Women's Studies Ch. 01


"From now on you will be Lexi. You will eat sleep and breathe as the woman she is. You will wear girl's clothes even if it's just you in this room. You need to get used to the woman you will become." she explained cleaning up the remnants of our lunch.

Being Lexi was hard. She wore dresses and skirts along with heeled shoes and after an extremely difficult tutorial, did her own make up. Her voice was also higher than my normal voice. Every time I would become frustrated Audrey would help build me back up.

"I didn't learn how to do this all in a day. I don't expect you to either. But with a great teacher you can get to where you can learn to get better on your own." she would reassure me smiling.

I had gotten a little less self-conscious with my erection in front of her, seeing as it was there a lot. "Does it always feel like this?" I said while trying on a sun dress.

"What do you mean?"

"I feel everything!" I said. "I feel the dress glide across my smooth skin, the air from the AC blowing across and in between my legs, the soft underwear moving across my..." I hesitated.

"Oh yes, It's always like that. At least for me." she laughed lightly. "You ever hear a girl say that a dress makes her feel sexy? Don't worry, Lexi. You'll get used to it." She continued to use my girl name helping me to get acquainted with it, as well as referring to me as a girl.

During the hair dying we practiced my singing to songs on her playlist in a girls voice to help me become more comfortable using it and making it more natural for me to use. My voice wasn't deep to begin with so that helped. By the time we were done coloring my hair and Audrey was helping me blow dry the final product, I had my Lexi voice down.

We had went with platinum blond on top with jet black underneath creating an amazing effect. I had thought about doing black on top but Audrey explained, blondes have more fun, with a wink. "This will look even better after we go out and get it cut." she said.

"Go out?" I asked a little scared.

"Yup! Tomorrow!" she exclaimed. "We'll even make a day of it and go all the way to the other side of Phoenix to get it done. Besides Lexi, you need clothes and you'll need to leave this motel to try them on. After that maybe we will get some food and do some dancing."

"I don't think I'm ready... to go outside."

"You're right." she said and I began to relax. "But tomorrow you will be. Tonight we practice walking."

It was harder than it sounded. She insisted I should wear heels because they made my legs look better and longer. After six hours of hip swaying seduction I finally managed to get the hang of it and I was beat. I peeled of my dress and shoes and fell into my bed wearing my new white lace bra and panty set that had pink bows on it and went to sleep. An hour later Audrey woke me up.

"Lexi, can I sleep here with you?" she whispered. "I kinda got used to having you there with me."

I was so tired I didn't say a word. I just closed my eyes and opened my arms for her to cuddle into them.

*** *** ***

Waking up was a lot easier without alcohol in my system like the previous two nights. I opened my eyes to a position very familiar to me now. Again I was spooning my sister Audrey tightly, with my morning wood wedged in between her cheeks and my hand draped across her stomach. She was still asleep and part of me wanted to roll away before she woke up. That part lost to the other part of me. The part that wanted to just hold her and feel her entire body pressed against mine. She smelled wonderful, a mixture of her lavender scented deodorant, her floral shampoo and something more intoxicating that was all her own. I pressed my nose into the back of her long blonde mane and breathed in deep letting her fill me. It sent my mind spiraling with gentle feelings of contentment.

As I became more fully awake I noticed how smooth my skin felt and how the tiniest shift against her skin, which was just as smooth, felt amazing sending tingles all over my body. The fabric of my white panties so soft against my freshly waxed groin. The underwear was still a surprise but I loved the feeling of it on me. Just thinking about how I looked in my underwear made my erection surge and Audrey rocked her ass against me once.

I froze, waiting for her to wake up and say something. Slowly her body started to rock back and forth against me rubbing my cock mostly through our underwear as the last few inches of me are exposed. She must still be asleep and just responding to me! I thought. It felt so good my hand under her loose top began to stroke her stomach and I was unconsciously working my way higher to her bare breasts. When I reached the under-curve of her breasts she moaned and I realized where my hand was. I was so lost in the physical sensations I just went with it.

