Women's Studies Ch. 01


"I'm gonna take a shower." I said trying to find any excuse to leave the room only realizing afterward what it might look like.

"Have a good shower!" she mocked.

I can't lie. I jerked it. I was too worked up to even consider letting it go away on its own. The upside is it was quick. In under a minute I yet again defiled this shower and quickly finished washing up. I stepped out of the bathroom in just my gym shorts and Audrey slipped in after me still wearing just a loose t-shirt with her breasts hanging free and her hot pink thong. My cock lurched at that image but I prevailed. After about a thirty minute shower she came back out in a bath robe and proceeded to dry her hair.

"I am really sorry about this morning." I said sincerely.

"Don't worry about it. It happens. You're not the first guy to wake up with a case of morning wood." she said flicking off her hair dryer to comment.

I decided to drop it and hope we could forget. After getting dressed again in the bathroom she came back out to apply a little make up. "You know, I wasn't joking last night." she said looking up for a split second in between applications. "I could make you look like a hot girl and you could still go here."

"I think not."

"You don't think I could make you into a hot girl or you don't want me to?" She asked casually. As if this was the most ordinary conversation a brother and sister could have.

"Either? Both?" I said almost a question. "I'm not gay and have no desire to be a girl."

"Being gay doesn't have anything to do with it," she replied, still focused more on her makeup than the conversation. "You ever joke around with your friends, would you suck a dick for a million dollars? It's kinda like that but instead it's would you dress like a girl for three hundred thousand dollars?"

"You're starting to weird me out a little, sis." I said.

"You know the whole million dollar thing?" she continued, ignoring me. "Well your friends might say they wouldn't do it, but I know for certain if cash was shown they would do it for way less. I was at a party in LA during a photo shoot and saw a completely straight man blow another guy for three grand." she recalled casually. "At least you would be getting your money's worth."

"This sounds kind of fucked up." I said, "Besides, people will know I'm in drag in a heartbeat. I could never pass as a girl."

"Are you kidding? You may make a decent looking guy, but with your frame, those hips and perky ass, your pretty face and that hair... let's just say we might need to get you a taser to keep the boys off you. Hell, you'll need it to keep the girls off!"

"You're just saying that."

"I'm not lying bro." she said finishing up her makeup and snapping her cases closed. "I'm going to go out for a bit. I'll be back in an hour or so."

She was gone for about three hours. I spent most of my time listening to Pandora Radio on my phone or watching trashy daytime TV. When she returned she looked weighed down with shopping bags from a bunch of different shops. Dropping them all with a sigh of relief she sat down hard on the bed and made two rum and Cokes. The bags didn't surprise me. She was a firm believer in retail therapy.

Neither of us said anything through our first two drinks. I was starting to feel a good buzz. She had made these pretty strong. After making the third round which was even stronger than the first two she started pulling the stuff from her bags. There was an astounding amount of lacy underwear of all types along with dresses and skirts of all types and tops. Somethings she pulled slightly out of the bags, as if to check something, and then put them back in.

"So, I have a surprise for you." she said nervously. "We are going to get wasted and play dress up."

"No way!" I laughed protesting half halfheartedly. With all this liquor in me it actually sounded kind of fun.

"Pwease!" she pouted. "We can make you all nice and sexy. Just this once I promise. I never had a little sister to play dress up with!" she pleaded.

"Okay." I finally conceded. "Just this once and only because I'm drunk." I rationalized.

"Yay!" she squealed, "We'll start simple and do your hair and makeup. Come sit over here."

I sat their drinking steadily while she went to work on my hair. The drinks were a little weaker now but that just let me keep a good pace without blacking out. She put on some chick rock station on her phone so we were rocking out to Joan Jett, The Donnas, Flyleaf, Paramore, and The Pretty Reckless. It definitely set a girly mood and when she finished my makeup I could see where she was going with the music.

"All finished." she sing-songed, "Take a look!"

I scooted over so I could see into the mirror. Right when I got into its view Audrey jumped in behind me to lean her head over my shoulder smiling. I was in shock. There were two hot girls staring back at me. One was my sister and the other looked like this slightly slutty rocker chick. My cock lurched. Was that me? I was so drunk and confused. Was I gay? I was starting to get a hard on looking at myself in the mirror. No, it's because of my sister. I may be a little fucked up in the head, but definitely not gay.

