tagLoving WivesWomen's Cup Ch. 03

Women's Cup Ch. 03


Lena had played on the same football team for almost half her life. Now she was 34, and the youngest player on the team was barely born when Lena started on the team as a girl. A ladies' football team can become quite a motley crew of girls of different ages and backgrounds, especially if the team comes from a small town. So it was for Lena's team and she had become like a mother for the whole team.

Although she did not care so much about her appearance, she was a beautiful woman. She had always played sports and kept fit. This meant that she still had a very nice body with a flat stomach and firm thighs. Since she had no children her breasts remained firm and fine. Her hair was dark and she had beautiful clear skin. To her disadvantage, it could be said that she was excessively hairy, but she did not care. She shaved her legs and underarms at times but perhaps not as often as others. She also had little patience for the other girls’ vanity with makeup and clothes.

Some mean people say that all female footballers are lesbians, but Lena was living proof that this was not the case. She had finally found the man of her life, and her wedding was to be next week. Most of the girls on the team had, in fact, male companions, though Lena wondered a bit about the others.

Now it was the Easter break and they had put in an extra football practice. The girls stretched and then started to jog. Emma, ​​who was the team's star, led the group that day and pulled off on the jogging trail. After running a few kilometers they came upon a small bus parked in the middle of the forest. The gang ran happily into the bus, leaving Lena hanging back in wonder. Soon, however, she took the bait and went in herself. The bus carried her off on a rollicking, pre-wedding adventure the girls had planned for her.

The plan was, that night they would go into town to enjoy themselves at the clubs, but first they would all freshen up and get Lena dressed up. So they stopped at Betty’s villa. She was a hairdresser with a beauty shop in her basement, plus a sauna and a small pool. Betty was just a year younger than Lena, yet so different. She had family, who were now out of town, and a nice house. She was always careful with her appearance. It seemed incomprehensible that she could indulge in something as primitive as football but she did anyway, and really liked Lena.

Several of the girls had dropped by their own homes to be with family, or because they were too young for the night’s activities. Besides Lena and Betty there were five girls left: Emma, Hannah, Jasmine, Anna-Karin and Petra. They swam in the pool, went into the sauna and drank wine. The next activity before they went out was to make Lena ready for a night on the town, including a beauty treatment and some stylish clothes. This was just what she needed, they all thought.

Lena sat in the barber chair wrapped in only a towel, and Anna-Karin introduced the evening's clothing. Ultimately, Lena would wear a white gown that resembled a wedding dress, though simpler and shorter, and on her head a small tiara with veil course. Anna-Karin selected a white translucent camisole with matching garters, white stockings, and a minimal, flimsy thong. She explained that they thought Lena should also wear that underwear for the wedding, if she had nothing better. Her new husband would surely love it. The group felt Lena needed new lingerie and a beauty treatment, in lieu of her usual cotton underwear and a little lipstick on her mouth. She had never ever had a thought to wear a thong, and now she was open to wearing a very sexy one.

Betty began to curl Lena’s hair while Hannah and Jasmine waxed her legs. The others mingled around and cheered her encouragingly while sipping more wine. Lena thought it was nice to be pampered even though the waxing treatment was not so pleasant. When her hairstyle and legs were finished, it was time for doing her nails and attaching the tiara to her hair. Next it was her face’s turn. Betty highlighted Lena’s eyebrows then applied face makeup. Finally her face and hair were complete, and the bachelorette party festivities continued. Lena was impressed as she gradually turned into an elegant and stylish woman. With the atmosphere, the wine and Betty’s professional treatment, Lena really appreciated the situation.

Meanwhile, the idle girls started dressing a bit, mostly just in lingerie. Sitting and not having to do much, Lena had time to think about the underwear she would be putting on. She worried how would they feel? Especially the minimal panties made ​​her apprehensive. They just looked too small. She glanced a little at what lingerie the other girls were wearing. She normally would not look much at the other girls when they were naked. After all, with the team they were often naked among each other in the locker rooms. But sometimes when someone openly bared their completely shaved vulva or strutted around in minimal or transparent panties, she couldn’t help but snort a little at their vulgarity. At this party however, she felt very different about their nudity.

She noticed that Petra, who was probably the best looking of the bunch, a slender blonde beauty of 23 years, had tiny pink panties with just strings and a little rhinestone for the back. At the front her panties covered almost nothing of her groin, so semi-transparent you could see she had only a thin wisp of pubic hair. Her bra was also transparent and you could see her small bright nipples.