A few minutes later she jerked waking up and stopped her grinding on me. I just held still realizing my hand was still holding her bare breast in my hand, praying she would think I was still asleep, when out of nowhere she started slowly rocking against me again. I didn't know what to think. She was awake, like me, and pretending she wasn't while grinding her perfectly round ass onto my throbbing cock. She obviously thought I was still asleep. I couldn't believe this was happening. I mean my sister is so HOT! She was Miss June, and she was now grinding into me while I was presumably asleep. Sure she was my sister, but I had thought about her sexually before. I mean she is technically a sex icon. By now I can hear some quiet moans coming from her, she is obviously getting off on this to some degree.

Taking a huge risk, I gradually start to start pumping back. She paused for a second but I persevered and she continued her pace. I was getting incredibly hard feeling her consciously participate. Her breast still in my hand, I started to rub and caress it pulling her tighter to me. It took serious willpower not to increase my pace to a frantic humping once I started to feel my climax build. Keeping steady strokes, I did allow myself to increase the pressure of my thrusts a small amount. She was now whimpering quietly with her moans and you could clearly smell our arousal in the air. I was so close and I couldn't keep my breathing even anymore. It was coming out in short pants now. Right before I came I pressed my head into her hair again and breathed her in. Her sweet scent making me light headed. I lost it and blasted rope after rope onto her lower back between us. The warm sticky mess we produced from our friction pressed and smearing between our bodies.

I continued to hold Audrey to me breathing deep of her in a state of bliss, but once my high ended I felt guilt and shame. Jerking off while thinking about her was one thing, that was all just in my head with me by myself, what we just did was incest. Actually I wasn't sure if it was, but if it wasn't it was damn close.

I still held her to me praying she didn't realize I was awake, listening to her breathing become more normal. Once she was calmer she slowly slipped my hand from her breast and gently slid out of bed trying not to wake me, and made her way quickly to the bathroom. Now I had a dilemma. Do I clean myself and have her come back knowing that I cleaned myself and my possibly 'guessing' what happened and both of us being embarrassed? Or do I stay like this with my cum drying on my abs and eventually wake up being embarrassed for 'presumably' having a wet dream. I didn't really see a winning scenario.

Eventually I heard the shower start and decided that I should clean myself off and pretend that I thought I had a wet dream and embarrassed I cleaned myself up before she could notice. Thus saving me from having to see her see me with my cum all over my stomach and giving her an excuse to have conveniently had nothing to do with it so we could both avoid the awkwardness. It was confusing as hell inside my head, but to me it worked.

My sister spent the better part of an hour in the shower. Either she was really worked up or she was having a hell of a time cleaning all of my sperm off her back. When she finally came out I was standing in front of the bedroom mirror looking over my body, admiring how I looked. My now flaccid member tucked fully into my panties.

"Morning Lexi!" Audrey said smiling leaning in to give me a kiss on the cheek. That must have been some shower. Her blonde hair was still wet and she was wearing a white thong and demi-cup bra.

"Good morning!" I replied copying her enthusiasm, glad we could easily bypass the awkwardness of this morning's earlier events.

"Is something wrong?" she asked me with concern. "Your voice sounds funny. Are you coming down with a cold? Your voice is normally a little higher and softer." she said

Catching on I adjusted my voice and cleared my throat delicately. "Sorry, I just woke up and I had something in my throat."

"Very good!" she said with a smile, infecting me with one of my own. "Remember, you are always a girl now. Don't break character for anything. If God forbid your dick flops out and starts to sing a Broadway musical, you are still a lady." Looking at me to make sure it sank in, she added "Now we have a big day today so you should take a shower." My smile slipped at that. "Don't worry, you'll be fine. We are going over thirty miles away just to be careful. This is just to help you ease into it. That and get you a haircut because God knows I can't do it," she said reaching out to run her fingers through my hair. "Besides, you look so amazing you could fool our mother."

