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Women in White


The author asserts the moral right to be identified as the author of this work.

This is a work of fiction. The events described here are imaginary; the settings and characters are fictitious and are not intended to represent specific places or living persons.

* * * * *

My rich uncle Ken has three lovely daughters and a ruined castle. I have been friends with the daughters since each was born. They regard me as the elder brother they never had. The way they treat me, Anne, Emma, and Maureen could be my real sisters.

I didn't know his castle. He has been renting it and the surrounding land for a month and has an option to buy it all within the next six months.

It is a genuine 13th century castle, towers, moat, drawbridge, the lot. It is virtually unknown despite being in the South East of England. Access to it is difficult and until recently it was in an Army exercise zone. Anyone trying to reach it could have been shot or blown up. The Army had just returned the surrounding land to the heirs of the original 19th century owners who had lent the area to the army during the Napoleonic Wars. Uncle Ken had seen his opportunity and put in an offer almost before the heirs knew they had the land back.

His intention was to turn it into a knights and ladies theme park with the castle as centrepiece. He might have difficulty with the conservation bodies or perhaps not. His brother in law is the Chairman of the most important body. Ken would not be at loss for advice.

The locals said that the castle is haunted by not just a lady in white but two or three. Some elderly former soldiers claimed to have seen things around the castle while on sentry duty. One had even challenged a lady who vanished. His mates discounted the story saying he had been drunk that night.

Ken didn't believe in ghosts but knew a selling point when he heard one. If there were ghosts, so much the better for Ken and his theme park. He, his daughters and I plotted together.

The three daughters had acceptable but dilatory suitors. Why the men were such diffident lovers I don't know. Anne, Emma and Maureen were attractive and willing enough. Perhaps their suitors were scared of Ken. He was known for his temper and fiery outbursts. I understood him well and had endured the worst he could produce, giving as good as I got. To those who didn't know him so well he could be terrifying and his status as a multi-millionaire, a life peer and chairman of more companies than there are days in a month could be daunting. No one except Ken and his tame accountants knew how much Ken was worth. Sometimes I doubted the accountants knew the full truth.

The plot was set for Halloween. My cousins would invite their boyfriends and I to spend the night in the 'haunted' castle. The idea was for the men to prove they were worthy. Rubbish! – It didn't take much persuasion for the three swains to accept the challenge. I was included to be the apparent fourth and actually the stunt arranger and my cousins' man on the inside.

Against the inside of one of the castle walls were the only inhabitable rooms. It had been an army guardhouse with single cells. The main guardroom faced the castle courtyard. Through a door at the back of that room was a long corridor, passing the cells, that connected at each end to the stairs in the two best preserved towers, the Well Tower and the Postern Tower. The towers were also linked by the only part of the wall walk that could be traversed. One at least of the women in white was supposed to walk along that wall before disappearing into the Postern Tower.

Us four men would make up beds in four of the cells and wait for the ghostly manifestations. If one of us saw something we were supposed to call the others to assemble in the guardroom.

That was the story. Even if we saw nothing the men would have proved their courage. But if we did see something we would have four witnesses and Uncle Ken would be delighted. He might even be delighted enough to be approachable about his daughters' marriages. I knew, and his daughters knew, that he was happy with the three prospective sons-in-law. He just wanted to be asked.

Anne, Emma, and Maureen intended that their men should prove something else on Halloween night. I would be the only solitary sleeper that night.

The whole event was a set-up. The women made the beds. I and Jack, a professional sound and lighting man, wired the castle for a delicate hint of son et lumiere effects to get the men in the right mood for the women to appear. Jack wasn't sure that this was necessary. He felt that the castle was eerie enough without additional effects. Closing the place in the late evening I could see what Jack meant. Every corner hid a shadow; there were unexplained temperature changes and a constant succession of small sounds as the fabric adapted to the change from day to night. I never felt that I was wholly alone and perhaps someone or something was watching me.

One evening I was clearing up after Jack had left. I was sure I heard the rustle of a woman's dress. As I looked round I thought I caught a glimpse of a white hem vanishing around a corner. I wrote it off as an over-active imagination when I was tired.

