tagLesbian SexWoman To Woman... To Woman

Woman To Woman... To Woman

byStygian Blaze©

It's the first time she's been to New York City and the first holiday she's had in three years. She was supposed to come with her best friend but she canceled at the last moment, no one to watch her little one. It's one of the drawbacks of being one of the last single people in the friendship circle. No matter though, she's thousands of miles from home, alone and open to anything. Her friend was nice enough to give her ticket, as well as the money from her share of the hotel expenses, because she felt guilty about leaving her without a partner. With it, she's upgraded her entire vacation to first class.

She sits at the window, looking out into the night, a bit pensive and sipping on a delicate flute filled with champagne, raspberry liqueur and a touch of peach puree. It's her third one and she drinks them while everyone else sleeps, the cabin is dark and she's beginning to feel the warmth of the drink. She's beautiful with long, dark hair and milky-white skin. Her eyes are hazel and some people have told her she holds a resemblance to Priscilla Presley, back when she wore her hair dark, back in the days of Elvis. At 5'7, " her curves are proportionate to her and she wears heels despite the fact that many times she towers over the men who approach her. That doesn't matter to her, she prefers women anyway. She gets stares from both, she oozes sensuality so she's used to it. She's hoping that this trip to NY will serve to be an awakening, she feels dormant which is exactly what she's thinking when the leggy blonde stewardess comes to refill her flute.

"Here, let me get that for you.." - the stewardess whispers while taking the crystal out of her hand to pour tthe syrupy drink right up to the rim. - "Most people are sleeping, I'm glad you're not, all this would have gone to waste if it weren't for you." She holds the decanter of champagne up and smiles down at her. - "Coming to the city for business or pleasure?"

"Pleasure.. " - she says and at her english accent, the stewardess raises her brow slightly. Catching the interest, Dark, which is what we'll call her, grins up at Light, which is what we're calling the stewardess, and says - "Never heard a brit before?" - it was playful, not in any way catty. Caught off guard Light laughs and if the cabin were lit her blush would have been apparent.

"No, no, of course not. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to..."

"Oh don't bother, it's alright, really. I was just being a pisser." - Dark laughs and Light seems to relax and gives her another smile.

"Where are you staying?" - Light asks.

Dark answers, with just a hint of pride, - "The Plaza"

"Niiiiice" - Light answers just as she refills the glass yet again. It never fails, people drink faster the tipsier they get. - "Let me get you a blanket, it's a long flight." She turns and walks away and Dark leans over to watch her.

"She's got a great set of legs that one, and that mouth... mm.. I could do naughty things with that mouth.." – Dark thinks. She feels that all too familiar twinge of desire between her thighs and smiles to herself, closing her eyes to indulge in the momentary fantasy, her fifth drink finished but still in her hand, her chair reclined to its prone position, so that she's almost lying flat. Chairs that turn into beds, first class is lovely. With every thought running through her mind her sex gets warmer and warmer, being tipsy doesn't help, and she lies still, fantasizing about the woman who got her drunk and what those long legs would feel like wrapped around her head. She's wet and grateful that she doesn't have anyone next to her.

Light returns with a blanket to find Dark with her eyes closed, her face awash in the dome light above her seat. She's still holding the champagne flute and Light mistakenly believes that she's fallen asleep. She leans over her and plucks the flute carefully out of the small hand.

Dark, smelling Light's scent before she even got there, decides to pretend to be asleep and the gentle wisp of something flowery preceded the warmth of Light's closeness. She held her breath but exhaled right at the moment where Light's silky blonde tresses brushed her cheek. The brush, added to the previous moments of fantasy, sent a pang of lust straight to Dark's clit and she shifted, moaned very, very softly which in turn made Light turn her face to inspect Dark's features. The breath of each woman caressed the other, both having the precise effect on each other. Light wanted to kiss Dark, Dark wanted to open her eyes and taste Light but she did not. She didn't know why she kept her eyes closed but she did and her reward was added warmth by the way of a thin airplane blanket.

Light, keeping her eyes on Dark's face, covered her gently and allowed her hands, no, just her fingertips, to graze certain parts of her body as she was tucking the blanket around her. She couldn't help it, what she really wanted to do was slip between the seats and bury her face between her legs but she settled for brushing the tips of her breasts before tucking in the blanket under her shoulders. She couldn't see them but Dark's nipples hardened instantly and her pussy quivered in frustration. Light stood erect and looked down at Dark again, she took a deep breath, let it out and brushed the long bangs away from the sculpted eyebrows. She exhaled again and shook her head, then walked to her seat across the isle. She sat down and tried to read but kept looking back at Dark who was unnaturally still for at least five minutes and then... Dark moved.

