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Word Of Mouth Lovin'


Back a few years ago when I was in my late 20's, I worked in a manufacturing plant. I worked the nightshift within a department that numbered only about 15 people. Most were women, although there were a couple of guys. There were only, maybe 5 or 6, what I would call, attractive women. My standards were not excessively high, we us guys got together, the talk would naturally move toward the various women. We would talk and joke about the big fat ones, or the old ones. When we got down to some serious contemplation, however, only a few names would arise.

There was a hot, dark black girl, maybe 25 years old. Elaine had a beautiful smile and a luscious body. I had flirted with her a time or two, but she made it clear that she would not see married men. Needless to say, I was disappointed. There were two more attractive black women, though, both considerably older than Elaine. Sharon was a slender, light skinned woman of about 38. She was married, apparently happily. Again, she seemed unapproachable, although friendly. As soon as I began to hint around, she would beg off and change the subject. Finally, there was Gloria.

Gloria and I hit it off right away. She was a black woman of about 43 years of age. Like Elaine, she had a very dark complexion, which, again like Elaine, served to really light up her smile. She carried about 10 pounds more than she should have but it seemed mostly to accentuate her medium large breasts. Don't get me wrong, when I say we "hit it off" we did so strictly as friends. Married, like myself, she was somewhat conservative. You could really see it in the way she dressed, with dresses down to her calves. She could have worn those to church, which I found out she attended regularly. In my conversations with my buddies, I would describe her as "all set up to become an old lady, before her time."

One night, during our midnight lunch break, it so happened that it was just she and I in the lunchroom. It was a random thing, but it happens sometimes. We were talking after we had eaten and I just blurted out a question. "How is it a woman can just live on and on without sex?" I just threw it out, relating it to how my wife never seems interested. I didn't know how Gloria would take it but she just sat there for a moment, then said, "Not all women are like that. But many women just fall into the routine of not making love and begin to focus on other things, like kids, cooking, etc." "Do you think its boredom?" I followed up. "I mean, Gloria, how do you and your husband keep things going? Don't you get bored?" I asked. She said that her husband and her didn't have sex very often, but she really missed it. She added that although it was partially she, most of the problem was with him. "He just doesn't seem interested and I don't become very interested either because he doesn't spend enough time with me before the magic moment, his magic moment!" she shared.

I was taken aback. I never thought Gloria would be this honest with me! I was becoming mildly aroused just listening to her talk that way. My turn to be candid, "It's too bad society pigeon holes us into the roles of husband, wife, family and all that, when sometimes it just gets in the way with what many people need!" "Sometimes I think it would be better to have all that and a lover on the side!" I added as I looked in her eyes. "You are a very attractive woman and it's a shame that you don't get all the lovin' that you want and need. And the kind of lovemaking that puts you first, if you know what I mean". Then, taking a chance, I added that I was in the same boat. Gloria seemed to be thoroughly embarrassed at this point and our lunch was over. As we left to go back, I hoped that I hadn't been too forward but I had fantasized about her for as long as I had known her and I had to give it a try. If nothing came of this, then, hopefully we could remain friends.

That was Friday night and for the rest of that night and the next, Gloria avoided me. We had to work every other three day weekend, starting of Friday and by early Monday morning, I was ready to have a couple of days off. With only a few hours left before leaving work at six a.m., my mind was no longer on Gloria. I thought that I had given it a try with a little innuendo, but it hadn't worked. Then, as I was working in the back, Gloria walked up. I immediately saw that she was nervous, which by itself caused my heart to start pumping. "Are you going to breakfast after work", she asked. "Who's going?" Now sometimes the whole team would go out to breakfast and I was thinking that was the plan. "Just me", she answered, first looking up at me, then away. "Yes", I answered, then suggested a restaurant on the other side of town. I watched her as she walked away, her ass looked delicious, especially now that the possibility of having it was there.

We didn't talk the rest of the morning, at work, but as I soon as I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw Gloria in her old Toyota Corolla begin to follow. In the restaurant, we talked normally, no hinting whatsoever of what I was hoping to take place. At one point, I was even worrying that maybe I had misread the entire incident. As I paid the check, however, once outside, Gloria held my arm and said, "My husband goes to work everyday at 6:30, if you want to come over for a while". I suggested that she go home first and give me ten minutes before I would show. After giving me directions, she drove off. That was the longest ten minutes I ever spent. Finally, I too left, reading the directions she had written down. Another ten minutes and I pulled up outside a modest home in what looked to be a mediocre neighborhood. Walking up to the door of the wood frame house, I reached up to knock when the Gloria swung the door open and invited me inside.

