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Wonderful Awakening


Our third "session" was an attempt to explore Lisa's fantasy of having someone break into her home and attack her. I've never been one for non-consensual sex, even in a role-playing capacity, but after our experiences to date thought it might be an interesting experiment. We made plans the evening prior… Lisa leaving the key to her front door just inside a down spout's drain. I arrived at 5:10 in the morning, still dark and a bit chilly. I left my coat and hat in the car to facilitate as quiet and efficient an entry as possible.

Lisa lived in a second story apartment and the stairs to her place were creaky to say the least. Her door squeaked mercilessly, making me fear that I had given myself away… or worse, waking one of her sons asleep in the second bedroom. Leaving the door slightly ajar, I walked as softly as possible but the floor continued to announce my arrival to any who were awake. I moved slowly enough, though, to realize that all the noise seemed to be absorbed in the stillness of the room. I stood motionless in the center of the front room and could hear Lisa slide within her sheets in a manner which convinced me she was still sound asleep.

I had been in her apartment once before and even though it was dark knew the short way to her bedroom easily. I decided to move swiftly. I took the five or six steps quickly, landing at her bedside. She was laying face down on a pillow and just starting to realize something was happening. Without losing any momentum I tossed the covers off of her with my left hand and just about jumped on top of her… quickly sliding one hand to cover her mouth, the other firmly grabbing her hair and pulling her head back a bit.

I whispered in a gruff voice for her not to make a peep. It was the first words I had spoken that day and my throat wasn't at all clear… it didn't even sound like me! I could sense Lisa trying to evaluate whether or not she knew exactly who was in the room with her.

Releasing Lisa's hair, I slid my right hand down and rapidly undid my pants and was simultaneously forcing her legs apart with my knees. Pushing my jeans and boxers down my thighs, I grabbed my cock and urgently stuffed it into her dry pussy. She moaned with a fearful pleasure. As ordered, Lisa was wearing the leather collar (with silver letters spelling SLAVE in the front) I had given her the week before. Giving up my grip around her mouth I grabbed the collar where it was snapped at the back of her neck. With a slight twist of my fist I could tighten the collar restricting voice… and breathing if desired.

This allowed me to balance myself on my knees, pounding her now dampening pussy. With my hand still gripping the collar I did a one armed push up raising my torso above her. I pulled out a rubber from my shirt pocket with my free hand, ripping it open with my teeth. I pulled my thrombosed cock out of her quickly donned the condom. With the final roll of my hand, the latex tight over my cock I wrapped my index finger and thumb around it's shaft and guided it straight into her oh-so-tight ass.

Slowly, I could feel my head push it's way inside... turning into a feeling of almost being pulled in once the ridge made it past her anal muscles. As tempting as it was to slightly pull out and play with her anus with the ridge of my head this way… I opted to continue the pressure… moving slower… all the way, until my butt muscles were so clenched and I couldn't go one millimeter further. During all this, Lisa was emitting a whimpering moan. I started gyrating, then pumping. Lisa's moan became louder and I took both hands and slid them around her, reaching for her nipples. I greedily grabbed both breasts, digging my nails into them. Pulling them apart my fingers making their way to Lisa's nipples. Once there, I pinched as hard as I could muster between my thumb and index fingers. At this, Lisa squealed with pleasure - which was met with the simple command of "Silinece". She did. Her nipples slipped between my fingers and I repeated this a few times, all the while pumping my stiff cock into her ass.

But something wasn't right. I wasn't feeling like I was demonstrating as much control as I'd desired. I rolled off her and landed on my feet at bedside. Flipping her over and onto her back, I swung her legs towards me… placing each foot against the wall just behind my back. Pulling off my condom, I grabbed each of her thighs and pulled her towards me, sliding my cock into her now juice-dripping cunt. Both hands around her throat, she started softly chanting, "fuck me, fuck me". This was met with my backhand lightly slapping her across her face and a harsh whisper between my teeth to shut the fuck up. I had never in my life slapped a woman in the face and wasn't sure how I felt about just doing it. So I tried it again… firmer and with an open hand. I made a mental note to explore this type of punishment in the future.

I didn't like her looking at me so I pushed her head to the side, leaving my hand on the side of her face to hold her head down. But again, I wasn't getting the friction I needed. So, I swung her hundred eighty degrees around with her head landing over the side of the bed… allowing me to straddle her face with my legs. I reached down with both hands and grabbed some hair. Pivoting my hips back and forth I fucked her mouth, each thrust diving my cock as far down her throat as possible. It was the first time I actually made Lisa gag… making her attempt to retract her head, turning it, and pushing my cock out.

That did not please me one bit. With a firmer grip on her hair I again slid my cock into her mouth… making her gag once every four or five thrusts… But I still wasn't even close to cumming and I had to start thinking about getting to work and getting out of there before any kids woke up. Once again, I flipped her over and started fucking her ass sans raincoat. I could feel her sphincter tighten around my cock, loosening a bit when the throbbing ridge of my head pulled all but out. I launched a pounding butt fucking rampage only slowing when I felt I was about to blow my load. I stopped short then slowly slid as deep into her as I could and let fire what felt like a quart of cum.

I told her not to move as I used her pillowcase to clean myself off, pull up my pants and headed for the door. Just as I closed the door, I could hear her eldest son wake shouting he was freezing cold. I wiped the sweat from my brow, smiled, and headed in for work.

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