Wood Nymph


After she had been there two days Sarah walked the four miles back to the small town. She spent the day trying to find a job. No one would hire her however. She went into the small grocery store and bought a small bag of food. On the way out she saw the dumpster behind the store and looked into it. There were some partly rotten heads of lettuce and some other produce in it. She took the best of it and a torn open loaf of bread.

By the time she got back to her camp she was so tired she only ate some lettuce and some of the bread then went to sleep in the truck cab. She usually made the trip to the store every third day. Many times she wouldn't even go into the store to buy anything because she was almost out of money. Many times the dumpster would not yield even enough to have one meal. At least she did find some food there and it was free so she kept going back.

As the summer progressed Sarah found more items along the river to improve her small camp. She found a cage that had probably been used for raising rabbits or fowl. She sank it in the stream over a spring to keep her food cool inside. This protected it somewhat from foraging animals. She even kept live fish in it if she caught more than she wanted to eat at once.

When campers or swimmers were around Sarah hid. She was so afraid of people, men especially she would almost get sick if someone came close. It was all she could force herself to do to ask for work when she went into town. That was a useless endeavor anyway. She had asked the same businesses so often now that most of the men would just look at her and shake their head no when they saw her come into the room.

She did have a little more luck on some of the farms and at some of the houses she went to for work. Over the summer she obtained and completed several short jobs of a few hours to a day or two in length. One time in late summer however she once again came across a man who treated her badly. She had never stopped at this farm before and in fact, she had never been this far from her camp before. This place was about 4 miles on the opposite side of town from her camp. When she walked into the farmyard she got worried for some reason.

This farm was slightly run down, the vehicle she could see was old and rusty. She heard cursing coming from the machine shed and walked in to see a man, bare to the waist straining to repair a broken hay mower. He was pale, sweating heavily and had a huge beer belly flopping over his belt. When he saw her he stood and looked at her. "Well what do you want Honey," he said.

Sarah didn't like the way his eyes roamed over her torso as he watched her. Finally she said, "I'm looking for work. I used to work on a farm and I was wondering"

The man smiled and walked up to her. He said, "Well Honey a little bitty thing like you couldn't do a days work on a farm like this one." He reached out and tried to touch her breast as he continued, "Now if you wanted to be real nice to me I might be willing to hire you to take care of my house and things though."

Sarah stepped back and he followed. He stepped closer to her and this time he managed to pinch her breast. She cried out and slapped his hand away, backing up more rapidly. He followed and said, "Hey Honey. What's the matter? I told ya I would hire you if you took care of my house and things. Aint that what ya wanted? I got a nice bed in there and everything."

Sarah shouted "NO. That's NOT what I wanted. I want a job not to be someone's whore." She turned and ran from the farmyard as the man watched her and laughed.

Things kept going badly for Sarah. She was raiding a small garden across the river from her camp but even with that and the food she could find in the dumpster and the fish she could catch she was always hungry. Sarah had tried to get a job at that farm but she could never find anyone at home. The dogs at least were friendly, not like those at many of the places she had stopped. Many times she would see a tractor working the fields but never could get the courage to go to the field and approach the operator. Finally in desperation she returned to the farm where the man had tried to get her to fuck him.

He was in his house when she got there this time. She knocked on the door and trembled when he opened it. He just looked at her for a moment then got a nasty looking smirk on his face. He said, "What you want this time girl?"

Sarah licked her lips and stammered, "I... Unh, I was wondering about that job you said you had..."

The man laughed and said, "Well now, what makes you think I still have a job for you? Maybe I have someone to take care of me now?"

Sarah was defeated. She slumped and looked up at him. She pleaded with him, "Please. I know I could do a good job. I'll do anything... Look, try me for a day or two. You don't even have to pay if you think I'm not worth it."

The man grinned and stepped back. He held the door open and said, "Well now girl. That's more like it. Come on in here and we'll see how good ya are."