I was still so nervous it took her smacking my ass to get me moving. Once in the bathroom I stripped out of my cute underwear with a sigh. I looked so good as a girl, but without my clothes I looked like an okay looking boy again. Every time I felt this it shocked me anew. I quickly showered and dried off just so I could get dressed again. Audrey had laid out my new underwear for me again. This pair was black ruffled booty shorts that made my ass look amazing, leaving the bottom of my cheeks exposed, and a black strapless bra. Once I had them on with my fake boobs in, I looked good.

Walking back into the room I asked. "Couldn't I have bigger boobs? Don't get me wrong, these look great," I said in my girl voice "but I could really go for something with a little more oomph. You know?"

"You can only add so much without them being obviously fake. And with your size I though an average B would work well and be easy to conceal that they weren't real." she explained.

"Oh okay." I conceded. "By the way, these ruffled panties you got me make my ass look amazing. Thank you!" I offered trying to try out my girly act a little more.

She gave me a big smile seeing me play into it. "They do don't they? I'm almost jealous." she said directing me to a seat by the mirror. "Let's do our makeup."

I knew she was testing me watching me do it myself. I thought I made a fair account of myself. Audrey did point out a few things as she made a couple touch ups, explaining to me what she was doing while I watched.

"Perfect!" she said as she finished. "Your dress is on your bed. Don't forget you have to step into it. You can't pull it over your head." She added before going back to finish up her own makeup.

"Thank you!" I cooed still acting girly. The sundress dress was a blood red strapless affair that covered my boobs completely but barely, and had a wide belt a few inches below my breasts where the dress gradually flared out in soft pleats ending at mid thigh. I slipped it on and it felt wonderful. I swished my hips back and forth watching myself in the mirror and Audrey giggled at me.

"You are taking to this really well." she complimented.

"Thanks, some things just feel... right I guess." I said "Can I ask you something?"

"Anything and everything you want." She smiled. "We're sisters now."

"I keep having problems with... feeling good. I mean my skin is so smooth and the underwear so soft against my skin and the dresses brushing against me with the smallest movement and then there is the whole thing where even though I know I'm clothed these dresses and skirts make me feel like I'm naked... the air against my legs and in between... I mean, is this just me? Is it something I can get used to?" I rambled.

Audrey was hysterical trying to catch her breath. "Yes. That's normal." she said calming down. "You do get used to it for the most part, but sometimes it can still sneak up on you. Remember what I said about how a dress can make a girl feel sexy?" Letting out a few soft chuckles. "God, I needed that. You are too funny."

At least now I know I'm not just a freak getting a hard on from the thought of wearing women's underwear. The tactile sensations could take the blame now.

Audrey finished her makeup and hair and easily slipped into her white sundress. It was a similar design but with straps and she filled out the bust much better than I did. She took her time in the mirror to make sure it was perfectly placed on her bust and hips before taking care of mine giving me tips on how to make sure that I knew it was covering and showing off my fake breast right without revealing.

"Okay." she said nervously grabbing some duct tape from her bag. "One last thing. Lift up your dress and drop those panties." She was blushing like fire now as she knelt down on her knees.

"What? My panties?" I said with a little edge to my voice.

"Yeah. You don't really need to tuck with a dress like this since it flares out from your... parts, but you're going to need the practice to get used to it. And this way if there are any accidents on our first try we can learn from them without causing a scene." She explained "Well? What are you waiting for? We're all girls here?" she smiled encouragingly still blushing.

I took a deep breath, closed my eyes, then I put my hands under my dress and pulled my black ruffled panties down to my knees.

"Lift up your dress." Audrey said.

"I... umm... I can't." I said with my eyes still closed. My brain was raging against itself. My Playmate sister was on her knees in front of me, a vision I had spent many nights back home stroking it to. I was so hard I could hammer nails with it.

"It's okay Lexi." she said understanding and trying to make me feel comfortable. Before I realized it she had grabbed the hem of my dress and lifted it up.

"Oh my God!" she exclaimed. Obviously we were understanding on two different topics. She definitely wasn't expecting this and now I was blushing so hard my face hurt and I was starting to get light headed.

"You're so... big, Lexi." she said a little breathlessly. I wasn't huge, but with my size, my seven inches made it look like I would be ten inches if I had had a normal guy's body. "Can you make it go down?"

