tagIncest/TabooWonderland Ch. 07

Wonderland Ch. 07


Beware the Frumious Bandersnatch

Steve looked at his beautiful brunette sister Suzanne standing in the doorway to his grandparent's family room in her short lavender robe. The petite 5' 2" woman had high firm D cup tits that defied the laws of physics. The robe followed the curve of her round but tight ass cheeks betraying her voluptuous figure beneath.

Steve's thought went quickly over the recent chain of events that brought him to this spot. He had spied on his mom and dad fucking making him dream of sex with his mom. Then while his father had been held over on a business trip Steve had fucked his mom starting a powerful sexual relationship between the two. Steve had thought it would end when his father came home but his parents asked him to join them in a threesome! Then they had brought him here to his grandparents' house telling him stories on the way about how everyone on his mom's side of the family had ended up fucking everyone else in the family. He had started this "naked weekend" as they called it by tying up and screwing the hell out of his aunt Ashley in the basement laundry room. Now here he was facing the women he had dreamed about for years, his older sister Suzanne.

Steve's sister crossed the room and stood in front of him. She pulled the knot on her robe and without waiting pushed it off her shoulders to the floor. Steve was trembling with need so bad he fumbled with his knot before finally untying his robe and dropping it unceremoniously to the floor as well.

Suzanne's hazelnut eyes stared into Steve's. She moved forward and wrapped her arms around his neck pulling herself close to him. Steve felt her firm tits pressed against his chest and responded by wrapping his arms around Suzanne. Steve squeezed his sister in a sensual bear hug. The two siblings kissed, gently their lips bearly touching. Their kisses became more urgent and forceful. Steve forced his tongue into Suzanne's mouth and enjoyed it's sweet warmth. As his tongue retreated Suzanne's pushed forward. She flicked the inside of Steve's mouth with quick butterfly touches.

Suzanne withdrew her tongue but kept flicking it down his neck and onto his broad chest still using the quick light touches. She continued down his chest and torso until she was kneeling at his feet, her mouth level with his cock. He grasped the base of his prick with one hand pulling it out from his body. She started to pepper the head of his mighty pecker with the same quick butterfly flicks of her tongue. This started driving Steve mad and made his cock engorge with blood, quickly swelling to hardness. Suzanne then opened her full lips and sucked the head of Steve's prick into her mouth. She continued to flick at the head with her tongue while his member was in her mouth.

Suzanne pulled her mouth off the bulbous head and started to lick the underside of Steve's pecker with long full strokes up and down the full length of the now fully hard tool. She would lick up and down for six or seven stroke and then suck on the head of his cock for a few seconds and then start the cycle again. Without any more than his cock-head entering his sister's sweet mouth he was starting to climax. Suzanne felt the jumping starting in his stomach muscles and covered his purple knob with her mouth. Steve started to shoot cum into his sister's mouth and she swallowed it as fast as he could empty his balls.

After Steve quit blowing his wad Suzanne stood up and once more stared into his eyes. Steve wrapped his arms around her magnificent body again giving her another erotic bear hug. Then he started down her neck with soft sucking kisses. Down her torso he moved very slowly kissing and gently sucking his sister's delicious smooth skin into his mouth. Steve reached her great tits and he expected Suzanne to have the same sensitive nipples as all the women in the family. So he spent time licking and sucking the large nubs in the center of her saucer sized pink areole. As he was sucking on Suzanne's left nipple she started to softly moan with delight. Steve moved to the right nipple spending time to ensure both his sister's nipples were hard and stimulated.

Steve continued to work down Suzanne's trim abdomen finally reaching her crotch. To Steve's surprise his sister's cunt was shaved totally bald! He started to lick her inner thighs making her urge him to do more.

"Oh please Stevie!" Suzanne breathed in husky voice, "Please lick me now!"

Having learned from this morning's session Steve did not rush to his sister's twat but rather spent more time licking, kissing, and gently sucking on her inner thighs fanning the flames of Suzanne's desire. Steve finally started to lick the smooth outer lips of her vagina. His tongue slipped just inside the outer lips of Suzanne's twat licking up and down the hot slit. Then Steve concentrated on her hard clit peppering it with quick butterfly touches just as Suzanne had used on his cock. Steve reached around her body with his right hand and slid two fingers into her very wet snatch. He began a rhythmic pumping motion in and out of her pussy with his fingers while his tongue flicked the head of her clit in time with this stimulation. Suzanne groaned and twisted her body driven by the feelings of delight that shot from her pleasured pussy up her spine like lightning bolts. Suzanne grabbed her brother's head forcing her cunt into his mouth.

"Suck my cunt Stevie!" shouted Suzanne while she ground her hot box on his face.

Steve knew that he needed to prolong the passion Suzanne was feeling as long as possible but at the same time he was so aroused himself that he needed to bring her to a climax. Steve quickened the pace of his licking and thrusting with his fingers drawing groans of pleasure from his sister as she twisted her hot cunt on his fingers trying to achieve the release she badly needed. Faster and faster Steve's manipulations of his sister's body increased until Suzanne was almost hopping up and down on his probing fingers. Steve knew it was time and pulled his two fingers out of her hot box.