When Sarah tried to walk past him he grabbed her and pulled her to him. He tried to kiss her. At first she refused then slumped in resignation. She let him kiss her then lead her to the bedroom. He didn't even let her clean up. He just tore off her shirt and pushed it from her shoulders. He began taking off his clothes. When his shirt was off he reached for his pants then stopped. He stared at Sarah standing there. She still had her pants on and he said, "Well aren't ya gonna get them pants off? I don't have all evening."

Sarah looked at him then slowly undid her pants and pushed them to the floor while he undressed. She was getting onto the bed when she felt him push her. She fell onto the bed and the man crawled onto the bed with her. He grabbed her and arranged her on her back. He pushed between her legs and rose over her. She felt his legs slip between hers and spread her.

Sarah almost gagged from the smell of his breath and body when he leaned down to kiss her. She felt his cock head nudge against her cunt lips. He thrust and lodged the tip of his cock into her cunt. She hadn't begun to lubricate yet and it hurt. She whimpered and he smiled down at her. "Feels good don't it Honey. You just wait. I'm going to fuck your ass off now."

The man pulled back slightly then thrust sharply into her again. Sarah whimpered once more, then again as he repeated the stroke. Finally he had forced his cock into her and began thrusting. Sarah just lay there and cried as he took his pleasure on her. Thankfully he didn't last long. She felt him slam deeply into her once more and hold himself as his cock contracted and released pumping his seed into her poor abused cunt.

The repulsive man rose off the bed and walked out of the bedroom nude. As he was going down the hallway he yelled over his shoulder. "I haven't made supper yet. Why don't ya go into the kitchen and we'll see if ya can cook good enuf to keep ya around. Ya need some practice on fuckin but I recon we can improve that."

Sarah slowly dressed and then found her way into the kitchen. There wasn't much there to cook but she did the best she could. If she hadn't filled both plates first before she called the man to supper he would have eaten it all she thought. He completed his first plate then took everything she had left in the bowls and pans. He was watching her plate as if he wanted that before she had finished.

He got up from the table and Sarah watched in fascination and disgust as his small pecker flopped under his pendulous stomach. She felt nauseous when he walked toward her. He reached down and fondled her breast as he said, "Well Honey that was ok. Get the kitchen cleaned up and we'll go to bed."

Sarah washed the dishes then walked into the living room where the man was still sitting nude watching TV. She started to sit down in a chair when he looked up at her and said, "Hey, I thought I said we'd go to bed again when you got the work done. Whatcha sittin down there for?"

The man got up and walked toward the bedroom. Sarah reluctantly followed him. He was no gentler the second time than he had been the first but at least she still had enough of his cum inside her that it didn't hurt as much.

Sarah managed to put up with his insensitivity and roughness for three days but she finally had enough. One day when he was out in the fields she took a few things she needed and what food she could find in the house and left. She returned to her small camp on the river. By now the nights were getting colder and she was very thankful she had also taken two blankets from the farmhouse. She couldn't carry too much more but had taken a good skillet to cook on. She was tired of cooking in small food cans.

A few days later she decided to raid the garden across the river once again. There was a combine working in the field and she had to hide several times to keep from being seen. On the way back to her camp she had hidden in the corn they were cutting. They were almost done and she had very little space to hide in. She was squatting down when all at once she saw the combine coming right at her. She had to move and move fast or she would be run over.

Sarah jumped up and darted across in front of the combine. When she was directly in front of it she looked up and saw a well built young man driving it. She heard him yell angrily at her as he slammed on the brakes. The large machine lurched to a stop but she didn't. Sarah kept running toward the river and the safety of her camp on the other side.

Jerry was guiding the big green combine down the last rows of corn when he cursed and stood on the brakes. WHAT the fuck??? He thought. He stared at a slender woman, almost a girl, as she ran through the rows of corn in front of him and darted into the brush along the river bordering his cornfield. She seemed to be carrying something in her arms but he couldn't see what it was. He knew she probably didn't have corn in her arms though because the corn was way past use for anything except feed for livestock or grinding for cornmeal.

