Words on Skin


For a morbid moment she figured, 'meh, what the hell.' It was a good way to die, getting fucked senseless by the man she'd loved longer than she could remember.

"...b..r..o..t..h..e..r..." she whispered softly with the last of her air.

The tidal wave orgasm crashed down on her and everything went black. She rolled and tumbled in the darkness, surrendering to the overwhelming pleasure, easily the most intense orgasm of her life. Le petit mort my ass, she thought as her body heaved with dark joy, this was full-sized mort.

She was a little surprised when she woke up, but by then her brother had already rolled her onto her back and was tenderly brushing sand off her chest and belly. He was looking at her with worry.

"M'ok," she croaked.

"What?" he leaned closer.

She kissed his cheek, and smiled weakly as she swallowed a few times. Her tongue was thick and awkward in her mouth. She'd been panting too hard and for too long.

"Sorry, I was trying to say, 'I'm okay.'"

"Glad to hear it," he brushed more sand off her cheek gingerly.

"Still mad?" she half-smiled.

"A little, but we're okay. It would help if we did this again tomorrow night after Mom goes to sleep."

"It's a deal," she smiled. Then her smile flattened into a serious line, "Scooter, tomorrow's going to be crazy. I'm going to have to win an Emmy to pull this off with Mom. 'Chip' is going to call and break off our engagement."

He smirked. "I'll find somewhere else to be for the afternoon."

"Good idea."

"Anything else I should know, sis? While you're spilling your guts, I mean?"

She looked up at him and smiled, the time for secrets, all secrets was over. "Yeah, one last thing."

She rolled onto her stomach again, "Honestly, I can't believe you haven't figured this out. I'm not sure why people think you're the smart one."

As she teased him, she wrote an 'imu' in the sand. Then another. And another. But the word changed slightly each time -- just at the middle letter. Its outside legs grew a little longer with each new version. The legs curved inwards and joined at a point underneath. The middle leg shortened slightly.

The middle letter wasn't a letter at all. It never was. He'd guessed wrong years ago and never looked back.

It was a heart.

She nodded at the sand, and looked at him with eyes gone large and soft and honest.

"See Scooter? I 'heart' you. I didn't mean it as a puzzle. I was just telling you how I felt. Since we were children. I've known since I wrote this that very first time. Don't you see? I'm in love with you, Scooter. Always have been."

He was frozen, staring at the sand. In the long silence that stretched out, she looked from him to sand and back again.

"Okay, here's your fair warning Richie, I'm going to start some serious crying if you don't say something soon."

When he finally moved, it was to stroke her hair and kiss her.

"You win Lizzie. You win. I love you too."

He rolled onto his back to face the night sky as she watched.

"Okay, now go ahead, sis. Do it. We both know you want to."

She looked at him, puzzled, then burst out laughing.

Oh, that. Maybe he wasn't that dumb after all. He was right, there was something she wanted to do. She grinned from ear to ear as she rolled onto her side and snuggled into him. She draped a sandy arm and leg across his body and pressed herself close.

With her head resting on her big brother's chest, Lizzie took the longest, sweetest breath she'd ever taken. She let the night air fill her lungs, savoring the smell of her new lover and the sea. She let her heart fill too, thinking back over their lives together. So long. So, so long. So much waiting.

When her heart and lungs were near bursting, she set their contents free.

Lizzie Robbins howled the longest, softest, most heartfelt bawoo she'd ever howled into her brother's shoulder. It was the sound of a long, hard chase now won. Of a young woman's joy and love and lust. Of trust and gratitude and devotion -- given and returned.

There had never been, and would never be, another bawoo like it in Lizzie's life. This one was special. It was only loud enough for both of them to hear.


Author's postscript: So at some point, I got the idea into my head that seducing a sibling might be kind of like a long and very dangerous chase. There would have to be an absurd amount of patience involved wouldn't there? If you didn't wait for just the right moment (or create that moment verrrrry carefully) things would probably get messy.

If you're the commenting sort of reader, I'd love to hear if you figured out what "imu" was before the end. I schnookered all but one of my friends with that one. It was only the girl that caught it. You may also find it interesting to know that she explained it to her slightly slower boyfriend by writing it over and over on a piece of paper to show how an 'm' might be mistaken for a heart.

I promptly hijacked her imagery and incorporated it into my story. The original version just had Lizzie writing it out correctly for her brother once. (Thanks CJ! And yes, smart girls do rock. In fact, they do so epically. Happy?)

If you want to throw me some feedback, and I do love feedback, please do it publicly. My private feedback doesn't work for some reason.

Thanks for getting onto this particular ride, folks.



Warm little histories and forgotten games

Long-hidden passions and funny nicknames

There's something so naughty 'tween loving siblings

But these are a few of my favorite things.

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by Anonymous

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by JaceBeleren04/20/18


That was a crazy story. The best one I have seen.

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by Anonymous04/16/18


AWSOME Just about the best I've read.

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by jwoodie03/30/18

I figured out that Chip didn't exist straight away - having Lizzie get her hunting face on when she was watching through the doorway was a pretty obvious hint. I didn't get the imu at all until she explainedmore...

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by travayne03/17/18


I knew. From the very first. Lizzie hearted Richie. There was never any fella named Chip. No monster cock. No marriage. But that knowledge never harmed the glorious tension of the hunt. You delivered themore...

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by WretchedMonkey03/15/18

I really liked this

Although as the above commenter stated if you got the "IMU" early on then the big reveal was a bit of a let down. To be honest I'd guessed that Chip was fake and the whole thing was part of the "chase"more...

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