tagRomanceWoodsman Ch. 07

Woodsman Ch. 07


The cold wind whipped the snow flakes against the window pane like sand. As she woke Vivian could hear the wind and blown icy snow particles as she lay in her bed, snuggled in warmth alongside her latest lover. He was tall, about 6' 6" and built solidly but not bulky. He had a broad swimmers chest, narrow hips and a big thick dick that he didn't know how to use very well. His black curly hair and chiseled nose and chin had attracted Vivian to him. He was studying for another major than she was and was a year ahead of her so they didn't share any classes. Vivian wouldn't feel guilty when she ended their affair. Her rule was that she didn't date anyone for longer than six weeks no matter how good the sex was. Last night was their six week anniversary. He wouldn't lick her pussy and thought that she should always be ready for him. His selfish lovemaking had doomed him to Vivian's scrap heap of discarded lovers even before the self imposed time limit so it was long past time to say goodbye. If Vivian were to be honest with herself he wasn't much better than a big black dildo. His name was Demarcus.

"Hey baby. Time to rise and shine. You told me that you have an early class and you need to get ready," Vivian spoke while poking him in the ribs.

"Yeah I did but I wanna spend the morning in bed with you. I want some more of that good pussy of yours. Spread them legs and climb on me, bitch." Demarcus said while rubbing the sleep from his eyes with one hand while playing with his big hard cock.

Vivian was not amused or turned on by his crude and blatant demand.

"You do? Well this bitch has some news for you. These legs will stay closed for you now so no more pussy for you," Vivian said this as she hopped from her bed so she could ready herself for her day. She went to her ensuite to empty her bladder and closed the door. She was almost done with her morning tinkle when Demarcus opened it and strode into her bathroom, preceded by his impressive hardon.

"Demarcus! Get out! Can't you see I'm peeing here. How about some privacy!" She raised her voice.

"Yeah I see you are peeing. How about since you don't want to give me some pussy you just blow me instead before I fuck you in the shower. Don't get up. Your mouth is just the right height." he poked his erection into Vivian's face crudely.

"Get out asshole! Get out now! Get out of my bathroom! Get your stuff and get out of my apartment! NOW!" Vivian turned her head away from the hard dick in her face.

"Come on slut. Give ole 'D' some head before class." He wasn't giving up.

Vivian suddenly flashed back to the look in the old trappers eyes as he raped her that first time and was enraged. She did the only thing she could think of. She balled her left hand into a fist and imbedded it into Demarcus scrotum with all her might.

"AAHHAA YOU BITCH!! Imma fuck you up for that!" Demarcus dropped and curled into a ball on the bathroom floor. Vivian wasn't intimidated or moved to feel sorry for him.

"I said get out asshole. Get your shit and get out! NOW before I call security,." Vivian screamed.

She, still naked, stepped over the moaning form of her ex boyfriend and went to her closet. She felt on the top shelf for the grips of her glock g26 handgun before turning. When she exited her closet Demarcus was just stumbling into her bedroom again. He didn't see the gun at her side until it was too late.

"Imma fuck you up bitch. Nobody says no to the 'D' WAAA? HOLD UP NOW!! Is that a gun???" He was suddenly still. He was holding his now limp dick and nutsack in both hands. Vivian had a smirk on her face.

"Look me in the eye Demarcus." He looked up slowly. "I told you NO. NO means NO! If you don't want me to pop a cap and put a 9mm through your balls, pick up your shit and leave my apartment. I won't say it again." She pointed the handgun towards his crotch.

"Dam baby calm down now. I was kidding before. No reason to get excited and haul out your piece. Imma gone now. Just be cool with that thing okay? Let me find my shit." He slowly dressed while Vivian stood her ground. Her feet were spread while she held her gun in both hands.

"Just so we are clear here, I don't want to see you again. We are through forever. No calls, dates or sex. Forget you know my name asshole. I was raped once in my life and I made a promise to myself that it would never happen again. Goodby Demarcus." Demarcus looked up and thought she was the hottest thing he had ever seen while she stood before him naked holding her gun.

"Are you sure baby? We were so good together. Maybe we should just take a break. I'll call you next week. Okay?"

"No calls. We're done. Get out." Vivian's voice was cold.

"Okay baby. Imma gone. But..."

"OUT!" He left with a surly look back at her.

Vivian locked the apartment door after her ex boyfriend left. She wasn't as angry as she wanted Demarcus to believe but he needed to be told and it was time for her to move on anyway.

After her morning routine was finished she dialed her phone.

