tagTransgender & CrossdressersWomen's Studies Ch. 07

Women's Studies Ch. 07


This story is a chronicle of transformation and self-discovery, both spiritually and sexually. It is about a young boy transforming himself into a young girl in order to attend a renowned all-girls college, and the journey she goes on as she finds out who she really is. The story, as a whole, crosses many genres, but this chapter only contains Cross dressing/Transsexualism, Transgendered sex with females and Lesbianism. I would highly recommend reading the preceding chapters as they contain a lot of story building and character development... and steamy sex.

To everyone who is returning for this latest installment, I thank you for your patience. It is for you that I write.

This was edited by Skye4Life, god bless her soul, and beta read by Noobdude and Dreamweaver594.


"Holy shit!" Kennedy exclaimed standing in the door way with her mouth hanging open.

Abigail and I were together in her bed. The sheets were still covering most of us, but by our bare shoulders and exposed legs, it was obvious that we weren't wearing much, if any clothing. Abigail and I had only woken a short while ago and with our already being naked, and with one thing leading to another, I was spooned up behind her, sliding my cock into her.

"What are you doing here?!" I exclaimed in a panicked voice, my body frozen in mid thrust. "You weren't supposed to be back until tomorrow!"

"That's what you have to say?" Kennedy stared at me, still standing in the open door way. "Nothing about any of...this?" she said gesturing elaborately with her hands.

"When did this start?" Kennedy asked. "When did she find out you have a penis?"

"You have a penis?" Abigail asked feigning shock before bursting out into giggles causing a sensation like pure, blissful torture as her pussy flexed around my cock.

I didn't know what to do. I felt kind of awkward having Kennedy in the room while I had my dick in Abigail, but Abigail hadn't made any move to have me withdraw. In fact, she had begun to make minute gyrating motions with her ass into my crotch.

"Um, Kennedy, can we get a second?" I asked.

"No! I need answers damn it!" she said with mock anger sitting down on the edge of the bed.

"I found out a while ago, but I didn't say anything." Abigail said making those wonderful motions on my cock.

"So you guys had sex?" Kennedy asked. "Wait.." she paused to take a closer look at us. "Are you having sex right now?" She smiled wickedly as reached for the edge of the sheet.

"Hey!" Abigail exclaimed, holding her sheets tight against her.

Kennedy was laughing outright now as she drummed her feet on the ground. "Fine! Fine! I'm going to go and grab us some breakfast while you two finish up," she said giving my ass a smack. "If you're not done by the time I get back, I'm just going to have to watch until you finish," she said getting up to leave.

Before the door even shut, Abigail pulled herself off my cock and threw the sheets aside baring me completely. She climbed on top of me with a feline grace causing her pale breasts to bounce seductively. Easily straddling me, she aimed my cock at her entrance and slid herself carefully down my swollen shaft.

"Oh God!" She mewled, wincing at my intrusion. "You feel so good."

"You feel incredible Abby," I sighed, reveling in her warm embrace.

"You know, I love it when you call me Abby," she said smiling down at me with her dark brown hair wildly framing her beautiful face.

She braced her weight with both hands on my ribs, cupping the underside of my breasts as she slowly rolled her hips, pressing her clit onto me as she fucked herself on my cock. Her beautiful lips parted as her breath quickened, and her breasts began to bounce in a hypnotic fashion as they were pinned between both of her arms.

I gripped her hip bone with one hand, urging her on, while my other hand trailed over the soft skin of her stomach, up to tease her breasts.

The combination of the wet friction from her pussy and the beautiful vision of her naked body on top of me was bringing my orgasm faster than I wanted.

"Slow down Abby," I panted. "I'm so close!" I moaned.

"Good," she gasped, ignoring my warning as she picked up her pace.

My quiet pants turned into loud, high pitched moans, as I fought my building climax. Abigail's movements began to take on a life of their own as her voice rose, making music with my own.

"I'm cumming, Abby!" I cried "I'm cumming!"

As I spewed forth my seed, Abigail kept hammering herself onto my bursting cock. Her eyes were shut tight as she threw back her head. I had finished filling her with my cum, but Abigail pressed on, torturing my oversensitive cock. When I was about to scream that I could take no more, her body locked up atop of me as she let out a wail of ecstasy. I suffered through the painful bliss of her pussy milking me until, at last, Abigail fell forward beside me on the bed, letting me slip from what had become the torturous depths of her pussy.

