tagIncest/TabooWomen's Studies Ch. 01

Women's Studies Ch. 01


The inspiration for these characters was a photo of Audrey Allen and Carly Lauren. They are both playmates though I only knew one was at the time. I had originally thought Carly was Audrey's sister. I started to think about incest naturally and then I thought what if her "sister" was really her brother... I know. I'm fucked up, but aren't we all? If you want to see the image just type "Audrey Allen and Carly Lauren" into google images, it will be at the top.

Story contains incest and crossdressing.

A special thanks to Skye4Life for re-editing this story for me.


Women's Studies

"Do you want to switch it up? My leg is falling asleep and my ass is getting sore." my sister said.

"Sure, just pull over at the next rest stop and I'll take the last leg." I offered.

I was heading off to college. I had received a full scholarship to Mayweather University in Phoenix and I couldn't wait to get started. They had one of the best social sciences departments in the country, where I was hoping to get my degree. I was leaning towards majoring in psychology and minoring in sociology.

My sister Audrey was driving down early with me to help me get settled in. It had been a while since I had spent any time with her. When my mom found out she was a "cam-girl" from some of her male co-workers she about lost it and things haven't been the same between them since. My sister had hoped that after moving into the more main stream and artful pornography in Playboy, that things would change and our mother would be understanding. I don't know what gave her that idea. Our mother has never been one to understand, and this topic was a doozy for her.

Yes, my sister is that Audrey. Audrey Aleen Allen aka Audrey Andalise, Miss June 2013. What's that like you ask? Well my friends are always telling me how unbelievably hot she is. So no change there. I've probably seen her naked a bit more than the normal accidental sibling interactions. But for the most part we have a normal brother sister relationship.

My name is Alexis. Not your typical boy name. When my mother was pregnant with me, every sonogram ever taken failed to show my penis so they all thought I was going to be a girl. My mother wanted to name her new girl after her mother. My grandmother passed away two weeks before I was born. When I came out with a penis everyone was surprised. My mother, in her infinite wisdom, decided to stick with the name Alexis and decided she would just call me Alex for short. Thanks mom.

It's not like it made my life difficult or anything. Oh wait, it did. At 5'4" with a tiny body and slightly feminine facial features and hips... the latter I tried to hide with baggy jeans, I was mocked relentlessly. At the beginning of each school year the teachers would call out the roll and, without fail, call me Alexis no matter how much preparation I had done to warn them before hand to call me Alex.

My long hair didn't really help that much. I was going for more of a metal head or grunge rock look hoping it would help butch me up a little. I had started singing for a 70's rock high school cover band my senior year. The teasing didn't stop but it was noticeably less.

"About two more hours I think." I mused after we had swapped and gotten back on the road. Audrey had both of her feet up on the passenger seat staring out the window wearing a pair of big white sunglasses that obscured most of her face. Her long blond hair, dyed to perfection, falling around her shoulders and even a little into her perfect cleavage.

"Good, I feel like we've been in this car forever!" she whined. We had started in Denver and had been at it for about ten hours.

"So what should I be expecting in college?" I asked mostly in an attempt to distract myself from how bored I was, and also a little curious.

"Sex, drugs and partying with a little bit of learning thrown in... not necessarily in that order... at least for the first year or two until you settle down." she finished with a giggle.

"I didn't ask what you did at college!" I laughed, "What should I expect?" gesturing to my whole physique. "High school didn't really go over that well for me." I explained.

"College isn't like high school. Most people don't really care about that stuff in college. You should get along just fine. Just be yourself."

"I just hope I finally get laid." I accidental mumbled out loud and desperately hoping she didn't hear it over the radio.

I was almost able to breathe a sigh of relief when, "Wait, you haven't had sex yet?"

"No, not really."

"What do you mean 'not really'? You either have or you haven't."

"Well just oral."

"You got a blow job?"

"Umm, no."

"What? Now I'm confused. Spill it baby brother."

"Remember Tiffany Scott?" she nodded recalling a girl I hung around since sixth grade. "Well I kinda went down on her."

"No way! You followed her around forever." she mused. "She didn't return the favor?"