"What the hell Audrey?" I said touching my face.

"You like?" she grinned. She was obviously having a blast.

"Here's a refill." she said handing me a fresh drink. Rummaging through some of the clothes she pulled out earlier she handed me an outfit. "Put these on." she said blushing.

"What? Right here?" I said

"Or in the bathroom. I don't care."

I opted for the bathroom. The alcohol was numbing my embarrassment, but I still had a chubby from seeing me and my sister in the mirror. In the bathroom I found the reason for her blushes. Pressed in between a short plaid skirt and a black Ramones t-shirt, that someone had been at with some scissors, was a matching set of black lace underwear and fishnet stockings. Now I was blushing, but what the hell. I slipped on the lacy boy-shorts and tried to tuck my wiener sideways in the waist band. Next went the bra which was a little trickier. It felt a little empty but whatever. Then I put the skirt on to a whole new experience with the open feeling in my privates but the cloth feeling on my hips and thighs adding a strange contrast. I pulled the top on and then slid the fishnets on my legs.

Looking into the mirror my libido surged and my cock throbbed. I couldn't blame this one on my sister. This was all me causing this reaction. Before I could think too much on it my sister burst in. "You done yet? OH MY GOD! You look hot!" she exclaimed ecstatically. "Turn around and let me get a better look at you." she adjusted my shirt over my bra and fussed with the skirt to lay flat until some throat clearing from me made her realize it was my cock causing the lump. "Um, wait right here." she said.

She returned with a box she was opening. She pulled out a couple floppy pieces of rubber showing them to me. "Chicken cutlets." she said showing them to me. "Fake breasts." she clarified slipping them into my bra. After adjusting them and my hair she turned me around to look in the mirror at the finished product.

We looked like sisters. Hot sisters. Still drunk, I was having trouble wrapping my head around the whole situation. My erection was so hard it was starting to hurt and I could feel my panties staring to become sticky. My sister stood close to me looking in the mirror at us together. She had her hand on my hip dangerously close to my aching cock and the other on my shoulder.

"I told you." she said smiling wickedly. "I would fuck both of those girls. What about you? Would you fuck them?" she continued whispering in my ear. Her fingers on my hip were now slightly brushing the tip of my dick, making me moan. "I thought so." she said licking my neck.

*** *** ***

Again I woke up dazed. We were in the same bed again in much the same position with my cock peeking out the top of some lace panties pressed into the cleft of her ass cheeks and an arm draped over her stomach. At first it was a shock. Not the position we were in, but what I was wearing. My skirt was high up around my waist as was my sister's, and I was still wearing the shirt and bra as well as some fishnets.

She was still asleep this time. Still a little drunk and hungover, I just stayed pressed against her while I was pulling any thoughts I could remember back from last night. All girls college. We got wasted. She dressed me up as a girl. The image of us standing in the mirror in the bathroom came back along with the feel of her fingertips brushing my cock. I would fuck both of those girls. The sound of my sister's voice came back to me and her licking my neck. I was trying to decide if some of that might have been a dream when my sister slowly started to work her perfect ass against my cock in her sleep.

It felt so incredible. I wanted to pull away but I couldn't make my body move. Slowly she built up her pace and intensity. This lasted for a few minutes and right when my orgasm started to build she stopped, waking up. "Shit!" she whispered to herself moaning. She shuffled to get out of bed and I feigned sleep.

"God I would still fuck that girl." she said to herself walking to the bathroom and closing the door.

When the door shut I rolled onto my back thinking about all the weird shit that had happened since I got here. I heard the shower start and I got up to look at myself in the mirror above the dresser and I was surprised. I didn't look as good as I thought I did when I was drunk last night, but I wasn't sure if it was because of my drunken perception or because of the sleep messing up the look. I still look damn good though. I found myself admitting. I had that 'walk of shame' look going on like you see with those hot girls in college movies.

