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Wonder Woman's Most Fulfilling Adventure


The day began like many others would for our superheroine friend with the usual easy capture of common criminals and petty thieves. But it would end like no other, for our sexy super heroine would begin an adventure like none she had experienced before, one that would change her life completely.

Our story began routinely enough in the steamy jungles of South America with the eruption of a volcano near a small native village at the headwaters of the Amazon. The volcano erupted with astounding ferocity, shooting ash and lava as far as the eye could see. The lava's roaring torrent ate away at the landscape as it rushed down toward a tiny isolated village.

The village could have been there for thousands of years thus, its inhabitants had thought the giant monster to the North was but a distant memory to a time that had long since passed. Now suddenly their village was faced with certain annihilation.

That morning Wonder Woman had helped in the apprehension of a couple of bank robbers. This afternoon she was flying the South America patrol for the Justice League of America when she noticed the volcanic eruption and saw the plight of the village. She turned her invisible plane around at once, knowing that she was the village's only hope. Within minutes she was over the site. With the lava rushing toward the village she realized there was no time to spare. From in her plane she lassoed a large bolder and with all the power the plane could muster lifted the bolder and placed it on top of the volcano's crater, diverting the lava flow harmlessly in another direction. In this way she was able to stem the lava's forward progress.

Only when she was sure that the danger from the volcano was past did Wonder Woman land her plane in a clearing next to the village. There she was greeted by a throng of women who bowed down before her and worshipped as if she were a goddess. Wonder Woman tried to explain that she was not a goddess, (Of course she is a goddess in any *man's* book.) and said she only did what any superheroine would have done. Never having read Marvel Comics, however, the women did not understand this explanation but insisted she come with them into the village for a feast. Wonder Woman graciously accepted the invitation.

It was a beautiful village with neat thatched huts and fields around were laid out geometrically. As she looked around she became aware that there was something odd about the village. It was *too* pretty, *too* orderly. There was no trash lying about. The lanes were lined with white stones that matched almost perfectly. The thatch of the huts was evenly trimmed and the mud walls were all painted in bright cheerful colors. Each hut had a window box of plants. Rows of flowers were interspersed among the lush crops. Cows had bows around their necks and pigs were squeaky (Agggh!) clean . The village seemed so... *feminine.*

That was it! Wonder Woman realized that there were no *men* around. When she inquired and explained what she meant, the women just laughed. Yes, there were stories and legends about another kind of human -- larger, smellier creatures, totally unsuited to village life. Perhaps some lived on the other side of the mountains, but none of the women had ever seen one. They knew of no other people but themselves. Their valley was cut off on three sided by the sheer flanks of the volcano and the river exited through an impassible gorge. As Wonder Woman saw the amazing variety of crops produced on the rich volcanic soil, the fruit that could be gathered from the jungle, and the large number of domestic animals, she could see how the village was able to exist comfortably, though completely isolated off from the outside world. They received and needed nothing from the outside but, except...

Then Wonder Woman came to another shocking realization. Although there were no men in the village or anywhere in the whole valley, there were women of all ages from smiling old crones to infant girls. In fact, she noticed there was a group of beautiful young women that all seemed to be about eight months pregnant. One doe-eyed beauty typified the others, looking ever so lovely with her gorgeous round belly and full firm breasts all of which she somehow just managed to cover. The clothes on her pregnant body looked like they were ready to explode so tightly was it stretched to cover the woman's ever expanding form. The cloth was light blue in color and through it you could see the woman's nipples which stood out, pointed and stiff The cloth was so tight that it seemed to cup each breast and made them seem even fuller which only accentuated every sensual curve of this pregnant nymph's sexy shape. Wonder Woman could just about make out the stretch marks through the cloth. And then of course there was her belly button which was being forced out by the ever growing child within.

How was this possible? She wondered. but decided it was best not to ask the women directly just then because she felt it might offend them. Perhaps at the feast she would learn more as indeed she did -- much much more than she ever imagined!

