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Work-Based Training


"Where are you going?" I asked Ineke Anderson, our Assistant Accountant at the motor dealership. The bubbly 20 year old, while the same age as me, had a much more vivacious personality. Hailing from Bali, she shared the same dark skin and long, straight black hair as her mother. Today her very slender figure was clad in a short grey pleated skirt, a red jersey top that sat on the shoulders, and high heeled court shoes. Her bare legs were smooth and slim, and she looked very sexy.

"I'm going on a date," she gushed in reply, and I smiled. It was a traditional answer; she used it to describe when she had to go off-site for a work based training course. Like her, we were both being trained on the job – hers was accountancy whilst mine was administration.

"Who're you going with?" I asked, only barely curious as I inspected my nails for any chips in the polish.

"None of your business, Helen," she teased, white teeth flashing in a wide smile. I knew then that she was going with somebody interesting – normally she would tell me straight away who her driver was; either Ken the Pervert or Little Barry.

"Go on, you know you want to tell me," I shot back, giving her my full attention.

"Well...it's James," she replied, then giggled. She turned away and went back to her work.

"Ineke and James, in a tree, K I S S I N G," I called after her, smiling myself now.

Ineke and James, I mused. Two of the best looking employees in the whole damn company. James was our newest salesman – 19, dark spiky hair with blonde highlights, and a gorgeous slow smile. Maybe they really were sneaking off on a date, I thought to myself.

When Ineke picked up her handbag and left the office, I followed her with a file in my hand – making it look as if I were just going downstairs. I kept a good distance back, although there weren't many people around.

I caught sight of Ineke's brown legs disappearing into the ladies toilets – what was in effect a bathroom, because it had a built in shower and a walled in toilet cubicle for any female mechanics we might have. I stayed out of sight. After all, she could just be going in to use the toilet before her course.

Any thought of that I might have disappeared, however, when I saw James sneaking furtively into the toilet. Instantly I held my breath – then slowly let it out. A girl and a boy sneak into a toilet. The reason? Sex of course, I told myself, feeling excited. I squeezed my thighs together, liking the first faint thrill of arousal. This would be the perfect opportunity for me to exploit both of them!

I waited about five minutes – enough time for any legitimate excuse for the pair of them to be in there to expire, and long enough for them to get down to business – and then I quietly pushed open the door. It swung open softly, and the copulating pair didn't even notice I was there until it was far too late.

Ineke was sitting on the basin, leaning back with her hands supporting her. Those long brown legs were wrapped around James's eagerly thrusting hips; his trousers and pants were around his ankles, and my suddenly hot eyes noticed Ineke's white cotton panties thrust roughly into the corner of the basin stand.

James had pushed Ineke's red top up and over her small breasts, and as she wasn't wearing a bra those pert globes were fully visible, with his mouth suckling feverishly between the two as he rutted between her legs. I felt an instant wetness in my pussy, and smiled nastily.

"Well, what have we got here then?" I asked, standing with one hand on the wall and the other placed jauntily on my hip. The toe of my knee high leather boots was tip-tapping idly as I looked at them.

The effect was instantaneous. James pulled back, trying to pull his pants and trousers up and succeeding only in falling over; Ineke yanked her skirt and top down. Both of them were flushed bright red – a little from their exertions, but more from sheer embarrassment.

I tittered at James as he struggled to his feet. "You won't tell, will you, Helen?" he asked anxiously, searching my face.

"Well, that all depends," I replied, appearing to think.

"On what?" Ineke asked, just as anxious.

"On two things. I won't tell your bosses you were in here fucking-" and I deliberately put emphasis on the word, "if you let me join in. And secondly, if you let me tell you what to do."

"That's blackmail!" Ineke burst out angrily.

"How long do we have to go through with this?" James asked straight away, and I focussed my attention on him. He was obviously taken with the idea of having another girl, even being bossed around. I smiled sweetly.

"As long as I feel like it. I may want you to come to my house, I may want to take either or both of you right here at work. That's up to me, and not for you to know. And yes, Ineke, it is blackmail. Think of the expression on the MD's face when I tell him you were getting fucked in his time."

All the colour drained from her face, and I knew I had her by the metaphorical balls now. She was paying rent on a house and couldn't afford to loose her job, especially under such circumstances.

"Do you – want us to...you know, whatever, right now?" Ineke asked.

I nodded. "No time like the present. Nobody's expecting me back for a little bit, nor you either." I turned around and locked the door, something they had obviously forgotten to do.

"Now, loose the clothes," I told them both.

"What, all of them?" Ineke asked, embarrassed. I nodded, still smiling sweetly.

Rapidly they took off their remaining clothes until they were both naked. James was obviously still excited, though he looked a little embarrassed; his cock was hard and upright. I judged it to be about seven inches, and thick too – just what I wanted ramming into my sopping pussy.

I shrugged out of my own blouse and skirt, then reached behind me to undo my bra. My breasts were considerably larger than Ineke's; my size was 42D, and they stood firm, the nipples hardened and aroused. James's eyes were fixed on them instantly.

"You want a taste of these?" I asked him, to which he nodded a touch shyly.

"Come here then," I told him. He took the few steps necessary to be closer to me. I took his hands – they shook slightly – and put them on my breasts.

