit yourself Tom said as he found a space on the bed to sit.

John smiled up at me and said I saved you a seat, pointing to his lap. I put my beer on this tiny table next to his recliner and started to sit on John's knee. John put his arm around my waist and pulled me onto his lap. I tried my best to keep my knees together but I think two of the guys sitting on the floor got a good view up my skirt as I was pulled into position. I have no idea why seeing up my skirt would matter when my tits were almost entirely on display even fully dressed.

Before I could check out the two guys any further, John whispered in my ear --thanks for coming. I turned to smile at him as he pulled my chin to his and started kissing me. I was so hot and so ready but there was no way I was going to do anything with all these college kids watching.

John reached for my tits and I said please don't. He said I had nothing to worry about as he started putting his fingers into my exposed cleavage. Again I begged him to stop but he told me that he didn't think I was ready to perform for his friends yet.

To get my point across, I pulled back from his kiss and said stop, please. I don't want to perform for all your friends. He reached up, took hold of the top of my halter and yanked it part way down, exposing more of my tits to his friends. It was at that moment that I noticed one of the two girls I had seen when I first walked in. She was sitting on the bed with her back against the wall. She had one guy on each side of her and they were fondling her young chest thru her thin blouse as they tried to remove her blouse in spite of her protests.

With my arms covering my tits, I abruptly asked him what they were doing to the blonde on the bed.

John said, oh that. Well it seems that last night Randy the big red head in the corner with the camera caught Becky, the blonde putting out for Tom.

I asked what do you mean she was putting out.

John responded almost annoyed saying Jean, she was fucking Tom.

When I asked what that has to do with us John said the guys in this dorm have an understanding not to mess around with each other's girls, without permission. Randy told Becky that if she was going to be his girl, she had to fuck each of the guys in this room tonight.

I gasped in horror as John went on to say that she had to do all these guys while her best friend Sarah watched. When Becky is done and Randy hasn't told her this part yet, she will have to get Sarah to take Randy to bed.

I tried not to sound so old fashioned when I asked so what if one of the girls won't play.

Tom, who had been sitting close enough to hear our conversation said well then Randy sends his video to Becky's mom.

I had the feeling that John didn't want me to know that part.

All of a sudden it hit me and I asked John what he meant by his comment that he didn't think I was ready to perform yet?

John said he couldn't answer that but that I would be the first to know when I was ready to perform.

With the game on TV now in the background, I watched along with every guy in the room as Becky was pushed on her back and had her clothes removed while she was held down.

I ashamedly couldn't remove my eyes from her firm young body as she screamed in protest while each guy in turn dropped their boxers and fucked her young cunt. None of the guys used her mouth and all of them deposited their load in her unprotected pussy before they pulled out. I found myself getting so turned on that I forgot that I was in a room of college kids less than half my age. My body was aching to get a release. I had just watched as 4 healthy young men exposed their hard cocks and basically raped Becky Though I had to admit that by the third cock she was starting to encourage the guys as her young body shook in one orgasm after another in response to what they were doing to her.

I was brought to my senses when the fifth guy finished with Becky's firm little co-ed body and the guys all started chanting John, John, John.

I don't know if he saw this coming or not but we both knew what he was going to do. John picked me up, set me on his chair and dropped his shorts and boxers as I looked on, jealous and burning with need yet unable to stop him.

I watched as John mounted Becky and slowly buried the head of his beautiful cock into a pussy other than mine. I prayed that he would stop as he pushed slowly until I could no longer see his massive organ. I knew that Becky was not comfortable with the size of the dick in her cunt. I could see the look of pain/pleasure on her face as she slowly got used to the depth of his penetration. I watched as John fucked her right in front of me. I listened as Becky once again went over the edge and screamed aaaarrrrgggg I'm cuuuummminnngg. FFFFUUUUkkkk mmeeeee hhaaaaarrrrdddeerr.

I think she came three times with Johns cock buried inside her cunt. All I could do was watch and hope that I would get a turn with my young stud. God I was turned on. I watched as Johns face contorted and he buried himself as far into Becky as he could. I could tell he was dumping his hot sperm into her and I watched as he pulled out and Becky became a river of cum leaking from her cunt.

John put on his shorts, picked me up and set me back on his lap. I wanted all these people to go away. I needed John's big cock inside me. I was busy purring quiet fuck me's into his ear when all the yelling started.