"That was incredible!" she sighed, squeezing her hand between her thighs as she felt for the mess I had made. "But now I have to kick you out of my bed," she said giving me a smile and a nudge. "Kennedy will be back soon, and I trust her when she says she will sit there and watch us until we're finished. So get dressed."

"Ugh," I sighed as I pulled my sex-tired body up. "She would too."

Not knowing how much time we had before Kennedy's return, I quickly threw on a pair of pajama pants and one of my old Alex t-shirts that hugged my breasts deliciously. It felt weird wearing one of my old t-shirts like this. I loved the way my breasts looked in it, and I kind of felt like I was a girl wearing her boyfriend's t-shirt.

Abigail was in the process of slipping on a pair of girly boxers, after cleaning up the mess I had made in her pussy, when Kennedy returned with breakfast burritos.

"Sausage, egg, and cheese," Kennedy said tossing a burrito to Abigail and then me. "I assume neither of you have a problem with sausage?" Kennedy asked with a smile and a raised eyebrow as she sat on the edge of Abigail's bed to unwrap her own breakfast.

I was sitting cross legged on my own bed as we ate and I listened to Kennedy probe Abigail for details on how her first time was.

"So," Kennedy began. "How was it? Was it as good as you thought it would be?"

"Better," Abigail blushed. "How come you never told me how great it feels?"

"Because it isn't always great," Kennedy said, shrugging as she took a bite. "Sometimes it sucks."

"Hey now!" I cut in, feeling the need to defend myself.

"Not with you, Sweety. I mean in general," Kennedy clarified. "You're an exception."

"Sex is a nuanced art form," Kennedy explained to Abigail. "Some guys think all they have to do is stick it in and pound away, but there's so much more to it. You lucked out for your first time and found someone who knows what they're doing."

"She is pretty good, isn't she?" Abigail said giving me a smile. "I see now how you could lock yourselves away for hours on end without coming up for air."

It was a little embarrassing to be in the middle of their girl talk, with me being the topic of discussion, but at the same time flattering. It was always nice to know that you did a good job. It did get to be a little much after a while. Kennedy insisted that Abigail give her a play by play, and the details were pretty graphic. By the end of her recital I was wishing I hadn't forgone wearing panties. My cock was rock solid and without my panties to contain it, it easily tented the loose fabric of my pajama bottoms.

"You okay over there, Lexi?" Kennedy smiled, noticing my attempts to try and conceal my erection.

"Yeah, everything's fine," I replied, trying to act casual.

"You sure? All this sex talk isn't getting hard on you is it?" She asked, emphasizing certain words. "You look bored stiff," she finished with a smirk.

"Alright. We get it," I said standing up, gesturing to the now very obvious tent in my pants. "I have a boner."

I was slightly annoyed at first, but as both girls began giggling uncontrollably, they sucked me in and I began laughing as well. I sat back down and did my best to situate my erection, but the silky fabric continued to tease my cock playfully.

"So, isn't this a little weird?" Abigail asked once the laughter died down. "We've all had sex with each other. What happens now?"

"I can think of a few things," Kennedy smiled mischievously.

"Get your mind out of the gutter," Abigail chided her.

"Don't play Miss Innocent with me!" Kennedy shot back, poking her playfully in her side. "I've seen your naughty bits!"

As interesting as this direction was going, I could see the nervousness in Abigail's demeanor and I felt protective of her. As arousing as the thought of a possible three way with these two beauties was, Abigail had only just had her first time. I didn't want her to feel rushed into anything. It was hard to reconcile the innocent girl sitting there fidgeting in her PJ's with the woman who had been sexily riding my cock less than an hour ago.

"What are you doing back today?" I asked, trying to steer the conversation in a new direction. "What happened to coming back tomorrow night?"

"Oh, I got into a fight with my mom," Kennedy said shrugging.

"What happened?" Abigail asked. "Is everything going to be all right?"

"I was prying for information about my dad again," Kennedy began. "She got a little angry that I was bringing it up again, and told me that she wasn't going to discuss it. I was pissed, but that's not what the fight was about. She went out for a little bit to pick some things up at the store and I decided to do a covert search of her bedroom to see if I could find anything."