After a second or two his hands squeezed my breasts lightly, and I smiled wolfishly. He ducked his head and swiped his tongue across my right nipple, making me shiver with pleasure.

The gesture seemed to make him bolder, and soon he was sucking greedily on my right nipple, biting gently at it. I gasped, my pussy throbbing, and pushed him across to the other one.

I looked across at Ineke and saw her standing with one hand rubbing at her clit. That would never do, I thought to myself – touching herself without my permission!

"Ineke, get over here," I commanded, pushing James away. He looked disappointed, but moved back.

The girl moved forward and I wriggled out of my panties, pushing them out of the way.

"Neither of you are to touch yourself in my presence without my permission," I told them both sternly. "Do you understand?"

They nodded straight away, and my pussy lurched again. I just loved that sense of control over them!

I was just wearing my knee-high leather boots now, and the looks on their faces told me they appreciated the sight.

"James, lay down on the floor," I told him, and he hastily agreed. He laid on his back, his cock sticking straight up in the air. I scooted up onto the edge of the basin and spread my legs wide apart, bracing my boots against the wall.

"Ineke. Lick my pussy and get me nice and wet to slide down onto James's cock."

"No!" she told me indignantly.

"Or I tell the MD you were fucking around in his time," I continued in a softly menacing voice.

Ineke gulped and slowly stepped forward. She bent her head lower, lower – until finally she was a few inches away from my hot, wet pussy. It didn't need any more moistening, but I wanted to introduce the girl to lesbian sex early in my regime. She would get a lot of this kind of treatment if I had my way.

"Do it," I urged. I could see James watching intently.

Slowly Ineke's tongue moved out – and then I tensed as I felt it touch the base of my pussy, gently sliding into my hole. It withdrew, then went in again, licking up the length of my wet lips. She hesitated when she reached my clit, and I put my hand on her head, stopping her.

"Do you like your first taste of pussy?" I asked her. "Do you like my pussy juices on your tongue?" God, I felt so horny; playing with them made me so wet. I needed to cum soon.

"Yes," Ineke mumbled.

"What was that? I didn't quite hear."

"Yes, I like the taste of your pussy!" she shot back, and I smiled.

"Good. Now suck my clit and make me wet!" I ordered her.

She obediently agreed, lapping her tongue over my clit, making me twitch with every movement. Eventually she began to suck on it, and I had to push her away after a few minutes. I didn't want to cum too soon.

"That's enough. Now suck James's hard cock, make him wet too. Lots of lubrication."

Ineke obeyed without a word, getting down on her hands and knees beside him. She took his cock in her mouth with the ease of long association, and I idly wondered how long they had been screwing like this.

James shuddered and stifled a groan of pleasure between clenched teeth as Ineke deep throated him. Again I pulled her off, then slipped off the edge of the basin.

"Ineke, I want you on the floor next to James. On your back, and spread those sexy legs."

Slowly, teasing both myself and him, I lowered my hot, juicy pussy down onto his lightly twitching cock. His back arched as I sank myself down onto him to the hilt.

When Ineke was in position with her legs spread, I trailed my hand over her breasts as I began to slowly, lightly ride James's hard cock. It felt so fucking good sliding in and out of my hot hole.

I pinched first one, then the other, of Ineke's small nipples, using my other hand to squeeze my own breast. I slid my hand down lower, gently resting it above her pretty shaved pussy – then I slipped first one, then two fingers up and into her.

She was very tight and I loved the feeling; I knew that I would have to fuck her with a strap on soon. I timed it so my fingers matched the in and out motions of James's cock within me; soon I had them both writhing on the floor beneath me. Ineke was pinching and pulling savagely at her nipples, and I made a mental note to see how far I could get away with abusing that gorgeous body.

I picked up my pace, slamming my pussy down hard on James's cock. He was gasping and trying not to moan too loudly; Ineke had rammed her fist into her mouth to stifle her groans. I just bit my lip, leaned forward and started to kiss James passionately, slipping my tongue into his mouth. I was going to cum within the next few seconds – and then, in a muffled crescendo of moans and deep groans, we all came at the same time. I felt Ineke's tight shaved pussy clenching on my fingers, and that set me off; my own pussy walls clenched tightly on James's cock, which then spewed a heavy load of hot, white cream deep inside me.

Gasping for breath, I slid off of the pair of them and stood up. White cum began to dribble down my legs.

"Ineke, eat my pussy. Clean it out."

She obeyed without a word, sliding her tongue deep into me and hooking out all of James's creamy juice. She brought me to another shuddering orgasm in the process, and cleaned that up to.

James was already getting dressed, and I let him finish. My legs felt a little trembly from two powerful orgasms so close together, but I was satisfied.

"Now get dressed and fuck off back to work," I commanded both of them as I pulled on my own clothes. "I want both of you to come round my house tomorrow night, 7pm." I gave them my address. "If you don't, you know what will happen, don't you?" They nodded in unison, and I smiled. I kissed each one of them – James responding eagerly, Ineke with a little more reservation.

"See you later," I told them, smiling like the cat that got the cream. Which I would be, tomorrow.

If you liked that, e-mail me comments.

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