tagIncest/TabooWomen's Studies Ch. 02

Women's Studies Ch. 02


To the new readers, and those of you who have returned. I expect this to be a long series and I'm glad that you are going on this journey with me. Comments are encouraged and voting is appreciated.

I would like to thank ramjet69 and BaddGrrl for their editing and also for letting me bounce ideas off of them.

This story contains Incest, and cross-dressing.


Have you ever been lying in bed with someone and your arm falls asleep, but you don't want to move and wake them up? Not because they are ugly or anything, but because you are afraid they will wake up and the spell will be broken. Well its 6am and I've been like this for about 20 minutes. Agony aside, this is pretty incredible.

My older sister Audrey is lying on my chest with her arm and leg draped over me wearing only a white lacy bra. Her bare pussy only slightly warmer than the rest of her is pressed gently against my upper thigh. Her hair is a wild, sprawling tangle of a mess trapping in the heat from our bodies and her breath.

How did I get here with my own sister you ask? Last night was the perfect storm. The combination of alcohol, circumstance and bad decisions. I'm of the strong opinion that me dressing in women's clothes for the last few days has blurred the lines of my identity for the both of us. I certainly don't see the scrawny looking guy I'm used to seeing when I look in the mirror anymore. Well at least not when I'm wearing some clothes. My dick kind of gives me away when it's out there swinging in the wind.

My sister, being admittedly bisexual, must have been having a pretty rough time having to see me as Lexi. I do look pretty incredible as a girl, especially after the makeover she gave me and all the clothes she bought me.

After a few more minutes I couldn't stand it anymore. The pins and needles effect on my arm was beyond ordinary pain and I had to do something. As gently as I could I tried to slide out from under her without disturbing her sleep.

"Ugh. S'too early, Lexi. Come back to bed." she mumbled not fully awake yet.

I smiled as I finished easing out of bed. At least she's not freaking out about last night, I thought to myself. That was something I had thought about a bit since I had woken. That in her sober, morning after state, she would be pissed at me for not stopping things before they went too far. Then again she's not fully awake yet.

Once in the bathroom I closed the door and stripped off my dress. Still in my bra, I examined myself in the mirror. My makeup was a mess, my hair had a wild look to it, but still looked great in this asymmetrical cut my sister chose for me. It was longer on my left going about three to four inches below my jaw where the left side flowed perfectly into my jawline with angled cuts on both sides making it shorter in the back. With my hair a mess, you could see more of the jet black hair that would normally be covered by the platinum blond on top.

I was no longer surprised by the fact that I was wearing a bra with small fake breasts in it, or of the odd contrast made by my slowly growing erection between my legs. It was the price I would have to pay if I wanted to attend an all-girls university. With the full scholarship they had given me, it was definitely worth the price. I didn't think so at first but I was beginning to see now that it was. As long as I didn't get found out that is. That would be unbearable. With a sigh I pulled out my fake breast inserts and took off my bra leaving me once again a scrawny feminine looking man with a girl's haircut and makeup.

I quickly turned from the mirror feeling loss and disappointment as I stepped into the shower. Washing myself, I left my erection to deflate on its own as I continued to think about my life. I enjoyed being "Lexi" (my girl persona), but the depression I felt while looking at myself in the mirror after taking all of my clothes off was disconcerting. I might be pretending to be a girl, but this was only temporary and then I would return to being me.

After my shower I dried off and applied lotion to my smoothly waxed skin and, avoiding the mirror, I stepped into the room and found myself some clothes to wear. I quickly decided on a pair or white lace cheeky panties with black trim and a white bra along with a charcoal gray pleated skirt that ended mid-thigh topped with a tight white t-shirt with black designs on it.

With my fake boobs in place and my cock discretely tucked away, I sat down to apply my makeup and style my hair. Not going for anything too dramatic this early, I went for a barley there look with my makeup and only a little eye shadow.

Feeling sufficiently presentable I slipped out of the room quietly, letting Audrey get some sleep, and took a stroll down the street to a bagel shop for some breakfast for the two of us. If Audrey woke up pissed about last night, this might slow down the onslaught. I know that bagels won't make up for incest, but that's all I had to work with currently.

