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Women Everywhere

byjenny blyth©

Michael Castleman was a 22-year-old senior working the 4PM to 12AM shift in a small convenience store near St. John's University on Union Turnpike in Queens, New York. On a Wednesday night in late June at about 1115PM three women, Pamela Parker, Janet Baldwin and Joy Cloud walked into the store.

Pamela Parker was a 28 year old, 5'7" green eyed blonde with a 136#, 36-24-34 body. Pamela was wearing a black long sleeved low-scooped midriff top that buckled at the cleavage, a pair of skintight bleached blue jeans and a pair of red 4" high heels. Her blonde hair was shoulder length with bangs. She was wearing pink nail polish, pink lipstick and perfume.

Janet Baldwin was a 26 year old, 5'6" blue eyed blonde with a 134#, 34- 23-32 body. Janet was wearing a multi-colored long sleeved, turtleneck, plush knit chenille sweater that tapered at the waist, a pair of black stretch vinyl leggings and a pair of black 4" high heels. Her blonde hair was shoulder length and teased. She was wearing red nail polish, pink lipstick and perfume.

Joy Cloud was a 28-year-old, 5'7" Afro-American with a 135# and 34-24-34 body. She had long black loosely braided hair. Joy was wearing a ruffled white lace blouse with a squared neckline and see through lace sleeves with elastic cuffs, a blue denim mini skirt and a pair of white 4" high heels. She was wearing clear nail polish, red lipstick and perfume.

Pamela, Janet and Joy strolled through the store like they owned the place and after about ten minutes, when they were the only people in the store besides Michael, they came to the front counter with a six pack of Diet Coke. Pamela placed the six-pack of Diet Coke on the counter and leaned over the counter and smiled at the 5'10", 172# Michael.

"Don't you get bored working in a place like this?" Pamela cooed.

Pamela's perfume wafted into Michael's nostrils.

"Sometimes I do," Michael smiled. "But it's not too bad my shift is almost over."

Pamela paid for the Diet Coke and she and Joy and Janet disappeared through the front door as quickly as they had arrived. At midnight Michael's relief arrived and after about ten minutes Michael said good night. As Michael walked through the dark parking lot headed for his car he suddenly found himself surrounded by Janet, Pamela and Joy. Before he could react Joy grabbed his right arm and Pamela grabbed his left arm.

"Let's go," Joy said.

"Hey what the hell," Michael said.

"You're coming with us," Pamela said.

Michael struggled to break free from Joy and Pamela's grip as they dragged him towards their recreational vehicle.

"Hold him still a second," Janet said.

Janet stepped in front of Michael with her hands on her hips and smiled as Michael continued to struggle.

"Are you going to be a good boy?" Janet asked.

"Let me go," Michael demanded.

"I guess not," Janet said.

Janet balled her small hand into a small fist and drove it into Michael's belly knocking the wind out of him. Pamela and Joy dragged Michael over to their recreational vehicle and pulled him inside. Pamela closed the door got in the front seat and drove off. Pamela and Joy shoved Michael onto the couch. Michael looked around the interior of the RV to get his bearings. Across from where he was sitting was the door they pulled him through. To the left of the door was a wall and to the right of the door was a large window white a blue shade and white curtains. To his left was the front of the RV. Along the front was a small stove and sink. There was a table and four chairs in front of the stove and sink. Next to the sink was a door leading to the front of the RV where Pamela was driving. To Michael's right was a large wall with a pull out bed. To the left of the couch was small fridge, to the right of the couch was a table. The floor had a pink shag rug. Standing in front of Michael with smiles on their faces were Janet and Joy. Michael smiled back and started to rise from the couch but Joy quickly reached down with her right hand and grabbed his balls, through his jeans, squeezing them painfully.

"Just stay where you are," Joy said.

"OK, OK," Michael said.

Michael sat back down and could feel the RV moving along but could not tell where they were going since the shade on the window across from him was pulled down.

"Have you ever had three women at once?" Joy grinned.

"Uh, no," Michael replied. "I'm loyal to my girlfriend."

"Did you hear that, Janet," Joy laughed. "Our little boy has himself a little sweetheart and he is loyal to her."

"Well you are about to be disloyal, honey," Janet laughed.

Michael blushed.

"Why I think he's shy, Joy," teased Janet.

Joy eased her grip a little on Michael's balls.

"Are you shy, dear?" Joy asked.

Michael's face got redder but he did not say anything. Joy squeezed his balls painfully once again.

"Are you?" Joy asked.

"Yes," Michael cried. "I'm shy."

This response made Janet and Joy smile. The RV stopped and Pamela came into the living section.

"How are we doing back here?" Pamela asked.

"Just waiting for you," Joy responded with a smile.

"Did you know our friend has a girlfriend, Pamela?" Janet asked.

"So what?" Pamela said with smile. "Let's get his shirt off."

Pamela walked over to where Michael was sitting on the couch. She leaned down and grabbed the bottom of his red T-shirt.