It seems that Sarah had seen enough and had no interest in letting Randy into her pants just to satisfy Becky's need to hang on to the jerk. I privately cheered Sarah's spunk as she ran from the room followed by Becky and all the guys except Tom.

Tom quickly shut and locked the door.

I looked longingly at John and said I thought we were going to be alone, implying that Tom should leave.

John said, Mrs. Johnson, you are being rude. Tom is my roommate and we have no right to tell him to leave. He went on to try and tell me that he and Tom had a hands off policy with each other's girlfriends unless invited.

I think I made John angry when I said yeah right, wasn't it that same policy that just got Becky gang raped?

I knew he was mad when he lifted me off his lap, stood me in front of him and pulled my tank top down to my waist exposing my entire chest to his roommate.

He refused to let me cover myself with my arms as he said go ask Tom to massage your hard little nipples.

But, I, was all I could mutter.

Do it John said angrily.

Totally embarrassed at having my tits on display as two guys bartered over how they were going to use them was more than I could take. I said I won't ask Tom any such thing.

I was told in no uncertain terms that if I didn't do as I was told, John would strip me naked and Tom would be the first, not the only cock shoved into my pussy.

Understanding that I had no way to stop this, I decided that giving a college kid a free feel of my 49 year old tits was the least of the bad choices I seemed to have.

I slowly walked over to the door where Tom was standing, did a little curtsy and said Tom, would you please play with my tits.

I was almost crushed with rejection as Tom just stood there with his hands at his sides saying nothing.

I decided to ask again. Again I was rejected.

John then told me that Tom would only do with my girlfriends what he asked them to do. Go ahead and test him if you want. Ask him to do whatever you want.

I knew John was challenging me but I also knew that I had to get laid and laid quickly. I grabbed Tom's right hand and pulled it directly toward my wet pussy. Before I could feel even his fingers on my thong, Tom pulled away.

I took by breasts and lifted them as if offering them to Tom as I asked if he would play with them. Again I was rejected.

John looked at me again and said Tom take hold of Mrs. Johnson's nipple and bring her to me.

Feeling like his puppy dog, I cringed as Tom took my left nipple and led me over to John by pulling hard on my nipple.

Tom just stood there squeezing hard on my nipple until John asked me if I would like to feel Tom's finger in my pussy.

I cried out no, please don't do that.

To my amazement John said, then thank him for touching your nipple.

Not wanting this to go any further I did as I was told and thanked Tom.

Now ask him to set up my camera John demanded.

All I could say was but, why....

Tell him you want a video of being fucked by me.

I won't do it John. I am already in to many of your pictures.

This time John didn't ask me. He said Tom how would you like to fuck this old lady?

OK,OK I'm sorry I pleaded. I turned to Tom and said would you please take a video of John fucking my pussy? Please? Knowing full well how John would use those pictures and that Tom would get to share my inner most experiences, I hoped I had stepped in before John turned me over to Tom.

I knew I had at least gotten a momentary reprieve as John said show Tom how you like to give me blow jobs.

Knowing I would look like a cum hungry granny on the tape, I got on my knees with my tits totally exposed as I undid the zipper on John's shorts, reached thru the pee slit of his boxers and took his massive dick slowly into my mouth.

Knowing that every movement was being taped by a complete stranger, I found myself getting even hotter knowing I was being watched by another man while I serviced John's large penis.

Inch by inch, I took John down my throat. I used my fingers to pump his exposed penis and to massage his sack.

I was so turned on that I had to do something about it. I took my hand from John's balls and reached to play with my clit.

John saw what I was doing and said that my focus was on him. If I needed release that badly, I should ask Tom to finger fuck me.

Repulsed by the thought, and my mouth full of hard penis, I tried to say I'm sorry. It came out MMMHHHmm.

I turned my entire focus to pleasuring John in the hopes that he would then be ready to fuck me.

I choked when his cock hit the back of my throat. Determined to take all of him this time in the hopes that he would reward me, I kept swallowing. I gasped for air where I could but I was determined to take all of him into my throat. During my week in retrospect, I knew that I would not be satisfied just taking most of him like I did last Friday.

I had to find a way to accept John in his entirety. Just when I began to think I couldn't take any more, John took the back of my head and pushed. His cock was forced past my gage reflex and I took the last 4 inches easily.

Still holding my head, John started to move his hips as he fucked my mouth. I could see Tom out of the corner of my eye getting it all on tape. I was getting a head ache from the relentless pounding as John fucked my face. I had to be careful to keep my lips from getting between his pelvic bone and my teeth because his thrusts were so powerful that it really hurt.

