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Words of Pleasure


My orgasm occurred about an hour ago, I write this with all the detail fresh in my mind, (though I do tidy it later) I want you to know every salacious detail. The act of writing my masturbation for your knowledge, and the arousal it gives me has demanded an epilogue. Seconds ago I orgasm again after being aroused so, as I knew I would. Below I detail the event for you my erotic confidante, my reader. Content in afterglow I warmly bid you farewell until the next sharing of my intimacy.

I walked into my bedroom looking at the patchwork satin bedspread illuminated through the net curtains by warm, diffuse sunlight. I love to masturbate on this quilt. Its' six-inch squares of satin, silk, some even polyester I think, feel wonderful on my skin as I writhe on my back. Or rubbing my nipples hard on it while on my front, hand delving down between my legs reaching for so much pleasure. But my cherished reader, I am ahead of myself.

It is 4:06pm precisely. I have just returned home from a shopping trip. One that was pure self indulgence, and pleasurable; erotic that is, reader.

In a large, busy bookshop I headed straight for the naughty book section. A whole wall of erotic literature! I browsed. I enjoyed a paragraph or two. I looked around to see if people had noticed this woman perusing the erotic section, yes, I could see, feel, curious eyes upon me. Could they see I had no knickers on? Could they smell my creamy cunt? I blushed. My nipples hardened. I chose another book to assess. Assess its suitability for MY masturbatory purpose no less. Shocking! well some people who 'know' me would think so, not my reader. After about twenty minutes I took three titles to the checkout. I felt as if I had twenty minutes of foreplay, which I suppose I did. I said nothing as I handed the nice young man at the till my payment. I felt so sexy and dirty as he looked at the titles then scanned them. I gave him my special smile and thanked him as handed me the bag.

I will not need them this time reader. I'm here in my bedroom about to masturbate for; us, I'm still so very aroused from my day out. How very salacious that sounds to me. Just stating a fact but knowing that you are virtually here with me, sensing everything I do because I'm writing this for you, You are inside me, sharing my pleasure, exciting me by your presence at my gratification.

I'm removing my clothing while looking at the streets below behind the secrecy of lace curtains. My dress is draped on the chair followed by my bra, I wear nothing else. I am naked. I look raw and hot in the dressing table mirror. I cup my breasts briefly. I am already very sexually excited, as always knowing I am to perform for you. I dare to near the curtains so anyone looking in my direction at that precise moment would see me. Just a second or two, but my heart beats faster. I get on the bed and feel the texture of the bedspread on my body. I rub myself on the satin, my skin tingles gloriously. My whole body aflame. I hear myself moan. I lie on my back and gyrate my buttock cheeks on the silkiness. I finger my nipples, I want to come. I shall of course wait dear reader, I want our pleasure to last. I continue to finger, pinch, flick, abuse my wonderfully sensitive nipps. They jut out so hard. They are at their fullest, nearer a full inch than half. I want to measure them for you but I will not stop now. I turn over and grip the sides of my bed. I wildly swish my breasts upon the slithery smooth cloth I am masturbating upon. My body writhes as madly as my passion. The skin of my tits flatten on the silk for more touch. My nipples and I are in a frenzy as they, my deeply pleasurable buds, are drawn frantically across the cloth. But the edges reader, the edges! The seam between the squares of silk, the roughness there is so fucking arousing! The contrast between smooth and ridge is so fucking arousing! My cunt drools, I could cum like this, just continue... my nipples are sore and heavenly. My whole chest a broad vulva with two clits... and I cuuuuuu... STOP!

I writhe, I moan & groan, wonderful animalistic noises spew from me as I teeter on the edge and enjoy the sensations my body feed to my roused erotic beast. My clitoris throbs so reader. Mmm. Mmmmm.

I get up, to fetch a bath towel. I walk naked to my airing cupboard and I feel wonderfully shameless. I do not want to soil my pleasure-spread so I drape the towel over it. I have red flushes all over my torso.

I lie on my back, on the towel. My mind returns to the bookshop. I am standing at the same section, naked. Where could my clothes have got to?! I am as aroused there as I am here. I hold a novel and feel eyes examining the state of my body, my so fucking aroused body. I'm reading the novel, a story about an exhibitionist in bookshop with voyeurs all around her knowing what she is thinking, examining every detail of her bodily arousal. Smelling her/my cuntjuice. My hot flushed body radiates erotic energy, my voyeurs gain hard urgent erections but unlike me they shy away from public carnality. Their cocks stay strained within their bulged trousers. There are two women watching too, their bodies sway with erotic demand and they paw at their faces in feign-shocked excitement. They want to be me. They cannot take their eyes from me reader, as my hands knead my full breasts, fingers tweaking aching nipples, I gyrate in urgently growing pleasure, scanning the bookshop to appraise my audience lustful leer at my overwhelming need for erotic stimulation.

