tagExhibitionist & VoyeurWomen's Cup Ch. 02

Women's Cup Ch. 02


My name is Philippa, I am 18 years old and absolutely crazy about soccer. When I'm not playing soccer I usually do something that starts with an S, some soccer, or swimming, or having sex. As a result of a lot of time outdoors, I have a wonderfully gingerbread-brown color on my body and golden-yellow hair as early as June. My body is definitely nothing to complain about, at 5'7" with pretty wide hips but a slim waist and a pair of breasts that is probably a little larger than average. But it is actually the hair that attracts the most eyes, being, as I mentioned, bright yellow and shiny while reaching down to my waist.

This summer I am going to spend two weeks at a camp full of soccer geeks like me. I'm gonna play in a girls' team with others from across the country, most older than me. I'm good at soccer, even really good. I'm pretty sure i'm on top and can't think of anyone else on top to get all the attention.

It was early morning when I jumped on the bandwagon in Jönköping to go to the camp that was somewhere in the Stockholm archipelago. I was prepared for the heat with a couple of short soft shorts that showed off my fit soccer legs. I also had a loose top that could easily be pulled off when it came time for swimming, which I of course was ready for with my pink bikini underneath. The hair I had let hang freely but took two hair elastics around my wrist, in case I changed my mind.

Once I had dragged aboard my giant Adidas bag and put it on one of the shelves, I chose a seat in the passenger compartment where , incidentally, just near a man and asnoring woman, both in their 30s. I sat a few seats away from the man so we were facing each other. On the way to the seat, I followed the usual manner of his gaze.

For some entertainment I sighed and went on back to my bag which I had put right by the man and picked out a soccer magazine . On the way back I "happened " to bump into his arm a bit with my hip so I spun around to apologize, which resulted in my hair swinging with a nice surge of my coconut shampoo. The quick spin revealed my belly button piercing for half a second, long enough for the man to get to see that there was a pink playboy bunny who hung there. After my apology, I returned to my seat and started reading, or at least it was what he believed. Actually, I was looking at the man's reflection in the window, seeing him carefully eyeing me.

I did the same and came to the conclusion that he was probably a parent of young children, he had dark circles under his eyes indicating many sleepless nights and the bulge in his crotch indicating a lack of sex life, showing that it could easily be that the kids never wanted to sleep and they themselves did not want another child.

I looked at the clock , an hour and a half before my first transit station. Would I have a little fun in the meantime perhaps? I could always resort to my secret (well not so secret) weapon, hair. I started braiding half the hair on one side and then the other half, always with his eye on me. For some reason, men go crazy for a girl with two blonde, long braids. I met his eyes and smiled.

- Do you have a deck or something else fun? I have already read this magazine twice. I said to him.

He started as if he had awakened from a trance and had to think about what I had said.

- Well I have a deck here , he said, and began to fumble in his bag.

- Do you play anything? I asked and went back and sat down at the table across from him .

- Yes, of course , do you have something in mind?, he asked, and the sweat trickled lightly down his forehead .

- Points Poker?

- Sure, you have paper?

I got up and walked as close to him as possible, so he could almost feel the heat from my body. Putting me squatting with my ass towards him, and pulled out a pad with some nasty drawings that a friend and I had drawn during a geography lesson.

- Here, I said and unabashedly handed the pad to him.

He drew up two columns and wrote an M in one and then looked at me.

- What is your name?

- Philippa, then?

- Mathias.

We started playing, it was pretty even until he got a straight flush, and pulled away. Used to winning, I'm stubborn, I could not allow it.

- Is not it very hot in here? I asked as I pulled off my top, showing the bikini i had on underneath.

I stretched my legs and let my feet sit a little behind his so my legs were soft against his . After that the game went much worse for him. I won hand after hand and started to do a little victory dance as my firm breasts showed off. My horniness grew and my nipples stiffened under the shiny pink fabric.

I began to gently caress his legs with mine and now I didn't care about the game any longer. I got further and further up towards his crotch, getting closer and closer and then pulling back down again. Mathias looked very nervous when I finally reached his rock hard cock. I stroked it with my foot. He looked like he was in heaven, and I leaned forward and put one of his hands on my chest, after a glance at the snoring lady. He squeezed contentedly on it and then pulled the bikini aside. He groaned when he discovered that the skin under the bikini was as brown as the rest of me.

- Damn i'm horny babe! he said and circled around my nipple.

I had just taken a grip on his cock with my toes when a voice from the speakers announced that we arrived at a station. Mathias gaze suddenly became clear.

- Hell! He exclaimed, grabbed his bag and ran towards the doors with the hard-on bobbing under the shorts .

I grinned a little and blew him a kiss. I was horny and disappointed by his sudden disappearance. Now how would I get satisfied?

Then came the conductor, a man who was a little older than Mathias but looked very good. I got a new idea and hid my ticket and corrected bikini top a little, but only a little. The lady had apparently already proved her ticket because he ignored her and she continued snoring.

- The ticket. he said, and then landed his gaze on me and lit up a little. I started digging in my pockets and looked a little nervous.

- It 's supposed to be here somewhere! I said, trying to sound as desperate as possible.

The conductor gave me a little stern look.

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