"Did you?" I asked. Kennedy's father was something of a guilty pleasure topic. The mystery of it had a way of pulling you in and making you want to know more.

"No. I found nothing," Kennedy sighed. "Unless you count a few toys that my mother probably wished I never found. When she got home, she found me in her room and my covert search had somehow morphed into me ransacking the place. That's where the fight started, and I decided it would be best if I came back early. And between us, I'm kind of glad I did" she finished smiling a little too innocently at Abigail and I.

I could easily see Kennedy violating her mother's privacy for even the smallest clue as to who her father was. She could be distracted from her all-out assault on the truth, but only for short periods of time before her need to know forced its way out, putting her back into a break neck charge towards trouble.

"What kinds of toys, exactly?" Abigail asked into the silence, causing another round of laughter.

"Nothing I wanted to find in my mother's closet," Kennedy assured us shaking her head.

*** *** ***

After we finished breakfast, we moved our little party out into the common room to enjoy the last day of solitude before everyone came back. Kennedy, still feeling frisky, changed her clothes and came back wearing a tiny black thong and a t-shirt that only covered half of her ass. Still going commando under my pants, it was the main cause for my prolonged erection.

Even with all the sexual tension, it felt wonderful to hang out with my two best friends and not have to worry about keeping any secrets. It felt liberating. I still tried to not make my boner look obvious when I had one, but it was nice to not have to live in fear that someone would notice it, which they did quite frequently.

"Who's going down to pick up the pizza?" Abigail asked.

"Not it," I quickly claimed, followed by Abigail.

"That's not fair," Kennedy said. "I'm in my underwear."

"And I'm not wearing underwear," I said.

"You'll be fine," Kennedy scoffed with a laugh.

"Really?" I said moving my arm away from its place covering my groin. My erection had died down, but there was an obvious bulge in my pants that couldn't be mistaken for anything but a cock. "How about I pay for the pizza and you can give the pizza guy something to tell his friends about?" I offered with a smile.

"Oh, you're buying now?" Kennedy asked.

"Yeah, I have a little extra money," I said shrugging and giving Abigail a little smile.

"A little?" Abigail laughed. "After my dad took us to the casino, that girl is loaded!"

"You guys went to the casino?" Kennedy asked surprised. "And you got to meet Mr. Lockwood? When did all this happen? I should have stayed here with you guys," she said looking a little disappointed.

"We'll tell you about it over the pizza. Now, are you going down to get it or not?" I asked as I walked the short distance into my room to grab some of the money I had squirreled away.

"Fine, but you're going to owe me a little more than just pizza." she said, her eyes flicking to my bouncing crotch as I walked back out of my room.

Abigail and I watched from the banister at the top of the stairs as Kennedy pranced down in her underwear to open the door. I was standing behind Abigail, using her body to hide the noticeable bulge in my pajama pants, letting my growth press gently into her bottom.

Kennedy opened the door and was met by a wide eyed pizza boy. He stammered and stared as he took in the view of her barely-there underwear and her slightly transparent t-shirt stretched tightly around her wonderful breasts. From the look in his eyes, he was probably wishing that here and now would be the moment that his wildest pizza delivery dreams would come true in the shape of a beautiful red haired goddess.

Abigail and I stifled our giggles as we watched Kennedy pay for the pizza. His eyes never left her body and for all he knew we paid him a couple of folded singles. Carrying our pie, Kennedy twirled away sexily, letting her hair spin, and pranced away and up the stairs letting her nearly bare ass sway seductively as she went.

"I can't believe I just did that!" Kennedy giggled as we stumbled back into the common room laughing.

"He was really looking too!" Abigail said.

"I can't see how he could avoid it. Especially with the way she was working those hips!" I threw in. "It had me drooling a little."

We dove into the pizza as we watched Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and told a jealous Kennedy all about thanksgiving with Abigail's father. With Kennedy on one side and Abigail on the other we shamelessly finished off the pizza and snuggled together as the bloodbath ensued. It wasn't really my kind of film, but with the company I had, I couldn't complain.

*** *** ***

I woke up in a panic. Abigail's elbow was digging into my side and I felt like I was being suffocated by Kennedy's wild red hair. Neither of these things were what had caused my heart to hammer at an unbelievable pace though. There were people walking around us.