"Hello, Robbie. Where will you guys be after next week? San Maarten? Do you mind if I visit? I have finals next week then I'm ready for some warm sandy beaches. Everything is going great here. After my finals I am packing then starting my business degree at Michigan State so I'm done here in this god forsaken city."

"How is mom? I know, you guys look so cute in your pics. I really love the one with you two naked on the beach in Cannes France. She looks so much younger with her bare pussy. Kind of like mine huh? Robbie, I miss you and mom so much. Ok Robbie make sure you have plenty of sun block for me to use. When I get there I'm stripping and I won't get dressed until I have to leave. Ha ha ha that's right you will have to put up with two naked women while I'm there. I love you Robbie."


Vivian was sort of an anomaly at Michigan State. She lived alone in her apartment while carrying a full load of courses. She never seemed to worry about money. While she was friendly to everyone, she never accepted offers of dates by either sex or invitations to parties. She didn't seem interested in the college experience that most freshman expect.

Vivian, now at twenty one, had matured beyond her years while in school in Chicago. The final breakup with Demarcus had soured her for any future need for a man in her life. She didn't want any more drama of a shallow love affair. The only man that could make her pulse rise was her Robbie. And therein was the crux of her problem. He was safely ensconced in the bed of her mother. The couple had indeed become intimate shortly before Vivian had left for school. Then the couple had toured all the vacation spots that interested them. They had begun in France, toured europe, then Arlene had mentioned a desire to see the orient. After spending time traveling the couple landed in San Maarten. Arlene loved the mild weather and lifestyle of the locals so after discussing the ramifications of settling down, the couple found an old resort that was for sale after being damaged during the last hurricane season. Arlene and Rob wanted to oversee the final renovations and make the resort their winter home.

The two years Vivian had spent at Siebel had given her the knowledge she needed to begin her master plan of starting the brewery but she knew that without a business degree her chances of success would be slim. In all honesty it wasn't the money she strived for but at her age she had no desire to become one of the idle rich. That was what had happened to her Robbie's first wife. She had a single minded determination to show her man that she could succeed.

When Vivian started her third year at Michigan State she started her business plan. At only twenty three she suspected that she would be the youngest brewery owner in the country. Therein lay her problem. No one was interested in financing her start up. But she had a plan. It was the start of the Christmas break when she made the call.

"Robbie is it okay if I spend the Christmas break with you and mom? I have my business plan ready but because I'm so young I'm having trouble with the banks."

"Viv you know you don't need my permission to visit. Of course you can stay with us."

"I can?"

"Of course. Now for your financing problem I will make a few calls before you get here."

"You will? Thank you lover." She said with her sexiest voice.

"Viv don't talk like that. You know we can't be lovers any more"

"I know we can't but you will forever be my lover Robbie. My first lover and my only love."

Rob was always uncomfortable when Vivian started talking like this. He was happy while living with her mother. Arlene was always ready for lovemaking, kept a clean home and was always cheerful and devoted to living with Rob. What Rob could not admit to either woman was that he was still in love with Vivian. Totally and helplessly in love. Even with their age difference he knew that he could never love another woman more than his Vivian.

Vivian was on a plane as soon as her last class was over. She had packed her bags the day before so as soon as she was able she hurried to the airport and boarded one of her Robbie's business jets. Rob never failed to try to make her life easier and the hassle free private jet was always at her disposal. While enroute she tweaked her business plan and researched available land and equipment. There was a brewery in Alabama that was closing because of sickness. 'Now if her Rob was amenable to the equipment purchase and I could get this forty acres...'


Vivian was finally finished with her schooling and with her business degree in hand she drove her car north on I-75 across the Mackinac Bridge for the final time. The exhausting trip from East Lansing to Robbie's home was interrupted briefly by a visit to the spa that Rob had taken her to on their first day as a couple. The manager, Cheryl, greeted Vivian like a long lost friend.

"Vivian! I haven't seen you in ages! How have you been? Are you still going to university? I hardly ever see you anymore." the chatty blonde was enthusiastic.

"I'm finally finished with school, at least for now Cheryl. Now it's time to pay Rob back for all that he has done for me. I have all the equipment installed and the brewery is set to start producing. My biggest problem is finding qualified workers. First things first, I really need a massage and a wax. But more importantly, I need help with workers. You know a lot of people in this town so could you steer a few unemployed people my way? I really need some help here."

"Sure thing sugar. I'll get on it right away while Brenda starts with you. Give me a half hour to make some calls."

Vivian had just left the spa after her relaxing massage and wax. Cheryl had given her some names and promised to refer any more unemployed people to her email address. She was humming to herself when she noticed the homeless man near a gas station. He held up a cardboard sign. 'WILL WORK FOR FOOD'. She stopped her car in front of the man.

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