Wonder Woman also noticed with a displeasure she tried to conceal that the women of the village were very free with their bodies. She saw girls kissing each other on the mouth or women giving one another an affectionate slap on the ass, or squeezing together in embrace so warm their tits must touch. She saw couples drift off only to come back later flushed and laughing as if they had been doing something delightfully naughty. In her prudish way, Wonder Woman attributed this immorality to ignorance and isolation from wholesome American culture, though she was too PC to say such a thing.

The fires were being lit and a sumptuous meal prepared and as the first flagons of wine began to be passed around, Wonder Woman got up the courage to inquire how village women could conceive without men. The group of smiling village elders -- gorgeous, voluptuous women in their -- forties? -- broke into gales of nervous laughter and told Wonder Woman to come with them. They guided her outside the village along a carefully tended path. There in a perfect little grove they showed her a curious pillar.

The leader explained that they prayed to the pillar and worshipped it as their god. When the time came, a group of virgins were presented to the god and, if worthy, each would bear a child. The pillar was a long phallic shaped object which stood some 20 feet in the air. Around it were dozens of smaller phalluses. At the base of the pillar there was also an inscription which none of the women could read. To her amazement, Wonder Woman saw that the script was a very archaic form of Greek which she could decipher "Thou who art come of age, give thyself upon the stone and thou shalt be blessed with child."

Wonder Woman was tempted to dismiss this inscription and the women's belief out of hand, but *something* had to explain how women who had never been with men could bear children. The pillar fascinated her and she felt herself strangely drawn to it. As she approached the pillar she experienced sensations she had never felt before. She was suddenly more aware of her sexuality and try as she might to avoid it, sexual images of herself with a large, harry man flooded her head. The closer she got to the statute the hornier she found herself and the more realistic the fantasy. She saw herself lying on the ground, her legs spread obscenely with an expression of total ecstasy on her face as the harry man fucked away at her vigorously. Her arousal was so intense that if the other women hadn't been looking she probably would have masturbated right there!

Fortunately for her dignity, someone called the group to come back of the village for the feast. Moving away from the phallus the sensation diminished and Wonder Woman was able momentarily to put out of mind how horny being near the pillar had made her.

Of course she was led to a place at the head of the table where she was seated at the side of the beautiful Queen Althea. During the feast, however, Wonder Woman's mind kept wondering back to the sensations she had experienced in the presence of the pillar.

The native wine was good and surprisingly potent. Wonder Woman realized she would have to be careful not to drink too much, but without realizing it she allowed Althea to keep refilling her glass until she was quite as tipsy as the rest of the women. Only Althea remained sober.

At the table next to hers, Wonder Woman noticed a group of girls that all appeared to be about sixteen who were being served from a special pitcher. Through a rather nice buzz, Wonder Woman reflected that girls so young shouldn't be drinking. The judgmental superheroine would have done better to pay attention to her own behavior rather than worrying about others', for in her haze she did not notice that her own cup was also being filled from that same pitcher.

As Queen Althea poured her still another cup of the special wine, Wonder Woman found herself thinking about how badly she wanted sex. She felt a tingling sensation in her breasts and between her legs. She noticed that her nipples were distended and that the moisture oozing from her pussy had produced an expanding wet spot in her tight blue and star hot pants. Embarrassed, she hoped Althea did not see it. The urge to reach down into her briefs and get her self off returned and became almost unbearable.

Shaking her head to clear her mind of such thoughts, Wonder Woman looked around and was shocked. The feast was turning into an orgy. A sexual frenzy had come upon the women who very publicly were kissing and feeling each other up or even 69-ing on mats that had been laid out by the tables. She turned to Althea expecting the Queen to stop this disgusting, though arousing, display of public immorality.

"The spirit of the god is upon us. It is beautiful is it not?" the Queen said with a serene smile, seeming to defuse Wonder Woman's unspoken disapproval. "It is the night of the Presentation. It is fitting that women express our love, our desire for one another," she explained looking deep into Wonder woman's eyes. "We love you, too, Beautiful One." Before the astonished Amazon could reply, the Queen placed her hand behind Wonder Woman's neck and was kissing her full on the lips.