Anna- Karin, who was the most plump and youngest, age 18, had donned a sturdy lace bra that showed off her large breasts, and a pair of matching hipsters in lace.

Hannah was the oriental beauty. Her parents were Syrian, though she herself was born in Sweden 20 years ago. Lena had noticed that she was quite unabashed, and sometimes shaved her pussy in the shower. It was now completely free of hair and she was still completely naked, except for a towel around her hair. Lena had studied her while Betty had worked on her makeup.

Emma had been in the kitchen fixing drinks, and then was already wearing a short skirt and a tight top. Others were still lounging around in only a towel, bathing suit or lingerie.

Lena was told to stand up and take off the towel to get dressed. She saw her naked body, especially the bush between the legs, in the mirror, and realized it would not work with the thong panties. She pretended not to notice it. Next the girls helped her into her camisole, then the clingy stockings with garters. She felt very different and sexy. The other girls examined her. When she at last got into her new panties, she noticed how obviously her hair billowed out at the sides. Betty looked anxiously at her and sighed.

“That, we must do something about,” she stated.

Lena hesitated, but then nodded in agreement. She wanted to look and feel nice in the flimsy thong. She took off her panties again, but didn’t quite know what she should do for herself. Should she lock herself in the bathroom and shave it, or what? Betty perceived her dilemma.

“Shall we help you?” Betty asked.

“Yes, maybe that’s just as well,” replied Lena hesitantly.

“Sit down in the chair again. Any volunteers?”

“I can do it,” replied Hannah, almost too quickly.

The others looked right to Hannah, who was still naked. They could not help but notice her freshly shaved pussy. Everyone agreed that Hannah would do the job. Lena didn’t know what to think. Hannah was one of those girls who she suspected was a lesbian, or at least bisexual.

Betty brought out a bottle of shaving cream and a razor. Hannah slipped a towel under Lena’s bottom on the barber chair, and soaked another with warm water. Then she moistened Lena between her legs with the warm wet towel, and with her hand, spread shaving cream all over her pubic hair. She did this efficiently, not lingering with her touch and without showing any emotion, relieving Lena’s concern. But fixed in her mind was that Hannah was totally naked, and that still bothered her a little. Hannah started to shave the hair from the bikini line, into the groin area and even down a bit on Lena’s legs where it was needed. She worked with a sure razor hand. Even though with her other hand she held Lena’s legs slightly open as she shaved, she didn’t touch any of Lena’s sensitive parts in any way. When she thought she was nearly done, she rinsed the razor and checked her progress.

She turned to the other girls with a sly smile and asked, “Well, let's settle this now. Stop here, or should we take more?”

Before Lena could say something, all the girls who were gathered around her cried, “Away with it! Away with it all!”

“Yeah, what the hell, why not?” laughed Lena, and a cheer broke out.

Hannah took out two chairs and positioned them on each side in front of Lena. She asked Lena to scoot forward a bit in the barber chair and put her feet up on the chairs. Lena was then reclining, with her legs apart like she was at the gynecologist. Hannah shaved her remaining pubic hair straight from the top, and as she worked down to the sexier parts, it was hard for her not to touch Lena’s shy lips and clitoris. Besides, it seemed as if Lena was trying to help, by becoming somewhat aroused. Lena felt herself responding sexually to the touches, and to divert these feelings, she tried to focus on the audience instead.

They all stood silently and concentrated on Lena and Hannah. At one point Lena noticed that Anna-Karin and Jasmine were very close to each other. Jasmine stood behind Anna-Karin and actually had her hands on Anna-Karin’s hips. The other girls swayed easily as if they were dancing to the background music, or they stood and caressed each other. Anna-Karin had one hand at Jasmine’s shoulder while the other disappeared behind her back. It seemed to Lena as if her other hand was working its way under Jasmine's towel. No one else seemed to notice, as Lena remained the center of attention.