Light watched, with growing desire, as the blanket began to move gently, almost imperceptibly, between Dark's legs. Her own clit swelled with instant hunger and she bit her lip, crossed her legs and put the palm of her hand against her sex. A quick scan over the cabin let her know everyone was still asleep and so she concentrated on the shrouded movement of Dark's pleasuring. Light watched the whole time teasing herself and when the blanket finally lay still and Dark's sigh filled the hum off the cabin she got up, went to the crew cabin and made herself cum. The only difference was that Dark's silence was replaced by screams of passion.

The next morning, before serving breakfast to the first class passengers, Light scribbled her information on a piece of paper that said - Call me when you're settled in, no one knows New York like I do, I'd love to help you savor it. The lust she felt gave way to an instant jolt of pleasure and she kept an eye on the still sleeping blanket seated at seat 5W. She was grateful that the cabin was almost empty, it meant her line of sight was clear. An hour later, while Light was serving, Dark woke with a bit of a headache to find her tray down, a wider, shorter glass full of the same drink she was having the night before as well as coffee, orange juice and a tray of cheese, bread, fruit and jam. She smiled sleepily, leaned over her chair and found Light immediately. Their eyes met and again she felt the electricity between them. Light's eyes flicked to the tray and Dark looked again, below the coffee cup was a folded piece of paper that served Dark as a vibrator. She knew exactly what it was and she felt it in the involuntary contraction of her walls. This was going to be a great holiday indeed.

Every time Dark returned to her room she'd stare at the piece of paper by the phone and she's instantly get wet. She wasn't accustomed to being hesitant when it came to seduction but after all, this is NYC, this isn't London, she's out of her element. She's filled five out of seven vacation days with the usual tourist crap and she's grown more and more restless as the days go by. She looks out at the view of Central Park and sighs, trying to summon the nerve to call her and just then, the phone rings and makes her jump in place, startled.

"Hello?" - Dark answers.

"I've given you five days and no call so I figured I'd call you and just tell you that we're down in the lobby. Shower, change, wear something nice, we're taking you out for cocktails." - Light says with a grin in her voice.

Dark's body responds instantly and her porcelain skin flushes to a gentle rose as she nods and then answers - "Oh all right, what should I wear?" - "We?" - she thinks for a split second but when Light answers that pang of want interrupts her doubt.

"Cocktail dress, black if you have it. See you in a bit, we'll be at the bar."

Dark hears her chuckling softly before the click of the receiver kills all sound and in a panic she rushes to the bathroom. One hour later, a miracle for any woman, Dark steps into the ornate lobby. Extremely aroused, immaculate in dress and beauty, she strolls at a brisk pace across the stone floor to the restaurant, the click of her heels pounding in her ears like a death-march drum, bringing her to slaughter. She's uneasy and excited and anyone walking past her steals a glance. Stunning. At the hostess she asks directions to the bar and even from behind she recognizes her. Her short blonde hair is curled into loose waves, very Meg Ryan'ish, very coquettish. The slope of her neck is decorated with a black satin choker and Dark takes a deep breath before coming closer. Light's back is completely exposed, the spaghetti straps of her cocktail dress leading to the deepest 'U' shape she's ever actually witnessed on a dress. She aches to touch the skin but instead takes her attention away from Light to look at who she's speaking with. Her jaw drops at the sight of a palest woman she's ever seen with the darkest red hair and the most catlike green eyes. Red, which is what we'll call her, is tossing her head back and laughing, and Light is speaking with zest. Both women seem to be completely unaware, or uncaring, of the appreciative gazes in their direction. As if sensing her, Light turns around and beams delightedly at the sight of Dark.

"There you are! I was wondering if I'd have to come upstairs to kidnap you."

The chemistry was palpable between all women. An observer would not doubt that they all knew each other and had many years of friendship beneath their belt. The conversation was interesting and fun and after drinks, they all rose and glided across the lobby to the entrance. Light, appropriately in the middle, places her hands on the small of Dark's and Red's back, leading them to where the doorman hails a taxi.