On Halloween I brought the men, Ernest, Albert and Ralph to the castle after dark. Uncle Ken had provided a cold collation and plenty of drink. The selection of Scotch was impressive. They sampled a dozen or so single malts and by eleven we were well oiled and ready for anything. The hurricane lamps and candles burned unwaveringly in the still air.

Anne, Emma and Maureen arrived bearing a large Thermos flask of cocoa as a bedtime drink. They were dressed in jeans and sweatshirts but still looked very attractive. Their individual perfumes were obvious. I had to avert my eyes from the goodnight kisses. The men were left in no doubt what the women's intentions were.

As the women left I ostentatiously bolted the outer door on the inside with a hefty clang. I didn't drink any of the cocoa and watched with amusement as Ernest, Albert and Ralph succumbed to the effects of the drug and the quantities of Scotch.

At midnight I slid back the bolt and Anne, Emma and Maureen came back bearing large sports bags. The four of us carried each of the sleeping men to their beds. I started up the sound and light effects as the women stripped the men and lashed them to the beds with pantyhose. They should be recovering in about an hour's time.

My three cousins took over the guardroom while they changed. Emma called me when they were ready. Even though I knew what to expect their appearance was a shock. Their faces were whitened, their eyes lined in black, their hair covered by white headscarves. They were dressed in layers of white silk draperies flowing around their bodies. Anne twirled to show the extent of the yards of material. The final touches were silk gloves and a hood of veiling over their heads.

The room was heavily perfumed with Chanel No. 5. They had chosen it as being an 'old' perfume they wouldn't normally use. I think they had overdone the application but I was stone cold sober. Ernest, Albert and Ralph probably wouldn't notice with the effect of quantities of good Scotch and the drugged cocoa. I had been drinking cold tea whenever they had whisky. It looked the same but had no alcohol content.

Maureen gave me my own flask of cocoa as I returned to my lonely bed. I drank a couple of cups and lay down, listening appreciatively to the sound effects of a moaning wind, rustling trees, odd clanks and creaks. I blew out the hurricane lamp that added its own faint sounds as it cooled down. The artificial light effects produced mysterious glows and glimmers as the computerised system worked. I would have been impressed if I hadn't help set up the effect. From time to time the castle's own noises added to the atmosphere.

Suddenly I was aware that something was wrong. My limbs were not responding as they should. My cousins must have drugged my cocoa too. Why? They would be busy, each with their own man. Why me? I was still just conscious when the three of them swept into my room. Emma was carrying a five candle candelabra. She set it down carefully. They handled me firmly, stripping me bare and tying a length of wide white silk ribbon around my ankles and to the bed frame. I tried to object. Anne's lips pressed against mine, kissed me, and then whispered in my ear.

"Just relax, Mike. We're sorry to do this to you. We don't want an audience while we have fun. We'll let you free in the morning. Goodnight. Sleep well."

Anne kissed me again. Maureen and Emma had used more ribbon around my waist and tied my wrists to my sides. They kissed me. I enjoyed their kisses even though I was furious with them.

Emma stuffed my mouth with a white silk scarf and tied another one over my lower face. Maureen pulled up the sheet and blankets and tucked me in efficiently. My feeble grunts were almost unheard as they slid out of my room in a susurration of silk. I wanted to protest that I didn't deserve this treatment. I couldn't struggle against my bonds. I couldn't make enough noise to be heard even above the faint sound effects. I was a helpless prisoner raging against my cousins. What I would like to do to them... Despite my fury, within a few minutes I was asleep.

I have to rely on the men's accounts of what happened to them while I was drugged, trussed and asleep. We were sitting in an empty public house lounge waiting for my three cousins who had decided to tackle their father en masse. We had all drunk too much and that, and the three men's nervousness, loosened our tongues.


"I expected that Anne and her sisters were plotting something for Halloween. I, and the others, are not as pathetic as Mike has shown us. I had proposed to Anne. She wanted her father's consent before we became engaged. I wasn't afraid of her father. I had asked him. He insisted that I should demonstrate my capability to manage Anne by getting her to argue with him for me, and she had to win the argument. His condition was that I should not tell Anne of this request. I had to manipulate Anne so that she would face him. If I could, he would give his consent.