"She gave me half a hand job and then said her arm was tired after a couple minutes."

"What a bitch! If someone goes down on me I'll return the favor and if I go down on them then I expect the same in return at the very least."

"Oh God sis, I don't want to think about you going down on guys!" I exclaimed

"Who said anything about guys?" she teased.

Things started to become very tight in my pants. Resisting the urge to shift to a more comfortable position is becoming unbearable but I'm trying not to draw any attention to myself. The truth is my sister is a goddess. I'm guilty of spilling future generations, essentially committing genocide on a massive scale, while furiously beating it to images and fantasies of my sister. This was only made easier by my sister choice of career and the internet.

"Can we please not talk about this?" I asked keeping my eyes firmly on the road.

"No problem, bro." she replied with a bit of a giggle. "I will say this though, you will have no problem getting laid in college. I'm not saying it's an orgy but everyone is having sex. Besides, you're a good looking guy and your willingness to kneel at thy alter, definitely works in your favor."

I turned up the radio hoping she would take the cue that I was done discussing this. The drive was still boring, but the excitement of almost being there was starting to creep up on me.

Arizona wasn't what I had expected at all. Every time I had heard about it, it was described as a desert. I expected an almost desolate wasteland with tumbleweeds and cacti. This place was fairly green. Lots of trees and grass. Yeah there were some stretches of Rocky Mountains and barren patches of ground with only the occasional scraggly bush or palo verde tree, but there was definitely a lot more green than I had expected. And phoenix was a huge place apparently. Not like other big cities like New York where everything is jammed together and to the sky, but more sprawled out over hundreds, maybe thousands of square miles.

Finally arriving at our motel near campus in a little college town on the very edge of the city, we gladly jumped out of the car.

*** *** ***

Valley of the Sun

Holy shit it was hot. I felt like I was taking Intro to Hell. The moment I stepped out of the car, I swear sweat popped out from every pore. I knew it was supposed to be hot here but this was ridiculous. Audrey on the other had seemed to take it in stride, stepping out of the car with a smile. Sweat began to glisten her tanned skin immediately, bouncing light beautifully off of her neck and from the cleavage shown off by her loose fitting low cut tank top.

"Fuck it's hot!" I exclaimed.

"It's not that bad. I kinda like it." she said basking in the sun.

"Bull shit. I swear I saw two trees fighting over a dog and a squirrel using oven mitts to handle his nuts."

"Come on now!" she said laughing.

"I just saw Optimus Prime turn into an air conditioner." I said holding her eyes with a straight face.

"Stop. Please. My side is starting to hurt!" she laughed harder.

Getting our room was easy. They were pretty much vacant with there being two weeks still until school started. The room was a little crowded, two full size beds, a dresser with a mirror above it, a TV, and two nightstands. With two small people it worked out fine though.

"I need a shower." I said putting down my bag. "I'll grab the other stuff from the car when I'm done."

The shower felt great. I didn't even bother trying to warm the water. I hit the cold tap and jumped in to a lukewarm spray that slowly worked its way to a slightly cool. I lost track of time letting my mind roam and came back around to my sisters comments in the car about going down on guys and possibly girls. I was hard in seconds. I knew it was wrong but I was alone and it's only a fantasy, not like I'm doing the real thing I tried to rationalize.

I slowly began tugging on my erection, imagining her lying with her head buried between a girl's legs, licking eagerly at her pussy. The other girl with her hands on her blond head urging her on, moaning for more. This really started to get me going.

The image changed to her on her knees sucking on a big cock. Slowly licking the bottom of the shaft from base to tip finishing with a little flick of the tongue before taking it back into her mouth to vigorously pump it in and out before slipping off with a popping noise. A string of spit connecting the tip of the cock with her beautiful pink lips, swollen from the abuse.

With the water spraying off my chest I looked down and an image of my sister popped into my head. An image of my sister on her knees in the shower in front of me naked. My cock the one she has been teasing with such perfection. I'm getting close now, stroking faster. She leans forward to take me back into her mouth and looks up to give me a wink and...