The young woman was coming from the direction of his garden though and he still had some garden worth harvesting. Finally he shook his head and continued on his way. If she had been stealing his remaining garden vegetables it really didn't matter much. He had all of them he really wanted and didn't have time to spare harvesting them anyway. If something didn't change he wouldn't have time for a garden next year at all.

Damn stupid broad he thought. What she had done was a good way to get killed. These combines were hard to stop and if she had got caught in the corn head she would have been seriously injured if not killed. He wondered where she had been going. There were no houses in the direction she went for nearly three miles. Come to think about it though he had been seeing smoke occasionally from downstream. Surely she wasn't camping on the riverbank was she?

Jerry finished the field and decided to stop at his garden to pick whatever was ready before he drove the rest of the way home. He had been combining nearly 10 hours that day and had been working a total of 13 hours. He sure missed his parents. They had both died in an automobile accident two years before and the farm was much too large for one person to do all the work. He hired help occasionally but most people who he could hire either had their own farm to work or were unskilled in the work he did so...

He had only been back from the Army a few months when the accident occurred. Of course all his friends had either moved on or married while he was gone so there was little social life available. He had all the bar girls and late drunken nights he was interested in while he was in the service so he mostly worked and stayed home now. Besides most nights when he stopped working he was so tired he couldn't go out anyway. Jerry knew he should try to take some time for himself but how could he with all the work he had to do? At least the land and most of the machinery were paid for. He had inherited his parent's whole estate as an only child. There were almost 1300 acres and almost all of that was cropland. Only about 300 acres were pasture so he had very few animals to care for thankfully.

Jerry was so tired he staggered when he walked toward the garden. When he got to the garden he saw many of the plants had been stripped. He saw small footprints in the dry soil around them. "That little bitch," he muttered. No wonder I have been having such a poor yield lately. He picked what he needed for the next few days and returned to his combine for the short drive back to the farmyard.

Jerry was so tired he could hardly walk when he entered his house. He staggered into the shower, cleaned himself off and went into the kitchen. He didn't even try to cook. He made a dry sandwich from lunchmeat, ate it and some chips washing it all down with a couple Newcastle's. His head was drooping from exhaustion before he finished his meal. He just left his plate on the table with the empty bottles and staggered off to bed. He was asleep almost before he got covered up.

Jerry woke with a start, the sun glaring into his eyes. His heart was beating and he could hear his pulse throbbing in his ears. He sat on the edge of his bed until he had calmed down. He had been dreaming that the combine had hit the young woman and dragged her into its works. She had been screaming and crying begging him to help her while he watched her life blood drip onto the dry dusty ground in the corn field.

Jerry looked at the clock and rose with a curse. It was already 730 and he hadn't even started working yet. He had overslept by two hours and didn't even feel like he had slept at all. Jerry staggered into the kitchen and started a pot of coffee. It perked while he poured a bowl of dry cereal. He knew that breakfast wouldn't last long but he didn't want to take the time to make a more substantial meal. After his hurried breakfast Jerry packed a lunch and walked out to the machine shed. He hooked up his tractor and disc to begin working down the fields he was putting in wheat this year.

About noon Jerry drove the machinery down beside the river where he had almost ran over the woman the last evening. He stopped in the shade and took his lunch box out of its storage place. He climbed off the tractor and walked down to the river beside the swimming hole. Even as busy as he was he made sure to keep the grass and weeds clipped there because he and many of the local people would swim during the right part of the year. It was right on his property line and a lane led through a neighbors field down to the gravel bar across the river and downstream about an eighth of a mile. Jerry kept a picnic table chained to a tree on his side.