I could feel John going over the edge as his hot cum splashed into my throat. I didn't really have to swallow as he shot load after load directly down my open throat and into my stomach.

When he was finally done using me, he abruptly pulled his dick from my throat. I heard a popping sound as the air rushed into the vacuum he had created.

After a degrading high five with his roommate, John removed his t-shirt and climbed onto the two beds pushed together. John watched my face as he said Tom, get Mrs. Johnson ready.

My Clit was on fire. I had to have a cock in me soon but there was no way that I was going to agree to let Tom into my panties. Dressed in cut off shorts and an old beer t-shirt Tom got on his knees in front of me. I could see the bulge of his cock trying to escape from his shorts and I was soaking wet from all the stimulation but giving him access to my lower body was wrong.

I said half to myself and half to John, I have done whatever you asked me to do, please don't share me with your friends. John was behind me and said nothing as Tom reached behind me and unclasped my skirt.

As he pulled my skirt slowly over my hips and down my legs, he smiled and said John told me that you have gray hair on your pussy.

Well that made me feel old. Here I was a 49 year old mother of 4 grown children standing in front of two handsome young 20 year olds wearing only thong panties and knowing how badly I needed to cum.

Tom reached for my hips and started to pull on the small band holding my thong in place. I slapped him across the face and told him if he touched me again I would scream.

I started to plead with John but he just reminded me how I was there for his pleasure and had sealed my fate the moment he snapped the picture of my exposed tits.

He then told me to apologize to his friend and to ask him nicely to help me undress.

Hating myself for allowing myself to have gone this far, and loving the feelings that were taking over my mind and body I meekly said Tom, would you please remove my thong. I am truly sorry for treating you so badly.

With that I allowed Tom to remove the only modesty I had left. This time he took the band of my thong in his fingers. He slid his fingers from my hips so that he had one hand in front and the other in back. As he slowly pulled my thong down, he stopped as he reached my pussy and used the opportunity to spread my pussy lips and finger my clit. He quickly realized that my pussy had been shaved clean and he would have to wait for another time to see my grey haired pussy. With his other hand he found my rear entrance and without making any effort to penetrate, he played with the entrance to my little brown hole.

I decided that if Tom's fingers were all I had, I was going to use them to get the release I was so desperate for. I spread my legs to allow Tom to touch me.

Just as I was starting to think my orgasm was going to happen, Tom pulled his fingers out of me, roughly pulled down my thong and told me that it was Johns turn.

Tom helped me place one knee on each side of John's hips as John lay on his back. No one had to tell me what I was being asked to do.

I took Johns hard cock in my hand and pointed it at my throbbing pussy lips as I lowered myself onto his monster. I had always heard that once a woman takes an oversize cock into her pussy, smaller cocks are unable to satisfy her. I don't know if that is true or not but I was quickly able to impale my pussy with John's hard member without the pain of last week while Tom filmed my every move.

I quickly buried him into my swollen pussy and started riding him like a bucking bronco. In no time my first orgasm exploded as I screamed and dug my fingers into John's chest.

Once the orgasm subsided, I held perfectly still with John still inside me. I looked him in the eye and mouthed a big thank you as he pulled me forward and we just held each other.

In a trance from the incredible feelings going thru my body, I didn't feel the bed moving as Tom set the camera on some kind of stand and climbed on the bed behind me.

With John still holding me forward Tom reached under me and used my juices to wet his fingers. He then slid those fingers up my crack until he got to my little rear entrance.

When I realized what he was about to do, I tried to get off the bed only to be reminded that John was still inside me, basically keeping me in place with his cock buried in my swollen pussy and one hand on my back. I started to cry as I said please John, I am a virgin back there, please don't let Tom violate me, please.

Tom stopped moving his fingers as he waited for John's approval to rape my ass.

Looking into my eyes John very matter of fact said, Mrs. Johnson, I am a big boy. I kind of guessed that you have never had your ass reamed before. I really wanted to be the first, but then I thought I might do some serious damage because of my size. I asked Tom to do the honors so that when I do fuck your ass, you will be a little better prepared. I don't expect you to thank me but I do expect that after a little discomfort, you will actually enjoy this.

John wasn't giving me a choice but I was determined not to think of it as anything but disgusting and vile. I screamed as John penetrated me with his finger. In fact I screamed every time he pushed it further into my dark hole.

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