"Alex! I gotta pee!" Audrey bursts into the bathroom. "You've been in here for half an hour, I couldn't wait any longer."

I'm panicking. I have this raging erection gripped in my fist and I freeze like a deer in the headlights. I quickly turn to face away from her thanking God for the nearly opaque shower door hiding my shame.

"Fuck sis. Don't we have some boundaries?"

"I can't even see you. Relax."

Realizing I still had my cock in my hand, I started to hear her pee. I'm not really into the whole pee thing, but knowing her pussy was totally exposed just the other side of this glass door, I started to make slow strokes on my shaft. It took real restraint to keep them slow. The window still showed faint outlines and I didn't want her to catch on that I was jerking it with her in the room.

"You about done?" I asked making my voice sound normal.

"Why are you?" she laughed presumably at how absurd this was, peeing while I was showering. Both of us virtually naked in the same room separated by a piece of fogged glass.

"Yeah, I'm nearly done."

The second the door closed I blasted into the shower wall biting back a moan. I was surprised that the force of my ropes didn't crack the cheap tile. Breathing heavily, I collected myself, feeling once again guilty for having thought of my sister while spanking one out. I got out and dried off throwing on a t-shirt and some gym shorts and left the bathroom.

Audrey was lying on her bed watching some garbage reality TV show and I plopped down onto my bed. She still looked a little flushed from the heat earlier. "What do you want to do today?" I asked.

"Let's check out some of the college hang outs. There won't be that many people out, but there will probably be a few that showed up early like us." she explained.

After getting ready, something that took me only five minutes, I channel surfed for the next hour and a half waiting for Audrey. Don't get me wrong, it was worth the wait. I can't quite explain what the difference was, but the extra effort made her look more beautiful. She went with a slightly rocker look with dark eye shadow drawing attention to her green eyes making them pop. She wore a short black pleated skirt and a tight white t-shirt with some black designs on it that was slightly see through and an obviously black bra underneath.

She made me look like a troll missing his bridge. I was wearing my usual baggy jeans and t-shirt combo with my Broncos hat.

Slipping on her silver ankle strap platforms and matching belt she completed her look. "Let's go get into some trouble little bro!" she smile wickedly

We found a local dive club that Audrey assured me looked, in her opinion, to be the go to place when classes started back up. The Library was a large standalone building with hardwood floors and a wood decor reminiscent of an old library. The dance floor was huge, but currently empty and only a few patrons occupied bar stools at the L-shaped bar. We had a few drinks (mine non-alcoholic), laughing and throwing jokes back and forth, but we were the only other people to show up in a little over an hour. Deciding it was a bust tonight, we left to get some food.

Making our way down the street I started to notice that everywhere I looked there were beautiful women. I could see it now, when school started even more would show up and I would be swimming in female flesh!

"I think you're right about the possibilities of me getting laid here." I said to my sister excitedly.

She just had a worried look on her face. After a few more minutes of walking and her gazing around she stopped and turned to me. "Where are the guys?"

"I've seen a few. Why?" I asked not really understanding.

"We are pretty much on campus right now and the only guys I've seen are a couple janitors and the rest looked like parents or teachers." She grabbed my arm and pulled me back down the street toward our motel. She pulled out her phone and started flipping through it. "Shit!" she said in a whisper I almost missed.

"What's up sis?"

"Let's get back to our room." she urged.

Ten minutes later found us back in our room and Audrey was pacing. "Can you tell me now? What's going on?"

She pulled out her phone and tapped her screen a couple times and turned it towards me. The web page pulled up was for my school. "So?" I asked still confused.

She scrolled down a little and turned it back to me. I read, Mayweather University, Ranked 10th All-Women College in the country. "Fuck! This is some kind of joke right? FUCK!"

I knew right away it wasn't a joke. This would have required too much planning on her part. I could see how it could happen. My given name is Alexis. Pretty much a girl only name. I'm the only guy I have heard of with it. That coupled with me applying to every college I could find, someone here probably missed it.

Well now I was screwed. I definitely wouldn't be allowed to attend an all-girls school and I wasn't accepted anywhere else. So much for the full scholarship. I started to shove my stuff back into my bags.

