tagNonConsent/ReluctanceWonder Woman Duped

Wonder Woman Duped


'I'll be fine, Steve. There's no need to worry,' said Diana in a soothing tone.

'Now, Diana, this is a direct order. I want you to stay put in your apartment, and wait for the two guards to arrive. I'm putting you under 24hour protection until the court case.' said a determined Steve.


'...no but's. I mean it Diana, there's already been an attempt made on your life, and if it hadn't been for Wonder Woman turning up when she did, I dread to think what could have happened to you.'

Diana knew not to argue with Major Steve Trevor when he was in a bad mood. She knew that she would be better off protecting herself as Wonder Woman, but, as much as she trusted her boss and friend, she couldn't tell him about her secret identity.

After agreeing to his terms Diana quickly ended the phone call and went for a lie down. She thought about the predicament she had managed to get into. She was the only witness to a murder committed by a Billionaire crime lord who called himself, The Don.

He had already sent some of his henchmen after her, but thanks to her 'other half' she had easily eliminated the risk, and added another charge to The Don's crime sheet, by making the thugs confess while held by Wonder Woman's famous lasso of truth.

Eventually there was a knock on the door, and a drowsy Miss Prince answered. The two tall well-built guards identified themselves then stood watch outside her apartment door while she tried to complete some mundane ironing.

Ten minutes into her ironing she heard a muffled cry then the sound of someone falling outside her front door. Before she had a chance to grab the gun from her purse the front door was kicked open and in ran three armed men in dark suits.

Their leader, Tony, spoke first, 'Well, well, if it aint IADC's favourite agent, Miss Diana Prince!'

'What do you want from me?' asked Diana, annoyed that she had kept the TV on so loud.

The gunman behind Tony, called Romeo, pointed his silenced gun at the TV and pulled the trigger. The TV screen was punctured with a small round hole, and then went dead.

'Dat's better,' said the third man, Fredo.

Diana took a step towards her purse but was stopped in her tracks by Tony who raised his gun and told Fredo to check the contents of the purse.

Diana could tell that these were no ordinary thugs. She thought The Don must have sent out his best men to make sure that the job got done right.

'She's carryin' a piece, Tony,' said Fredo after a quick rummage. Diana looked towards the front door and saw Romeo dragging in the blood stained bodies of the two guards that Steve had sent to protect her.

Tony smiled, and whispered, 'that's right baby. Have a good look. Dat's what's gonna happen to you if you testify. Do I make myself clear?'

Diana stared defiantly at her captive. Tony's eyes widen, he sneered and instructed Fredo to search her.

'Wid pleasure, Tony,' said Fredo rubbing his hands as he approached Diana. He was over six foot tall, with a heavy-weight boxer's build. His face had a long scar running down from under his right eye down to his top lip.

He knelt in front of Diana and looked up admiringly at her. She stood tall at almost 5' 10" in her heels. She wore her trademark navy blue full-length flared skirt and silky white blouse.

Diana was concentrating on trying to figure out an escape plan. Somehow she had to reach the bathroom. There she could lock the door and transform. Her concentration was disturbed when a rough hand touched her ankle under her skirt. She instinctively tried to move her leg away from the gripping hand, but his hold was too tight. 'Keep still, Honey,' said Fredo in a course voice. He grabbed the hem of her skirt and lifted it up towards Diana's waist. 'Grab hold of the skirt, Toots.' ordered the giant.

Diana looked over at Tony in silent protest. Tony raised an eyebrow, cocked his gun, and whispered, 'do as he says!'

She took a deep breath trying to contain her rage. She clutched her skirt from Fredo's hands and held it to her waist. Fredo grinned, 'higher Toots. Hold the skirt above your head so that we can make sure you aint concealin' anything. After another sigh, Diana was holding the skirt above her head, her arms fully stretched upwards.

Romeo let out a whistle, as he admired her long smooth legs. She wore nothing under her long skirt apart from a pair of white cotton panties. Fredo had the best view still kneeling in front of her. 'Now, turn around real slow,' he mumbled. Diana weighed up the risks of transforming there and then by twirling around at their behest, but decided against it. She would wait for a better opportunity. Slowly she turned and was ordered to stop when he had her back to the three assassins.

