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Women Really Don’t Like Sausage


Anatomically speaking, women could never enjoy intercourse. The position of their female sexual features is made backward not to allow full male stimulation. The female vaginal and clitoris, simulative regions, are non-compatible with the male penis, except for procreation. There are books, talk shows, movies, idle chat, and theories upon hypothesis about women and sex, women and orgasms. Since recorded time, man and women has shared the right of procreation through intercourse. With in vitro fertilization, genetic manipulation, and the virtual elimination of male & female procreation, gave rise to same sex adaptations.

Inversions give rise to self-ethics attempting to counter nature in the reproductive cycle. Convergence of trending lifestyles, confusing genders and males & females drifting further and further into non-immersion. The fact is, women feel more comfortable with women. They share recollections of uncomfortable episodic rituals of sexual male encounters daily, they drift and justify same sex encounters most easily, they fantasies being with women frequently.

Research has revealed that a small fraction of women really do sexually, like men, they are called in some circles, (nymphomaniacs). For aeons, women and men have cohabited, not always in perfect harmony but through natural laws of physics governing attractions of species. With the circumvention of normal biology, it is revealed that more & more women except and share, trending values, which in the past were in the closets. Interjections of what was once presently seem more easily tolerated.

A recent study of the interviewing of some one thousand single and married women in some five states, Colorado, Wyoming, Illinois, Arizona and New Mexico. Studies were conducted in business settings, taverns, social events and random street interviews.

References to men revealed,

Single women, complaining of the scarcity of "good men" unwilling to commit and the dwindling supply of men not caring as much of women's wilds as before. Specific questions were asked of relationships and sex revealed, more women wanting to be fiercely independent and experimenting with other women and wanting to have children. What is remarkable is the number of women who report failure to reunite and have a normal relationship with men after being with other women and the men who reject women after being with a same sex partner. Further investigation revealed a widespread belief of women being interviewed, that feelings of what, men really wanted, was never considered in entering any relations with a male partner.

It seems in the past, women needed men for families, protection and companionship. In this century it seems women need other women for sexual simulation and by passing procreation, with the flirtation of what once was.

Physics, biology, and nature have been altered to suit the indifferent. , As

Sales of sex vibrators for women in this country as well as globally have quadrupled in the last century. It seems women get more pleasure with machines than a real over willing male. The rise of same sex couples in this century has cautioned as contradictions on the main stream of human sexuality. Men throughout history have always never wavered from anatomical, sexual fulfillment.

Simple biomechanics has designed men's penis as easily predictable. Yesterdays and especially today's women may tolerate men and appease for the moment but always with a calculating, primal thyme agenda. Aberrations don't occur in all the animal kingdoms, In the history of plants and animals, nature succeeds as it was intended. When women paint themselves with makeup and skirts, they are not really doing it for men, but for other women. When they wear jewelry and high heals shoes, they look good to men, but it's the other women who really notice.

Studies were conducted with same sex female couples revealed, after the initial trend of sexual experimentation was reported to have taken place, the longing for male friendships and interactions seemed to be sought at some normalcy for some. Not to dismiss, male same sex actives, for purposes of the article, behavior seems somewhat patterned similarly of alternative behaviors.

Studies show that as more and more time passes, a general disconnect in the conveyance of information to what actually works, has not properly been brought to bear.

Lessons 101 getting women to have multiple orgasms

It does not matter how big or small a male is anatomically, what does matter is placing his opposing thumb and massages the clitoris or (G spot) while having vaginal intercourse. Scientific field research with countless willing women for the purposes of this study concludes that mating rituals are biologically the same. When conducting this experiment, all willing female test participants responded in the same manner, gay, bisexual and straight.

Extensive studies was carried out over some forty years of recorded field research in United States, Canada, South America, Mexico, and other countries of thousands of willing, women participants from China, Greece, Latin America, Africa, France, German, Spain, Russian, Lithuanian, British, Ukraine, Polish, Japan, Philippines, Brazil, Australia, Swedish, Italy, Arabic, Israel, Eastern Europe, and India.

Bio Physiology,

the branch of biology concerned with the normal functions of living organisms and their parts. 2 the way in which a living organism or bodily part functions.

There are many factors and theories associated with this study, relative to actual scientific conclusions. Based on interviews & speculation and its specific observations. Actual field tests reveal normal quantitative scientific evidence to suggest that the constant is in fact normal.

The obvious mental substructure, hormonal & chemical attractions seems to be confused with the overwhelming need to breed & extend these kinds of human civilizations.

Everett Borders Ph.D.

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