I found the same thought chasing itself around my head. Could I really do this? Impersonate a girl and keep my scholarship. I was still in denial, but deep down my resolve was showing some cracks.

I don't know why but when I heard the shower turn off I jumped back in bed to pretend to still be asleep. Lying there waiting for Audrey to come out I decided maybe I didn't want my sister to see me admiring myself in the mirror.

When she stepped out of the bathroom she was surprisingly chipper for someone who had a power drinking session last night. "Alex, you up?"

"Huh?" I said groggily pretending to be woken up. "Yeah I'm up." I sat up looking down at myself feigning confusion, "What the hell happened last night?"

"You said I would never be able to make you look like a hot girl. I bet you that I could. You sir, lost." she said smiling. "You still look good!"

"I'm gonna take a shower." I said blushing and avoiding looking her in the eyes.

In the bathroom I looked myself over in the mirror again. I ran my hand through my hair, smoothed out my now wrinkled shirt and skirt and ran my hand along the tight fishnets. My own touch felt more intense and keeping my eyes on myself in the mirror, I flipped up the front of my skirt and pulled my cock the rest of the way out and began to stroke myself.

It was a strange experience. This girl in the mirror was really turning me on, but she had a cock. But then again it was my cock so it was okay. As I continued to stroke myself, bucking my hips, I thought about how much I wanted to put my mouth on this woman. Thoughts unbidden came of slipping this beautiful girls cock into my mouth and at that moment I came hard, knees buckling, leaving me leaning over the counter.

I was so confused. I knew I wasn't gay. I had never even thought about a dick besides my own. But even though this was my dick I had thought about, I couldn't help thinking about it at this sexy girls cock that I had wanted in my mouth.

Trying to push these thoughts out of my head I stripped down and got into the shower. In a few minutes I was stepping out and drying off in front of the mirror staring at myself again, a young looking man with slightly feminine features. I put on a pair of gym shorts and a t-shirt and exited the bathroom.

"I'm going to be honest bro. I don't mean any offense by this, you are a good looking dude, but you make an even better looking woman." she said appraising my drastic change from when I had entered the bathroom.

"Drinking with you should come with a disclaimer or a parental advisory warning." I commented sheepishly.

I laid down on my bed, which hadn't been used for sleeping so far, there was a very long silence. Eventually Audrey got up and laid down next to me with her back propped up by the headboard.

"We should talk about this." she said not looking at me. "You know that if I could afford to pay for your tuition I would right? I mean I make some money, but the pay for pornography no matter how classy, isn't the same as the pay for being a movie star."

"I know sis. To be honest even if you did make that kind of money, I wouldn't put this on you." I said

"Well I'm saying this to lead into the next part." she paused for a moment as if the next part was a little difficult to get out. "If you really want to go to school here you can. I can help you. It is doable. It might be a little tough, but you're a tough guy. When I started doing nude cam shows it wasn't because it was what I aspired to do. It was something circumstance put in front of me when I needed a way to get by. It was hard the first time I did it. I was so nervous and I felt a little sick." Talking in short sentences, she seemed to be rushing all of this out uncomfortably. "It isn't like that now. Now I like what I do, but in the beginning it was hard and I wasn't sure I could do it." Her eyes were watering a little bit now, recollecting her feelings early on.

"You are in a similar situation. You have this opportunity, but to get it you have to do something you would rather not. The difference between us is you know that this thing you're doing will pay off huge in the long run. When I started I never imagined the possibility that I could be a Playmate. You know exactly what you will get at the end of this and it's way better than the 25k for being Miss June." Taking a deep breath after her long speech, she continued. "What I'm saying is fuck these people with their all-girls school. Do you want to go to this school?"

"Well, yeah."

"They say you have to be a girl to go here. Do you want it bad enough to dress up like one for four or so years? To pretend to be one?" She asked.

I opened my mouth to answer. This was so much. What would my mom think?

"Don't think about what other people would think, fuck them. This is about you." she interrupted me grabbing my hand and turning to look me in the eyes now. "Is this degree and scholarship worth you being a girl?"