I couldn't even speak right now. I just shook my head. Wishing I could just melt away and disappear into the carpet. Sure we had just dry humped this morning but we were both pretending to be asleep and now she was on her knees with my exposed cock mere inches from her face. My morals were kicking the shit out of me and even if they weren't I was scared shitless to try anything in the light of day.

"Maybe you should just go take care of that." she said in a whisper.

I rushed to the bathroom and closed the door. Lifting the hem of my dress and tucking it under my chin to keep it out of the way I got on my toes and leaned over the sink. It only took a few strokes for me to come buckets into the sink. I wiped myself off and let my dress down before I made my way back to Audrey, my skin on my shoulders and neck flushed, displaying for all my obvious orgasm.

Like the great sister she is, she didn't say a word about it as she showed me how to hide my testicles in my pelvis and wedge my now flaccid penis and ball-free sack in between my legs. She used some duct tape to hold it in place and then I pulled up my underwear completing my new 'dick-free' look.

"Wow!" I said instantly forgetting my earlier embarrassment, "I can't even tell I got a dick down there." I said holding my dress up and turning my hips to check out my look. "Where did you learn to do that?"

"YouTube." I guess you really can find anything on YouTube. "Just try not to get hard. That tape and your panties can only hold so much." she said calmly. "Now put on your shoes so we can go."

I slipped on my black three inch heals with excessive winding straps, grabbed a black clutch from my sister that she put my wallet things into with some make up and we were good to go.

Getting out the door was hard. This was my first outside excursion as a girl. I think Lexi was ready. Alex was most definitely not. I was so nervous I could barely think. My mind tried to race through possible disaster scenarios. They couldn't completely form, but my mind was screaming bad, bad things.

"I've got you Lexi." my sister whispered in my ear. "You got this." With a gentle nudge she got me moving. I stumbled in my heels but she caught me whispering, "Don't forget to use your hips more."

We settled into my car and I breathed I sigh of relief. Audrey was driving because I didn't know how to do it with heals yet, and possibly to keep the stress off of me. The drive was long. It took about an hour to find the salon Audrey had found for us on the other side of the city. We were technically in a place called Glendale now. We parked a little away from the entrance and just as I was about to get out my sister stopped me.

"One more important thing before we get into public." Oh no, she forgot something really important I need to know. "In public, never call me Audrey. I doesn't happen a lot, but people have been known to come up to me out of the blue. I don't want someone taking a picture of us and blowing your cover and screwing all this up. In public just call me Dreya."

"Oh, okay." I said relieved that it wasn't an important girly lesson I'd have to learn on the fly.

"Okay, let's go over this. Who are you?"


"Who am I?"


"Who is the sexiest girl in town?"

"Lexi!" I joked.

"Good girl!" my sister said smiling, loving the confidence even if was forced.

Together we made our way into the salon, blessing the AC upon entering. I felt some of the customers staring at me giving me the sudden urge to run. Audrey put her hand on my arm and smiled encouragingly, instantly calming my nerves to a more manageable level. I tried not to look at anybody but my sister and that helped. Having made an appointment ahead of time I was led back by a Rickey Martin looking stylist in tight jeans named Luis.

This man's smile seemed to break completely through all of my nerves for some reason. Sitting down into his chair I crossed my legs getting an approving nod from my sister.

"Such nice hair!" Luis said running his hands through my mane and moving it around looking at it from different angles. "What would you like for having today?" He said messing up a few words.

"An asymmetrical haircut. Keep the long side on her left three inches below her chin and have the right curl her jaw. Use daring angles. Layer the black underneath the blonde." Audrey stepped in taking charge. I wasn't sure what any of that meant but I was a little scared.

"Ooh, I like the sound of that!" He said excited.

"She is a rocker girl at heart." Audrey said looking at me in what I can only call affection. Then with a wicked grin, "Don't let her see it until it's finished. I want it to be a surprise."

Luis immediately got to work getting my hair wet and then proceeded to cut swaths out of my hair. Watching my poor hair fall around me I prayed that my sister was right about this style. Having short hair would make my job even harder.

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