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Women's Cup


We have the world's prettiest girl on our football team. So many times have I stopped in the middle of what I was doing and stolen glances of her, walking on her way to the field, throwing back her head and laughing, standing, running, or simply doing nothing. She has long dark blonde hair, the most wonderful blue eyes and a body that aches me to even think about. I just love it when girls have a bit of a little stomach, like Angelica, but not too much. She has the perfect body for me, and I can't turn away. Her breasts are large and wickedly sexy, and her hips are really voluptuous. In short, she is a dream girl. Ever since the first time I saw her, I have fantasized about her.

Watching her was exactly what I was doing this early Thursday morning. We planned to travel with the team to the Cup tournament for a week, and the time was quarter past seven in the morning. Still sleepy, I had a big yawn as I rested my eyes on her. Simply amazing, I thought, how someone can look so great in sweatpants, no makeup and pillow hair, but she managed. Our team is a bit divided into groups, the "cool" and the "uncool". Angelica belongs to the cool and I am with the uncool. We hang out off the field, but regretfully never actually talk much to each other. I knew better than to try to talk to someone in the other group when we were not on the football field. Suddenly, there were several girls around me, talking. It was my gang arriving, and Angelica was obscured from my vision.

Once at the Cup site we set up our sleeping gear in the classroom we have been allocated. My heart skipped a beat when Angelica threw her mattress next to mine, smiling. My buddies sighed and rolled their eyes toward each other, because the whole drove of the cool group of course followed Angelica, and my group had no desire to be close to them. I wondered why she settled there and not in one of the corners far away, as usual. I reasoned that she might be trying to get the team more cohesive, now that we were on the Cup, but I felt in my stomach that it cannot be the whole explanation.

We had traveled far to get to the Cup. It was already late when we had settled in, and with a game the next day, we went to bed early. Just before I was about to fall asleep, I felt Angelica's fingers gently stroking me along my arm. It only lasted a few seconds and she stopped just as quickly as she started. I could not be absolutely sure that she really did it on purpose. Despite my doubts I shivered and wanted her to continue, but she did not.

The next day was the first game. I did not think about Angelica's caress the previous night, until she caught my eye during breakfast. She smiled one of her gorgeous smiles at me. She never did that before. All morning my mind was preoccupied with her. I was very distracted, and my friends were annoyed with me after a while. Of course, once it was game time, I focused, and we won 3-1. Angelica even scored a goal, which pleased me very much because it was the only time I was free to hug her. Her hand slid quickly over my thighs when I embraced her, but I told myself that it was not intentional. She quickly retracted her hand after the hug.

In the evening I sat alone on the steps, looked out across the sky, just enjoying life and getting to be on the Cup to play the sport I love. Suddenly I noticed that I was joined next to me on the stairs and I was surprised that it was Angelica.

"Hey," she said, and smiled.

"Hey," I replied, a little hesitant because she normally does not talk to me at all.

"Does it bother you that I sat here -- you might rather be by yourself?" she wondered.

"No, not at all, I'm fine," I replied, smiling.

We sat next to each other in silence for a moment and looked at the starry sky. At least she did. I was just too focused on her left thigh touching mine.

"Care for a walk?" she asked after a moment.

"Yeah, why not," I replied and we started walking. We discussed the game and a lot of other things between heaven and earth. We crossed an open area and reached the start of a path. I turned around to start going back, but stopped suddenly at the entrance to the path.

"What is it, Angelica?" I asked, and turned back to her. She said nothing, just looked at me. I got caught up in her eyes -- I could not take my eyes away from them. My heart rate soared. She took a step closer to me and she let the back of her hand caress my cheek. This was not something she could just casually do; she meant to caress me. I held my breath as her face approached mine. I could feel her breath on my lips, and now I would finally get to feel her lips against mine. Then her mobile rang.

"Damn," she mumbled and answered.


"Meen, we are out walking."

"Well, Sandra is with me."

"OK, we'll come back right away. Goodbye." She ended the call.

"That was John. We have to go back. He sounded grumpy," she told me.

Okay, what is it really? I wondered.

"Hmm, it's half past ten," I noted.

"Oh, there's supposed to be quiet and lights out at eleven!"

We hurried back and got in our beds promptly at eleven so John wouldn't be more acidic than he already was. He turned off the lights, and everyone quieted down, we were so tired.

I put my hand as near as Angelica's sleeping bag as I dared. After a minute I felt her fingers touching mine. We lay and caressed each other's fingers for a while, but fell asleep pretty much at the same time.

Days passed on the Cup. We tried to get a moment alone, but there was always someone who ruined it for us. I saw how annoyed Angelica became, and I was just as annoyed with myself. Matches went very well for us. On Tuesday we played in the semifinals, unfortunately losing 2-1 after extra time. So on Wednesday we played for third place, and won 2-0. Afterwards came all the euphoria of victory and everyone hugged each other. I held Angelica closely for a long moment as my hands explored her lower back. Before she released me to hug someone else, she let her lips press into my cheek. I shivered, and we smiled at each other.

