tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWoman Gets Used by Son's Friend Ch. 03

Woman Gets Used by Son's Friend Ch. 03


All week I went from scared and petrified that Tom would find out that Sally was my daughter and end my life as I knew it, to the incredible feelings of sexual overdrive taking over my entire body.

I spent hours in front of the mirror thinking that at my age, I was truly blessed to have a 49 year old body that two young college boys found desirable.

The closer I got to Friday the hornier I got. On Thursday I got two phone calls. One from my Husband saying he would be home late Sunday and the second from my daughter all excited that Tom had asked her out Thursday Night.

Knowing that I would be forced to fuck my daughter's boyfriend was bad enough. I had no idea what was I going to tell my husband if Tom didn't let me come home till Monday morning.

While having that to worry about I also realized that one of the few times Andy wanted to make love any more was after a long trip. He would surely notice my clean shaven pussy.

I felt trapped.

With no other choice than to submit to my 2 young blackmailers and hope for the best with my daughter and husband I was ready for the 1 hour drive to the college campus by just after 6 on Friday night.

Making sure I packed extra clothes and makeup, I dressed in a long flowing brightly colored dress. It was floor length even in my 3 inch heels and it was held up by elastic just over the top of my tits. My shoulders and upper chest were totally exposed. I probably should have worn panties which I chose not to. Wearing a bra was out of the question.

I got to John's dorm room just before nine. I was still hopeful that it would be John telling me what to do but when I opened the door I quickly came to terms that Tom would be using my body this weekend. Tom was a big boy, but nowhere near John's size in the tool between his legs. I was disappointed that John wouldn't be filling me with his oversized cock.

I quickly decided that until I found a way to get the incriminating pictures, I would have to make the best of my situation and agree to do whatever tom asked.

Tom met me at the door and instead of inviting me in said let's get started as he took my hand and led me down the 3 flights of stairs to his beat up old car in the parking lot. I was impressed when he held the car door for me before getting into the driver's seat.

As he started the car he told me how pretty I looked tonight. He said I was dressed perfectly for what we would be doing as he headed for the seedier side of town.

He pulled up in front of a gentleman's club that was frequented by college boys and by dirty old bums off the street.

I looked in horror and said I won't go in there Tom.

He just smiled and said he wasn't asking me to. He turned in his seat, gave a little tug to the top of my dress and smiled as it pulled down over my breast. Feeling totally lost as to where this was going I let Tom raise my dress to slip his hand underneath as he softly touched my pussy which was already dripping from my juices.

I lost a bet he told me bluntly as he stuck two fingers into my cunt.

Immediately I wondered who he was going to give me to in order to pay off the debt. That wasn't the case.

I owe one of my dorm mates $600 by Monday morning he said.

I immediately told him I would give him the money as I figured having to service a completely unknown cock was getting too risky.

I thought of that Mrs. Johnson, he said. But that request got me to thinking that you could earn the money for me and by hooking, it would be a lot more fun.

What do you mean I ignorantly asked?

Well this part of town the cops kind of look the other way when ladies walk the streets. I figure if I keep an eye on you, it would be safe enough and you can be my hooker for the weekend.

Before you get your panties in a bunch, Tom said I know that middle aged hookers can't charge what some of the young pussy can. If by chance you don't raise the money, I will let you give me the rest.

I was not going to walk the streets dressed like this and I was certainly not going to go to strange hotel rooms I told Tom.

He said Jean; I am not asking you to do this, if you get my drift. Now give me your purse and your cell phone because I think you will work a lot harder for me if you don't have a choice. He removed his fingers from my pussy as I handed him my purse.

Now I want you to walk slowly from here down to 3rd street and back. I want you to make it known to guys driving by that you are available. I will stay a half block behind you and make sure you are OK.

What choice did I have? I couldn't run in this dress and removing it left me naked. I also knew that Tom wouldn't be able to protect me from any guy that put his mind to hurting me.

After coming up with 20 minutes of excuses, Tom got fed up, got out of the car and opened my door. He pulled me out by my long black ponytail and pushed me to the curb. As he got back in the car he said to be sure I gave him the money after each trick.

What could I do? If anyone I knew happened upon me in this part of town, it could only be because they were looking to pick up a hooker. The reality was I was about to become a working girl.

Maybe it was the way I was dressed or maybe the Johns could see that I was not a spring chicken but I walked the three blocks down to 3rd and half way back before the first guy pulled over. My feet were already killing me.

How much he asked as my first prospect opened his window.

Not knowing what else to say, much less how much to charge, I ignorantly asked well Mr. what is it you are looking for.

Pussy was his only response as I opened the passenger door and climbed into his car.

What do you want to do with my pussy I asked?

Well fuck it you dumb bitch. How much to fuck your pussy?

Thinking that maybe he would be generous and not wanting to sound like this was my first time, I said normally I charge $100.

Normally I pay $50 so let's split the difference. You show me a good time and I will pay you $65.

Not wanting to get back out on my feet and not having any idea how $65 was half I stuck out my hand and said deal. As an afterthought I said but you pay me before I spread my legs.

With that he drove 6 blocks to an empty parking lot where he stopped and told me to get in the back seat.