"Raise your arms," Pamela said.

Joy applied warning pressure to Michael's balls and he raised his hands as Pamela pulled his T-shirt over his head and off.

"Why look at this, ladies," Janet said. "He has no hair on his chest. "

"How cute," Joy said.

Joy ran her soft feminine left hand along Michael's' hairless chest and belly.

"What do you ladies want?" Michael asked.

"You'll find out," Joy said. "Now stand up?"

Michael stood up but Joy kept a grip on his balls killing any thoughts Michael may have had in escaping as Joy stepped backwards Michael was forced to step forward. Pamela stepped behind him, grabbing his right arm and twisting it painfully behind his back. She wrapped her feminine but strong left arm tightly around his neck. Michael could feel the soft hairs of Pamela's forearm under his chin.

"Ahhh----,"Michael cried out.

"Just be a good," Pamela said. "By the way what's your name?"

"My name is Michael," Michael gasped.

Janet lowered the bed that was hidden in the wall as Joy removed her right hand from Michael's balls. While Pamela held Michael in check Joy unzipped his jeans and pulled out his cock with her right hand. Joy's brown right hand contrasted sharply with Michael's white cock. Her soft and cool palm around his flaccid and warm cock caused Michael's cock to harden.

"My, my," Joy teased." It looks like Michael is excited and Joy is going to check him out."

Joy unbuckled Michael's belt and undid his button. She yanked his pants and under shorts down. Michael's cock and balls were now exposed. Janet came over removed his shoes and socks and Joy pulled Michael's jeans completely off.

"Please," Michael begged.

"Shut up," Janet laughed.

Janet placed her soft hands on Michael's cheeks and kissed Michael forcefully cutting off all his protests. She worked her tongue into his mouth and found his tongue. Joy knelt down in front of Michael, took his cock and put it in her mouth. Joy sucked Michael's cock deep into her throat. Michael struggled against Janet and Joy but Pamela held him in check.

"Come on, honey," Pamela said. "Enjoy it."

Michael suddenly found himself on his back on the bed. Janet laid across his stomach holding him down while Pamela tied his hands to the top two corners of the bed with silk stockings and Joy did the same with his ankles to the two lower corners of the bed.

"No," Michael gasped. "Please stop."

"Get used to it," Pamela said.

"Hell," Joy laughed. "We're just getting warmed up."

Michael watched with a mixture of fear and amazement as Pamela removed her top. Janet slowly got off of Michael and was replaced by Pamela who straddled his waist. Pamela lowered her breasts to Michael's mouth.

"Worship them," Pamela ordered.

Pamela shoved her right breast into Michael's mouth and he started to suck it. Soon his mouth was filled with Pamela's fleshly breast.

"Oh yeah," Pamela moaned. "Do it."

While Michael was occupied with Pamela, Joy and Janet stripped down to their panties. Joy was wearing pink panties and Janet was wearing blue panties. Janet started to suck Michael's cock while Joy massaged his balls. Pamela pulled her breast from Michael's mouth and Joy pressed her breasts over his face smothering him. Michael smelled Joy's sweet perfumed breasts as she rubbed them into his face while Janet sucked him off with vengeance. Pamela removed the rest of her clothes and came back over.

"Move over, Joy," Pamela said.

As Joy moved away Pamela towered over Michael's face.

"Mama is going to give you a taste of the real thing," Pamela said.

Pamela lowered her succulent pussy onto Michael's face.

"Eat me out, Michael," Pamela demanded.

Michael did as he was told and Janet continued to work on his cock. Just as Michael was about to cum Janet pulled away and left him high and dry.

"Sorry," Janet teased. "But you are here to please us, not to be pleased."

Joy and Janet removed their panties as they watched as Pamela continued to press her pussy into Michael's face and Michael continued to eat Pamela out. Pamela was moaning in ecstasy. Michael slowly lost his erection and Joy went to work between his legs. She hovered right above his cock rubbing his swollen head against her pussy tantalizing him. Just when Michael thought he could not take anymore Joy slid down and took his, now once again hard cock, inside her pussy. Michael's' whole body jolted prompting him to shove his tongue further then ever into Pamela's pussy.

"Oh my god," Pamela yelled. "Yes."

Janet untied Michael's right hand and pushed it between her thighs. She guided his fingers expertly steering them right to her stiff clit. Michael stroked it and Janet groaned in ecstasy.

"Oh, yeah," Janet moaned. "That's the way. That's it."

Michael was lost in a sea of female flesh as he licked and thrust and fingered until he finally exploded inside of Joy. Pamela was right there with him writhing against his mouth until she had an orgasm. Janet humped Michael's fingers until she also had an orgasm. When it was all over Janet, Pamela and Joy fell in a heap on top of Michael. Joy gave his balls a painful squeeze.

"Don't you dare tell anybody what happened," Joy said. "Do you understand me?"

"Yes," Michael answered.

They then untied him and dumped Michael in the middle of Forest Park, about six miles from where they had kidnapped him and drove off.

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