tagLesbian SexWomen's Yoga Gym Ch. 01

Women's Yoga Gym Ch. 01


Chapter 01: Introducing Rose

I was standing in front of the bathroom mirror, having finished my shower. There was a towel around my waist and another on my head, wrapped around my long red hair. I had dried myself after the shower and was gently rubbing moisturiser into my breasts. As a natural redhead I have pale skin and my mother always said the secret to good skin was to avoid the sun and use moisturiser. I followed her advice and now, at 20, have no freckles or blemishes.

It wasn't hard for me to avoid the sun when I was younger because I wasn't sporty and when I was at high school I was the last girl to develop -- so I was a skinny, flat-chested, awkward redhead. I was embarrassed by how I looked and always avoided changing with other girls in gym classes. I was a bit awkward socially, too, and often said the first thing that came into my head, without thinking.

I have grown up now and have discovered a "sport" I enjoy -- yoga. It's made me flexible and strong -- oh, and my body grew up too. I now have full, firm breasts, long toned legs, and hair where a woman should have it.

When I was younger I was so embarrassed about being underdeveloped that I decided that when the hairs grew between my legs that I would never shave or trim them. When they started to grow under my arms as well I decided that I would never remove those either. So now, on nights like this, I often lift my arms and admire the hairs that have grown there. They are long and straight and light red in colour. I often stroke them too, enjoying how they feel between my fingers.

I let the towel around my waist drop to the floor. I look at the hairs between my legs. They are also long and straight but they are darker in colour (or maybe it's because there are more of them there). I like to run my hands through my bush, pulling on them as I stroke downwards. It makes me feel sensual, sexual and like a woman. It also really turns me on.

If I turn side-on I can look at my butt and my pubes in the mirror at the same time. I like looking ... I like watching what my body does when I touch it. Lately, while I have been touching myself, an image of a person keeps coming into my mind, without me consciously imagining it. The person I am thinking of is a woman who goes to the same yoga gym as me.

I have never been with a woman before and have not really been sexually attracted to one. I have had a few boyfriends but the sex has never really got me off the way I thought it would. Don't get me wrong, I enjoyed it, especially the oral, but no guy has ever made me cum. (The only time I orgasm is when I masturbate.)

The first time I saw this woman -- her name is Lucy, I think -- I was instantly attracted to her. She is tall, with broad shoulders, toned arms, strong fit legs, and a toned round butt. She looks about 28 and has dark hair, olive skin and very big tits -- I reckon DD bra size. As well as being beautiful, she has a confident manner that I find very attractive. She always seems in control and talks casually with her friends as they get changed before and after classes. She even showers occasionally at the gym even though there are no cubicles, only a line of water spouts along the wall.

Although I feel more confident about my body now I am still too shy to change in front of strangers. She happily strips off and I often take a little peek at her body but I try to do it inconspicuously, as I would die of embarrassment if anyone saw me, especially Lucy.

I remember the first time I saw Lucy take off her shirt. I looked up just as both her arms were raised above her head and my eyes widened as I saw the dark patches of hair in her armpits. She was totally relaxed and she casually removed her gym shorts. I could see her towel on the change bench and knew she was going to have a shower. I had to force myself to leave but quickly peeked at her crotch before I went. A line of dark hairs was visible on both sides of her panty line and my heart was racing. I felt my face go flushed and red and I quickly ducked out of the change room

In my fantasies, however, I imagine sitting totally naked with my legs spread open, stroking my pussy while I watch Lucy wash herself in the shower. In real life, however, I am too shy to talk to her and I'm not sure if she even knows I exist.

Last week I had done two classes in a row -- first aerobics and then yoga to finish. I went into the change room. I wanted to change my clothes before I caught the bus because I was really sweaty and I noticed there was no-one else in there. "Here's my chance," I thought. I arranged all my dry clothes on the bench so I could get changed quickly. I pulled off my t-shirt and bra and quickly slipped a dry shirt on. I pulled down my track pants and wrapped a towel around my waist. I reached up under the towel and began to pull down my panties, which were wet with sweat. It wasn't easy and it was awkward.

I was annoyed at myself -- why couldn't I just get changed like everyone else? My underwear was off now, curled up in a bunch between my feet. I was leaning over to get a fresh pair of panties when I realised I hadn't got them out of my bag. Only a pair of shorts and my Birkinstocks were left on the change bench. Just as I reached for my bag I heard someone come in the door behind me. I glanced over my shoulder ... and to my horror realised it was Lucy.

Now I was really flustered and I decided not to put on my underwear and instead pulled my shorts up under the towel, never exposing any part of myself. I grabbed my clothes from the bench, stuffed them into the bag, slipped on my shoes and quickly left. I didn't look up as I didn't want to make eye contact with anyone.

I don't live far from the gym but I'd intended to catch the bus to the university to get some books from the library. The trip would take about 45 minutes all round. As I sat on the bus I found myself squeezing my legs together and thinking of Lucy. I had no underwear on and I could feel the dampness between my legs. The bus was half full, with about one person sitting on each of the double seats. I was paranoid and was worried people would know I had no underwear on, but I still couldn't stop focussing on my pussy. I put my bag on my lap and let my hand slip underneath it, beneath my shorts, my fingers gently stroking my hairs and occasionally using my middle finger to press against my clit. I was getting so horny I thought the seat underneath me must be wet. I thought I could smell my pussy juices but maybe that was just my imagination.

For some reason people kept coming to sit beside me. As soon as one person left the seat next to me, someone else sat down -- men and women. Half way to university I couldn't take it any more - I was feeling so self-conscious and flustered. I got off the bus, crossed the road and caught a return bus home.

Once there I went into my bedroom and stripped naked in front of my full-length mirror. I sat in front of it, stroking my breasts and lifting my arms so I could stroke my pit hairs. I spread my legs wide and watched as I ran my fingers through my bush. I used one hand to hold my pussy open and thrust two fingers deep inside myself. I was finger-fucking myself and rubbing my clit at the same time. I kept going until I doubled-over in pleasure, letting out a loud groan as I orgasmed. I felt my juices leaking onto the fingers that were inside me and I looked down at my red bush and again Lucy came into my mind.

I went to bed that night without showering -- I smelled of sex and sweat. I masturbated for hours and eventually I went to sleep with my hands between my legs and Lucy in my thoughts.

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