Eventually, Hannah came to Lena’s more complicated parts, and continued shaving very calmly and gently. Lena's pussy lips were already swollen, and now that the razor moved over them, her lips became even more prominent. When Hannah came to the area around the clitoris, she took extra care, going almost hair by hair. She spread her labia to get really good access, causing Lena to pant. Lena felt she could no longer resist the randy feelings, and it felt nice to give in to them. Hannah paused the shaving to see if any hairs remained. She gently glided her fingers along the groin and mons Venus, checking the feel. Hannah stroked along the outer labia up and down a few times. Lena looked at herself and at Hannah between her legs. Each time Hannah’s fingers moved, they approached Lena’s clitoris, and then finally reached it. Hannah lingered a moment with two fingers right on her clit. As Lena closed her eyes in pleasure, Hannah rubbed discreetly a few times and was tempted to continue. But she abruptly stopped when she came to her senses again and spoke.

“Maybe we should continue shaving,” Hannah commented with a throaty voice. “Can you scoot up your butt some more?”

Lena willingly moved herself forward as requested, but did not really understand why. “We’re not done yet?” she asked Hannah.

Without replying, Hannah resumed, shaving down below her vulva. Lena realized she actually did have some hair there too, but to be like this was embarrassing. To showcase her pussy in front of the girls – well that was one thing – but now she realized that her anus was going to be fully exposed to all as well. She tried to resist, but Hannah spread her butt cheeks and applied more foam. With the foam covering, Lena felt less exposed, and relaxed, allowing Hannah to start shaving again.

Slowly but surely she worked her way around with the razor, removing all the hair from Lena’s buttocks, except right at her butt hole. To remove the last, it was inevitable that Hannah would need to touch her anus, and she did not try to avoid it either. As Hannah shaved, Lena felt a finger, first moving around, and then landing in the middle of her hole. It sent a shock through her body, and she trembled a little. The finger was still there, massaging her anus briefly. Lena glanced down at Hannah and was relieved, thinking the others could not see exactly what was happening, with Hannah’s body blocking their view. Lena, again lewdly aroused, closed her eyes, expecting a continuation, but instead Hannah took a warm, wet towel and began to wipe away the leftover shaving foam.

“Voila!” she exclaimed when she was done, and moved away to let the others see. “What do you think?” Hannah asked.

Lena awoke to awareness. She found her teammates adoring her, as she lay there partially dressed on top but completely shaved and exposed below. There were many lustful gazes meeting her eyes as she looked around. Betty stood with a trembling wine glass in hand. Anna-Karin's bra was undone and Jasmine, who stood behind her, caressed her big breasts. Petra had her hand discreetly on her own bosom, and Emma stood rubbing herself against the back of a chair. Hannah took out a mirror and held it so that Lena could see the results. Then she took Lena's hand and guided it below.

“I feel so soft and smooth.” Lena studied herself in the mirror. It looked both surreal and sexy. She let her hand gently glide over first her pubic mound, and then her outer labia. As she touched herself she noticed that she was moist with her own secretions. Discreetly she touched her clitoris, swollen and ready to receive more attention. Her whole body was screaming for sex, and she wanted most of all to masturbate. Her shyness, however, took the upper hand and she slowly pulled her hand away.

“I think Lena needs some oil or lotion, because her skin is not really used to this,” observed Hannah. “Do you have any, Betty? Does anyone want to take over and do this for Lena?”

There were several positive responses. Betty found a bottle of massage oil, and began to pour a stream on Lena's now bare pubic mound. She began to slowly massage the oil down into Lena’s groin. She moved her whole hand over Lena’s pussy and let her middle finger find its way in between the swollen lips. Lena noticed that Betty was trembling with nervousness, and she soon moved aside for the next volunteer, Petra. She did pretty much the same as Betty, but ventured a few more caressing motions over the clitoris. Lena began to understand where this would end, relaxed and succumbed to enjoy it to the fullest. Petra continued massaging for quite some time. Lena felt on the edge, and would soon have an orgasm if this continued.

However, Jasmine and Anna-Karin urged Petra to move aside so they could take over. Jasmine's towel fell off, as she squatted down and started stroking Lena’s vagina lightly with her fingers. Anna-Karin stood and began to fondle Lena's breast. She bent over so that Lena could access her breasts. Impelled by her curiosity, Lena took one of Anna-Karin’s big breasts in her hand and weighed it - what a feeling! She had sometimes wondered how a big breast would feel. With sheer excitement she brought the big nipple to her mouth and began to lick and suck. Ana-Karin’s nipple responded immediately, stiffening erotically. Lena soon let go of Anna-Karin as she concentrated on the feeling of Jasmine's tongue on her pussy. Jasmine licked intensely on Lena’s clit and occasionally stuck her tongue into Lena’s vagina. With well-oiled hands she massaged Lena's whole genital area. Anna-Karin bent further down and started to suck on one of Lena's nipples, while Petra was already sucking on the other.

