tagTransgender & CrossdressersWomen's Studies Ch. 10

Women's Studies Ch. 10


I have been receiving many emails from you, my eager fans, inquiring about when I would post more of Women's Studies. It has been a little bit longer than I intend, but here is Chapter 10! For those of you who have stuck with me after the first nine chapters, I am extremely grateful and pray that I don't let you down.

This chapter contains Transsexual themes not suitable for young audiences.

Again, a special thanks to Skye4Life for editing.


"Oh, fuck. That's it bitch. Take that you cum guzzling little cunt," I cried. "I'm gonna ride that ass like it's Prom night!"

"Who's my little girl?" I asked sweetly. "You are... I hope you prepacked that ass with Vaseline because you're getting fucked!" I yelled into my headset.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I fucked your mom," I said, replying to some kid halfway around the world. "Hell, I fucked your dad too," I added offhandedly. "Did you know you suck more cock than he does? BOOM BITCH!" I shouted throwing down my controller, reveling in the victory music coming in through my headphones and blasting from the surround sound system.

I had just finished annihilating a group of kids in Call of Duty, and trash talking being a hallmark of a good gamer, I had worked up my skills into an art form.

I had gotten back to the dorms from Christmas break late Friday night and not accounting for sleep, I had been playing the new Call of Duty ever since. With the new elite controller my sister Audrey gave me for Christmas, I had been dominating the competition like never before.

"You're not a very nice person," some young squeaker named HeAd_ShOtZ_KiLlA said through the microphone as the final score popped up on the screen showcasing my glorious victory.

Another gamer on the other team shouting, "You're such a fucking faggot! Get a life asshole!"

"Jeez! Settle down!" I said in an offended tone. "You don't have to be a poor sport about it."

All of a sudden I had this feeling like I wasn't alone. I quickly turned around to see nearly all the girls from my dorm suite starring back at me.

Ripping off my head set I stood up and faced them, "I... um. Sorry. I didn't realize anyone else was here."

Kennedy just burst out laughing and the other girls followed suit. "Get a little carried away did we?" she asked.

"Yeah, kind of," I said blushing.

To be honest, I was just getting warmed up. This was a pretty light demonstration of how vulgar I could become while playing video games. I don't know what it is, but slaughtering my foes on the field of battle just works me up into a frenzy that can only be sated by me spewing out profanities in an attempt to dominate their minds as well as their virtual bodies.

"Did you see that game though?" I asked bashfully. "It was good right?"

More laughs erupted from the girls as they broke up, hauling luggage and settling back in from break now that the show was over. Now more than ever, I was grateful that "Gamer Girls" weren't an oddity any longer. Still, I needed to keep a grip on myself...and not in a 'my parents aren't home and I just discovered internet porn' kind of way.

"How long have you been playing?" Kennedy asked taking a long look at me.

"Only for a little while," I responded defensively. "Wait, what day is today?"

"It's Sunday," Abigail responded shaking her head chuckling.

"Sunday?" I asked not believing it. "What happened to Saturday?"

"Yeah, Sunday," Abigail stated. "It's almost noon."

"Since you're done berating juveniles like a drunken sailor, do you think you could help us with our bags?" Kennedy asked. "There are still more downstairs in the car."

Still a little embarrassed with having my entire dorm unit hearing the awful things I was saying, I quickly turned off my console and put everything away. In only a few minutes I was heading down the stairs and out of Evens hall toward the parking lot to help with their bags.

I had definitely noted how much more luggage I required since becoming Lexi, but by the shear volume of bags the two of them required, I still had a few things to learn about packing as a woman. It took two full trips with our arms loaded to get all of their things to our room. To be fair, Abigail's bags contained the lions share. Her father had obviously taken her shopping on vacation, evidence from the brand-new Louis Vuitton suit cases.

"Did you load this thing with bricks?" Kennedy asked as she heaved the last case onto our jumbo bed. "This thing weighs a ton!"

"I think that one has my shoes," Abigail commented inspecting the tag on the handle.

"Break was only like two weeks!" Kennedy exclaimed. "How many shoes do you need?"

"Those are the shoes I bought on vacation..." Abigail trailed off with a slight blush. "They're not all for me...I got you guys something too," she defended.