Fredo's rough hands scraped up the back of her thighs and grabbed her panty covered ass. He squeezed then rubbed his thick finger between her legs reaching her pussy. Diana closed her legs together, but that only trapped Fredo's hands between the tops of her thighs. He twisted his hand slightly to force her legs open again. He rubbed her panty covered pussy a little more before removing his hand. He smacked her backside and ordered her to lower her skirt.

She threw her skirt hem down in disgust and immediately turned to face Tony again. 'You're not going to get away with this. My friend Wonder Woman...'

Fredo stood up abruptly and slapped Diana hard across the face. 'Only talk when spoken to, hear me?' he shouted.

Diana nodded, rubbing her cheek. He grabbed her wrists and made her stretch out her arms to the sides. He then started frisking her top. Fredo was very thorough He pulled out hair clips, and removed all of her jewellery as well as her shoes. His hands brushed quickly against her blouse until he reached her breasts; there he slowed right down. He laughed out loud as he groped her tits for the first time. 'Fuck me, Tony, you gotta feel these puppies!'

Tony was too clever for that and stood his ground, still pointing his silenced gun directly at Diana. Romeo holstered his gun and joined Fredo for a quick feel. They took one breast each, squeezing and outlining the bra under her blouse. 'What a pair,' added Romeo. With a wink they both took hold of a blouse collar and pulled. Buttons flew around the room as they ripped the blouse apart. Diana wore a simple plain white cotton bra to match her panties. Her tits wobbled then finally settled.

Romeo stuck his hand into her bra cup and felt her nipple, then cupped her entire breast, giving it a firm squeeze. Fredo followed suit with the other breast.

'Is she clean?' asked Tony.

'Yeah she's clean.' answered Fredo.

Tony smiled and holstered his gun, before pulling out a switchblade. As he approached Diana, his two colleagues tightened their hold on Diana's arms, and pressed their shoes on her naked feet to stop her from kicking. Diana could feel the treads of their shoes dig into her, but didn't let out a sound.

Tony tapped the blade against her chest plate. 'Our boss doesn't want you killed. He wants us to give you a friendly warning. You saw nuthin' is that clear?'

Diana stayed silent and motionless. Tony reached up and cut her bra straps, then reached down and cut away her panties. She stood there completely naked, breathing hard. Romeo cupped her breast, and started fiddling with her nipple. Diana struggled, but that only made the two thugs tighten their hold on her. Fredo reached down and started sucking on her breast, and circling her nipple with his tongue.

'I said, you saw nuthin', is that clear?' Tony sounded frustrated as his scare tactics usually had a more dramatic affect on his victims.

He stared directly into her eyes, and saw no fear. She spat in his face which prompted another slap, this time from Tony. He wiped the saliva from his face with a single finger, smiled, then rubbing the spit into her vagina.

Diana yelled, 'No! Stop now, or I will be forced to do something that you will all regret for the rest of your short lives!'

Romeo laughed and continued flicking her nipple. He was enjoying himself too much to take any heed of her warning. Her nipple was now fully erect, and he continued circling his long finger around her large pink circle.

Diana spat again at Tony. This time he retaliated by shoving his finger deep insider her pussy. She let out a scream and tried to move herself away from his finger.

'Take her over to the table,' ordered Tony. The two accomplices did as they were asked and stretched Diana naked over the breakfast table. They held her face down and held her legs wide apart.

Tony took off his pants and approached his victim. He pushed a finger back into her pussy and started twisting it in and out, slowly at first then speeding up as her juices started to involuntarily flow.

For the first time in her entire life, Diana felt completely helpless. She sent out a telepathic message to her Amazonian sisters, but knew that they would never reach her in time to stop the inevitable rape.

Tony smiled and stuck a second finger into her stretched pussy, making Diana moan with discomfort. 'The bitch is strong!' shouted Romeo as she continued struggling. 'You should eat more spinach!' replied Fredo as he stroked her long black hair.

Tony took out his fingers and smeared her anus with her juice. He then slowly stuck his dick into her pussy and let out a sigh of satisfaction. As he started to ride her, he said, 'now this is one fine pussy!' Diana made a fist but was helpless to stop Tony from having his evil way with her.

He carried on pounding for over five minutes, before Romeo hissed, 'Shit! Look at the time! We shoulda been outta here three minutes ago!'