With two coffees and a bag of bagels, I made my way back to our room feeling more nervous each step. Surprisingly it wasn't because I was dressed up as a slightly slutty girl in public, it was because I would have to face my sister about what happened last night. We had always been close growing up even with our age difference and I couldn't help but worry that she would hate what we had done last night, or worse hate me.

Once back in our confined room the smell of the coffee seemed to wake Audrey. I watched as she stretched out like a cat letting the covers slip from her body leaving her naked except for her white lace bra. It was hard not to drink in her beauty and sexuality. As a Playboy model, she was definitely worth appreciating.

"Hey." she said sleepily. "Did you go out?"

"Yeah, I got us some breakfast." I replied meekly.

My sister sat up on the bed completely uncaring about her state of undress and reached out for me to hand her one of the coffees I was holding. Handing her the cup, I sat on the opposite bed facing her unconsciously leaving my legs parted in a very unladylike way. As Audrey sipped at her coffee I tried to find a way to bring up what happened last night. Not really finding an easy way to start, I settled on just being direct.

"Last night..." I began.

"Yeah.. Last night." Audrey said letting out a long breath. "I was drunk and I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that to you"

She was sorry? "Wait, what?" I said confused. "You're not mad at me?"

"Why would I be mad at you? I basically threw myself at you."

"Um.. because I didn't stop you?"

"If you did, I would have choked you out and done it anyway." she said jokingly.

"You damn near did anyway!" I said remembering our encounter.

With that my sister smiled in a satisfied way. With that faraway look in her eyes, she was likely reminiscing on the events of the previous night as well.

"Listen, I know we shouldn't have done it, but I liked it. I probably shouldn't have but when I see you like this, you make me all kinds of horny." my sister said staring at my crudely open legs.

"I told you before, if something feels good then do it. That definitely felt good. And if the dry cum on my back is any indication, you enjoyed it too. What I'm saying is, I don't feel bad about it. You shouldn't either."

My sister, she has always been the blunt one. Never shy to just come out and say exactly what she is thinking or feeling. She was right though, it did feel good. From the way she was talking about this it seemed like this might not be just a one-time thing that we never speak of again.

We sat quietly across from each other eating our bagels and drinking our coffees. When I had finished my own bagel I finally noticed where she was staring, and how slutty I looked sitting with my legs open in this skirt. Feeling a little bold, I started to open and close my legs.

"Do I really make you feel that way?" I asked "I mean.. you know... Like that?" I couldn't bring myself to say horny for some reason. I knew I was having an effect on her. She still hadn't looked up from my crotch.

Audrey was just finishing her bagel, but she still looked hungry. I recognized the look, and it wasn't food she wanted.

"Audrey?" I said again, still slowly working my legs. "Audrey!"

"Yeah?" she said, snapping out of her daze.

"Like what you see?" I said with a little laugh. I was loving the ways you could tease as a girl. It was so much fun and made me feel powerful.

Audrey smiled and got a mischievous shine to her eyes. Before I realized what happened she had hopped up from her bed and pushed me backwards onto mine and was straddling my waist. She had flipped up my skirt and was casually grinding her bare pussy onto my pelvis.

She was definitely a sight to see. Sitting straight up, coffee cup still in hand, she worked herself on me in slow delicate motions. Still wearing only her bra and smile, she rode me taking sips from her coffee every now and then.

Somehow this seemed more intimate than last night. Sure last night we actually had sex, but this was different. It wasn't primal or raw. It was playful and sensual, free and untainted. I could tell she was enjoying herself and not just on a carnal level, but in a way that said that she was happy and amused by our situation. She had a relaxation that you would expect to see between two seasoned lovers who are completely comfortable with themselves and their partner.

After continuing her steady pace for about five minutes, she started to show signs of her impending climax. Her breathing became faster and she had her eyes closed tight. Within moments sweat began to bead on her skin and her motions became slightly jerky.