Managing Anne isn't easy. She is her father's daughter and as bloody-minded as he can be if less confrontational about it. From him you could expect a tongue-lashing and fierce debate. Anne would be sullen and obstinate, hinting disagreement instead of voicing it. Persuading her to do something she didn't want to do was hard to learn but I was getting there.

The challenge of spending Halloween night in their father's haunted castle was an obvious set-up. We knew something would happen and suspected that Mike and the women were involved. So what? We would play along. I enjoyed the Scotch. It was wonderful to taste so many rare single malts and I drunk a little too much. I didn't expect the cocoa to be drugged and the whisky had dulled my perception enough for me not to notice if there had been any unusual taste. What was unusual was Anne giving me cocoa. Soon afterwards I was unconscious.

I came to on that bed to the faint sounds of a howling wind and other noises off. At first they worked as intended. In my half-awake state they had the right atmosphere for Halloween. A small candle by the door gave the game away. It was burning in still air. If the wind had been blowing as the noises suggested it should have been flickering or even blown out.

By its light I could see that I had been tied to the bed with pantyhose. That was another mistake. Ancient ghosts don't use or wear pantyhose. As soon as I identified my bonds I knew that a modern woman, probably Anne, was responsible. I tested my bonds until I knew I was unable to escape. My mouth was silenced with a silk gag. I enjoyed the sensation of being helpless for a few minutes. After half an hour I was annoyed and struggling. After an hour my muscles were screaming for release. All my writhing had done was tighten my bonds.

When Anne entered the room in her white 'ghost' outfit something leapt in response. I wanted to scream at her to release me yet I had an instant erection. I was at her mercy and she wouldn't have gone to this much trouble unless she intended some real action. I would have laughed if I could as she swished across the room in her enveloping silks. Her white veiled face appeared above mine. Even through her wrappings I knew this was my Anne.

Her silk-gloved hands stripped the bedclothes away revealing my excitement. Her fingers touched it and flinched away. Her hands stroked my body and I groaned into the gag as I tried to prevent the inevitable. She knew that I was close, too close, and hauled up the masses of white silk before impaling herself. I came into her within seconds, unable to hold back.

She sat back on my hips.

"You're not frightened, are you?" She whispered.

I shook my head.

"You knew who I am?"

I nodded.

"Blast!" she hissed, ripping off her hood and showing her whitened face. "I needn't have gone to all this trouble. How did you know?"

I couldn't answer that. I bucked my hips under her.

"OK! OK! I'll remove your gag. Just hold still."

Anne leant forward. Her swathed breasts pressed against my naked torso as she worked at the knot holding my gag in place. Even through the layers of silk I could feel her hard nipples.

She pulled the scarf off my head and eased the silk out of my mouth. I had to swallow a few times before I could speak. Even before I could, her lips pressed against mine and her tongue explored. Her muscles clamped around my returning erection.

When she sat back I said "Now what? I'm helpless. What do you intend to do?"

"Work on you until you ask my father for my hand in marriage?" she suggested.

"I already have." I retorted before I thought that I shouldn't say that.

"You have?" Anne was genuinely surprised. "When?"

"Months ago," I said.

"Months ago? And he hasn't said 'Yes' or 'No'?"

Anne's silk-gloved hand covered my mouth.

"Keep quiet while I think about this. You hadn't told me, so it must have been because Dad asked you not to. He can't have said 'No' because he would have told me to drop you. He must have set you a task. That is the sort of stupid idea he'd have. You haven't told what the task is, so he must have insisted you didn't tell me. Am I right?"

Her hand didn't move. I raised my eyebrows.

"OK, Ernest. Now is a time for decisions. Do you want to marry me?"

I nodded as far as her hand would let me.

"Then you have to choose. Do you obey my father's wishes or mine?"

Her hand moved.

"Yours, Anne."

"Good choice. You are in no position to refuse me. Tell me what stupid idea my father had."

I told her. She laughed. As she laughed her contractions played havoc with my erection. Our bodies told us what to do.