Between Lena’s splayed-out legs, Jasmine's regimen became increasingly intense. Lena felt one or two fingers penetrate her pussy and begin to fuck her. Her orgasm was not far away, but already the experience was more pleasurable than anything she had ever sensed. When Lena felt another finger gently massaging her anus, she could not help but relax and feel the oily finger easily penetrate. In a short moment she had an orgasm, so intense and deep that everything went black for a moment. She must have squeezed poor Jasmine between her legs as she writhed and screamed.

Afterwards, they had an intriguing moment of silence, but when Lena opened her eyes and smiled brightly she received a spontaneous round of applause.

There they were, six horny girls, more or less naked and gazing enviously at their satisfied girlfriend, who rose from the barber chair. As if on command, off went the rest of everyone’s clothes, and everyone started making out. There was a huge snake pit of naked women kissing, fondling and licking each other. All inhibitions were released, and Lena suddenly found a bare pussy approaching her face. She could not identify whose it was, but nonetheless did not hesitate to bring her mouth to it, kiss it and then lick and suck on the clitoris.

She also had no idea of who it was that worked on her from behind, but it felt nice. For what she was sensing, she thought it must be more than one person back there. After a while she turned around and saw that it was Anna-Karin and Jasmine who licked and caressed her. Lena was on her knees, buttocks bulging into the air, with Anna-Karin lying on her back, underneath, with her face between Lena's legs. She licked all around Lena’s labia and clit while Jasmine knelt alongside, kissing and massaging. In this position Lena spread her legs wider, lowered her hips and pointed her butt invitingly upward, cheeks opening. She was rewarded with a tongue on her anus. It was Jasmine who licked her on her most intimate spot, the feeling insanely exciting and pleasurable. Jasmine’s actions grew more passionate, as if her tongue got an erection. Her tongue became narrow and hard, and slowly probed Lena’s oily sphincter. Anna-Karin fucked Lena's vagina with her fingers, triggering yet another nice orgasm.

When all the girls were satisfied for the moment, they took a break to eat and drink a little, and then hung around by the pool with their drinks. Lena noticed some of the girls whispering together about something. Hannah and Jasmine donned bathrobes then went off into the house. After a long while Jasmine came back with a fiendish smile, threw off her robe and jumped into the pool.

Someone in the house put on music and soon afterward a men's shoe and pant leg appeared in the doorway. Lena began to think that it was time for a male stripper, but just as well it was not. Instead, it was Hannah who pranced in wearing a man’s hat and suit. Her hair was hidden under the hat, and she had painted a small moustache on her lip. Cheers knew no bounds – it was obvious that this was a surprise to most. Hannah danced on, but held her jacket tightly closed. After a while she began to address her audience with a deep mannish voice:

“Hello my darlings! Are you sitting here and waiting for Uncle Fraser?”


“What delicious bodies you have! And all bare for me. Get up and show me your boobs!”

Everyone in the pool rose obediently.

“Sniff. What’s that smell? I think I smell the scent of freshly shaven pussy. Could it be true?”


“Where? It must be hiding there under the water somewhere. Show me!”

All eyes went to Lena who eagerly sat up on the edge of the pool with her legs apart.

“Mm, delicious. I think you seem to be horny. Are you?”

Lena played along and nodded coyly. It was no lie, she really was horny. But Uncle Fraser was not satisfied with her response.

“I did not hear. What did you say? Say you're horny!”

“I'm so fucking horny!” Lena moaned out, and began to fondle her pussy.

“Is anyone else?”

“Yes!” groaned the others.

“Is there anyone who wants some dick?”

“I do!” exclaimed Jana.

Hannah, continuing her role as Uncle Fraser, tore off her jacket and dropped her pants. There she presented a black strap-on that pointed straight toward the girls. She started stroking it as she walked toward Lena on the edge of the pool. From an inner pocket she also produced a red double-dildo. These were things that Lena had barely heard of. As she approached Lena, Hannah threw her dildo to the girls in the pool and directed the strap-on dick into Lena’s eager mouth. Lena accepted it and began to suck, and though it didn’t really arouse her, it was a fun game. The other girls played some kind of water rugby game to get to suck the double-dildo in the pool.

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