tagNovels and NovellasWoman of Old Vintage Ch. 02

Woman of Old Vintage Ch. 02


As I asked Mashimoni how she developed attraction for women, she started telling me about her past.

I shall narrate this in mashimoni's version –

My mom was a good looking woman. With me she was quite free & frank. She was the one, who told me all about birds & bees. She was very easy with her nudity in presence of other women. She never hesitated to completely undress in my presence. I also never felt uneasy to be fully naked in her presence. I sometimes saw mom undress in presence of other women also.

("Amar ma khub sundori chhilo ar amar songe sob kichhu khola mela bhabe alochona korto. Mai amake bachcha hoyar byapar ta bujhiye diyechhilo. Ma meyeder samne nangto hote lojja petona. Amar samne ma anayashe puro nangto hoye jeto. Amio tai mar samne nangto hote lojja petamna. Ami make onyo meyeder samneo nangto hoteo dekhechhi.")

By the time I was 18 or 19, I started feeling sexual urge. As I joined college, other girls discussed a lot about sex and my physical desire grew. Some girls brought sex magazines and pictures of naked girls excited me a lot. In fact, I liked girls' picture more than guys. That's the stage I started masturbating.

At that time, I started feeling excited whenever I saw mom naked. I started watching her nudity closely. My mom had nice breasts undaunted by their weight and round & long pink coloured nipples on large pinkish brown aureole. Her buttocks were very large and curved backwards like a pitcher. (May be, I inherited my boobs and bum from mom.) She had lots of hair in her armpit and pussy. In those days, shaving was not common among older women. Hair in her underarm was thick and straight. Pubic hair was curly and very dense. Her erotic zone was totally hidden under the bush, which spilled over to her thighs and belly. It also extended on both sides along the joining line of her thighs and lower belly.

(Tokhon theke make nangto dekhle amar khub uttejona hoto. Ami khub nojor kore mar nangto sorir ta ke dekhtam. Mar sundor buk duto nijeder bhare matha nichu koreni. Sugol golapi nipple gulo darun boro chhilo ar tar gorar khoyeri ronger chamray chhilo sonali abha. Mar pachha chhilo khub bhari ar pechoner dikta kolshir moto gol chhilo. Ami bodhoy mar kachh thekei oto boro buk ar pachha peyechhi. Mar bogole ar niche khub beshi chul chhilo. Tokhon ektu boyoshkoder modhye kamabar kono chol chhilona. Bogoler chul chhilo mota ar khub lomba. Nicher chul chhilo konkra ar bhishon ghono. Mar gopon ongo chhilo oi jogoler arale sojotne lukono. Chul gulo mar uru ar peter opreo chhoriye chhilo. Echhara chul gulo du pashe egiye chhilo pet ar urur khanj dhore.)

I think that was the stage when my desire for a woman's body started growing. This desire ultimately exploded in a very unusual situation. I was staying at my dad's elder brother's place for a few days. I used to call his wife boroma. She was a very strong personality and a guardian of the younger generation of our extended family in the real sense of the term. She was the Departmental Head of English in a reputed college and her postion was reflected in her personality. On the other hand, she was a frank & open person like my mom and two were very good friends. Whenever they were together, either at our house or at hers, mom & she used to have bath together. But I never saw her naked as she never undressed in my presence.

One afternoon, I was reading a book. It had a vivid description of a naked woman. I felt very horny and went to the bathroom.

Inside the bathroom, I stripped in full and sat down on the toilet. With one hand I was playing in my pussy and with the other hand tickling my nipples. I was enjoying heavenly pleasure with my eyes closed, imagining a naked woman. At this stage, I heard some sound. As I opened my eyes, I was totally shocked to see boroma standing in front and watching me. I had completely forgotten to bolt the door!

It was such a shock for me that I didn't even try to cover myself. I was completely dazed and was looking at boroma without almost realising what was happening. By the time I came to sense, I realised that boroma was not making any attempt to leave. She was standing there with an amused smile in her face and was looking directly at me. I tried to cover myself up with a small towel (which was the only thing handy) and tried to tell her something. I stuttered and nothing came out of my lips.

But she was totally cool and told me in a reassuring voice, "Why are you getting so scared? What you were doing is perfectly normal. Every woman does it or did it at some stage of her life. Please carry on what you were doing." ("Eto bhoy pachchhis keno? Tui ja korchhili seta khubi swabhabik byapar. Jekono meyei ota kore othoba kono na kono somoye korechhe. Ja korchhili korte thak.")

This kind of a statement from a person like boroma was totally unexpected. Within seconds, my shock, nervousness and guilt feeling almost disappeared. I would have felt completely at ease, had she gone away. But she stood there confronting my semi-nudity with no inclination to move.

