tagInterracial LoveWon't Make It Easy Ch. 03

Won't Make It Easy Ch. 03


Amara assumed she was going to be woken up by Nate's dick poking and prodding at her; the typical morning after sort of behavior guys stumble into. Not the case.

She found herself suddenly enjoying an aromatic feast of the sweet and savory smells of Nate cooking breakfast downstairs. She cloaked herself in his blue striped dress shirt from the night before. It covered her body in a sexy over-sized way, but didn't fail to delineate the taper of her waist and the flare of her hips.

"Mornin', sleeping beauty," Nate greeted her over his shoulder, all bright and chipper with his early in the day bedhead.

"I feel more like the wicked witch to be honest with you." Amara's voice was like gravel. She attempted running a hand over her hair to smooth her often times uncontrollable curls. She wanted to get close to him, but the fear of morning breath prevented her from doing so.

Surveying his dining table, Amara had to admit to herself that she was impressed by Nathan's efforts. His countertops were scrumptiously cluttered with many yummy dishes: a large bowl of sliced fruit, a platter of waffles fresh off the griddle, and some sizzling bacon and sausage. "Great sex and he can cook too! You certainly broke out your A-game for me."

He chuckled as he tossed over an omelet with a spatula. "No games. Just a lot of delicious food. I don't know about you, but Round 2 might not be easy to pull off without something in my stomach for energy."

Amara slowly smiled and laughed. "Damn, you thought of everything. Coffee brewing. FRESH orange juice! I know they say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach, but that just might be the way to mine too."

"Thanks for the inside information. I'll keep it on file." Nathan winked at her. "Now sit and eat before it gets cold." He pulled out a chair at his table for her.

"You don't have to tell me twice." She grabbed a piece of bacon and plopped down.

"She likes her meat. My kind of woman. Now had you just sat there and sullenly picked at the fruit, I might have given you the whole uncomfortable 'wish we had more time but I have to go to work' speech."

"You're lucky this food is too good to throw or else you may literally have gotten some egg on your face."

"Speaking of egg, I gotta get the rest of it out of the pan before it burns." Nate turned his attention to the mixture of sizzling egg, cheese, and veggies. Amara nodded and went back to sampling his cooking.

To the side of the stovetop, Nathan saw his silenced cell was lit up with nearly a dozen combined missed voice and text messages from Carrie. He realized it was too simple to think that closing the door on her last night would actually close her attempts at communicating with him. He was grateful that the layout of his kitchen blocked him from Amara's view.

He ever so briefly scrolled to Carrie's most recent text and read just enough to put a chill through the blood in his veins. Not the time or place to deal with her. He tossed the phone into a side drawer, not wanting Carrie to disturb the blissful morning he wanted to enjoy with Amara.

"I really like your place now that I see it in the sober light of day AND without a crazy ex-girlfriend hurling obscenities at me." Her dry, sarcastic tone did not hamper Nate from finding the humor in her observation.

"Thanks...and yeah, well, what can I say? Once a woman has been in bed with me and gets a taste of my culinary skills, it can be pretty hard to shake her off."

Amara's eyes widened in shock at the matter-of-fact arrogance in his voice. She knew he was only making fun of the awkward situation from last night. She raised a brow. "Is that so?"

"Mm-hmm." As he tore off a piece of toast, his hazel eyes glittered, implying that though said in jest, there was truth to his statement. Soon hunger took over, and their conversation died off to Nate's sporadic satisfied grunts while chewing and Amara's complimenting 'mmms' to the buttery syrup laden waffle she was nibbling on.

Nate rose up suddenly, brushed off a few crumbs at his sides and tossed his plate into the sink. "How was it?" He noticed that Amara had pushed back from the table, rubbing her abdomen to indicate her fullness.

"Delicious beyond words, thank you."

"You're welcome. So now that you've tasted what I have to offer, I want to taste you." His look was dead serious.

Amara's brows furrowed in disbelief. The fact that he could be so calmly blunt with sexuality derailed her into his suggestion. She was reminded of their little scene in her office at the shop. That same tone of authoritative dominance crept into his voice now as it did then. It left her short of breath and speechless to reply.

Nathan pat his hand on the free space of granite countertop by the sink. As if in a trance, Amara came to hop onto the spot, her feet dangling above the tile floor. Nathan yanked up the bottom hem of his button down she wore, baring her pussy for his viewing pleasure. He grabbed onto her ass and pushed her forward to bring her as close to the edge as possible.