"Shoes?" I asked, perking up at her words.

"Yeah, give me a second to find them." With that, Abigail dove into the case and began carefully pulling out pair after pair of expensive shoes that were strategically wedged inside like a female version of Tetris.

"I got you each a pair of these red sole Christian Louboutin open toe pumps," Abigail said handing each of us a pair. "And..." she continued to dig.

"Christian Louboutin?" Kennedy asked shocked. "These must have cost a fortune!"

"Daddy pitched in too," Abigail confessed. "We did a lot of shopping and he thought it would be nice if I got my best friends something nice."

"This is a little more than just nice," I said trying not to drool over my beautiful new shoes.

I was immediately in love with them. A small part of me twisted at how expensive a gift this was. We all knew Abigail and her dad were loaded, but we never treated her like an ATM. We always pulled our own weight and paid our own way. I didn't resent her for her wealth, but I did feel more than slightly outclassed in the gift giving department.

"...we have purses," Abigail finally finished as she pulled out two purses. "We have the black and white Chanel with the silver hardware, and this cute Louis Vuitton handbag." She said holding them up for us in either hand, giving them a little spin like some hot show girl on The Price Is Right. "I figured I would let you guys decide which ones you wanted."

"The Louis Vuitton," Kennedy said quickly, obviously having no qualms about accepting such a lavish gift. "This is so cool!" she nearly squealed, rubbing the fabric of the purse against her cheek smiling.

"That leaves the Chanel for you," Abigail said handing me the bag.

I was more than happy with the Chanel bag personally. I liked the way the silver hardware looked against the fabric, and all around it suited my style better. Still, this seemed like too much.

"Are you sure about this?" I asked Abigail. "This stuff has to have cost a fortune."

"Don't worry about it," Abigail said brushing it off. "My father always says that a gift should be something someone wants, but would never buy for themselves. Besides, he insisted."

"He did?"

"Well, he insisted on the purses," Abigail said. "I got the shoes for a steal after I nearly cleared them out buying stuff for myself," she admitted. "Wipe that worry away and just enjoy it. You guys are worth it."

"Thanks Abby," I said pulling her into a hug. "These are really great."

"Yeah, thanks Abigail!" Kennedy chimed in with a smile as she slipped on her new shoes.

"I uh...got you guys something as well," I said.

There was no way I could top Abigail's gifts, but since she started the gift giving, I couldn't really hold out now. I went to my bag in the closet and pulled them out.

"This is for you," I said handing Abigail a small velvet pouch. As Abigail opened it, I explained what it was. "It's one of the hundred dollar chips I won with you and your dad. I had it made into a key chain and had our names engraved into it."

"This is so thoughtful!" Abigail said tearing up slightly, surprising me. "Now I feel like a real fool."

"What? Why?" I asked confused.

"You obviously spent a lot of time thinking about this gift...and then going and getting it made, all I did was by you something expensive," Abigail said.

"I love my gift," I said honestly, trying to comfort her.

I was honestly surprised she was taking my gift so well.

After another hug from Abigail, it was time for Kennedy.

"I asked a friend to help me with yours, Kennedy," I said as I carefully handed her a thin rectangular package wrapped in thick brown paper. "Be very careful opening it," I warned.

"This isn't going to explode glitter all over me?" Kennedy asked quirking an eye at me.

"No," I laughed. "I just don't want you to tear what's inside."

Kennedy slowly made her way through the wrapping as Abigail and I watched.

"Wait...is this mine?" Kennedy asked as soon as the obviously well used Playboy came into sight.

"Yeah," I replied.

"You know I was looking all over for this before I left my moms house," Kennedy admonished. "I thought I lost it."

"I had to borrow it for a little while," I smiled. "Open the centerfold."

As she eagerly opened the magazine, the beautiful goddess looked just as excited as a thirteen year old boy with his first nudie magazine.

"She signed it!" She exclaimed with a huge grin, her lips moving as she read the inscription to herself.

I already knew it by heart.

Dearest Kennedy, I can see this magazine has kept you warm on those lonely nights. The next time I see you, it won't be this magazine keeping you warm. With Lust, Audrey Allen.

"This might be the best gift I've ever gotten," Kennedy smiled, gently setting the magazine down on the bed before throwing her arms around me.