Tony rubbed the sweat off his brow and said, 'just keep a hold of her, I've got an idea.' He slowly removed his dick from her warm pussy then leaned forward. He spat at her asshole, then licked her rim while prodding her ass with a finger. 'Don't do it!' warned Diana, tugging in vain, trying to free her arms.

Her asshole properly lubricated, Tony drove his dick into her. She let out a cry as she felt a burning pain travel through her entire body. She would have collapsed had she not been supported by the wooden table. He pulled his dick out and repeated the insertion. The second time was even more painful than the first, but Diana was too exhausted to scream again. She closed her eyes and waited for the rapist to finish with her. She relaxed her anus as best she could to lessen the pain.

'That's better, nice and tight! I'll be done in no time.' whispered Tony. He worked up some speed and a couple of minutes later he was ready to release his load. He took his dick out of her asshole and placed it back inside her pussy. He emptied himself inside her wet pussy, collapsing on top of her as he released his final shot of hot cum.

Diana's eyes were still closed as she felt him fall on top of her. His bristled face scratched her cheek, and she felt his sweat rub off on her red face.

He whispered softly yet menacingly into her ear, ‘remember Honey, you didn't see The Don do anythin'. If you testify we will be back, with more friends. No one can protect you! Not even that bitch, Wonder Woman!'

He slowly removed his cock, walked around the table and wiped it clean using her beautiful long hair. He then kissed her forehead.

Romeo kept shouting the time as his two partners as they got ready to leave. Diana was in no state to transform and give chase. She was in shock and remained very still, bent over the breakfast table.

She managed to raise her head slightly as she heard her front door slam shut, but then everything went black.


She woke to the familiar sounds of the wildlife in her Amazonian home. Her mother, the queen was sitting next to her, holding her hand tightly.

Diana's blurred vision cleared and she could make out tears in her mother's eyes. 'Mother, please don't cry. I knew the risks when I left to work for the IADC.'

The queen took a deep sigh and used her royal training to compose herself. She smiled at her daughter and said, 'at least you are not pregnant, my daughter. Your bruising has healed, and I guess you must be hungry?'

Diana smiled and shook her head. 'I am not hungry mother. Well not for food anyway. My hunger is now for revenge. I will find those three men and I will show them Amazonian justice!'

The queen shook her head. 'Daughter, you cannot be serious! You mean to go back to that wretched place? I forbid it!'

'Mother, I promise you, once I have avenged myself of the rapist, I shall say farewell to Steve and return once and for all, to our home.'

The queen knew better than to argue when her daughter had made up her mind about something. After a long sigh the queen nodded, and pointed Deana towards the invisible airplane.

Deana transformed herself into Wonder Woman in a blinding flash then ran for the plane. As she flew towards Washington, she listened to the news broadcast on her airplane radio. 'The Don has been released. The State's only witness, Miss Diana Prince has disappeared without a trace!'

With renewed determination she flew at top speed towards The Don's Washington mansion. It was dark by the time she got to his home, and it was relatively easy for her to get close to the house without being detected.

She watched a first floor window as a light came on. She saw Romeo walk over to the window to close the blinds. Wonder Woman ran over the leafy mansion driveway then leapt up to the first floor window. She landed on the ledge softly. With a single punch she shattered the window and burst into the room. Romeo was taken by surprise but quickly pulled out his gun and started shooting at Wonder Woman. She easily deflected the bullets with her bracelets and started walking towards the petrified Romeo.

From behind, Wonder Woman heard someone clapping slowly. She stopped and turned around to see The Don walking towards her. 'Bravo, Wonder Woman! That was quite a display of strength and agility.'

She saw Tony and Fredo standing behind The Don. She grit her teeth in anger and was about to leap towards them when The Don flicked a switch and a spotlight brightened a dark section of the large room. Wonder Woman gazed at the illuminated corner to see a gagged figure tied to a chair. It was Major Steve Trevor. He looked like he had put up a valiant fight, but he would have been no match for the three expert goons.

She took another step towards The Don, but he stopped her in her tracks by pointing the gun, not at her, but at Steve instead.

Wonder Woman stood absolutely still. The Don grinned and said, 'I have been watching you for many years Wonder Woman. Studying you, trying to figure out your Achilles Heel; and there he sits!

Steve's eyes widened as he violently shook his head, making a muffled cry.

Wonder Woman grew red in the face, 'if you harm one hair on his head...'