"Why are you feeling shy? Go ahead and please yourself. " She said again. ("Keno eto lojja pachchhis? Nijer sorir ke anondo de.")

It dawned on me that she was really asking me to finger myself in her presence. For me it was a revolting thing and I was awed why she was insisting on this.

Since it was impossible to listen to her and disobeying elders was not in my nature, I told her, "Boroma, why don't you go out and leave me alone." ("Boroma, tumi amake eka chhere baire jaona.")

Hearing my indignant answer, she said with a smile, "What's there to be so ashamed of? Would you be very ashamed if you were peeing when I came in? You & your mom often bathe together in the nude, don't you? If at the time of bathing you have to pee, would you ask your mom to go out?" ("Ami bujhina eto lojja pabar ki ache. Tor hishi korar somoye jodi amni samne ese jetam tahole ki eto lojja peti? Tui ar tor ma to prayi ek songe nangto hoye snan koris, tai na? Snan korar somoy jodi tor hishi pay, tui ki tahole ma ke baire jete bolbi?")

I was surprised that she was comparing masturbation with something like peeing. I wondered if masturbation was really so common.

Since I did not respond she said, "Ok, I understand. You are still not at ease with me. Anyway, come on let's have bath together. Now, don't try that apology for a cover any more. Throw that towel away and come and stand under the shower. I am getting late for my bath anyway." ("Bujhechhi, amar samne tor aswasti hochchhe. Jakge, ay ek songe snan kora jak. Nijer nangto sorir ke oi tuku toyale diye dhakar chesta na kore otake chhunre phyal ar shower er niche danra. Amar snaner deri hoye jachhe.")

Now I noticed that boroma had fresh clothes in her hand. I realised that she had come into the bathroom for having her bath. She was a couple of years older than my mom, but being slim looked much younger. She was very tall (5' 8"), had a dark complexion and was very trim except for her moderately heavy breasts (34c) and shapely hips (36/37). She was wearing a green housecoat over grey pyjama bottom. Her hair had a nice bob. She wore rimless glasses, which suited her sharp features very well. For the first time in so many years, I realised she was an exquisite beauty and kept herself trim despite being in her mid forties.

By now my normal feelings came back and I felt eager to see this beautiful woman naked. I had thrown the towel away and stood stark naked in the shower area. Boroma was now placing her clothes in the clothes rack and collecting my clothes strewn all over the floor.

As she picked up my clothes one by one she remarked, "Looks like you had a strong turn on and were desperate to get rid of your clothes." ("Mone hochchhe tui bhishon gorom hoye gechhili ar nangto hobar jonyo chhot phot korchhili.")

While I kept silent, she closely watched my bra & panty.

She checked the bra tag (it was 34c at that time), looked up at my boobs and said, "Now your size is like mine. But after you get married and have kids your size would be like your mom's." ("Ekhon tor buk duto amar moto. Biyer por bachcha hoyar pore buk doto tor mar moton hoye jabe.")

Now she reversed the panty and brought the crotch up. It was very wet and she smelled it for some time. She watched the crotch closely again and took out a few hair stuck to it. As she did all these, I was watching her with more awe than embarrassment and thought what a different personality she was now compared to her normal self.

Finally she smelled the wet crotch of the panty again and while throwing it in the bucket, she smiled and said, "You were really very hot, weren't you?" ("Tui sotyi khub gorom hoye giyechhili, tai na?")

Now she untied the string at the waist of her housecoat and took it off. Her arms were quite trim and her underarm was hairy. The hair was rather coarse and thick though not very long. As she took off her bra, her lovely boobs sprang out. The boobs were conical in shape and a little smaller than mom's. There was a slight downward tilt that gave the boobs a very mature look. Her nipples were dark brown and aureole light brown. The nipples were quite long and firmly stuck out in keeping with the conical shape of the boobs. I realised later that the nipples were fully erect.

As she dropped her pyjama bottom, she was stark naked (she, like most older women of those days, never used panties). I was amazed to see her trim at the same time curvaceous body in full nudity. Her thighs and legs were shapely and trim like young models. Her belly didn't have an ounce of extra flab and had a thin & straight surgical scar. Her hips were not as heavy as mom's but her bum nicely curved out backward. Between her thighs there was a thatch of hair. The hair was not very long, but very curly, thick and so dense that it covered the pussy completely. As she raised her legs one by one to take out the pyjama bottom, I could see her soft fold was slightly parted and hinted at a pink inner tunnel.

After undressing, boroma came over to the shower area and standing close to me turned the shower on. As we stood under the shower she very affectionately placed her arms around me and I placed my head on her breasts. I felt her affection towards me as she softly moved her hand over my back. All my embarrassment & inhibitions were now gone and I emotionally felt very close to her. As she started talking to me on intimate things, I felt as if I was talking to a close friend.

