Woman In Heat

bya butterfly©

I kiss Jim's forehead as I lay on top of him, totally naked, my skin glowing after our intense lovemaking. He smiles as he rolls me over, and kisses me back, his mouth opening mine roughly as his tongue makes its way into my mouth finding mine and attacking it. I run my nails down Jim's back hard, letting him know that we can both get a little rough. He laughs softly against my mouth as he breaks off the kiss and bites down on my shoulder. Moaning a little too loudly, I try to wiggle out from underneath him, but his big strong body holds me there. I look into his eyes, trying to read his expressions, but fail in my attempt. His head drops to my breast as his hand comes up to help him, holding my breast, squeezing it to his lips. He sucks it into his mouth, then gently bites down on my tender nipple. I let out a small moan, as Jim decides to bite down a little harder. My hands find their way to his hair, tangling themselves there. I gently kiss the top of his head and close my eyes.

I'm caught between two emotions. I'm not used to my gentle Jim being this rough with me and he's starting to scare me, yet I feel like a million butterflies are in my stomach fluttering about...

I feel so much more aroused yet a little anxious as to what Jim has in mind. Jim and I were what we liked to call fuck friends. We didn't date, although occasionally we would hang out and party. Our attraction for each other was simply limited to the fucking and mutual release that each of us felt that we needed.

Suddenly Jim stands up. He reaches down and pulls me up with him, to him, as he kisses me roughly again. he takes my hand and leads me over to the kitchen table, instructing me to lie on it on my stomach.

I can feel Jim behind me, his cock a raging hot scepter as he rubs it against my wet pussy, the juices from our earlier lovemaking still clinging to me. Suddenly he rams it in me hard, pushing all the way inside in one motion. I let out a small gasp and he takes it as compliance, thrusting into me harder. My breathing comes in shallow breaths, as my body betrays me and I start to feel myself actually enjoying this. Jim senses my change and stops his thrusting, pulling out of me completely.

I hear him laughing very softly as I feel his hard shaft at my ass, his hands come up and spread me open. I try to move away from him, but he wraps one of his hands in my hair and holds me there. I feel him trying to push his way into me, hurting me. I cry out as he pushes through and enters me, making me feel like I've been impaled with a red hot poker. Tears stream down my face at the pain he has forced upon me. He pushes harder, driving himself all the way into my body as I lay there, trying to relax, easing up on my clenched muscles. As the tears were drying on my face, I realized that most of the pain was gone, being slowly replaced by a humming sensation deep in the pit of my stomach.

I reach down and find my clit, buried under me, the table top in close proximity. I start to play with it, rubbing on it, relishing the feel of it. Jim, seeing what I am doing urges me on, increasing his movements even more.. His hands, grasping my ass tightly for leverage, were going to leave deep bruising welts, but at this point I was oblivious to the pain.

I had found my rhythm, my cadence, and was working myself into a state of elation. Sensing Jim was getting close, I intensify my pressure on my hard little bud, squeezing harder, rubbing harder, becoming oblivious to Jim and the pounding he was giving my ass.

Unconsciously biting my lower lip, I reach the point of no return, the high point, the peak, and I kept myself there, my orgasm hitting me with such force, such blinding intensity, that I screamed out loudly.

I could feel Jim behind me starting to shake and jerk, his breath caught in his throat as his hot fluid filled me again and again. He continued to pump himself into me slower and slower, and then he laid himself over me, his gentle lips kiss my shoulder...

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