When her orgasm hit I realized I was holding my breath in anticipation. She shook, and her legs clamped onto my hips. After she rode out the wave of pleasure coursing through her body she opened her eyes and smiled at me again. Not saying a word she finished the last of her coffee and hit the front clasp on her bra to free her breasts.

The two halves sprung apart to reveal a glorious looking pair of 34c breast with tight little pink nipples. Without the slightest hint of sag, they must have been welded on. I reached out to touch one but my sister was too fast. With her free hand she slapped mine away and eased herself off the bed laughing.

"Not this time lover girl. I need a shower... Or have you forgotten the mess you made on my back last night?" she finished, giving me a wink as she closed the bathroom door.

My cock was aching. I quickly freed it from the tape and panties and set myself up to take care of my star player while my sister took her shower.


Once my sister got out of the shower she teased me relentlessly. She would strut her stuff naked, continuously bending over for something and adding much more sway to her hips than usual. She was like a post card of the promised land, I could look all I wanted but there was no way I was ever going to step foot there. I didn't press it after she foiled my first advances. I didn't want to be one of those guys, or girls rather, who reeked of desperation... even though I was. I could tell it was having an effect on her as well. The perpetual gleam of arousal around her sex told me she was having almost as tough of a time as I was. Our small room seemed permanently filled with the aroma of fresh arousal.

"I've got to go out for a bit." Audrey announced after several hours of torment. "I might be a while so you do your own thing for lunch."

Audrey was just finishing up at the mirror with her makeup and hair. She had been standing there for about a half an hour and my eyes had not left her the entire time. She was wearing a tight white tank top that bordered on transparency and a very short pair of cut off jean shorts that contained all but a whisper of the bottom curve of her majestic ass. The curve of that soft skin hinting at promises held within. That, with the navy blue bra that was clearly visible beneath her top, was undoubtedly strategically planned to draw attention to her assets.

"You don't want any company?" I asked breaking my eyes away from her body as she turned to face me. Sure, she probably saw me looking in the mirror, but it's rude not to look someone in the eye when they are speaking to you... or so our mother says.

"No, you just hang out and relax. You've been doing so great. Just take it easy."

She was being a little weird, but I brushed it off. With all of her teasing I could really use some private time to take care of business.

True to my purpose, as soon as the door shut to our room I slipped quickly out of my shirt and skirt and got onto my bed facing the big mirror we use to do our makeup. Sitting up on my knees, with them spread sexily, I drank myself in. My white lace bra and the white lace panties with black trim, my stomach flat and toned, my hair and makeup bringing out my natural feminine beauty... looked incredibly hot. I kept my eyes glued to myself in the mirror and slowly traced my hands down my body and slipped them into my panties. I eased my semi erect cock from its tucked position and hooked my panties under my balls.

Watching myself in the mirror as I did this was extremely erotic. All of my motions were slow and sensual and every time I looked up her eyes were glued to mine. It felt like I was seducing myself and it was most definitely working.

I slowly started stroking my now severely engorged shaft and she started as well. The faces she made had a serious effect on me. The way her lips parted as she gasped for breath and the way she bit her lip or shifted her hips, her body flowing with the will of her pleasure like a fallen blossom down a river. When she started making high pitched moans and her stroking became faster it became a contest, seeing who could hold back the longest.

The moaning became louder, spaced between frantic gasps for breath. At the peak of the mountain top we held back as long as we could, far longer than we thought possible. With a rushing in our ears and pain raging against our refusal to release, we finally succumbed and were swept under by a tidal wave of bliss. With each rope our abs spasmed, wrenching our muscles. Eternity stretched out, and like elastic snapped back to a moment and it was over.

"Holy shit that was hot!" came from my right. Still dazed, cock in hand it took me a second to process. When I finally came to my senses, I realized it was Audrey standing just inside the doorway to our room. Like a deer in the headlights I didn't move a muscle as I looked at her. I didn't even blink.

"I um forgot my uh... my purse. I forgot my purse." she said a bit winded herself. She stepped quickly to the table next to the TV and snatched up her purse and made a quick exit.

"FUUUUCK!" I screamed the second the door closed, falling onto my back. How long was she standing there? How much did she see? What did she think about seeing me obviously getting off to looking at myself in the mirror... Well she did say it was hot. Fuck my life!