She asked me what turned me on so strongly. ("Aj kise tui eto gorom hoye geli?")

I told her that I was reading a book in which the author gave a wonderful description of a nude woman, who was being painted by an artist. She said she read the book and thought that the description was not only artistic but also very erotic.("Amio boita porechhi. Lekhok myetar sorirer osadharon bornona diyechhe ar tar songe darun jouno akorshon chomotkar phutiye tulechhe.")

"Which part of a woman's body excites you most?" she asked. ("Meyeder sorirer kon jayga ta toke sob cheye beshi gorom kore?")

I nudged at her bosom and said, "These two" ("Ei duto")

"And?" she asked.

I caressed the lovely curves of her bum & thin waist and said, "I love the curve at the bum and a thin waist." ("Sundor gol pachha ar soru komor amar darun lage.")

"And?" she asked further.

I ran my fingers through her bush and along her pussy fold and said, "This makes me wild." ("Eta amake pagol kore.")

So long she was just holding me and caressing my back. Now she turned off the shower and kissed my forehead and cheeks.

She held me by placing her hands under my arms and said, "Which other woman you have seen naked, other than your mom?" ("Tui tor make chhara ar kon meyeke nangto dekhechhis?")

I answered, "Lots of girls in the porno magazines. But I don't like those shaved girls. Once we went to a picnic and five six of us took bath at a time in the bathroom. Everyone was stark naked. That's the time I saw all types of naked bodies." ("Osobhyo magazine e onek nagto meye dekhechhi. Kintu oi kamano chehara gulo amar motei bhalo lagena. Ekbar picnic e giye amra panch chho jon meye ek songe bathroom e dhuke snan korechhilam. Sobai udom nangto chhilo. Tokhon onek rokom nangto chehara dekhechhilam.")

"Every one stripped on her own?" she asked in a surprised tone. ("Sobai nije theke nangto hoye chhilo?")

I said, "Actually the ring leader among us stripped first and asked us to strip. Two other girls and me followed her. Two other girls stripped down to their panties. The naughty leader pulled their panties down. But one girl had her nightie on and refused to strip. Others forced her to strip." ("Amader modhye je paji meyeta paler goda chhilo, se prothome nagto holo ar baki sobaike nangto hote bollo. Ami ar aro dujon or kotha shune puro nangto hoye gelam. Aro duto meye panty chhara ar sob khule phello. Paji meyeta tader panty tene namiye puro nangto kore dilo. Sudhu ekta meye kichhutei nighty khulte chaichhilona. Onyora take jor kore udom nangto kore dilo.")

As I was telling her all these, she was soaping my breasts and I was feeling nice. My nipples had strong 'hard on' and it tingled at her touch. She soaped my belly and lightly fingered the belly button. She went down to my thighs and slowly came up to my bush. She very affectionately soaped the bush and lots of lather made it look white.

While soaping my bush she commented, "Your hair here is as dense as your mom's. How hairy were the other girls?"

"Tor ekhankar chul gulo tor mar motoi ghono. Achha onyo meye gulor ei jaygay kemon chul chhilo?"

I gave her the details, "Two of them had thick hair like me. In fact one of them had thicker hair. Two girls shaved. One was smooth and another had some stubble. One girl's hair was trimmed very short with scissors." ("Dujoner amar moto ghno chul chhilo; other modhye ekjoner amar thekeo beshi ghono chhilo. Dujoner kamano chilo; ekjoner chhilo ekebare palish ar onyo joner okhane chull khoncha khoncha hoye chhilo. Arekjoner chul khub chhoto kore kanchi diye kata chhilo.")

By now she was soaping my bum and commented that though it was becoming fashionable to shave, it's better to allow natural growth. ("Ajkal kamano ta fashion hoye gechhe. Tobe ami mone kori okhaner chul swabhabik bhabe barte deyoai bhalo.")

As she was soaping my crack with a lot of care she said that once my dad brought from abroad a lady's razor for my mom. As my mom showed it to her they decided to shave each other. She and mom shaved each other with the razor using dad's shaving cream. But both of them hated the bald look. After a few days the stubble pricked so much that they never tried that again. ("Ekbar janish, tor baba bidesh theke tor mar jonyo ekta meyeder razor niye elo. Tor ma ota amake dekhate amra thik korlam je amra eke onyo ke kamiye debo. Tor baber shaving cream lagiye amara dujone dujonke kamiye dilam. Kintu jaygata nyara hoye giye bichchhiri lagchhilo. Ar koekdin pore jokhon khoncha khoncha chul berolo tokhon bhishon kutkut korto. Sei theke amra ar kokhono kamaini.")