My hands rub downward over my body. Both my bodies. My real, prone self-pleasuring one on my bed and my proxy one, exhibiting itself to bookshop voyeurs of both sexes.

I reach my clitoris. They gasp at my audacity. My hard nodule protrudes its pink head through lips lush from juice weeping forth from abundant arousal. My pink pearl is large, discerned by all of my audience, erect like a miniature cock-head, I smear cunt-juice over it and I need to cum. I stop. I feel my hard pink pearl. I stop. I continue. I slither parted fingers down my wet cunt. Each fingertip feels its way, the texture of protruding inner labial lips, the thick outer ones coated with slime, briefly inside to the hot liquefied cavern, back to the big hard heart to linger a while. My clit gets used to its delicious torture and bears more. I open my legs to display my beautiful engorged vulva and hear gasps and groans of pleasure filling the bookshop.

Legs rhombus, I am writhing on my silky bed tormenting myself with physical pleasure. Keeping at bay the inevitable necessity so to endure a long tussle on the threshold of departure into bliss. My clit demands resolution which I am able to deny tho I slither my fingertips over her, I pause, then more, again... I watch my voyeuristic audience teeter on that very same boundary I hold them upon.... My hand dances on my thighs, I pause, I moan, gasp for air, moan, I caress my skin, I continue my jig, I pause. The welcoming abyss draws even nearer, I am pleasure-delirious. I think of you, reader. Knowing every intimate detail of my masturbation is shared with you nudges me. I teeter.

My hands crush my breasts rhythmically, my clit pounds with my heart. I will bear no more torment.

One arm stays across my warm breasts, the other I send to end my clitoris' torment. Forming three fingers together, my thumb and little finger I splay back out of the way. They reach, they touch (gasp), they circle. First slowly then faster, slower, faster. You and I reader, we hear the squelch of cunt juice smeared over labial lips by fingers flattened and curved by the overwhelming energy of burning sensuality surging through me. My fraught bookshop spectators are breathless too. Obvious erections strain at cloth. The two women moan as if fucked by demons, rocking from invisible thrusts of powerful phalli. All eyes are on me, reader. I glory in their lustful stares at my naked body about to orgasm in front of them. My hand circles my clit. I watch them, they watch me, I feel you inside my head sensing all my pleasure. My crowd moan and groan in unison. Dark shiny stains grow on the trousers of the men, the two women wail and weaken from their climaxes brought on by viewing my salacious display.

I fall, no... I jump into my warm sticky-liquid filled abyss to cum, cum, cum.

My three fingers furiously wipe to a blur on my clit, I let out a long soft scream to bear the reward of its eruption. My body stiffens, my hand has difficulty in inflicting abrasion upon my wondrously tender pebble. As I drown in my orgasm my cunt mouths short silent words, probably -yes-oh-yes-oh-yes-oh-; it vigorously shuts-relaxes and releases honeycream in unexpected quantity. My clitoris is a klaxon of pleasure waves. My whole body tingles. My toes point down as I stretch involuntarily. Orgasm continues. I have no concept of time. I cum... I cum... I still cum. I fade from the bookshop and am here on my bed with my intimate confidante. My cunt contracts but softer now. My hand washes drool over my cunt, there is so much wonderful fluid. My clitoris protests, it is so tender, but I enjoy renewed pleasure as the goo soothes my sore softening pebble. I am joy.

Soft warm and reddened, my body glows in a softening orgasmic radiation. My thoughts gather for the telling of this most satisfactory masturbation, the thought judders me with a little tremor. I lie on my bed and wallow, I feel and enjoy my body's sensations. I recall the process for its telling, I moan at that salaciousness, at my salaciousness.

I am so pleased I have my reader share my intimate self-stimulation. I adore to exhibit my deeply personal intimacy for you. I am your essay-whore exhibitionist, and you are my essential voyeur-reader. It's so good we 'respectable' twosome conspire so well to free my constrained carnality.

Until next time, soon... this weekend... you make me so horny watching me like you do.

Your exhibitionist-essay-whore,



[Women who enjoyed this are invited to send me their own version of being an 'essay-whore'... for OUR pleasure]

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