He stood in front of her, meeting her astonished gaze with a look of certainty. His eyes never left hers as he lowered himself to kneel before her. He rubbed from her ankles to her knees and back down again. Tiny tingles of anticipation covered her skin with goosebumps. She flexed her calves in the firm grip of his hands. He tilted his head to the side, lost in the feel of skin so soft and smooth. He propped her leg over his shoulder, trailing just slightly parted lips over her inner thigh. He alternated to give her other thigh the same sensual consideration.

Nathan's hair, soft and silky, glided along her flesh as he licked abstract shapes up to the very gateway of her nether lips. Amara's head fell back unhinged, as if such pleasure rendered her neck useless in its basic function of holding her head upright.

"More?" He looked up at her, curious to see if he had affected her as much as possible before he went in for the kill. Amara could not fathom a reply to his simple question. Instead, she got a hold of his sable hair and proceeded to force him closer to her aching heat. He smiled, even though she couldn't see it. He was buried tongue deep into her pussy, licking around to taste her flavor. Her creamy stickiness clung to the surface of his tongue.

As much as Amara wanted to sit back and relax into his oral ministrations, she couldn't deny herself to be filled with something else - the anatomical partner to the juncture between her legs. She gently caressed her hand from his hair to his chin, nudging him to look up at her and recognize that she did in fact need more of him.

Natahan stood, bracketing Amara between his hands. She let her eyes trail to his boxers and reached her pointer finger to the waistband. His cock sprang to life in front of her. She could see the outline of the mushroom tip thrusting up against the thin fabric.

He devoured the ring of moisture around the perimeter of his mouth, wanting every last remnant of her distinct taste. He leaned in to kiss her, driving his fingers up from the nape of her neck to whisk sensually through her soft frizzed out curls. He pulled her hair to expose her throat from behind the shirt's collar.

Their breathing started to mimic each other's to an ever increasing speed. Nate dipped into the nook between her neck and shoulder to take a suckling bite of her skin-- skin that still carried the exotic fragrance that would irrevocably link Amara's image to his brain.

Amara encircled Nathan's waist with her legs. He levered back and upward to impale her with his throbbing cock.

He leaned back. "How much do you want this?" His eyes implored her as he withdrew his cock just a bit, just enough to drive her maniaclly insane to have it back inside her. Amara whimpered in frustration. Nate held back just enough to make taking his cock by force out of the question, unless she wanted to fall off the counter.

"Need it that bad, huh? He arched a teasing brow.

"Yes, yes, please...give it to me...NOW!" It had been a while since Amara had been rendered incoherent by sex, even hot kitchen countertop sex.

Nate pulled Amara hard and fast against him, moving his hands to the undersides of her knees as to use her legs as the most erotic handle bars he could ever imagine.

"Sorry, I can't go without skin-on-skin contact," Amara coyly confessed. She ripped open Nate's shirt from her body Hulk Hogan style. She smirked as buttons burst, landing in tiny pings as they bounced to random places around them. She tugged up on Nate's wifebeater, yanking it up and over his head.

Her enthusiasm spurred on Nate to pummel her insides with a fervor. Every slick thrust and push forced Nate to realize that this woman could potentially be the answer to alot of what he was searching for. He didn't want to get his hopes too high. He knew the euphoria of sex could be like a hallucinagen, inducing the fleeting orgasm optimism, but so the hell what? Lost in the moment of watching the kaleidescopic expressions of pleasure fade in and out on Amara's face was enough to hault any doubts, at least for the time being.

Amara shuddered. The perspiration she had worked up while writhing to meet Nate's swift servings of cock was starting to draw the sensation of the cool kitchen air roaming over her skin. Her orgasm had reached throughout her body from the tips of her toes to the tips of her fingers. She shivered as her release took over, launching her soul to a cosmic oblivion.

"My turn now." Nate felt his cock twitch inside Amara, her clenching pussy robbing him of every last drop of pearly cum. "You owe me a shirt." Nate tried to sound as serious as he could muster, given the circumstances.

"I've never attempted menswear before, but there's a first time for everything..." She wiggled down from the counter. "...or, I could custom fit that corset for you. Your choice."


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