Looking into her eyes, I saw them pleading me for the truth. Somehow I knew she didn't care what my answer was as long as it was the truth. She had always been an understanding person growing up, surprisingly tolerant. I had never really seen the full depth of that in her. As long as I was happy she didn't give a fuck what I wanted to do. It gave me strength. "Yes." I whispered.

The force of he hug knocked both of us off the bed as she dove to embrace me. Crying and laughing. Lying on the floor next to her, my arms tight around her, I couldn't help but laugh too with a few unshed tears in my eyes. After a while she pulled herself up. "We've got some work to do."

*** *** ***

Audrey had left to pick up some items she deemed important to our work. Alone in the motel I was starting to question the decision I had previously made. Can I really pretend to be a girl? Not just physically, but mentally? I seriously thought about talking myself out of my decision. In the end, I figured I had about a week and a half to change my mind and if I decided not to do it then at least my sister and I would have something to laugh about next time we hung out and drank.

Audrey returned a short while later carrying three bags this time and quickly set to emptying them onto the end of her bed. Out spilled and insane amount of makeup, girl deodorant and perfume, hair dye and... waxing supplies. I was getting a little scared now. Not just about the waxing. That sounded painful. But everything else I would have to learn in the next week. She spent her entire life learning how to be a woman. I was having serious doubts of my ability to pull something like this off.

"You can do this." she said firmly. "We'll take it step by step. Now take these and then take a hot shower." She continued confidently handing me a few Aspirin. "Use my loofah and scrub everywhere."

I was nervous as hell, but I trusted her. Heading into the bathroom, she called out to me with a smile, "You might want to... You know..." she said making a jerking motion with her hand. Oh no, this won't be embarrassing at all.

I showered and scrubbed like she requested. I was going to skip the self-relief she had suggested, but I got hard and figured what the hell. When I shut the water off and stepped out to dry Audrey called for me. "Don't get dressed. Just put a towel around you and come here."

I obliged stepping into the room to see her fussing with what I could only assume to be the waxing supplies." I don't know if I'm ready for this."

"You'll be fine. I do this all the time. Besides the less time you have to spend in the dorm showers the better."

"Can I get drunk first?"

"No. It will close up your pores and make it more painful. Just lay down on the bed."

I'm not very hairy to begin with. The light blond hair on my legs and body are fine and sparse. That being said it still hurt. She started with my legs then arms moving to my back and torso. Next she did the light facial hair that I had painstakingly tried to cultivate. After so much of it, I was beginning to get used to it. It wasn't so bad anymore. The blessings of ignorance.

"Alright, now the hard part." she said blushing. "Lose the towel."

"What!" I said surprised and shocked.

"You have enough of a bulge we have to try to hide without adding a forest of hair to the mix. This part will be... unpleasant." She severely understated.

"AWWW FUCK! SON OF A BITCH!" I screamed. It was bad. After the first one I almost didn't let her continue, but she insisted one more would do it. It took about six 'one mores' before she was done. Even with her touching me down their during the waxing, I couldn't even think of getting hard. But now that it was done she was using her mouth to blow air on to my burning nethers in an attempt to sooth the pain. Before I knew it, masked by the pain, it had just snuck its way to rigidity.

"Wow, that's some package." Audrey teased throwing my towel over it. "I'm going to order pizza. You just pass out and sleep it off. I'll wake you when it gets here."

After my nap, my skin felt less aflame, but still sore. We ate pizza as she explained what we were going to be doing next and throughout the rest of this week.

"When we finish up I'm going to dye your hair to go with your new look." she said between bites. "I thought about this earlier and just because you going to be a girl doesn't mean you can't still, in essence, be you so we are going with a rocker chick look which will balance your rocker dude persona. Besides if you act a little strange people will attribute it to you just being different... and honestly you really pull of that look as a girl. Like really hot." she confessed containing her blushes. "Besides, Alex didn't have many friends in school, but in college everyone will want to be friends with the cool and hot Lexi!"

I flinched at that name. People used to use it to make fun of me in school. "Hey bro, I know it brings up bad memories, but those are a little boy's bad memories. Lexi is a beautiful woman. She has known no other name and she embraces it," she said trying to reassure me with a gentle squeeze of my hand.

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