I lay there for a while trying to catch my breath and coax my heart rate to something resembling normal after that awe inspiring orgasm as well as trying to shake off the shock of being caught 'dick in hand' like I was some grade schooler with his first erection.

"At least I came." I said to the empty room, genuinely glad that something that good wasn't stopped by my sister's untimely return. Truth be told, this wasn't the first time one of us walked in on the other and it literally wasn't anything either of us hadn't seen before. Still, it is a very private and intimate thing to have someone walk in on.

*** *** ***

"It took me forever to find these in a store locally." Audrey said with a mix of exasperation and joy.

"Took you forever to find what?" I asked looking up from the Maury Povich show. My attention was now split because I had just spent the last 20 minutes waiting to see if these train-wreck-people were in fact the fathers of these children. I normally try to avoid this kind of thing. It's so disgustingly wretched and it always ends up sucking you in like a swirling vortex of white trash entropy.

"You are...99.99% the father." Those faithful words rang out in the air like the trailer park battle cry that they were.

"Who's the daddy? You're the daddy bitch! Suck it douche bag! Haha!" I'm not proud of this moment. Television like this drops your IQ two points for every minute you watch. Thankfully it's not permanent. If this motel had decent cable I would have been safe from this seedy hurricane of what-the-fuck.

"Well good for them." Audrey said switching off the T.V. thus snapping me out of my celebration and back to the real world.

"I got you a special gift baby sis." she said and proceeded to pull a sizable box out of a non-descript bag. "These puppies will be your new best friends!"

"Are those..?" I said looking at the picture on the box. There were two breasts featured on the top of the box and written above it were the words Aphrodite Breast Forms. Audrey had mentioned these once before when I was having trouble with my inserts.

"Yes they are!"

I was stripped all the way down to my underwear in seconds bouncing up and down on my knees on my bed. I'm not sure exactly why I was so excited. They weren't going to make my breasts look any larger than they were already. Maybe it was a mix of the feeling of getting a new present and the hope that these would be more comfortable and manageable.

After some preliminary tests we found the right placement for them on my chest and made a few marks on my skin with some eyeliner so that we knew the correct placement. Audrey helped me prep my skin to remove the oils and apply the adhesive to the forms. When the adhesive started to become tacky, we pressed them firmly to my chest one at a time and held them in place for several minutes. Once they felt like they were holding in place pretty well I put on an extra tight sports bra to keep the pressure on them for a while longer.

"They match your skin tone very well." Audrey exclaimed. "You should only need minimal make up to blend the edge and no one will notice a thing. Invest in some waterproof stuff just in case."

"How long will they stay on?" I asked.

"About a week." she replied. "When you get settled into your dorm and see what the privacy situation looks like, find a day during the week where you can do it consistently and just make that your day to remove them clean them and reapply them. You'll have to get all the glue off of them before you can put them back on or they won't stick as well. Also, they won't come off in the shower so there's no worry there." she finished.

This was definitely a boon in my favor. Out and about in public I was sure I could pull my other fake breasts, but with these I wouldn't have to worry about my roommate seeing me without them. Not that I planned on sleeping naked, but accidents do happen.

These forms felt heavier than the inserts. Just standing for a few minutes with them was giving me a small strain on my back. Nothing drastic, but just one more thing I would have to power through. I had finally gotten to the point where it no longer hurt to walk in heels, it figures something else painful would come up. Being a woman hurts.

After an hour of wearing my tight sports bra I figured they were on as tight as they would ever be. I carefully slipped the sports bra off and looked myself over in the mirror. They didn't make me any bigger than my inserts had, but they looked amazing. Better than that, they jiggled when I moved.

"OK gurlie, quit fondling yourself for a couple minutes while we get back to business." Audrey quipped. She quickly applied some makeup to the top edge of the forms and easily blended them flawlessly into my skin. In a few short minutes I couldn't even tell that they were fake. This was amazing. I spent the next ten minutes shifting my position in the mirror to see how I looked. Finally I decided it was time to put my clothes back on and see how they looked from that perspective.

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