Wonder Woman's first instinct was to reject the overture, but with her reflexes dulled by the wine, she hesitated. The Queen's kiss lingered and became more passionate. The Queen's arms slipped around her, pulling her close, the voluptuous woman's large tits crushing her own. Wonder Woman realized to her horror that without thinking she was cuddling close to the older woman and kissing her back! Her tongue and the Queen's were writhing together like love-sick snakes What was happening to her? Maybe it was the wine or that blasted pillar. She had never done anything like this before.

A wave of revulsion and shame swept over her and with an effort of will power she broke the kiss. "Queen Althea, I thank you for your hospitality, but I really must go," she managed to make herself say. "It's a long journey back to my country," she said, her voice quavering from barely suppressed lust. The Queen would know that she was only making an excuse, that seeing women making love to women made her uncomfortable, but she wanted to be polite.

The Queen continued to smile regally at her and did not seem offended. "Oh please do not leave us just now, Beautiful One. The feast has just begun. You must stay for the Presentation. Is there nothing I can do to make you change your mind?

Wonder Woman was about to say "no," but the words never got the chance to form. The Queen, answering her own question, slipped a hand into Wonder Woman's costume and took possession of one of her tits. "Do you not enjoy a woman's pleasures?" Althea whispered and kissed her again. "Stay, Beautiful One, and I will pleasure you." The bolt of erotic sensation that shot through Wonder Woman left her weak, too distracted to object. In a kind of erotic daze, Wonder Woman allowed the Queen gently to pull her down onto a nearby mat and to begin sucking first one then another of her sensitive Amazonian jugs in earnest.

Wonder Woman's head swam. She felt giddy, totally overpowered by a strange desire. She knew this was totally wrong. She had never allowed anyone, woman or man, o fondle her tits before. But she loved what this beautiful mature woman was doing to her boobs so much, she couldn't make her stop. Wonder Woman's breath grew short and she felt a warmth almost like liquid fire growing inside her. Great Zeus she was about to come and the woman hadn't even touched her cli...

"No! NO! Aiiiiiii" Wonder Woman screamed in ecstasy. Her body was convulsed by an intense orgasm as soon as the Queen's finger had touched her clitoris. She may have blacked out for a few seconds. When she opened her eyes again, the Queen was staring down at her lovingly .

"That was good, Beautiful One. You needed pleasuring, didn't you?"

Wonder Woman could only look up at her in dazed confusion and nod her head `yes'.

"I could see your need, Beautiful One, in your too rapid steps, the way you spoke too fast. You were tense and your mind was filled with many things a woman should not trouble with. You will lie tonight with me. I will relax you, ... take away your cares.... I will fill you with pleasure, ... and empty ... your mind," she added ominously, but Wonder Woman didn't catch the hint of danger. The Queen continued slowly to finger the overpowered superheroine's pussy.

Wonder Woman thought dizzily she should leave, but the orgasm had left her disoriented and the words of her beautiful companion rang true. She did need to relax. She had been working virtually twenty hours a day for weeks. As Diana Prince she had a high-pressure job as a lawyer and as Wonder Woman she was constantly on call. On call! She started. She should be off to continue her patrol right now, she thought something like panic gripping her chest. Althea saw Wonder woman's reaction and quickly spoke a few words. The queen's voice and magic hand between her legs stopped Wonder Woman's thought in mid-formation, calming her instantly.

"You shout too loudly when you come into a woman's pleasure, Beautiful One. We shall continue, but you must accompany with me to my quarters. It will be more ... seemly.

This was insane. A beautiful lesbian had just seduced her and now wanted to take her away to her quarters and fuck her senseless? `No way!'. Then she felt the Queen's magic hand move within her pussy again and a new wave of desire swept over her. She needed the promised release. There was no way she could refuse. The orgasm this time was not instantaneous. She felt it build up -- slowly, deliciously, inevitably. But when it burst over her, Wonder Woman was utterly transported!

Wonder Woman's recollections after that orgasm were hazy. Perhaps two young women helped steady her as the Queen lead her from the banquet to the Queen's quarters. She was pretty sure that the Queen's fingers never left her pussy as she was taken away. The Queen held her on the verge of another orgasm until the two young women gently put her to bed. "Now we can take our pleasure in private, Beautiful One," the Queen said as she lay down beside her and took Wonder Woman in her arms again.