The following day was the journey home. I was really grumpy, because Angelica and I still had not managed to connect. When we arrived home, it was so unthinkable, that all would surely be back to normal! How the hell could we find time alone, when we were barely able to talk to each other in training? I was going to ask her if she wanted to see me, but I was afraid to break the spell. She seemed her normal self again, so I decided just to enjoy the memories and of what we almost had....

Several weeks later:

We had not seen each other, besides with the team, but she continued to smile her special smiles at me. I couldn't imagine what she intended with them. But after one workout, I decided to take a shower because I planned to visit my grandmother afterwards.

Expecting to have the dressing room all to myself, I was very surprised when Angelica followed me in, apparently to shower with me.

"Well, why are you showering here, when usually you're not?" she wondered.

"No, I usually don't. But today I am visiting my grandmother, so mom thought it was better that I shower here and then go there immediately," I replied. "You then, why are you also here?"

"Ha-ha," said Angelica. "For exactly the same reason, actually." We laughed and her wonderful smile lit up her whole face. Oh, she was so beautiful, I thought. She threw back her hair over her neck and smiled at me again. Uncertainly, I smiled back. She stepped out of her clothes and looked unashamedly on as I got out of mine.

We stepped into the shower and I just could not take my eyes off her gorgeous body. When I looked up at her face, I blushed, realizing that she knew I was eying her. She did not avert her gaze, and it was the same look she had on the Cup trip, when we almost kissed. She took a cautious step toward me. This time, I was determined to act quickly before anyone could interrupt us. We stood facing each other, with only a few centimeters separating our bodies. Angelica extended her hand and placed it on my neck. She then pulled me close and slowly let her lips meet mine. I exploded inside, never imagining this would finally happen.

I hurried to put my arms around her body and pulled her toward me. Finally, I got to feel her naked body next to mine. Her hands eagerly caressed my back and thighs, and I gasped as her hand found the inside of my thigh. My hands stroked her body and quickly found her breast. She groaned as both my hands for the first time fondled her breasts. In response she kissed me more urgently, and she forced me back against the wall. Her hands caressed my stomach and hips, and slid teasingly around my pubic area. By now, we both were moaning loudly, as she was receiving similar touches from me. Suddenly she cupped her hand between my legs, and I moaned loudly. Pleased with my reaction, she smiled and kissed my neck. I bent her head back in our kiss as she groaned and gently stroked between my legs. Her fingers slowly teased my outer lips; then she gently slid a finger along the moist slit of my vagina and up toward my clit. When she finally touched my clit, I moaned even louder, getting very aroused. She smiled and nibbled teasingly in my ears. Her fingers stopped stroking me and I sighed, disappointed. She took my hand and looked into my eyes.

"Come on," she said, pulled me away and lay me down on the wide bench in the middle of the locker room. It was uncomfortable as Hell, but I would have lain on hot coals, if I could have her naked body all over me!

Her lips met mine again, and we kissed as if we might die at any time. I caressed her neck and lower back, as her lips wandered down over my neck and her tongue licked the pit of my collarbone. Our panting was all that could be heard in the locker room. My hands slid further down and caressed her thigh. Angelica groaned and rolled us onto our sides. My hand gently stroked the insides of her thighs, and she leaned her head back with her face glowing with excitement. Her hands squeezed my breasts, and then went behind my back to pull me next to her. She grazed her lips over my neck and throat, and I shuddered in delight. I moved my hand to her vagina and gently probed, as she winced and groaned. My touches became more forceful, and she moaned louder and louder, finally screaming in pleasure. I could not believe I actually did this with her, the act that I had fantasized about forever.

Seeing her pleasure made me so very excited, and I stopped suddenly to caress her. She looked up at me with a frustrated expression, but I just smiled and moved above her. I saw in her eyes that she understood what I was about to do. I kissed her neck, and she leaned her head back in enjoyment. My kisses walked further down her body. I took my time to kiss her breasts and stomach, before my lips found their way to her mound. I kissed and licked her vulva, as she moaned with excitement. I finally let my tongue sweep across her clitoris. Oh my goodness, I thought, how I had longed for this! Angelica screamed and began to thrust her hips up to my face. My tongue probed and circled her clitoris rapidly, and it was not long before she tensed for a few seconds and screamed. Then her body went limp, in total relaxation, as she opened her eyes and she smiled at me.

I kissed her and felt her hands again on my thighs. It was obvious, that she eagerly meant to give back everything I had just done to her. Her hands caressed my thighs and my mound, and after what seemed like an eternity, she finally slipped a hand in between my legs and stroked me. I could not keep my hands away from her, and fondled her breasts while she touched me more earnestly. I groaned loudly, and just as I felt I was about to come, she stopped and grinned teasingly before she slid down over me and kissed my stomach. She repeated the same teasing treatment I gave her, and did not give up until I begged her to lick me. She grinned, and finally swept her tongue over my clitoris. I screamed and pushed my hips up to her. She licked me hard and fast, and my entire mind focused on where her tongue was moving. I knew nothing like that, and had never felt that ecstasy before. After a minute, I felt a surge from within me, and I screamed in orgasm. Angelica smiled happily and crawled back up to me. Her fingers stroked softly over my cheek and she kissed me.

"I love you," she whispered.

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