Jerry gratefully sank down on the bench and spread his meal out on the table. As he ate he relaxed and let the peaceful surroundings calm his soul. He could hear the river gurgle around rocks and roots, cattle lowing in the background. Somewhere he could hear the drone of more farm machinery. As he ate his eyes scanned his surroundings. He was thinking about that woman again and he wondered where she was from and what she was doing here.

When he looked toward the gravel bar he saw a thin whiff of smoke coming from back in the brush several feet off the bar. A time or two he thought he saw movement in the brush. Finally he finished his meal and packed his refuse into his lunch pail. He rose and started for the tractor then, with an oath he turned. As he walked by the table he set his lunch box on it and headed for the river. At the edge of the stream he stripped to his underwear and walked into the river. It was cool this late in the year but still warm enough that, after he got used to it, he enjoyed the refreshing swim.

After he cooled off and refreshed himself a while Jerry crossed the stream and walked toward the gravel bar. He had decided to see if he had really seen smoke over there. Heck, it might even be someone he knew and they could visit a moment before he returned to the daily grind. Now he could smell smoke.

Jerry got to the gravel bar and began exploring. He walked toward where he had seen the smoke and found where a 4X4 had driven over the brush. He followed the trail back into the trees and brush. It was almost a non-existent trail. The grass had straightened up and the main tell tale was the skinned and broken brush. Finally, through the trees and brush he saw an old truck parked near a tree. There was a tent built around it and attached to it very well. It was obvious the truck hadn't moved in a while and it would take several minutes of work to make it move. The ground around it was nearly bare from someone walking and moving about. There were some pans sitting around and smoke rising from a fire ring. Jerry cursed once again because he was sure two of the plastic tarps in the tent were ones that had been stolen from his haystack that spring. He almost took them back then decided against it.

Jerry could find no one in the area. As he continued his walk around the camp he saw a small well-worn trail leading toward the swimming hole. He decided to follow it when he returned to work. When he got to the river he saw a wire cage setting in the water filled with bottles of water, milk and other perishables. It was primitive but effective refrigeration. The river wasn't cool enough to keep food safe long but it would help. He guessed it was about 45 to 50 degrees in the water there because there was a spring rising where the cage was.

He was reaching out to touch the cage when he saw a flash of blue and heard a rustling in the brush. He looked up but saw nothing else. Finally he stood and said, "Look, I won't hurt you if you come out. If you're the woman I saw yesterday I ought to spank your ass though. You could have been killed running in front of my combine like that. Why are you here so long? You've been here all summer haven't you? Look, I live just up the river. If you need help or something you can come up there." Jerry stood looking into the brush a while longer then with a sigh he left, returning to his work.

The next time he was in town he asked every one he came in contact with if they knew what the story was on the camper down by the river. Most of the people didn't know anyone was even there and those who did said they had seen the camp but no one around it. Only one person mentioned anything that was the least helpful to Jerry. The owner of the local grocery store said he had been seeing a young woman going through his garbage almost all summer. She would take the best of the things he discarded. He said she would occasionally come into the store and buy something small. Once she had asked him for a job.

Jerry started taking his camera with him sometimes when he was going to be working near where he thought the woman would be. He almost never saw her and when he did it was so fleeting a sighting he couldn't get a good picture. He kept asking about her in town. A couple of weeks after the storekeeper told him about her Jerry was in the feed store. When he asked about the strange woman living near the swimming hole one of the men at the feed store said, "I wonder if that's the girl that was asking me for a job the other day?"

Russell, the owner of the feed store looked up then and said, "You know twice this summer a real raggedy looking young un came in here looking for work too. I haven't seen her for a while and I got no idea where she come from. I'd forgotten about it until just now. Is she still around?"

Finally in early November Jerry gave up on ever finding out what was going on. He hadn't seen the woman for a few weeks but her truck was still there and he occasionally still saw smoke from her camp. Throughout the fall Jerry would take food, and a time or two small amounts of cash, and leave it in her truck. He usually checked the next day and it was gone. Many times he would see some new cans of food in the truck when he checked back so he thought she was spending the money he left.

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