Anne kept me tied to that bed until she was satisfied. She untied me, settled her head on my shoulder, and we slept until dawn."


"My story isn't much different. I knew who Emma was as soon as she came into my cell. She took longer to unveil and we made love twice before she did. It was unusual to be kissed through a veil. I prefer Emma without, and her bare lips.

Even our conversation was similar. I am sure that the three of them had worked out what their father had arranged.

I won't go into details about our lovemaking. All I will say is that despite being the bound and passive partner I was exhausted by the time we settled down to sleep."


"One evening when I came to the castle to collect Mike I was nearly sure I had seen the woman in white. So my reaction was not like yours. Either I am more stupid than you two, or else the drug took longer to wear off. When Maureen came I genuinely believed she was the ghost of one of the women in white. I was scared stiff and an erection was impossible. I was covered in goose pimples and my heart was racing. It sounds silly now but at the time...

Maureen saw my reaction. She stripped off her hood and headscarf to convince me that she was real. She had to work on me for some time to calm me down. Thinking back, I know I enjoyed that and played 'scared' for longer than necessary.

Maureen took her gloves off, lifted her draperies and used her warm body and bare hands to warm me up in both senses. Once I admitted that I was warm the scenario was like Ernest and Ralph. She rode me mercilessly. I even had the same ultimatum – either her father or Maureen. Now they are fighting him for us. I think we know who will win. It is three against one and they are as determined as he is."

Ernest said "I hope you are right, Ralph. They have been a long time."

Albert nodded then turned to me.

"What happened to you, Mike? All we know is that the women released you when they left us. They seemed concerned about something. What?"

"I don't know what they were concerned about. A woman in white visited me and she wasn't Anne, Emma or Maureen. I assume she was one of their friends that they had persuaded to 'look after' me.

Like Ralph, I was almost convinced at first that my visitor was one of the castle's ghosts. She wasn't dressed like the others. She had a tight bodice, a pronounced cleavage and a waisted dress. I knew how Anne, Emma and Maureen were dressed. They had shown me beforehand to see whether the effect was what they wanted. Their draperies fell direct from their shoulders.

The woman, I still don't know her name, advanced towards me until she was standing beside the bed. I couldn't see her face because the candle was behind her. She straddled me and lowered her body. My head was opposite her breasts. She pulled me deep between her breasts, wrapping her sleeved arms around my head. I had to struggle to breathe and I was very aware that her scent was lavender, not Chanel No.5. Her skin was cold and the contact took the heat from my face.

The candle went out, leaving us in the dark. I had no idea who she was except that she wasn't any of your three. She was more endowed than any of them and I was experiencing suffocation that your three couldn't match."

I held up my hand as they protested their women's respective physical attributes.

"I know what I'm saying. This woman was taller, heavier and much larger up top. I know Anne, Emma and Maureen very well. I have seen them in swimsuits and in revealing dresses. I could buy clothes for each of them in the right size.

She lifted herself slightly allowing me to pant through my nose.

"Do you like what you feel, Mike?" She asked.

Even if I hadn't been gagged I wouldn't have had enough breath to answer so I nodded. That was a mistake. In the dark she couldn't see my nod, and the movement took my head back between her breasts.

"I'll take that as a 'Yes'." She said, tightening her arms again. I struggled against her as best I could within my restraints, fighting for breath.

She eased away slightly.

"Can't you breathe?"

I couldn't reply. The snorts through my nose answered her.

"OK. If you promise to keep quiet I'll remove your gag. Will you promise?"

Her hand on my forehead felt my nod. She untied the scarf over my mouth and pulled out the material filling it. She let me gasp for a minute or so before sliding down my body so her lips covered mine. She reached behind her head and released her hair. It fell around our heads like a soft caress. Her legs were clamped around mine. I was aware how tall she was as her cool lips were on mine yet her icy cold feet were touching my feet. My erection was buried in her skirt that wrapped around me.

My brain was racing. Who did I know who was this tall, had a heavy build, very long hair and massive breasts? I couldn't think of anyone. She knew who I was but I had no clues for her identity except those I could feel. I decided to ask.

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