tagBDSMWonder Maiden and the Sewer Trap

Wonder Maiden and the Sewer Trap


* This is the next chapter in Wonder Maiden and the Octoworm.


Wonder Maiden awoke in a position she wasn't in when she passed out: Flat on her back against a cold concrete floor. Worse than that, her hands and feet where spread out at angles from her body, and covered in sticky goo. It also covered her mouth and eyes.

Even blinded, she could feel the weight of her massively bloated gut, but it didn't feel the same. It was moving. Or it should be said that something inside her womb was moving.

She figured whatever in there must have been feeding on the goo that had pumped up her womb so much, almost like an egg yolk would.

It was also about then that she noticed her breasts were rock hard with milk, had expanded another few cup sizes, and were half sealed in goo as well. It fully engulfed both nipples and aureoles, making them feel hot and made them throb as well.

'Dammit, I wish I didn't have a bondage fetish,' she moaned as she struggled to escape in vain, 'but with my milk so overloaded, I'm all but helpless.' As she twisted and squirmed, her super boobs waved from side to side.

Once she was awake and reasonably alert, however, her growing state of arousal caused her super nipples to grow, throb and harden even more.

'How long have I been out of it? Has anyone tried to check in with me yet? Will anyone ever come looking for me?'

The fact she could still be worried slowed down how fast she was getting hornier, but still she couldn't stop all together. She wondered if that goo she was forced to swallow was also an aphrodisiac of some kind.

Something in her womb 'kicked', making her gut swing sharply to her right before being centered again.

'OUCH! That hurt me, you little fuck!' she thought as she wondered just how invulnerable her insides were.

She was also stripped from the waist down, leaving her bare ass on the cold concrete. Her gut pushed her top up as it expanded, and the huge holes made when her tits burst through weren't helping matters any.

On top of all that, she had to relieve herself badly, but both her anus and urethra were sealed by goo and apparently so for some time. Even her clitoris seemed to be stuck in its erect state by the sealing goo.

She went into a frenzy of struggling for at least an hour, but the goo always snapped back into place without breaking It left her utterly exhausted, and only breathing through her nose didn't help any.

Seeing nothing else to do, she dozed off.

When she awoke, both her gut and boobs had become more swollen. In addition, something else changed: The goo was severely dried out even though the sewer air was pretty laden with water vapor (and other stinky shit).

She pulled with her right arm with all of her renewed strength, and her bonds began to crack instead of stretch even though she was no stronger than an average woman.

'Oh thank the gods,' she thought, 'I'll be free soon. If I can get to help, maybe they can do something about this monstrous pregnancy.'

Several minutes of struggle later and her arm was free. It took so much out of her that she had to rest almost as long before she used her liberated arm to help free her other trapped arm.

'Things are finally looking up.'

It wasn't long before both arms and hands were loose. She could finally sit up in spite of her massive gut, but had trouble reaching her feet because of the way that they were glued down to the floor.

'Damn you, gut,' she moaned as she stretched as hard as she could, but couldn't quite reach, 'Damn you, super tits.'

Then she remembered her leg strength was even greater than her arm strength, so she just started flexing her leg muscles as hard as she could.

In a way, she was glad her gut was so large: She couldn't reach her pussy to fingerfuck herself even though she wanted to rather badly.

Slowly, she broke the bonds on her feet, and stood up rather wobbly considering how far her balance was off. Before she fully stood, her womb jerked to her left and she fell down on her side.

'DAMMIT ALL!' she thought as she rolled and sat up again.

She rolled over onto her hands and knees before she tried to stand up again, and this time made it.

'Gotta get this shit off my mouth and eyes,' she mused as she used her hands to claw the dried goo off her face. 'Still can't see in the fucking dark, and god knows where my belt flashlight is right now.'

She stuck out her hands and began walking forward, using her bare toes to check ahead as well. No point of walking and falling right into the raw sewage she could hear flowing somewhere around her.

'As long as my hands are free...' she mused as she reached out to grasp her nipples. If she could bleed off the excess milk, her full strength would return. However, she found the goo sealing her nipples was strangely still wet and sticky.

'Oh no! My milk must have leaked into the goo!' When she tried to pull her hands away, they were now stuck, 'It's still moist and can still have things stuck to it... like my hands!'

Pulling her hands only caused her to pull on her nipples and make her even hornier. In fact, pulling away from her torso may well have cause her tits to inflate with even more of her super milk.

Now she could only use her feet and toes to find her way around in the pitch dark. She tried screaming several times, but was far too deep in the sewers for anyone to hear anything.

Her belly bucked itself again, almost causing her to fall when she stumbled.

'FUCK! I feel like I'm been pregnant for more than a year with TRIPLETS! I'm sure it can't have been more than a day or two since this started, or I would be much thirstier and hungrier right now.'

Unconsciously, she squeezed and tugged at her own nipples making them throb even more. Her pussy was getting hot and moist even though her vagina was still plugged up with the goo that was shot into it.

When she bumped into a wall, she turned about and leaned against it for support.

'That tears it! I'm not going any further until I cum!'

Soon, she was panting as gasping as she came ever closer to climax. She arched her back as an orgasm swept over her. Jerking her nipples kept it going for several minutes before she slid down to sit on her ass. She didn't even care how cold the concrete floor was under her ass.

As the orgasm ended, there was a massive jerk in her belly.

'OH FUCK! I've triggered labor!'

She lay down on her back and slightly spread her legs as she felt her 'water' break, and a flood of something she didn't even want to think about gushed onto the floor from her vagina.

There was a feeling that something was squirming its way out of her womb as her vagina began to dilate. While she had never been preggers before, she knew that whatever it was that was coming, it was bigger than just about any human baby ever born.

And there was more than one of them coming...

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The previous story was Wonder Maiden versus the Octoworm.

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This story is continued in Wonder Maiden: Labor Intensive.

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