By the time I got out and figured out how to open the back door, he was sitting in the back waiting for me. It was then that I realized that my first trick was probably pushing 60 and mostly bald. He wasn't fat, but he could have lost 30 pounds.

He handed me some rolled up bills said his name was Henry and pulled my dress top down to my waist. Together we removed the dress and then I watched as he lost his trousers.

He pushed me onto my back and put his hands all over my tits before spreading my legs and pushing his cock up my pussy.

Knowing that his money meant he wasn't going to meet my needs, he pumped into me twice before shooting his load into my cunt. It was then that I realized I needed condoms.

Henry had dumped his load into me and he was done. He left me there to fend for myself 4 blocks further south that Tom had warned me to go.

Not seeing any cars I got dressed, put on my heels and started walking with Henry leaking out of my pussy.

Before I could get out of the parking lot, a car pulled up and stopped next to me. Wondering how I should clean up before letting someone else fuck me, I was surprised to see Tom.

I got in his car, handed him the money and took the wet cloth that Tom handed me. It wasn't as good as a douche, but by the time he dumped me on third, I was at least not leaking cum any longer.

The second John picked me up almost immediately and paid me $25 for a blow job as he drove around the block. My third trick came walking out of the shadows on 2nd street and took me down an alley where I knelt on some uneven stones as I gave him a blow job.

Then the evening went to hell. These two guys covered in tattoos stopped to ask how much for a party. I had to confess that I didn't know what they meant.

The taller one in the driver's seat said we have a bunch of guys at the house and they sent out for some pussy. How much for you to spend a few hours at our party.

I looked at the two guys and wanted to run. I also knew that Tom was watching and what he expected from me. I figured I would take my chances with Tom and I politely told them I wasn't into gang bangs.

Thinking they would drive away, I turned to walk toward the safety of Tom's car. Before I could go 10 feet, the guy in the passenger seat got out grabbed me around the waist and picked me up on his shoulder. I screamed for all I was worth as he threw me into the back of the car and they sped off.

I had no idea how Tom was going to rescue me but I knew if he hadn't heard my scream, I was in for a very rough time at best. I was totally out of control as they slowed down. I assumed they had lost any possible car chasing them and now felt safe.

They had already kidnapped me. I had to wonder beyond rape what were they planning for me. I was told to keep my head between my knees as they made a few turns. I was already lost, now I was sure I wouldn't be able to tell anyone where I was.

All I could think of was that unless I found a way out of this car, my daughter and Husband issues would not matter. I tried opening the back door but it wouldn't budge. I was fast coming to the conclusion that I was at the mercy of two thugs.

The car stopped and they got out. The back door opened and they put a cloth bag over my head, ripped my one piece of clothing off my body and tied my hands behind me.

One of them threw my naked body over his shoulder as if I were a child. He laughed as he said what's your name honey.

I figured that unless I had a clear shot at success, I better do as they said. I told them that my name was Jean.

The same voice said, so Jean how bad do you want to live.

All I could say was please, I will do whatever you want, please don't hurt me.

They both laughed.

It seemed like they were carrying me up some stairs and I tried to count them to figure out how far I had to run if I got the chance.

I was so focused on my plight that I didn't even realize till we got to the top of what had to be three or four flights of stairs that the guy carrying me had a few fingers in my pussy. I didn't dare tell him to stop.

They opened a door, stepped thru and checked to see that my hood was tied correctly. I had expected a lot of noise from the men they said were at their place but other than my breathing, it was absolutely quiet.

The guy carrying me, let go and as I fell, I had no way to stop my fall. I landed on my back on what appeared to be a bed. Two sets of hands spread my legs and tied my ankles to the bed frame. With my hands tied behind me and my face covered, I had to guess that I was about to be raped by at least one of these thugs. I wondered to myself if my old body would be able to take that kind of abuse.

All of a sudden I heard voices everywhere. Fingers started finding their way into my two holes and men started talking about my cunt as if I was a side of beef. Someone said let's see how hard we can twist those hard little nipples and I cringed as a few sets of hands went to work on my tits and someone started to loosen my hood.

I felt what appeared to be a cock being shoved into my defenseless pussy. As petrified as I was, the cock pumping into my wet snatch was an incredible turn on. I was being fucked by someone that I would never be able to identify and I was starting to cum.

Try as I might to not show these thugs that I was turned on by them. I let out a ghastly scream and came with a vengeance the moment my attacker came inside me.

The cock was removed and another one took its place as I proceeded to get fucked by the second of what would be five men.

The moment cock number 5 was pulled from my swollen pussy they started to take off my hood. The entire time I was begging them not to hurt me.

With the hood taken from my head, I immediately recognized the room and my attackers.

John and the five guys from his dorm were laughing hysterically as I wet the bed. John stopped laughing long enough to say; I think you are ready to perform for my buddy's Mrs. Johnson.

Before I could ask if I hadn't already fucked each of them, my hands and feet were untied and I spent the night being indoctrinated into their club as each of its six members took turns fucking me all night.

Saturday morning I left the dorm completely naked as my dress never did get to the dorm. I got dressed in the school parking lot and headed home no worse for the abuse only to now have to come up with answers for my husband and hope that Tom never found out about Sally.

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