"Oh Stevie," Suzanne cried, "I need my cunt to be filled NOW!"

Steve cupped his other hand and pushed it into his sister's raging hot twat continuing to push until his whole fist was inside Suzanne. His sister started to climax but Steve had another surprise and pushed the two fingers wet with her cunt juice up her tight asshole. This dual stimulation was the last straw for Suzanne and she bucked up and down on his fist embedded in her pussy as her climax wracked her body with waves of pleasure. Suzanne slowly stopped shuddering with her climax and Steve pulled his hands out of her hot body.

"Oh Steve I feel so empty." said Suzanne.

"I have something to fill you up." said Steve while stroking his cock that once again had a raging hard boner.

Suzanne slid to the floor onto her back and spread her beautiful legs giving Steve easy access to her shaved pussy. Steve moved forward towards his sister placing the head of his massive dick at the wet entrance to her cunt. He pushed forward embedding the huge organ completely in his sister's body in one swift stroke. Suzanne groaned with the sudden entrance but Steve heard that groan echoed around him. A quick look over his sister's shoulder revealed the other women in the room all squatting on their spouse's cocks in a reverse cowgirl position so everyone could watch the fucking between the two siblings. Steve didn't have much time to wonder what had happened to Shari as Suzanne wrapped her legs around his back and locked her ankles together thereby capturing Steve in a carnal embrace.

"Fuck me Stevie." cried Suzanne, "Fuck me hard!"

Steve said nothing and didn't bother to start slowly. Instead he started to pound his large cock in and out of his sister's nubile body at a furious pace causing the pleasured women to scream with delight. Steve bent down and sucked her right nipple into his mouth sucking on it mightily. At the same time he pulled and twisted Suzanne's left nipple with his left hand.

"God it's as good as I knew it would be!" moaned Suzanne as she humped her hips up to meet every downward stroke of Steve's big prick.

Steve's orgasm started to ripple through his body. In response he let go of Suzanne's nipple and instead locked her mouth in deep French kiss, his tongue trying to force itself down her throat. At the same time he shoved two fingers up her tight ass. The two siblings seemed to be fused into one body that rippled up and down with waves of orgasmic joy that seemed to last for hours. When the tsunami of their orgasm had finished washing over them Steve stopped kissing Suzanne and gazed deeply into her hazel eyes.

"Ok buddy boy, roll her over!" came a familiar voice from behind them.

Steve rolled onto his back, his sister now straddling his body with his big cock still in her pussy. Over her shoulder Steve could see Shari standing there wearing a large strap-on dildo that was obviously slick with lube. Shari knelt down behind Suzanne and started to insert the huge dildo into her ass. The kinkiness of situation caused Steve's pecker to get hard right inside his sister's welcoming twat.

"Oh yes, fill me up!" said Suzanne obviously pleased with the new intrusion.

Shari grabbed Suzanne's hips and started to thrust the dildo into her ass while crying, "Take it bitch. Take it all!"

Suzanne's only response was to groan with pleasure and to start thrusting back to meet the thrusting strap-on. This motion caused her to drag her hot velvety pussy up and down on Steve's cock. Just as Steve was getting used to the feel of his dick sliding in and out of his sister's pussy while she was thrusting her ass on the dildo a shadow fell on Steve's face. He looked up to see his father standing just in front of the thrusting threesome with a big boner of his own. Don moved forward and bent slightly at the knees bringing the head of his prick in contact with Suzanne's lips.

"Yes Dad shove your cock down my throat! Fill me with cock!" said Suzanne.

Don didn't hesitate but shoved his big prick between his daughter's lips pushing forward until it was embedded in her face. Now as Suzanne moved forward her father's cock slide completely down her throat. As she slid backwards Steve's big cock was shoved completely up her twat while Shari's big strap-on was shoved totally up her ass. Steve marveled at how his sister continued to thrust faster and faster with obvious pleasure completely filled with cocks in every hole.

"Ah, shit!" said Don cumming in his daughter's mouth.

Steve found himself overwhelmed as well and coming in Suzanne's hot tight cunt. As Don withdrew his cock from Suzanne's mouth Steve found his now deflating cock slipping out of Suzanne's cunt as well. He pulled himself out from under his sister but Shari remained with her dildo up his sister's ass. Shari grabbed Suzanne's waist and rolled over on her back the dildo still embedded in Suzanne's ass.

"Anybody going to help me finish?" said Shari.

"Sure!" said Dan now sporting a hard-on of his own.

Dan kneeled in front of his granddaughter and slipped his prick up her very wet pussy. He and Shari now started to once again fuck Suzanne front and back. Without a word Clare crossed the room to the tangled bodies and knelt placing her pussy right over Shari's face that started immediately to lick and suck her grandmother's pussy. At the same time Clare bent forward slightly and grabbed Suzanne's nipples. The mound of bodies moved and thrust with everyone pleasuring everyone else. A final collective moan indicated the final climax of the group on the floor.

"Well, who's up for dinner?" said Helen.

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