'On the contrary, Wonder Woman, I plan to make Steve's short stay with us, extremely enjoyable!'

The Don signalled to a guard looking on from a balcony. The guard wheeled forward a massive movie camera and pointed it directly at Steve. The Don continued, 'We now have Lights, Camera, and hopefully you will supply us with some 'Action!''

Wonder Woman stared at The Don with a look of dazed confusion.

'Allow me to explain,' said the Don in a patronizing tone, 'There are a few things in this world that I think you hold very dear. I am banking that you would give up your own life to protect those few things. I believe Major Steve Trevor is one of those precious things. I also believe that you value your reputation a great deal. In fact, I am banking on it!'

'I am going to kill Major Trevor if you do not do exactly as I say. Once you have done as I ask, he will be set free and I will have some insurance to prevent you from ever troubling me again!'

'What is it you want me to do?' asked Wonder Woman, amazed at the cold calculating logic of the crime lord.

'Walk over to Steve then turn around'

Wonder Woman slowly walked over and then faced The Don. 'Very good, Wonder Woman, now please remove your bracelets, lasso, and headband.'

She obeyed feeling naked without her trusty weapons.

'Now turn around and kneel in front of the major.'

She obeyed, dreading the next command.

The Don laughed and said, 'you know what to do next, and remember, the camera is watching, so please make it a good performance, otherwise we kill him!'

Steve shook his head violently, unable to speak, as Wonder Woman unzipped his pants and took out his thick floppy penis. She took a deep breath and began sucking his member. Within moments Steve was no longer resisting as she worked his cock with her tongue.

He grew hard in her mouth as she bobbed up and down. The Don walked over to get a better look. 'Deeper, Wonder Woman! Force him down your throat!'

Wonder Woman closed her eyes, relaxed her throat and gently nudged forward a little more with each forward motion until her lips were touching the based of his cock. The Don reached forward and held her head in that position, then shook her head from side to side before letting go. With a gasp she released Steve's cock and took a deep breath. The Don was loving every second, 'please don't let me stop you there, I insist, the show must go on!'

After sneering at The Don, Wonder Woman once again started sucking on Major Steve's wet cock. She bobbed faster and faster and didn't notice The Don undo his own zip, pull out his dick and start masturbating in front of her. He watched her tightly costumed breasts wobble as her head bobbed forward.

Steve let out a moan and started spraying his load. The first shot of cum went directly down Wonder Woman's throat and she was forced to swallow it. The second lot sprayed over her face as she pulled her lips off his cock when she realised he was cumming. The final spray landed on her perfect tits, and trickled down her cleavage.

Wonder Woman felt totally ashamed and remained kneeling in front of the still gagged Steve. She heard The Don exclaim, 'Wonder Woman, open your mouth, wide!'

Taking a deep breath, and closing her eyes, she did as instructed. She felt a hot jet of liquid splash into the back of her throat, but resisted the temptation to close her mouth. He kept firing round after round of warm thick cum into her mouth. The Don tapped his dick on her bottom lip squeezing the last drop of cum into her full mouth. He then quickly reached over, held her chin and shut her mouth, and held her nose until she had swallowed every last bit of his juice.

He finally let her go, and she coughed as she keeled over onto the cold floor.

After taking a moment to recover, The Don announced, 'Wonder Woman, listen well, I now have footage of you sucking off a high ranking officer of the IADC. If I ever hear that you have interfered with any my operations ever again, I will make sure that the tape is on the black market within an hour of your transgression. Do I make myself clear?'

Wonder Woman was still coughing but she managed to nod her agreement.

'Now I have ordered a taxi for you and the major. I will keep a hold of your weapons for safe keeping, but you are both free to go. Remember major, you will be court-martialled for having taken part in such a sordid act, so think hard before you go reporting anything to your superiors.'

Fredo and Romeo grabbed hold of Wonder Woman to escort her to the taxi, while Tony helped Steve. When he thought no one was looking Romeo stuck his hand down the front of Wonder Woman's costume and had a good grope. 'Hey Fredo, ' he said, 'her tits are just as big as that broad, Diana Prince!'

Fredo joined in by sticking his thick fingers into her costume and scooping out a breast. He added, 'her nipple's the same size too!'

Fredo laughed, 'maybe they had the same mother or somethin'.' Romeo also laughed as they headed for the taxi.

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