"What are you doing?" Audrey asked.

"Getting the fuck out of here. No point in staying. I guess I'll take a year off to work back home and enroll in community college next fall."

"Come on, let's just stay for a couple days and fuck this town up before we go. We'll get so shitty we can't even spell college." she laughed. "Maybe we can even get you laid when more of these girls show up. What you got between your legs makes you a rare commodity."

"Alright, but the booze are all on you." I said laying back on my bed.

"Deal. I'll be back in ten." she said slipping back out the door.

This was so fucked up. How did I even apply to this college without figuring out it was a girls college? How did the admittance people miss the fact that I have a dick swinging between my legs? I was still lost in my thoughts when Audrey returned.

"Look what I got!" she said pulling a bottle of tequila out of a bag followed by rum and a bottle of Coke.

"Perfect." I said not caring that I hate tequila. At this point I just wanted to drink until I passed out and then repeat until this was all just some bad dream. She pulled out some glasses and we dove right in. Being as small as we are, we are surprising heavy weights when it comes to drinking. Maybe it's in the genes. After powering through four shots a piece while sipping on a rum and Coke I was feeling a pretty good buzz and started asking her about what it was like modeling for Playboy.

"There are so many people there the whole time. The pictures themselves look kind of intimate. Almost like you're peeking into someone's private time but the view from my end was me, near or completely naked, with at least twenty people in my field of view. Some of them crew members and a few models watching in between their shoots, nearly as naked as I was. About half the guys are shamelessly tenting their pants and the women look hot as hell. It was so frustrating being so horny and naked in front of so many people." she finished a little breathless.

"The girls got you going too?" I asked. "Are you a little bi or something?"

"Oh, Alex," she sighed, "there's no little about it. It's one of the reasons Mom won't talk to me. Some of her coworkers saw a vivid scene on my web show of me with another girl."

My mind stalled trying to go down six different directions with this and failing to get anywhere. My sister has sex with girls. That's so hot! I flashed from soft to granite in seconds.

"Haha, contain yourself bro." she drunkenly teased.

The conversation drifted to other topics as we continued to drink, but I couldn't really focus. Being drunk, not to mention thinking more about what my sister would look like licking a girl out...or getting licked herself, made it harder to focus. Lost in my daze of blissful thoughts she caught me off guard.

"Why don't you just dress like a girl and go to school here? Your degree would have your name on it so it would be legit."

"Hell no." I slurred. "Besides they would know in a minute that I was a dude even if I didn't have this giving me away," I said drunkenly grabbing my still erect cock through my baggy jeans. I noticed right away I screwed up and let it go and started to blush.

Surprisingly she didn't give me shit about it. She looked at me curiously for a while before saying. "I think you would make one hot fucking chick." After that we just drank in silence with her occasionally smiling strangely at me.

*** *** ***

It felt so amazing. I was with Tiffany Scott doing some serious dry humping in the back seat of her dad's Volvo. My hand under her blouse pinching the nipple of her soft plump breasts and kissing her neck. I was so close to coming and she would back off a little just to tease me, per usual. Her soaking panties rubbing me through my boxers, my pants unzipped sitting low on my ass. Listening to her moan with pleasure.

"Alex." I loved hearing her say my name.

"Alex?" more of a question this time. I moaned feeling a throbbing start to build.

I woke up with my cock sticking out of the crotch of my boxers pressed into the crease of Audrey's thong, my hand under her loose top cupping her breast and my mouth pressed to the back of her neck. It took a second waking up to realize what was going on.

Like a flash I rolled away and slammed onto the floor hitting my head with a loud thud. My head was throbbing and my sister is laughing hysterically. We must have passed out on the same bed after drinking so much. This was humiliating. Tucking my throbbing cock back into my boxers I tried to apologize as best I could.

"I'm so sorry! I was asleep and didn't know what I was doing I swear!"

"Must have been some dream!" she said still laughing. "I called your name like six times."

"Why didn't you just move away?" I demanded angry still embarrassed.

"You mean other than the death grip you had on my tit? Besides, it was worth it after the look on your face."

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