We had fallen asleep on the common room couch, and being Sunday, some of the girls had arrived back at the dorm already. We were a tangle of fleshy limbs and hair. Kennedy was laying partly atop of me with her hair in my face and Abigail was lying on her back beneath me. Her legs were parted, giving me room to lie between them with my head pillowed on her breasts. I couldn't see what we looked like, but I expected a clumsy human sandwich with me in the center. The other girls were still sound asleep and I could feel Kennedy's hand wrapped around my waist, gently resting over my morning erection.

I could only hear two voices in the room so far, but it was two too many for me. There was no way I would be able to hide my erection in these pants. I had let my guard down with my friends and now I was paying the price.

"Looks like we missed a hell of a party," came the whispering voice of Holly, one of the dorm supervisors.

"At least they didn't trash the place," came another familiar voice. I was sure it was Danielle, one of the girls from the room next to Abigail and I.

"Yeah, but still, they look like one hot mess don't they?" Holly observed. I could hear a little bit of excitement in her voice.

Every second I stayed there, pressed between their bodies, I began to panic more. There were only two of them so far, but who knows when more would show up. Becoming more frantic, I began to subtly try and wake Abigail. After a few minutes of increasingly hard prodding she finally began to stir.

When her eyes finally opened, she looked down to see the panicked look on my face. Her head shifted at the sound of the others in the room and she seemed to understand my plight.

"Kennedy!" Abigail groaned causing me to flinch at her loud voice. "You guys are crushing me!"

"Wha'?" Kennedy said stirring on my back. "Wha' time's it?"

As Kennedy shifted, her hand rubbed the length of my shaft, and she froze as well. After a moment, Kennedy slid her body up my back and quietly whispered 'Cold Charlie' before gathering herself and climbing off of Abigail.

Kennedy made a big production out of standing up and stretching, yawning loudly as her shirt rode up exposing her tiny black thong and her bare midriff, before smiling over at the other girls and joining them in the kitchen area.

"Hey guys," she said to our other flatmates. "When did you get in?"

"A few minutes ago," Danielle said awkwardly. "Holly was here when I got in."

"I only just beat her here," Holly said.

As Kennedy flaunted herself and talked with the other girls, I slipped from atop Abigail and she stood next to me as we walked back to our room, blocking their view as best she could while I desperately tried to keep the bulge in my pants as unnoticeable as possible.

"That was close!" Abigail sighed as she closed the door behind me. "God, my heart is racing right now. Is it always like this for you?"

"I usually don't let myself get into these situations," I said crashing onto my bed to stare at the ceiling.

"I meant the worrying," she clarified.

"Yeah, pretty much," I sighed. "Not getting caught is generally the thing foremost on my mind. Thanks for helping me out of there," I added.

"I'm glad I could help," Abigail said lying down next to me on my bed. "But, I think Kennedy still did most of the heavy lifting."

*** *** ***

Wanting to avoid the hustle and bustle of all the returning students with all their luggage in tow, Kennedy, Abigail, and I shut ourselves away in our room. Not wanting to endure anymore close calls, I was fully dressed in a pair of stretchy jeans that show off every great curve of my legs and ass and I had my cock firmly tucked out of sight. I had let my guard down too much over the last few days and I really needed to get back to my old habits of constant vigilance.

After all that had happened over the last twenty-four hours or so, the sexual tension was thick in the enclosed space. We were all just lounging around, listening to music or reading magazines and such, but I couldn't help my eyes from wandering. I kept glancing over to Abigail on her bed painting her toenails. All of her focus was on the soft pink lacquer she was applying.

There was nothing sexual about her posture or actions, but I couldn't help being mesmerized by her sight. After seeing her at her most vulnerable, her naked body fused with my own, and hearing her cry out in ecstasy, I found her outward innocence even more alluring. It was like a secret that I could now see, just beneath the surface. I tried to occupy my mind with some reading that I was behind on in my classes, but she kept pulling my eyes.

Kennedy was quiet as well as she lay on the floor between us reading a magazine, but her eyes kept shifting from Abigail then to me, and back, with a small smile and a trace of playful lust in her eyes. I knew what she wanted, but I had no idea what gears were spinning behind her eyes.

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