As she closed the door, I moved close behind her and turned her around. I could tell that she had used the ten minutes to quickly shower and change clothes. Another dress, albeit more comfortable. I could detect a subtle perfume and her hair was still damp. The house was dark and cool as I leaned forward to kiss her softly on the lips. I began to French kiss her, slowly at first, becoming more passionate. She had slipped her arms around me and held me tight, but suddenly she broke away. She held my hand as she led me to the bedroom. We stopped to kiss again at the foot of her bed but I craved to give her what my intuition was telling me she needed. I gently pushed her down onto her back and pulled her shoes off. Silently, I moved up between her legs and pushed her dress up. Helpfully, she arched her back to allow me to easily get it up around her waist. Yes, I thought, that is what she wants. Modestly, Gloria had put on panties after her shower and I worked them down, then off, again, as she arched her hips to help out.

There it was, in the dim light. Her dark bush glistened from her recent shower. I had never eaten a black woman, part of the reason I yearned to try it. That and the fact that it's a real turn on to cheat with another mans' wife. I began to slowly run my tongue up and down the inside of her thighs while I ran my hands up her legs to her ass. I slid my hands under her ass as my tongue made its way to her clit. She gasped as I found it, and quietly moaned as I began to meander a path alongside it, first up slowly, then down. Taking my time, for I was enjoying it as much as her, I changed my rhythm, every few minutes. First slowly, then speeding up to fast and sloppy. Gloria became more vocal in response to my talented tongue, moaning louder and giving me encouragement. Suddenly, her whole body went rigid, then she began shaking then she went rigid again, holding my head to her pussy by my hair. Just as suddenly, she pushed me off her pussy, for after having had a powerful orgasm it became very sensitive. She lay there panting as I slid up the bed beside her. I moved to kiss her and she met me halfway, kissing me feverishly.

"I'll be right back", I whispered. I jumped out of bed and jumped into the nearby shower. Five minutes later, I reappeared, naked and walked toward the bed. Gloria had taken this opportunity to slip out of the rest of her clothes and she lay naked on the bed. We gazed upon each other's bodies, for she had never bedded a white man, and I had never been with a black woman. Even in the dim light, I could make out her large black globes. I straddled her waist and leaned down to suckle her tits, first one then the other. Gloria stroked my hair while I did this. I moved back up for some more kissing, my hard on poking her breast. I broke the kiss and moved my dick up to her face where she readily began to lick it. I stroked it past her nose where she slid under and engulfed my balls in her mouth. Completely turned on, I began to rub my cock against her face in a limited fashion as her mouth still contained my jewels. Savoring my balls for what must have been five minutes, she released them. I lowered my dick to her lips and pushed the mushroom head between them. I needed release so I started to pump my dick in and out. I don't know where she learned to do it, but eventually, I was bottomed out, pressing my balls against her chin. This was truly nirvana as I could basically just fuck Gloria's mouth, which I did. Her head lay to the side on a pillow as I held her hair tightly and fucked those soft lips. It didn't take long when suddenly I groaned and shot a thick stream of semen into her mouth and throat. I pulled back momentarily as she struggled with the volume and the fact that much of it hit the back of her throat. But I wasn't done, and I shot another wad, this time mostly into her mouth. Another shot and I was pretty much done as Gloria proceeded to clean me with her mouth. I collapsed beside her and we both lay there for fifteen minutes, relaxing after our ecstasy.

Then Gloria got up, slipped on a bathrobe and went into the kitchen. Moments later, she appeared with two cold drinks. A half hour later, I was eating her pussy all over again. I spent half the day at Gloria's house, fucking her twice and bringing her off with my mouth twice, as well. It finally became apparent that we were both wore out and Gloria needed to spend some time eliminating any traces of our lengthy interlude before her husband came home. In the living room, we talked for a while. It was during this conversation that she floored me with a question. First, she asked me if I would like to do this again, at which I responded, "of course". She said that if only some of her friends knew they would be very envious, especially of the oral sex. Gloria went on to say that she and her friends talked about sex topics often and not a one of her girlfriends was receiving oral sex from their husbands! I commented that it was okay to tell her friends if they promised to be discreet. Of course, I was thinking that I wouldn't mind getting in the habit of "servicing" the local married black women and any good press was very good indeed! I left that day and from then on over a two-year period, Gloria and I would meet for sex. We both would always leave satisfied and exhausted. Eventually, Gloria and her husband moved away, him never suspecting how his wife got her kicks.

The good press got me a lot of other offers too. At one time, I was meeting with four black women, including Gloria. You remember Sharon? She must have been the first girl Gloria spoke with. She immediately became the aggressor. At first I was uncomfortable but I became used to it and we became frequent banging partners. When Gloria left, I missed her friendship but I was getting as much sex as I could handle. I could only thank Gloria for that, after all, the best advertising of all is "Word Of Mouth"!

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