"Isn't that your friend, Dreya?" Abigail asked. Noticing the picture on the cover.

"Yeah, Kennedy has a little bit of a crush on her," I answered.

"A little?" Kennedy asked "The moment I saw her photo back in high school, I knew that I liked women. She turned me gay in the best possible way."

"You never mentioned that she was in Playboy," Abigail commented.

"She doesn't like to spread it around that much," I explained. "She's not ashamed of it or anything, she just doesn't like the attention that some guys give her when they recognize her in public. Some of them seem to think that just because she took her clothes off for a magazine that she will take them off for them. Or they just want to screw a porn star without ever really caring about who she is."

"I guess that could be kind of rough," Abigail said thoughtfully. "It makes me kind of glad that my father has gone out of his way to keep my picture out of magazines and news papers."

Afterwards, Kennedy presented us with cute pajama sets from Victoria Secret; pajama pants and tops made out of extremely soft material that felt wonderful against our skin. With gift giving out of the way we ordered in some Chinese for lunch. After doing rock-paper-scissors to see who would fight through the onslaught of returning coeds, Abigail ran down to pick up our food from downstairs. As convenient as it would be, delivery boys were never allowed past the front entrance of the dorm buildings.

"I'm getting boobs," I told Abigail and Kennedy as I tried to wrangle a piece of spicy sesame chicken into my mouth with chopsticks.

"What?" Kennedy asked, a little surprised by my abrupt segue from our conversation about the merits of airbrush makeup over traditional.

"Did you just say you're getting boobs?" Abigail asked just as startled by the abrupt topic change.

"Yeah," I smiled.

Ever since I had brought it up to my sister a few days ago, it had been a constant thought at the forefront of my mind. I had been thinking about it for a lot longer, but getting implants would be a huge step. I knew that I loved being Lexi, but once you start getting surgery there really is no turning back. I had finally made up my mind though. As far as I was concerned, Alex was gone forever and Lexi was here to stay.

"When are you getting them? How big?" Kennedy asked, perking up from her slouch on the bed. She seemed eager to dive right into this topic change.

"Where are you going to get them done at?" Abigail followed, almost on top of Kennedy. "Make sure you find some place reputable. I've heard horror stories." Count on Abigail to be the pragmatist.

"I don't know!" I said, excitedly answering both of them. "I just know I want them."

"What made you decide?" Kennedy asked.

I told them all about the conversation I had with my sister over break, and about the thoughts I'd been having on the subject for the last few months. Abigail sat with concentrated interest, whereas Kennedy seemed to be losing focus. By the little smile on her lips, and the glossed over look on her wandering eyes, I could tell she was already imagining what my breasts would look like.

"I've already researched some of the places near here." I said setting down my chopsticks and Chinese container to reach for my laptop. "It looks like the going price is around five to seven grand, so I'm not really worried about cost. I'm just looking for the one with the best reviews," I said opening the windows I had earmarked.

"This is one subject I have no knowledge on," Abigail said honestly as she leaned forward to take a closer look at one of the pages I had opened on my laptop.

"Just make sure you get the extended warranty," Kennedy said crawling onto the bed behind me to rest her chin on my shoulder. "I plan on putting those babies through a work out," she said, slipping her hands around me to give my breast forms a squeeze.

Abigail didn't comment on this, but by her smile and blushes as she studiously examined the web page, I was sure she was thinking the same thing.

With my new announcement of breasts, we spent most of the afternoon sitting in bed around two open laptops doing some research. Abigail and I focused on finding possible surgeons, while Kennedy seemed to be focusing on a different aspect.

"What about these puppies!" she laughed, angling her screen toward Abigail and I. "What do you think? They're nice, right?"

"Don't you think those are a little big?" Abigail asked.

Abigail was being nice with her estimate of little. The breasts Kennedy was showing us were massive, at least an E cup. On me they would be humongous.

"I'm looking for breasts, Kennedy, not a lower back injury," I admonished.

"Alright, alright!" Kennedy said laughing. "I was just kidding. What about these?"

She closed the open window, and underneath it was a picture of a woman on her knees, naked. The first thing I noticed, was the two naked gentlemen to either side of her, their hard cocks in her outstretched hands, pointing straight at her.