"Lover Girl, West 39th Street, between 5th and 6th please." - Light instructs and she sits back, her arms around each other woman, and she quiets, letting them talk amongst themselves, letting her mind fast forward through the evening to what eventually will happen. She's been hungry for this woman for a week and with Red she will have her, undoubtedly.

Red's green eyes can't leave Dark's face. She hangs on every word and in her own mind she's amazed that Light's description of her pales in comparison to the breathtaking beauty across from her. She places her hand on Light's thigh and absently caresses it, silently communicating her delight in her mate's choice of plaything. She flirts, uninhibitedly with the Dark vision of beauty beside the woman she loves and she doesn't hesitate to drink in the flushed skin of her cleavage or the dip between her breasts. The cab ride is short, down 7th avenue and through Times Square. By the time the women arrive at the club each is in her own fantasy, revved up by mutual sexual desire.

No sooner they get there, they slip among the hoard of people and head to the dance floor. The music is loud, so loud that conversation is impossible and the bass makes their heart pound in its rhythm. All three dance together, laughing, shouting in each others ears, eyes roving to see who entices them, who can dance, who's dressed well, who's making out in the dim light of the loud club.

Dark somehow ends up between them and she's tipsy, someone's given her a drink and she's having too much fun to really care. Nine Inch Nails comes on... you let me violate you... she closes her eyes, already turned on by the euphoria of knowing she'll lie with these two gorgeous women. It's a slow, piercingly loud version and she moves her hips in time with the electronic beats... "you let me desecrate you"... looking forward to later, when she gets to taste both. Nervous, she's never been there before, thrilled, her body is tingling from head to toe with just the thought, hungry, she's been craving Light since she met her. Suddenly, Light and Red pin Dark between them and she keeps her eyes closed, she knows it's her, she smells her perfume. She's in front of her with her thigh between Dark's legs, dancing against her. From behind Dark feels Red's hand on the back of her thigh, the other moving her hair away from her neck.

"I'm gonna make you cum so much you won't be able to move for a day... you know that, don't you?" - Light practically screams against Dark's ear and Dark nods, caught blind and mute for a moment. Dark feels Red's teeth against her neck and when she gasps at the pressure of Red's sucking, Light invades her mouth forcefully, starving for a taste. Bystanders begin to watch the three women grind against each other, the middle one possessed by the dominant blonde and red head who have her pinned between them. A bolder woman, a slight, angelic looking platinum blonde with dark blue eyes, approaches the threesome and begins dancing with them... "help me, it's your sex I can smell"... Dark gets lost in the sea of bodies surrounding her and she can no longer place who is touching her. She knows it's Light who devours her kiss wantonly only because the kiss hasn't been broken. Someone's wet mouth is on her shoulder, someone else's mouth is on her neck, sucking gently. Someone has her hand in her hair, scratching her scalp as they would if she were licking them, a fistful of dark locks. Hands on her hips, her waist, fingers grazing her nipples, the underside of her breasts. Her eyes closed all the while, Light bringing her through soft, slow kisses and fiery, remanding ones. She vocalizes her pleasure when she feels someone's hand invade her panties and Light moans back into the kiss, deriving her delight from Dark's. Dark cums instantly against the probing fingers and she can't dance any longer. She is acutely aware that there is more than one hand against her soaked pussy and she's dropped her drink, is clinging to Light as she's being kissed. The taste of her own juices is added to the slight alcohol taste of Light's kisses and now she can't breathe. The orgasm just serves to build more need. She's unsure when the circle breaks up, maybe it's when the song ends, but Red and Light continue to cradle her closely, kissing her, whispering and touching. She's lead out of the club sometime later, intoxicated not by alcohol but by the high of being the center of desire in a room full of women. The high of being taken out of her comfort shell and the pleasure it gave her.

In the cab ride, much to the delight of the driver, all three women touch each other languidly, they kiss each other one by one, the red head with the blonde, the brunette with her fingers in their mouths, part of the intimacy. Dark with Red, both watching Light get more turned on by the second. Keeping their clothes on they pet each other and each one of the women knows exactly, with one fleeting touch, how wet the other is.

When they cross the lobby a second time, Light is again in the middle, holding both women close by their waists. They get second glances from the front desk and the doorman as well as the man working the elevator. Each and every one of them savor the sight and wish, for longer than proper, they were invited to that particular room... if just to watch.

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