In her bathroom there was a large mirror on one wall above a counter top and the person in the shower area could see his/her full image in it. Now I was looking at the mirror and was enamoured to see two lovely naked women standing close to each other. I was amazed to see her lean back above a nicely curved bum and shapely thighs. Her tan skin was in sharp contrast with my fair skin and she stood much taller above my 5' 4" height.

As she was rinsing the soap away from my body, I took the soap from her and fondly moved it over her wonderful breasts. I repositioned us so that I could now see her front in the mirror. I made her raise her arms and soaped her underarms. Her lovely boobs now moved up and looked like a teenager's straight breasts with her erect nipples protruding out.

She noticed that I was looking at the mirror and facing the mirror commented with an amused look that the mirror made the naked body very attractive. ("Aynata te nangto cheherata dekhte darun lage, tai na?")

I said, "In the mirror I am seeing a young girl of my age by my side. Boroma, you really look so young!" ("Aynay ami amar pashe amari boyoshi ekta meyeke dekhte pachchhi. Boroma tomake sotyi bhishon kom boyoshi dekhte.")

She said that my mom also says so. But she wondered how at the age of 46, when her son is already 24, she could look so young. "Tor mao oi kotha bole. Kintu amar ekhon boyesh chhechollish, tor dada chobbish hoye gechhe. Amake ki kore young dekhabe bolto."

Then she added, "Of course, one thing is true. I am mentally very young and physically also I don't feel the age." ("Tobe ekta kotha thik. Ami mone bhishon kochi royechhi. Ar sorir er dik diyeo boyesh ta bujhina.")

As were talking and watching our naked image, she was moving her fingers with feather touch on my breasts, neck, belly and the bush. I was lightly touching her erect nipples. As she nuzzled my body, I felt as if her love and affection was melting me down.

Now she told me that I was a younger replica of my mom. My boobs, bums, thighs, pubic bush and even the underarm hair, were exactly like mom's. The difference was only in age and weight. ("Tor puro chehara ta boshano tor mayer moto. Buk duto, pachar goron, uru, nabhi, nicher chul, emonki bogoler chul, sob ekebare tor mayer moton. Shudhu boyesh ar ojone jetuku tofat.")

She continued in an affectionate voice, "Your mom & I are really very close to each other. Possibly much more than what you all think. Our relationship is even closer than intimate childhood friends or sisters or husband wife. We share with each other what we don't share with anyone else. Since you are just a younger form of your mom, I feeling as close to you as I am to your mom." ("Tor ma ar ami bujhli bhishon ontorongo bondhu. Tora ja bhabish tar theke amra onek, onek beshi kachher. Amader ontorongota, chhotobelar bondhu ba nijer boner ba swami strir thekeo onek beshhi. Amra eke onyoke emon onek kichhu boli ja amra ar kauke kohono bolina. Tor ei nangto cheharata ekebare tor mar moto bole tokeo amar bhishhon kachher bole mone hochchhe.")

By now we were very fondly cuddling against each other and she whispered in my ears, "Have you got over your uneasiness with me? Shall I give you same intimate pleasure that you wanted to have yourself? ("Tui ki ekhon amar samne sohoj hoyechhis? Tui ektu age gopone je anondo pete chaichhili, seta ki ami toke debo?")

Responding to her intimate overture, I rubbed my face over her boobs feeling its ripeness. She now kissed me in my ears. The kiss was highly sensual and as she moved her tongue on my ears, I shook in excitement. As she continued to nuzzle my ears with her sensual tongue, her boobs moved on my body. She swirled her finger in my belly button and the fingers of her other hand played in my crack. She slowly moved her crotch on my belly and the brushing of her wet & soft bush was breathtaking.

As I panted in excitement, she made me part my thighs and slowly inserted her finger in my deep moistness. Her searching finger found my throbbing clit. She slowly moved her finger and my excitement mounted. She suddenly started moving her finger very fast and inserted her finger deep into my asshole. Within seconds an orgasm hit me like a tornado. It was one of the longest and most pleasurable climax I ever had.

I had almost fainted at the exploding climax and as I regained sense I found boroma was holding my collapsing body in her arms.

She whispered to me, "How did you like it?" ("Kemon laglo re?")

I kissed her on her on the cheeks, on the chin and on her neck to express my gratitude and said, "I can't tell you in words what a deep pleasure I got.") ("Kotota je bhalo legechhe bole bojhate parbona.")

As we stood under the cool running shower, I felt very emotional and planted a kiss on her lips. As if she was waiting for this, she parted my lips and pushed her tongue in my mouth. Our tongues played on each other like two naughty kids and the kiss continued she turned off the shower. Now she slowly lied down on the floor and brought me down over her body. As I lied on top of her, she adjusted our position so as to make our boobs and pussies touch. She gave a thrust with her pussy on mine and we wildly rubbed our pussies on each other. Simultaneously our boobs were pressed against each other. I got totally wild in excitement.

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