"Are you using this as an excuse to look at porn?" I asked laughing.

"Who says I needed an excuse?" Kennedy replied smoothly. "Seriously though, Lexi, just look at her boobs!"

"They are nice," Abigail commented from my other side.

"Nice?" Kennedy asked wryly. "They're spectacular, Abigail. And she's about the same size as you, Lexi, so it's a good comparison."

Time seemed to escape us as we talked about my future breasts. It certainly didn't feel like we had been lounging around talking and looking up things on our computers for six hours when Skylar knocked at our door to let us know about the end of holiday bash at The Library tonight. After our last little mishap there, I wasn't feeling so inclined to go.

"Can we just skip this one?" I asked my friends. "I'm not really in the mindset to go through anything tonight. I'm really happy right now and I don't want to have to go through any crap."

It wasn't anything too extraordinary, but it was still more than I cared to deal with. Some of the underclassmen had been giving us a hard time lately about our unusual relationship with each other. Not only were we all partaking in the sapphic delights, but the three of us were all sleeping together. The upperclassmen didn't seem to care so much, but most of these girls were from well-to-do families and raised to believe that this kind of thing was immoral on many different levels.

"Forget those bitches!" Kennedy exclaimed. "You can't let them stop you from having a good time."

"The last time we had a good time, I beat up Grace Arlington and nearly got expelled. Add to that Abigail ended up having to come out to her father just to get me out of it," I said.

"That bitch had it coming." Kennedy said offhandedly. "And it's not like Abigail can come out to her dad a second time. My mom already knows I'm queer for clit, so you don't have to worry about me."

"I think I'm siding with Lexi." Abigail said a little uncomfortably. "With all the things people were saying before break, I don't think I would have come back if it wasn't for you two."

"Come on, girls!" Kennedy said putting on a pouty face. "I don't want to just sit around while everyone else parties."

"We don't have to go to The Library," Abigail offered. "We can go somewhere else."

"I can handle that, I guess," Kennedy said. "As long as they have alcohol."

We didn't bother getting fancy, or really dressed up, we just threw on some jeans and cute tops and grabbed our jackets before heading out.

It took a little driving around before we found a quiet little dive sporting the name The Chunder Club...whatever that was. The outside was so unassuming we almost missed it. It's saving grace was a neon Budweiser sign lit up outside the door. There were probably five people inside, including the bartender, all of them sitting at a well worn bar watching a football game on a flat screen hanging above the bar.

To be honest, the inside was more than I expected. From the outside, I was expecting something a little more grimy, but even though the furniture and fixtures were severely dated, the place seemed well maintained.

"ID's?" The bartender quickly asked seeing three young looking girls approaching.

We quickly handed over our cards and after a quick glance from picture to face, he handed them back to us.

"What will you have?" He asked leaning on the bar. "Just to warn you, we don't really mix drinks here."

"That's fine," I said casually. "We'll take three shots of Patron and a pitcher of Budweiser."

He quickly poured our shots, and after laying down some cash for him we clinked out little glasses together and quickly downed the potent liquid. A moment later our pitcher was ready along with three glasses. I grabbed the pitcher and Abigail grabbed the glasses. It only took me a second to find my direction. In the back corner was a wrap-around booth that looked perfect for us.

"I'm going to put some money in the jukebox," Kennedy announced peeling away from us.

"This doesn't taste very good," Abigail said taking a small sip of her beer.

"It's not really supposed to," I said smiling slightly. "Just drink faster. After a few big swallows you won't really taste it any more," Abigail gave me a slightly questioning look, but began taking measurably larger drinks.

It didn't take long for music to begin coming out of the speakers around the bar. It seemed Kennedy was in the mood for rock and roll. AC/DC began playing and moments later she came skipping/dancing back to us as she carelessly shimmied and shook her ass for anyone who cared to see.

"You seem chipper," I smiled to her as she slid into the booth next to me.

"Why shouldn't I be?" She asked, quickly taking her glass in hand and pouring nearly the entire thing down her throat. "I got my best girls with me, some good music and possibly more liquor than I can drink," She laughed.

"In all seriousness though," Kennedy said as she began refilling her glass from the pitcher, "I need stories. Tell me you guys got into some trouble over holiday, because mine was pretty mild in that regard."

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