No, this could not be happening to her, but then she felt the Queen's lips on her lips ... the `other' ones. Oh no, oh yes! She was going down for a woman! No mortal man could have forced apart Wonder Woman's powerful thighs, but the Queen found only the slightest resistance as she gently opened up Wonder Woman's dripping snatch to her kisses. The aroused and panting Amazon could only moan when she felt the Queen's tongue invade the temple of her self. All questions and caution were suddenly washed away by another orgasm, as the Queen gently sucked gently on her clitoris.

The Amazonian Princess lost all track of time. At some point she saw or rather sensed the Queen had turned around into the 69 position, placing her moist pussy just above Wonder Woman's face. The Costumed Crime-Fighter had never done this, but in a orgasmic daze, she knew what was expected. She reached up and pulled the Queen's dripping crotch to her mouth and began to drink from the older woman's copiously flowing slit. Soon she was rewarded when the Queen yelped and came, drenching Wonder Woman's mouth and lips with her pungent love juice. This triggered yet another of Wonder Woman's orgasms and then another as the Queen persistently tongued her slit and toyed with her clit.

As one orgasm blended into another, Wonder Woman forgot where she was, who she was, totally submerged in the giving and receiving of pleasure. Then -- suddenly? at last? she was aware of the Queen's rapturous face gazing down at her. "That was good, Beautiful One. Your body is full of pleasure. Now you must sleep."

"No, no" Wonder Woman wanted to say. She could not go to sleep now. She had to get up,... had to go to the plane, had to ... but her unuttered protest was in vain, The Queen's magic fingers found her sensitive clit once again and she felt the beginnings of another kind of volcanic eruption. She could only gaze up into the Queen's eyes.

"Yes, Beautiful One, you had much pleasure and now you are very tired. You are totally satisfied, but so much pleasure has exhausted you. Just a little more pleasure will make you sleep." Wonder Woman could not focus clearly on the Queen's words, the approaching orgasm didn't let her.

"It feels good, Beautiful One. You love what I am doing to you, making you feel so calm and relaxed. Your eyes are heavy. Close them and drink the final draught of pleasure. The pleasure makes you very drowsy, ... very drowsy...."

"Something ... wrong," Wonder Woman thought as waves of sleepy arousal lapped ever higher against her mind's defenses. "Got to fight it.... She's... trying to hyp hypnotize me..."

"It' no use fighting me, Beautiful One, you are too sleepy Your desire for more pleasure is too much. Sleep.... Sleep!"

"No, no" her terrified brain cried out, but her body's demands were too strong. With a final caress of Wonder Woman's rigid sex bud the Queen brought the horny Amazon to a final, sense-numbing orgasm. The last resistance of her powerful mind was swept away by a flood of erotic sensation and she fell deeply asleep in the Queen's arms.

The Queen looked down with relief at the entranced Amazonian Princess. She had done it! The most powerful woman in the universe had succumbed just as her Master had said she would. The drugged wine had worked, she laughed. It had made the silly superheroine so horny, it had been easy to seduce and entrance her. "Sleep well for now, Wonder Woman" she now said to her insentient adversary, "Soon comes the Presentation and you are the `guest of honor.'" A grin of evil satisfaction shown from the Queen's face


Hours later Wonder Woman half awoke on the bed in the Queen's chamber. She was feeling wonderful, tingling with excitement as if she knew something important was about to happen but not what it was. Outside it was still dark, but there were sounds of a pipe, beautiful, erotic notes, the same piping, now that she though about it, that she had heard in the grove of the phallus. Again she was aware of the need to leave this strange village, but the piping music held her. She was about to look outside when the Queen walked in.

"I hope you had a good nap, Beautiful One. The time has come for the Presentation. It is the most solemn ceremony of the year."

"Thank you, Queen Althea, but I really must be leaving. You see I have ..."

"Nothing to do that is more important than attending the Presentation," said the Queen authoritatively waving her hand in the eyes of the astonished superheroine.

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